A Dave and Adel Adventure

by Ramman K'arojic

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© Copyright 2020 - Ramman K'arojic - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; straitjacket; sex; oral; tease; rom; cons; X

This is a work of fiction but mixed up with some real-life events. I wrote this as there didn’t seem to be many comparable stories. This is my first attempt at publishing a story and first at writing porn.

Episode 1: Straitjacket Bound for the First Time

Adel and I have been great friends for many years. We first met each other at work; my third job and her second real job after college. But Adel had moved into a different job, and we now see each other less. We were never ’special’ friends; I think we both didn’t want to screw our friendship up. She’s 1.65m tall, not large breasted, not a skinny stick figure, more normal well; what I would call normal-sized; with medium length brown hair. She has a slight New Zealand accent when she speaks; I don’t know where she got it from and don’t know if she has ever been there. These days we usually see each other a few times a year for lunch or dinner.

This story begins four days ago.

My mobile phone starts to ring; I grope around the bed, trying to find it. I squint down, find the right way up and answer the call.

“David, it’s me Adel,” she says in a rushed and slurred way; I can hear music in the background like she’s outside a bar.

“Adel, Adel what’s happening,” I stammer, feeling the crusty-ness of a deep sleep fall away. In the silence can just hear music in the background.

“Adel, are you there?” raising my voice.

“I’m here, I’m okay, hey can you come and get me, I’ve lost my purse with every fucking thing in it,” she says with yet more slurring.

“Are you safe ?” I reply, feeling worried; 3, 5, 7 seconds pass, “Adel?”

“Yeah, Just come get me.”

I look at my phone screen. It’s 2:53 AM, shit, shit, shit; “Where are you?”

“Suzy Q’s club down past the 2nd Servo on the right.”

“I know it, I’ll be there in 15mins, stay inside, and wait for me,” it’s not a nice place, and it’s located in a rejected part of town.

“Ok. I feel shit, yet I only had a few drinks, I’ll go wait inside.” She hangs up.

I take a deep breath and summon the energy to move, jump out of bed, find some jeans, throw on a white t-shirt, skip the socks, and slip on my leather work shoes; grab my keys and phone, and jump in my Nissan Maxima. The town’s dead, but I drive at the limit; because nothing is worse than a bored cop.

10 minutes later, I pull up out the front on the other side of the road. The music is quieter than I thought; I wonder if it’s winding up. There is a big dude, I am talking 6’6 on the front door looking, board. I walk over and start giving a vague description of Adel.

“Hey, I am here to pick up my friend. Light brunette, 5’3, blue eyes, probably wearing heels, medium build; 25; and she made a phone call outside a few minutes ago.”

“There’s like 3 of those inside, but I think I know the one you mean. You can go in and get her.”

I thank him, and walk past; get through the entryway, letting my senses adjust. There are only a few small groups of people left; everybody is sitting at tables or the bar. There are two people hanging over by the bar. I head over to the bar.

At the bar actually, two people are hanging over a 3rd person.

I stroll over to the bar; guessing who the 3rd person is. 

I nod to the lady trying to help Adel and nod my head to the dude who is looking at Adel from the next stool.

“Hey Adel,” I say clearly. 

Her eyes spin around to focus on me, and her head spins around. I look at her, thinking her drinks are about to come up as well, but she keeps them down. 

She is dressed in a long woollen coat, it’s done up, but legs are exposed until the thigh, and she is wearing serious black CFM boots going just up until the kneecaps. 


“Yeah Adel it’s me; I’m going to take you home okay?”

The lady next to her eyes me and talks to Adel, “Do you know this guy?”

Adel sort of slumps forward; and then sits up a bit straighter; straighter than I thought she could sit up and says, “Yes I know David, I rang him, we’ve been friends forever.”

This lady nods at me and walks around me; goes behind the bar. Then I twig, she is part of the staff. She hands me a lady’s handbag and a phone over the bar. I take them and say thanks. The dude on the other side of her looks disappointed, says nothing, and turns away.

