Date Night

by Maschan

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Storycodes: ?/f; bond; collar; blindfold; rope; cuffs; susp; tease; toys; climax; cons; X

We scheduled to meet at the theater, 15 minutes before the function began. I arrived a few minutes early, she had texted me she was on her way. It was a nice programme, a couple of piano pieces then orchestral music. She loves classical music and I appreciated her knowledge of culture.

Right on time I saw her coming, dressed splendidly in her own elegant style. I saw people turning heads to see her, she commanded confidence on her walk.She found me in the crowd and smiled. I felt a small breeze, her perfume arrived before her. Once close to me we kissed and she said “Hi”.

I returned the greeting and saw her in more detail. She knew how to look classy. Her tall and slim body gave her beautiful proportions. Pale skin and pink curly hair contrasted with her black satin dress. The dress had a boat neck, hugged her waist and then flared out in a knee length skirt. She didn’t need to show cleavage or wear skin tight clothes to look sexy. Her long legs were encased in black stockings, and I knew she was wearing garters underneath her dress. She usually didn’t wear high heels since she felt “too tall” on them, but today she made an exception, and chose a pair of black patent leather stilettos she knew I found sexy. With a small patent handbag to match. Her jewelry was simple as well, a plain platinum ring and a small dress watch on her left hand, minimal silver earrings and a thin solid silver bracelet on her right hand. Then the only item that might give away how kinky she truly was: a thin 5mm solid stainless steel collar, that she could not take off on her own. The symbol she was mine.

I told her she looked splendid and she said, “Thanks, you look sexy today, plus I can smell you chose your ‘dom’ perfume today,” giving me a wink.

We loved subtlety and I had a particular perfume that I reserved for BDSM sessions, it was my signal for letting her know I planned to make this evening fun. It was her idea to associate that scent with power exchange. Over time it made me feel more dominant, and she found it easier to get in the mood to submit after feeling that scent.

We went inside the theater and found our seats, small talk about our day, then about music. I loved the passion she showed when talking about music; she was smart and you could tell that at once.

Once the orchestra started playing I was drawn into her world, watching her enjoy music was a spectacle in itself. She seemed focused, and she would suddenly smile or frown depending on what she was hearing. Her fingers would sometimes tap her small bag, following the piano, or her foot would move, not following the rhythm, but following the director's indications instead. I loved watching her reactions.

She was art. 

Once the concert ended we went out and decided to have dinner nearby, before going home. She walked fast, taking advantage of her long stride. Her demeanor, assertiveness and confidence was not something you would expect from a bottom. But as she once said to me, “you need to have power and control before giving it to someone else, what value does submission have if you don’t have anything to give?”

A few blocks away we saw a nice restaurant and went in. She didn't drink alcohol so she offered to drive back in case I wanted some. I took her offer and asked for a glass of wine, she was happy with minty lemonade. Dinner was delicious, she was still in a great mood, talking about the orchestra performance. Her knowledge on subtleties of the performance made me want to have her right there, we were both sapiosexuals and I knew she was feeling the same way. This was our version of foreplay.

After dessert we went home, by the time we arrived I felt 100% sober since I didn’t drink much, and I could focus on the plans for the rest of the night.

Once inside I kissed her while standing in the hallway, hugging her waist, feeling the softness of her dress and enjoying her parfum again. Slowly I caressed her arms, and moved down to her wrists, grabbing them and pulling them behind her back. I felt her melt in anticipation, a small moan and saw a smile on her face.

“Are you in the mood for some play?” I asked.

She simply nodded and kissed me again. “Let me use the toilet before.”

I released her arms and went to the bedroom, pulled out some toys, getting ready for what was to become: a blindfold, comfortable leather wrist cuffs, her favorite magic wand and some connectors and rope.

I took off my suit and tie, got the first buttons of my shirt loose and sat on the bed, removing my shoes. At that moment she entered the bedroom, saw the toys on the bed and smiled. She removed her watch and bracelet, knowing they would get on the way. I signaled to stand in front of me, she silently obeyed. Her hands clasped in front and her eyes on the floor.

“Turn around.” She did so; I slowly started pulling down the zipper on her dress, exposing her pale back. Small moles adorned her skin like constellations in the sky. I softly run my fingers on her back, following the vertebrae, making her shudder a bit. I loved how sensitive she was, how even the minimal stimulation caused some reaction. I pulled the shoulder straps down, slowly lowering her dress, enjoying how the opening revealed her garter belt, then her round butt and her legs. Once it was on the floor I said, “Go stand over there.”

She knew where I meant, we had a strong anchor point on the roof, capable of fully holding the weight of a person, and a big mirror in front of it. I threw her dress and my clothes onto a chair, so they didn’t get in the way, and admired her silhouette. She was topless, her small breasts were perky and didn’t need a bra for support. Her nipples were starting to get erect and the skin tight from the sudden cold of being undressed. The garters accentuated her waist and held her stockings up. Nothing seemed out of place. She was perfect.

I grabbed the blindfold and got behind her. She saw my reflection in the mirror and bit her lip smiling. I put the blindfold on her and kissed her neck. She loved that and tried to hug me behind her, just so I didn't let go. After some moments of playing with her neck and ears I grabbed her arms and put them in a box tie position, each hand holding the opposite arm’s elbow. With my foot I tapped the inner side of her ankles and she obediently spread her legs apart, to about shoulders width.


