A Date with Wendy

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; gag; public; hum; cons; X

(continues from A Date with Ian)

After my chance encounter with Wendy and her subsequent suggestive e-mail, we played cyber and real world tag.  We couldn’t find a time to meet because either she was away on business or I was.  We kept in touch by e-mail, but it was frustrating that two adults living in the same city couldn’t work out a way to meet in person.  The interest was still there, certainly on my part and, I sensed, also on hers.

Like that obnoxious comedian says, we should just “git ‘er done”!  But we didn’t or at least not until a month later. 

Late summer warmth was gone, replaced by days that were shorter and cooler.  A killing frost had browned the gardens and the leaves were gone from the trees.  We had entered that time of year when even the warm days weren’t really all that comfortable anymore.

I was excited about our meeting.  Make no mistake, I thought Wendy was a sexy attractive woman, but what truly drew me toward her was her reputation as a bondage mistress.  My friend Ian had described her as a player.  I had done a little discrete checking and found that she was known as a tough taskmaster who demanded and got obedience from her partners.  My intelligence gathering had her between partners, as was I.  In fact, I seemed to be permanently between partners so a chance to hook up with Wendy was very enticing.

I dressed casually for our date.  We were meeting in a bar in the Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall area of the city, one of those meat markets that everybody says they don’t go to, but that everyone knows about.  I chose a cream silk turtleneck under a black cotton cardigan, jeans, and my black low cut chucks.  The picture of young urban sophisticate!  I covered it all with a long woolen overcoat.  It was cool and the weather people were threatening dropping temperatures.  I strung a long cream-colored scarf around my neck and set out on the twenty-some block walk to the market.  It was brisk outside as promised.  I kept up a good pace and made it to the bar early, but not before Wendy.

She was seated at a one of those high-stool tables in the corner with a half full glass of wine.  The room was half full too.  She had an expression on her face that screamed to all the metrosexuals “don’t even think about coming over here”.  But when she saw me her expression softened and her smile diffused the hard-set contours and planes of her face.  Some of her would-be suitors noticed the change and looked around to see who or what had caused it.  When they saw little old me give her a hug and a peck on the cheek and sit down, some of the guys nodded to themselves, confirming that they really hadn’t lost the old charm, it was that lesbian thing and some of the women focused in on us more intently.  Like I said; it was a meat market and apparently an equal opportunity one at that.

She was more beautiful up close then I had remembered.  My heart rate sped up just looking at her.  She had perfect skin, blonde (for real) hair cut in a pageboy style with an oval face with all the pieces in the right places.  She had the most sensual lips I had ever seen.  They looked soft, full and entirely kissable.  She was dressed a bit more formally than I was in a knee length black woolen skirt and matching jacket over a white blouse, black hose and black leather knee-high pointy-toed boots.  I marvel at women who can wear those boots!  They simply destroy my feet and I don’t have a single pair.  They looked wonderful on her.

I ordered a glass of merlot and we settled into a slightly tense exchange of small talk.  A second wine followed and I began to relax, as did Wendy.  Lubricated by the alcohol, we were soon chatting and laughing like old friends.

We discovered a lot in common and became quite comfortable with each other, but the 800 lb canary in the room was bondage and of course our future, tonight and down the road.

Finally, almost simultaneously, we both started to ask what we were going to do next.  We both stopped open-mouthed and in mid-sentence and laughed.  Wendy recovered first.

She reached across the table and took my hand in both of hers.  Her touch was warm and inviting.  “Why don’t we go to my place…for coffee?”  Coffee, tea or whatever, I was there!  We settled our tab and gathered our things.  She let me go first and we headed for the lobby.

As we passed through the lobby she drew me to the side towards the ladies room.  It was unoccupied and after we entered, I heard the door lock snick into place

“What’s up, Wendy?”  She ssshed me with a finger to her lips.

“Take off your coat and hang it on the hook, please.”  I was puzzled but complied with her request.  She quickly pulled my arms behind me and snapped handcuffs tightly onto my wrists.

“Wendy, what…?  Take those off!  Now, please!”

Another ssshh.

“Wendy, take those off me or…I’ll scream.  I really mean it!”

She clamped a hand over my mouth and pushed me back against the wall.

“Shut up, Anne.  You’re going to love this, just bear with me here!”