I scoop up Adel, under one arm trying to hold her up and lead her to the door. Normally with a drunk person, this move is difficult, with a drunk person wearing 4” stiletto heels this is really hard. The door guy opens the door and helps me get her down and across the road to my car. He turns around and walks back. “Thanks,” I tell him.

I look at Adel. “What about my car?” she mumbles.

“Well, you can’t drive, and I can’t drive both. Where did you park?”

She looks around, “it’s on this street ahead or behind us not, but it’s not far away.”

I undo her purse and find her keys, pull them out and press the button. A car 150 feet away blinks its lights. “Hop in the car, I’ll check that it’s locked up; you can get it in the morning.”

I open the door and help her hop in the car, but she can seem to sit normally. 

“What’s wrong?” I say, looking her over trying to figure out what’s wrong.

“It’s this corset, it’s fucking annoying; it’s hard to breath in,” she ekes out. She then undoes her coat and reveals the top beautiful red satin corset; it’s keeping her bosom safely concealed beneath. My dick just does a happy jump - corsets are super sexy.

“Do you want me to help undo that a bit now, or wait to get home.”

Adel just looks at me “um... later. Let’s just go.”

“One minute,” as I duck away shutting the passenger door; I walk up to her car, check that it’s locked and that it’s not in a tow-away zone.

I walk back and jump back in the driver’s side and start the car, Adel has sort of put the seat back and slumped sideways against the door.

“Do you think someone could have spiked your drink?” I say as I swing a wide U-turn.

I can see her thinking about it or trying not to throw up. I repeat the question to her in a gentler tone.


“I will take you to the clinic, ok?”

“Nah don’t, I will be ok... Take me home, just need to sleep it off.”

I think about it “Ok, how about I take you to my house, you can sleep it off there.”

“Ok,” she says, as she closes her eyes.

10 minutes later, I pull up in my drive to my apartment. I grab her handbag, phone, get out and walk around to her side of the car, open the car door and catch her head as it falls out. “Out you come,” as I pick her weight up and do the assisting dance up the stairs to the door. I somehow manage the door lock one-handed and twirl her around.

We do the drunken crab waltz into the living room, spinning past the fireplace. I grab the remote for the fire and put the heater on; it’s cold inside the house. “Adel stand up, I am going to take your corset off.” I don’t really wait for a reply and just undo and take off her coat. She has a full red corset; it’s tied unevenly, but it’s definitely tied tight. She stands straighter with her hands akimbo. I manoeuvre around her and untie the knotted bow at the top and bottom of the corset. I am just ignoring my dick; even though I know, I can feel him jumping in my pants. 

The corset comes undone quickly, falling past her waist to around her CFM boots. She covers her breasts embarrassed; I get a sneak peek as they swing past (even though I wasn’t looking). I guess Adel is a 34B.

I leave her there standing, for 20 seconds while I go to my wardrobe and grab a fresh t-shirt for her. I put it over her head, and she obliges by putting her arms in - eventually. She sits down on the leather sofa, shivers from the coolness of the leather. She looks at me.

I ask, “Do you want some Water and Panadol?” She nods back to me. I walk into the kitchen and grab a glass of water and 2 Panadol and walk back and pass them to her. She takes them with a big gulp of water, then sips more. 

I sit next to her and start to unite her CFM boots. Adel extends her leg to make it easier. They are laced all the way up to just under her knee cap. Left foot then right - they finally undo enough to get her feet out.

“Nice boots; and nice corset by the way.”

Adel sips the water, showing a blush, “Thanks, David. Um, I need to pee.” She gets up and takes a step, sways, and stumbles into the wall and knocks a picture I have up.

“I am ok, David, I really am.”

I hear her put the seat down, use the toilet. I sit, waiting, wondering where she should sleep. I am truly worried that she has had her drink spiked, but I think she will be ok; well, she got to the toilet - just. After about 3 minutes, I give up waiting; I figure that I had better go check out what’s happening.

I knock on the door, no response; I twist the knob on the door, open the door carefully; then manage to catch her as she falls forward. 

“You ok?”

“Yessssss,” she slurs.

I help her stand up, we both realize her knickers are around her ankles. “Leave ’em,” I say. She walks out of them, and I take her to my bed. I tuck her in on the other side, trying to get her to sleep on her side, by wedging a pillow down her side.