She held her head down, breathing faster than before, slightly moving side to side, finding equilibrium while fighting going into subspace. I fetched the wrist cuffs and rope. Passed the rope through a carabiner connector and hooked it on the anchor. Standing in front of her, I held the wrist cuffs and simply said, “hands.”

She presented her hands in front of her, elbows at 90 degrees, palms up. I put both cuffs on her, connected them together and then to the rope, forming a pulley, and pulled her arms up until her feet were barely touching the floor.

She stood there silently, I knew she was now fully in her submissive mood, and from that moment on, this strong and confident woman had turned into my toy.

I softly touched her waist, making her jolt a bit. The blindfold made sure she couldn’t tell what my next move would be, and forced her to focus on her other senses. I got behind her and slightly hugged her, while moving my hands up to find her nipples. She softly moaned and pulled her weight on the cuffs and onto me, melting again in my embrace, feeling the stimulation.

I knew she loved a bit of predicament bondage and strenuous positions. Plus the more tired she gets, the more vulnerable and excited she feels. So I moved down, one hand grabbing her butt, the other teasing her in front, loving the sounds she made and how she arched her spine and pulled her head back. I felt her fine lingerie getting wet on my fingers and stopped. Ignoring her complaining grunts I moved down to her feet.

I removed one of her stilettos, she realized what I was going for and softly cried a bit, but I knew she loved it. Taking out the other shoe she had to stand with her legs together, barely on her tiptoes, or relax and drop down but feel the pull of her weight on her wrists. I took a step back and stared at her, watching how she tensed the muscles of her legs, how her feet stepped around, finding a comfortable position, and dropping her weight on her arms, to give her legs some rest. It was a vicious cycle, there was no comfort, she could not find a position to fully relax.

I silently went in front of her, she felt my presence and moaned in protest, I knew she was asking for mercy. I wasn’t going to give her that. I knew she wanted to endure my punishments, she wanted to be a channel so I could enjoy my sadistic side, and trusted me to play hard with my toy, taking care of not breaking it, just as I trusted her she would use her safewords if she needed to.

I softly tickled her exposed armpits, making her trash around trying to escape my touch, but she didn’t have much range to move around. Escaping my attack was impossible. I had full access for tickling, pinching, licking, biting, and anything I wanted to do to her. She laughed, moaned, and suffered equally. Her breathing was getting more laborious, and all the trashing made her strenuous position harder to hold. She was getting tired.

I kept teasing her, giving her small pauses to catch her breath, until she was limp, hanging from her wrists, breathing fast, tears running on her face from behind the blindfold, her body glistening with sweat from the whole ordeal, totally exhausted.

I held her up by her waist, using my body and one arm. And with the other arm I unhooked the rope, catching her so she didn’t fall, then moved her onto the bed. She laid on her side, hands still cuffed in front, catching her breath.

“Water?” I asked.

She signaled “no” with her head.

“Ready for more?”

A small tired smile appeared on her face, and after a pause she nodded “yes”.

I positioned her on her back, stretching her legs. She had her arms bent in front of her torso, slightly covering herself. I undid her garter clips, one by one, kissing her thighs, teasing her. Removed the garter belt, lifting her hips a bit, and her soaking wet thong followed. I loved the feeling and look of her stockings so I left them there, and finally went and grabbed the wand.

With one hand I took her arms by the wrist cuffs and pulled them on top of her head, elbows bent, holding her hands there. I climbed on top of her, one knee on each side, and used my ankles to keep her legs spread. I started kissing her, everywhere I could. She was exposed, tired and vulnerable. I could feel her body getting hotter with excitement. She moaned and kissed my back when she could. I pressed the wand on her crotch and turned it on.

Her response was immediate, she had been lusting for pleasure ever since she first noticed my perfume and I knew it. The more I delayed her pleasure, the bigger it would get. She moaned, her breath got faster, I felt her body tensing up from the upcoming orgasm, so I stopped.

Removed the wand, and looked at her reaction, still holding her hands.

She almost screamed in frustration, thrashing about with the little strength she had left and crying, trying to get pleasure back.

I got close to her ear and whispered, “tonight you are my musical instrument, and I’ll play you as I please.”

I kept teasing her, switching between the wand and my fingers, and stopping before she got close to an orgasm. Teasing her in all her erogenous places as I wanted. Until I turned the wand on again on maximum, and kissed her passionately while she finally got the pleasure and release she was looking for.

I held her down while her body went tense and then limp, while her moans of pleasure played high then silent, while she fully lost control and then regained it.

Afterwards I removed the wand and let go of her hands, got off of her and she stayed in the same position, totally exhausted. Putting the wand away I asked her again:


She softly answered, “m-hm.”

I grabbed the bottle that was always on her nightstand, sat next to her and helped her up. I positioned myself sitting with my back on the bed's headrest, she leaned onto me while I held the tip of the bottle to her lips. Slowly she drank and when she was done she curled between my legs, using one of my thighs as a pillow. I massaged her body, caressing her head just like she loves. Slowly removed the blindfold and after that the wrist cuffs. She was exhausted, slowly getting out of her subspace. Relaxing and finding comfort in my trust and care.

I was lucky this confident woman trusted me to the point of allowing herself to be reduced to my toy. I enjoyed having so much power over her. It’s a feeling like no other, better than regular sex, and almost like a drug. It was proof of our mutual trust, and how we built it together.

I loved her and cared for her, both as the strong woman she is, and as the vulnerable toy falling asleep on my lap.


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