She produced a ball gag from somewhere and pressed it against my lips.

“Open up!”

I couldn’t believe this!   Wendy was trying to gag me in a restaurant ladies room! 

Someone rattled the doorknob.  Wendy clamped her hand back over my mouth.  “Be right out, sweetie”, she called.

She whispered in my ear.  “Open your mouth, Anne!”

I was just so startled by this.  I mean I knew that we would probably doing some bondage things, but not here!   We hadn’t really talked about bondage this evening, but it was on my mind for sure!  But not in the restaurant!

On the other hand, it was also so exciting!  This went right to my exhibitionist streak and I was trembling, scared out of my mind, but so intrigued!

I focused on Wendy’s eyes, holding her gaze and then unclenched my jaw.  She smiled and quickly buckled the gag in place.  She turned me face to the wall and slipped my coat over my shoulders, turned me back and buttoned the top few buttons.  After stuffing the empty sleeves into my pockets, she wrapped the scarf around my lower face, hiding the gag.

In quick succession, she unlocked the door, put her arm around my shoulders and pushed me out into the lobby.  I was so afraid that someone would see what was happening that I had to struggle to pay attention to what was going on around me.  We brushed past the woman who wanted in to the restroom.  Wendy said something about me being a little under the weather.  The woman said no problem. 

Wendy led me across the lobby.  My eyes sought out people entering and leaving the place, gauging their reactions.  Several people made eye contact, but no one seemed to pick up that I was handcuffed and gagged.  I just hoped that I didn’t see someone I knew, although with my lower face covered, it was unlikely that I would be recognized.

We passed through the door and were out on the sidewalk.  It seemed to take hours, but it probably was only a matter of seconds.  It had turned colder and the scarf over my face seemed appropriate.  I began to relax and enjoy my captivity. 

I had never been tied up in public in any way.  This was so cool! 

I laid my head onto Wendy’s shoulder. She said, “I told you you’d love it!  Want to walk a bit!”

I nodded eagerly.  She stopped us in the middle of the sidewalk and adjusted my scarf.  People brushed by us on the sidewalk, paying no mind to us.

We walked for several blocks, my excitement building.  No question about it!  I was aroused and wet and wanted Wendy very badly!  She sensed my condition and kissed my forehead and hugged me close.

As the crowd thinned out and the wind picked up, Wendy stopped at a corner and hailed a cab.  Two shot by, but the third stopped.  She helped me into the back and told the cabbie her address.  As I sat there she pulled me close and hugged me again.  We sat, her arm around my shoulders and my head on hers for several minutes as the cab careened around the streets of Boston.

After a few minutes, she pulled away from me and searched through her bag.  I watched as she pulled out another set of cuffs.  She smiled at my widened eyes.  I shook my head, but she just continued smiling.  After a quick look at the cabbie up front, she spilled her bag onto the floor. 

‘Damn it!”  She smiled at the cabbie in his mirror and moved forward onto the floor to pick up the bag.   When she was down there she snapped the cuffs around my ankles.  I saw that a short chain linked the cuffs. 

My relaxed and horny state of mind disappeared in an instant.  How could I get out of this cab and walk like this?  I tried to get her attention, get her to take them off, but she just smiled and put her hand on my knee.  I tried to shrug her hand off, but she squeezed hard and that stopped that!  I was reminded again of Wendy’s hard side.  She was a physically strong woman who could easily overpower me.  I knew that was the message in the knee squeeze and I certainly got it.

We rode in silence.  I was getting more nervous and Wendy was just staring out the side window. 

It was a short ride.  I was jittery about the ankle cuffs, but there was enough slack for me to get out of the cab with her help.  She paid the driver and he shot off in search of another fare leaving us on the corner.  I looked around up and down both streets and was gratified to see no foot traffic and just a few cars moving by.  The cars didn’t bother me given the other vehicles parked along the street, blocking a direct view of us.  But passersby would be a different issue.  I hoped we were close to her apartment!