“Night,” I say, but I doubt she has even heard my words before passing out.

Now I trust myself, so I strip down to shorts and jump in next to her and lay awake listening to her slow breathing. I look at the bedside clock, it’s 3:55 AM, I listen to her quiet, gentle breathing; by 4:40 I fall asleep next to her.

My alarm goes off at 7:30 AM. I kill it immediately. I listen in the quiet, she’s still in the bed, I can feel her body warmth next to mine. I get up and do the 3 S’s - shit, shower shave. I get dressed and make some toast. At 8:15 AM I am ready to go to work. I leave Adel a quick note and leave it on the bedside table next to her, with her keys, and purse.

“Adel, hope you are feeling ok, make yourself at home, help yourself to clothes + stuff. PS: You said your purse was stolen, so cancel your cards.”

At 11:40 AM, I get a message from Adel.

“Hey David, thanks for getting me last night, you were super. I was stupid to let myself get into that situation; I couldn’t have gotten out without your help ;) Let’s have dinner out - my shout tomorrow night. Raphaels? 7 PM” 

Raphael’s is the best Italian restaurant in town and the surrounding 30ml; by far. It’s dingy, has outdated decor but the food is superb.

“Sure, looking forward to it, but can we do Friday night 7 PM?”

I don’t see the next message from Adel for hours, as I have been swamped with more meetings. She replies “Yeah can do Friday @7. We need to have a chat about your wardrobe - seriously. Dress up a little for Friday, eh?”

Reading in between the lines from Adel, I am convinced that she wants to discuss emotional stuff with me. Seems to happen after poor choices catch up with her. There is a tiny small part in me that wants Adel to be discussing ’our relationship’ and jumping into bed with me. I want to, but I don’t believe it; and I don’t want to bring it up as it will stuff our friendship up.

After work Friday, I go home; shower, and put on a clean shirt with my work suit pants, actually brush my hair. I look at the bed; it’s messy; I quickly rip off the sheets and pillowcases, and put fresh ones on. The only other set I have is black cotton. I change the duvet cover as well; to some pseudo-Chinese styled - black with gold writing. I make the bed ’man style’ - which means I shake it into place and put the two pillows in the correct spot; I toss a stuffed purple bunny toy on top; I am fond of him. Finally, I tidy up and clean up the stray clothes that have escaped the washing basket. Feeling like a few drinks tonight, I grab an Uber to Raphael's. I am there in about 15 minutes, but I am late by a few minutes. I can’t stand being late. As I’m about to open the door to Raphaels, I see Adel walking down the street. She is in a short black dress; black stockings, with 3“ heels; not a slutty look but definitely sexy. Her brown hair tied up in a high ponytail. 

I give her a hug and peck on the cheek. “Glad you’re ok, I was worried about you.”

“Yeah, I know, I got scared myself” she says with her eyes fixed upon my face, “you hungry?”

“Yes, I am hungry but more thirsty,” I say as I open the door into the place.

Adel asks for our table, giving her name. We are shown to table 12; it’s tucked into the corner in between 2 windows. So we are sitting next to each other. There is a plastic lampshade, with a low power bulb giving off a yellow glow. The tablecloth is under a transparent plastic sheet; both look dated, but they are clean. Most of the other tables are already full, and they all have reserved signs.

“Sorry there wasn’t much I could do about the table; it’s all they had left,” Adel says.

“It’s fine,” I say. I pick up the wine list, “White or Red?”

“White would be great.”

I thirsty scan the wine list, pick out a bottle of Sauvignon blanc from California. I ask the waiter; a girl who is about 14, if we could get a bottle of this. It arrives quick and cold, in a plastic wine cooling bucket with ice. I pour us each a generous glass. As soon as the first couple of sips have been swallowed; our tongues start to talk. 

We start chatting about life and stuff, excluding recent adventures leaving out Tuesday early morning adventure; it seems a little too personal for the first bottle. We order a shared dips platter and mains (I have chicken and bacon fettuccine in white wine sauce, Adel has mushroom fettuccine carbonara) and we get a 2nd bottle of white to share.

The food is delicious, nearly through my main, I ask her, “So what’s wrong with my wardrobe?” I make eye contact, wondering if it’s my choice of brands or my failure to stack clothes correctly – both of which have been previous criticism..

“What?” She looks at me, puzzled.

“My wardrobe - you said we need to talk about it.”

“Oh that,” she blushes a little bit, pauses, and pauses some more, “I was looking through your wardrobe looking for something to wear home, and I found this leather jacket you have in there.”

I freeze, mouth full of pasta, oh-shit, I have only one leather jacket. Shit, she knows, she knows; I start to panic. She starts to look at me, I am blushing, I can’t talk; I just nod, and force swallow.

“So are you a dom or sub?”

“Dom,” I reply slowly, “look it’s not as bad as it seems.” I’m not believing myself, and feeling like I have been caught looking at Pornhub on my phone by my mum.

“Ah-ha, then why do you have a leather straitjacket in your wardrobe?” she says, looking at me with an intensity that I haven’t seen before.

I cringe and shrink back into my chair. Please, god, let me hide. “Um, I bought it for my 2nd last girlfriend, she said she would try it, but when she finally saw it; she freaked out and ran away.” There is an awkward silence between us. I don’t know what to say. I am reluctant to speak, feeling ashamed. 

“So would you be willing to strap me into it?” she says. I look into her eyes, they seem keen, but her body language is all over the place.

“What... you like bondage?” I answer, dumbstruck. I can hear my voice shaking, then add, “yes, of course, but you know that will change us, forever?”

Silence, then, “Yes it will, but does that mean you don’t want to?”

“Yes, I want to; tell me, tell me how long you’ve been into bondage?”

“Since I was 14 or so; but I would not say I am seriously into it; as I have only done it a few times. What about you?”

I pause, I can feel my heart racing, try to sound calm (but scared as hell). “Don’t laugh, ever since I can remember I have had a life jacket fantasy, when I hit puberty and I discovered girls I turned it sexual, and has never stopped since.” We both take more wine. 

“I want to know something,” more wine, I can start to feel it now, “Tell me your ultimate fantasy - not just the straitjacket, but whatever you have imagined ever. I want to know what sort of stuff you like. Cos there are many things out there, some I like, some I don’t and some I want to try.” It comes gushing out of my mouth and sounds like dribble. I haven’t even been paying attention to my dick, which I just realize has been juicing up at the thought of Adel in my straitjacket.

“I like being helpless, completely helpless and being taken advantage of; I love having deep orgasms that shake my body so much that I can’t stop, I don’t mind a little bit of pain, but it must enhance the whole thing; definitely not into torture,” she takes a deep breath, “now that I have shown mine - show me yours?”

I sit for a minute; contemplating where to start. I open my mouth and shut it, then say - “this isn’t in any order - I like having my partner helpless, vulnerable like she’s wearing a life jacket. I weakly smile. So I can tease her, pleasure her, fuck her. I love getting blow jobs, and I love sex. I love the idea of being begged to fuck because her pleasure is just too intense. I don’t do breath play, fuck machines, humiliation, ultra-tight bondage - l don’t want to see rope marks or breasts turn blue. It’s a partnership between two people to bring pleasure to each other. Shit does that even make sense?” I haven’t confessed like this since I told a shrink my parents sent me to 20 years ago. I sit there looking at her eyes to find a reaction, all I see is her eyes looking past me. I drink more wine, Adel does the same; it’s a wise move.

I am hoping that she is imagining what I have said. My dick is bulging in my pants, “Excuse me, I need to go to the toilet,” I stand up, turn aside from her to hide my dick from view and find the bathroom. I did need to go, but mostly I need some fresh water on my face to help get my mojo under control.

I return to the table a few minutes later, and find the table vacant, our glasses are there, but the plates have been taken away. Did she bail, has she run away? I would be surprised if she did, as we at least have a similar view on bondage, which I still don’t believe. I can’t concentrate on anything, so I start scrolling on my phone just browsing random nerd pages realizing the world hasn’t changed much in the last few hours since I have last seen it. I finally get sucked into an article on AMD EPYC CPUs which is right up there on the nerd scale; it’s not quite a cold shower, but it helps. After a few minutes, she returns. I look up at her as she sits down.