She further flustered me by pulling the scarf free and exposing my face and gag.  I spluttered a protest.  Wendy told me not to worry; she would cover me up if needed.  She took the scarf and fashioned a makeshift leash and headed off down the street with me shuffling along in a kind of perp walk.  I constantly watched the street for pedestrians as we made our way along the sidewalk.  A couple got out of a cab several doors up from us.  Wendy stopped and adjusted my scarf, covering the gag and letting the scarf fall away and hang from my neck.  She did nothing to hide the ankle cuffs.  I refused to move and stood frozen in place as the couple moved past us and entered a nearby building.  I saw the woman look down at my feet as she passed, but she said nothing, just gripped her escort’s arm a little tighter, and did not stop. That was good and bad, I thought.  What if I needed help?  She would just walk by a kidnapped woman?   Hmmm, something to ponder, but under these circumstances, her ignoring the situation was fine with me. 

I had lost track of where we were being so concerned about being seen until we stopped in front of the entrance of what was apparently her home.  She helped me up the stairs and fished around in her purse, producing a key.   

The door swung open and we entered the foyer.  A long hall ran from front to back with several doors off the hall.  The décor was understated, but clearly well thought out and expensive.  The house was cool and silent. 

Wendy set about removing my coat and the ankle cuffs.  She loosened the gag and pulled it free, but left my hands cuffed behind me.  She crossed the hall and hung both our coats on a Victorian rack against the far wall.  Her eyes bore into mine as she returned.  I felt like the bundled insect in the spider’s web must have felt, but I was hoping for a better outcome!

“What did you think, Anne?  Did you like the ride here?”  Did I like it?  It certainly had turned me on and frightened me at the same time.  Or maybe the fright had turned me on.  I told her that I did like it and asked if she treated all her dates that way.  She laughed and said, “Only the special ones!”

She unzipped my cardigan and slid it open and onto my shoulders.  I let her gather me into an embrace and felt the tension leaching from my body.  As I relaxed, the arousal and excitement returned.  She hugged me close and then stepped back from me with her hands gripping my biceps. 

“I really like you, Anne.  I have had a little crush on you for…well, ever since we started to run together.  Seeing you a few weeks ago in that cute outfit got me thinking that maybe we could get together…you know, in a romantic way!”  She stared into my eyes in her earnest, intense way.

“I think it’s a great start, Wendy!  I’ve got to admit, I have thought of you and I together before.  And to find out we have…er...common interests is just too much!”   Her fingers grazed my breasts through the smooth silk of the turtleneck.  I was acutely aware that I hadn’t worn a bra as she toyed with my hardening nipples.   

Her touch inflamed me.  I’m usually pretty laid back and reticent and not given to displays of emotion, even during sex.  Something about this situation and this woman got to me.  I moaned with pleasure as her wonderfully pliant and expressive lips found mine.  She kissed like a dream!  Her lips teased my mouth open and our tongues intertwined and I was ready for anything she wanted to do with me!

I was panting, my heart pounding, as she gently gripped my upper arm in her hand and led me, still handcuffed, down the hall.

We entered her bedroom which was dominated by a king size bed piled high with pillows.  She unlocked and removed the cuffs and began to remove my clothes, slowly and teasingly, studying me and touching me as she did it until I stood un-self consciously naked before her.  She let me undress her in the same fashion and then we moved together towards the bed.

Wendy turned me on and lit me up sexually like I had never experienced before.  She found my buttons and pushed them all expertly and repeatedly.  She also guided me to the places she needed touched.  We exhausted each other and I fell asleep, much later, wrapped in her arms.  If I ever doubted my sexual orientation, she had resolved any conflicts that I had!  Sleep came easily.

I awoke alone in her bed.  I could smell coffee in the air.  Light flooded the room and I was surprised to see by the clock that it was the early the next morning.

I stretched and shifted myself around until I was sitting up against a bank of pillows.  Wendy entered just then with a tray.  She set the tray down on the bed and kissed me.  I felt the tingle and spark of arousal!

“Did you sleep well, Anne?”  I agreed that I had and shifted my attention to the tray.  The coffee, suffusing the room with a rich aroma was in a carafe.  Two cups and saucers sat next to it.   A large serving tray covered with a silver dome also occupied the tray.  I looked at Wendy and as she nodded her okay, reached for the dome handle.

“This is wonderful, Wendy, I am so hung…”  I stopped in mid sentence.  There was no food under that dome, just several coils of hemp rope and a ball gag!  My mouth agape, I looked up at Wendy.  She gazed back with a chesire-cat like smile on her face.

What happened next?  Well, that is another story!


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