“Sorry about that, do you understand what I was saying before?,” I ask.

“Yes - you imagine bondage can be more than one way sex. You want it to be mutually beneficial,” she says, “I have never thought of it that way, but I have thought about you, you have always been too much a boy scout for me - well until I found that straitjacket.”

“So, what do you want to do now I?” I say, feeling reluctant to suggest things. 

“I thought you were the dominant,” she replied, taking a sip from her glass of wine.

“I like being in control, but I am reluctant to suggest things,” sharing out the last of the bottle.

I lean closer, and go to kiss her on the lips; Adel responds and returns the kiss, it’s only brief. We pause a second and go back for seconds but with more passion.

“How about we go back to my place and try out that jacket?” I say. I await her response, dreading, fearing rejection from her.

“I would like that, but I want to take it slow, is that ok?”

“I can do that,” I reply, clearly sure what she means.

She can tell that I am confused. “What I mean is I want to enjoy it, and not just rush it, ever since I found that jacket hanging in your wardrobe, I have been fantasizing about.”

“Have you ever been restrained in one before?,” I ask, being curious.

“No, but I have wanted to be, have you ever tied anyone up before in a straitjacket?

“Not physically, only mentally, shit, that’s the wine talking now.

“Ya I hear ya,” she replies with a giggle, “we did drink a lot.”

“Shall we go? Did you drive?” I ask her.

“Yes we can go, and I did drive,” realizing that she has drunk way too much to be on the road.

“Let’s grab an Uber, I will come to get your car in the morning - if you like.”

“Ok,” Adel nods.

I pull out my phone and order an Uber. We stand up and glide over the counter, I ask for one more bottle of wine to take away, and I pay the bill. I don’t care about splitting the bill. I just want to get home and wrap up my present.

Being Friday night there is a 10-minute wait for the Uber, we could have just about walked it. But Adel isn’t wearing walking shoes. We stand in the chilly wind, arms wrapped around each other, we are both shivering partly from the cold, partly from expectation. The Uber finally turns up, we jump in and head to my place.

We go up the front steps.

“I remember these,” she says, giggling, “wasn’t the best was I.”

“You were memorable, that’s for sure.”

We go inside, and I turn on the heater. I grab my ice bucket from the buffet and fill it with ice from the freezer, add the bottle of wine, and 2 white wine glasses from the top shelf from the cupboard. 

She is sitting down on the sofa, looking at the gas log fire.

“What music do you like?,” she asks.

“Deep house, dance music; I love the deep bass, you?” thinking that music is probably a safe distraction. 

“I like indie music, not heavy, not bitching, smooth, electronic.”

I pick up the remotes to the TV and Stereo amplifier.

Click on to youtube and goto favourites and select Deep House Dance and select the first clip with more than 5 million views. Click, Click and 1 more click, and the amplifier roars to life at about 105db, I quickly turn it down so you can hear the person next to you when chilling.

She looks at the speakers in the corner and then turns around, more speakers. 

“I like my audio; 7.2.2 speakers with twin 12“ subwoofers, I was last watching a movie.” I say proudly.

“So I heard,”

I crack open the bottle of white, and poor 2 glasses. We drink them in silent apprehension. Finally, Adel gets up and walks around the room, looking at pictures. An eerie silence takes hold.

“I need to go potty, and she takes off for the bathroom.”

I need to relax a bit, to calm down my breathing. I turn a lamp on and dim the main lights. A few minutes later she comes back into the room she is gingerly carrying the straitjacket by the coat hanger. She puts it on the lounge in between us and sits on the other side, and picks up her wine. 

It’s black leather, full torso. The front is mostly clear of straps, just the strap below where the breasts would be. There are 3 long belts coming from the lower middle about 3 inches from the bottom aiming left, centre, and right - in between the legs.” I flip over the straitjacket and loosen the belts. There are 5 belts, including the neck. All of the eyelets are reinforced with stainless steel metal. It looks amazing.

“What do you like about straitjackets?” I ask quietly, unable to take my eyes off it.

“That it makes you powerless. I have fantasized about straitjackets since I was 14 years old. I like that once you’re tied up you could do anything to me and I am helpless to resist, I find that a giant turn on.” 

“What are…” I start saying.

“No, my turn,” she smiles at me, “What are you going to do to me once you have me strapped in?”

“What do you want me to do to you.”

“You’re the dom, what are you going to do?”

I think a bit, trying to put choices in order. “Strap you in nice and tight, let you have a struggle for a few minutes, then tease you, lick your pussy out, see where that takes us. How much bondage have you done?”

“Seriously,” Adel pauses and sips here wine re-remembering, “I have had a few relationships, and with a few casuals, but each time it felt hollow, basic. I don’t know, being tied up with shoelaces, or a woollen scarf, isn’t the same as leather restraints.” 

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, stop asking,” she says confidently, ”but will you stop if I ask you to?”

“If you say the magic words,” I respond, wondering if she will pick up on the use of safe words.

She thinks about it, “Stop… Actually, I know ‘Fettuccine’, yes, Fettuccine is my safe word,” she says confidently.

“Fettuccine is then. Take your dress off, leave your bra on.”

Adel stands up, turns around for me to undo the back zipper on her dress. To which I stand up and undo her dress’s zipper and kiss the nape of her neck. She turns around and kisses me back. She is wearing a black lacy bra that shows a little cleavage.

“Nice bra,” failing to think of anything else to say, “did you look at the straitjacket, as in, study it?” I pick it up from the lounge, undoing the top strap which held the hanger in there.

“No, not really, would you believe I actually got scared and left it there, I couldn’t believe that sweet David would be into heavy bondage. But I came back and checked it out. Is it leather?”

“Yes, it’s leather, but it’s real soft leather like they use on sofas. I had it made, lined with something soft, I forget what that material is called.” 

“Why did you get one made?”

“Well, off the shelf they are like 300 to 400, but you can get a custom one for like 950.”

I pick up the straitjacket and hold it open for Adel to put her arms in like an art smock; checking that her hands and arms are as far down the sleeves as possible.

“It’s heavy.” She says absently.

“Yeah, it is, but it’s not designed to do ballet in.”


“You won’t notice it once it’s done up. Turn around,” I tell her, “this was designed as a small, but should fit you no problems.” The straitjacket comes down to the top of her bottom, the gap between the sides is 6 inches apart. I align the belts roughly, so it’s centred. I put the first strap through the buckle on the other side, this strap is quite high up and is around her neck. I do it up loosely to ensure that she can still move her head about.

The second strap is at the top of her shoulder blades, and I bring that in, from the left through the belt buckle, and bring it 2 eyelets in. I repeat the process on the 3rd and 4th strap. I then return to the 2nd strap and tighten it not super tight but make it firm, taking it in 2 more eyelets, still another 4 islets to go, but I know that they will not likely be possible. I repeat the process on the next 2. By the time those are done up the gap between the sides is reduced to none, normally there is an overlap to stop the risk of straps rubbing on the skin. That leaves the crutch and bottom strap. I walk around the front of her and take the crotch straps, there are three. 

“Why three?”

“You don’t need all three, if I wanted to strap something in the middle, I could, but if you want access to the good bits, you can take it off. Actually, you can take them all off - that’s the bit I had customized.” I bend down and twist the middle metal toggle which releases the strap from the middle, it’s stiff, but it comes off. I walk around her back and pull the left strap between her legs, I drop it. “Take your knickers off” I say. She bends down stiffly and uses the fingers in the jacket to wedge them down. Finally, she managed to get them off and down to her ankles where she kicks them off with her heels. I resume and grasp the strap again. The straps are 2.5cm wide and heavy leather, I line up the angled belt buckle and pull it tight, the jacket pulls down an inch or 3, I wiggle it a bit more and make it to the 3rd islet. I repeat the process on the other side. The leather is a bit stiff but not unyielding. Finally, I stand up to eye my prize. “Are you ok?” 

“Yes,” she says not entirely convincingly.

I tie up the bottom cross belt, doing it up to the second tightest eyelet.

“Now for the arms.” I return to her front and put the left arm into the right side, and do the same with the right arm. I tuck each arm into the guidance strap on the sides. I pull the end of the long sleeves to behind the back, I find the belt buckles on the other hand and pull the belt through. Returning to the front, I admire her figure, “you look good enough to eat.” I get no reply, but her eyes tell me she’s scared but ok. I find the centre arm belt and buckle that’s in the front of the straitjacket, it’s below the bust. I loop it over her arms and back to her body and buckle it down tightly, this binds her arms to her body. Finally, I return to the arms behind the back and pull them just a little tighter, three more eyelets closer.

“There you go,” as I get up and move to the sofa. “How does it feel?”

Adel gives a little struggle side to side, just giving it a warm-up.

“Good, it’s like a big strong hug”

I watch her struggle for a few minutes, taking a few sips of the wine, and enjoy the view. “Come over here,” she takes a cautious step towards me. “You look very sexy in that, I say.” She comes closer just inside my arms reach.

Her pussy is about my eye height, it’s bald or very close to it. I extend my arm out and rotate my hand palm up, I bend my middle finger, Adel comes a little closer and steps slightly apart. I took by the hood of her pussy very gently, and she draws closer. I change my hand shape into a little cup shape and give her pussy a gentle rub on the outside; just to see how she takes it. She lets out this yelp of pleasure, biting her lip. Her pussy is literally dripping with juices.

“Someone is very turned on.”

“Oh my god,” is all the response I get.

“Sit down.” Adel lowers herself to the sofa, I use my arms to help bring her down safely. I kiss her on the lips, and she kisses me back. I go kneel on the floor in front of Adel; I pull her legs apart, exposing her sex. I go forward and begin to lick out her pussy. At first, she is quiet, then I feel the juices building as I lick her clit. I go in and out and gently lick her out. I can feel her getting louder and louder inside. She has a struggle against the jacket, I can feel her twist to the left and right. I just keep on licking her fine pussy. She struggles a bit more. I can hear the leather creaking.

I can sense the orgasm rising in her, her muscles everywhere are tense; she is trying to keep it in. Just a few more licks, then a little more. Somehow, she puts it off, and she puts her legs over my shoulders around my head, keeping me right at her pussy. I continue to lick and get distracted by the music and enjoy the emotion. Without warning, she cums all over my face. It’s an almighty orgasm, it rocks her whole body. I let her recover for a few seconds. Then go and lick her again. And get a second and third orgasm within a few seconds. 

I can hear her screaming “Oh, oh my God!,” long pause, and “Fuck me.” Taking my queue, I sit up and grab the remote and turn up the volume on the stereo to help drown out her pleasure.

She has a struggle and another struggle, but the jacket is holding her there helpless. She finally swivels her legs away and relaxes around my neck.

I tip her on to her back, so she is lying along with the couch with one leg off the couch, and one leg bent. I twist her by the pelvis towards me to give me full access. I move down and just start again on her. But this time I am slower, deeper and more mellow. I love the feel of her orgasms; she shakes every time.

I lick her pussy for another 40 minutes, bringing her to climax 5+ times (I lost count). My dick is bulging and so wants to be used during this but I lose myself in the bass of music, and just enjoy her screams and struggles.

“Don’t go anywhere,” I whisper into her ear as I sit up.

I get up and go to the bathroom. I pull down my pants and short, my dick has had pre-cum everywhere - disgusting. I go to the toilet, but then look at my pissy wet dick. I get desperate; so I get naked, and pour mouthwash over my dick and rub it in. I then rinse myself by pouring water from a cup all over it. Well at least it’s a minty smell. I look at myself in the mirror and decide I had better wipe the pussy juice from my face. I use my towel and dry myself.

I emerge from the bathroom and find Adel roughly where I left her. On the couch. She has pulled up her legs, she is having a little struggle. I watch her for a minute until she notices me. I move alongside her and sit next to her. I help her sit up. She looks at me and smiles back.

“Are you going to untie me?”

“Oh, not just yet, you need to make me blow.”

“Oh, do I?”


“So, do you like me all tied up helpless like a little present for you, as she faints with a little struggle?”

“I love it.”

“Well, sit up then.”

“I sit upon the lounge, and Adel clumsily gets off the lounge and onto the floor, she crawls across on her knees to be in between my legs. She leans forward, and opens up her mouth and takes my dick into her mouth, and immediately pulls away, coughing.

“Tastes like mouthwash,” she says, making a face.

“It was mouthwash, I like to be clean when possible.”


She disappears down on me again. Her tongue is apt at going up and down my shaft, and then she starts slowly sucking up and down. “Ahhhhhhh” I moan. I can feel my juices bubbling. “Slow down,” I moan.

She comes up and just teases me with her tongue.

“So you like this sort of sex - is this like your fantasy sex?”

“Yes, yes, I love this sort of bondage, hardcore but not hardcore. ‘Romantic bondage’, if that is even a thing.”

She suddenly dives down deeply on my hard shaft, taking me to the back of her throat, and then quickly withdraws not quite as fast.

She looks at me with her eyes, playing with me, knowing that I want her to go back down again. “So if I refused to suck you off right now; what would you do to me?,” as she rolls her tongue up and down my dick like a swizzle stick.

Quickly thinking I say, “Ummm I could hold the back of your head down, hogtie you or I could use a ring gang, or dental gag.”

“What’s a dental gag?” she asks, utterly non-fussed about what she is doing.

“It’s similar to a ring gag... Ahhhhhh,” I moan as she teases by rubbing her teeth across the head of my dick.

“Do you have any of those?” she asks.

“Umm I used to have a ring gag, but I lost it. Do you know what a ring gag is?”

She nods. “Yeah, it goes around the base of your dick to make it hard and larger?” 

I shake my head, “no that’s a cock ring.”

She stops completely and eyeballs me “look; I may not know as much about bondage as you, but I know you were liking this.” She goes down on me, more swizzle sticking my dick around her mouth; teasing me, she pops up for a breath. “So what was I asking again -- oh yeah what else could you do to get me to suck you dry?” 

I’m thinking hard, no good thoughts, time passes, and still nothing; only the thought of getting a ring gag on her springs to mind.

“Think harder” she mentions in between baby teases, with the tip of her nose up and down my shaft.

“I don’t know, I suppose I could ask you nicely?” I was thinking this is not how BDSM is supposed to be done.

Adel looks into my eyes and smiles “Then ask.”

“Adel take my dick and suck…” I don’t get to finish the sentence.

Using her tongue, she circles around my cock head once and then without warning, she dives to the bottom once, bounces up a little bit, down to the bottom a 2nd time, backs up a little, and down for a 3rd time so far into her mouth I didn’t think it was possible. I explode into the back of her throat and scream, as my body quivers. She’s gagging on my load; I just deposited in her throat; she coughs twice, recovers and swallows.

“Yummy,“ she says with a cheeky grin on her face.

She then cleans me up and licks my dick all over, licking away all of my spent juices.

I eventually stop convulsing enough to get my limbs under control.

“So, will you untie me now?”

“Hmmm maybe, I am not sure. Changing tack, I say “Don’t you know subs aren’t supposed to be asked nicely; they are supposed to do what they are told to do.”

“Well then you had better keep me tied up master because I was naughty,” she says with a little giggle, “but first I really need to go pee pee badly, and I want to be able to wipe myself.” She gives a shake of the jacket indicating her arms.

“I think we can do that; stand up.”

I help her up, and I undo the belt buckles that hold her arms in place, and undo the belt in front of her, holding her arms to her body. She still has the straitjacket on, and it’s done up, but she has no fingers to grip things. I slump back down in the lounge and close my eyes. I hear her leave for the bathroom, I manage to turn down the music, and I just close my eyes.

I eventually get up a few minutes later and walk into my bedroom and lay on my bed. I hear her washing her hands and then finally emerges from the bathroom.

“Do you know how hard it is to pull off toilet paper with no usable fingers?” she grumbles standing in the doorway, drying her jacketed hands on a towel.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought about that,” I say with a smile on my face.

So what do you want to do with me now?”

“I am sure we can do many things,” I respond, with an even bigger grin on my face.


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