The Date

by John Walker

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This is Adult fiction, and is intended to be so.  DO NOT read if under the age of 18 or 21 depending on local laws, or if descriptions of sexual acts offend you. All characters and events are fictional, No reference is being made about anybody, no chipmunks were harmed in the making of this story. Feel free to archive this story, download it, or post it as part of a free archive, so long as the story, by-line, and disclaimer stay intact. For permission to post this as part of a profitable archive, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

The candle light flickering across her face, shadows moving as she eats, unable to eat much myself, too captivated by her beauty. Talking about everything and nothing, not really small talk, but enough at ease with each other that words are not really necessary, there only purpose as a means to break the silence. The meal over, coffee brought to us by the waiter, decaff for her (I never will get used to that) and regular for me, after this day,and the night ahead, I think I will need it.

Leaving the restaurant and heading to the car we stop, I lift her chin up, looking down into her eyes, seeing the love and passion that lives there. I slowly kiss her, softly, taking my time.... no need to rush; we both know what the other wants and both are willing to give. I open her car door and she settles into the bucket seat, its form holding her snug in place. I cross to my side and get in, starting the engine the CD player starts playing something soft, slow, perfect for the mood.

We drive, night drawing its cloak around us as we head out of town till eventually it seems we are the only people in the world, no other life visible. I turn of the highway onto a dark country lane. The combination of darkness and the trees that line the side of the road making all but the cone of light ahead of pitch black.

We drive for what seems like an eternity, till eventually I pull from the road into a car park, no other cars are here, but we expected that. I park and lean over to kiss her before getting out of the car. I retrieve a bag from the trunk as she gets out of the car, looking around herself she slips off her shoes and throws them back in the car, heels being no good when walking in the country, especially at night. Her flimsy dress blowing in the warm night air, clinging to her curves.

We turn from the car, arm in arm we walk into the woods. Sticking to the tracks for now, the trees forming a canopy above us. As we go deeper we turn from the track, and head into the trees, making our own path until we come to a small clearing, a lush carpet of grass covering the floor and we stop.
I drop the bag and pull her into my arms, kissing her deeply a soft moan escaping from her lips.
We drop to the floor, kneeling before each other, both reluctant to break the kiss, but finally we do. She looks at me,anticipation on her face, hunger in her eyes. My hands drop to her knees and edge their way up her legs, lifting the dress with them as they go, up her body, over her head. I unzip the bag and place it in there; being so light the wind could easily blow it away.

She kneels before me, naked but for the tiny slip of material between her legs, her nipples hardening as they are exposed to the night air, she reaches forward and unbuttons my shirt, slipping it back from my shoulders and down my arms. This too gets placed in the bag.

We kiss again, her arms wrapping around me. As the kiss breaks her hands start to push me upwards, urging me to stand. I do so, and she pulls me closer, her hands moving to remove my boots, then my socks. She looks up at me, a tiny smile on her face. Her hands run up my legs and over my crotch, caressing my swelling manhood through the material of my slacks.
She unfastens my trousers, and hooking her thumbs through the waistband pulls down both those and my pants, pulling them off over my ankles, leaving me standing naked before her. She reaches up and takes my dick into her hand, holding it loosely, caressing it as it awakens to her touch. Her fingers stroking its length and around my balls, leaning forward her lips parted slightly, she kisses the tip of my dick, her tongue slipping out between her lips to taste me, moving her tongue down along my length, across my balls then back to the tip, kissing again, her breath stimulating me, making me harder still.

I feel her lips part more and I feel myself being taken within her mouth, slowly she pulls me in, gently sucking, until she can take no more, her tongue moving around me in her mouth, slowly moving me in and out of her. I look down at her, watching her take me into her, finally I pull away, ignoring the look of disappointment on her face, I kneel before her once again and kiss her deeply, she looks at me again, questioningly and I nod once. At this signal she lies down and  removes her panties. Laying back into the long grass, looking up at the stars whirling above her. I reach into the back and remove several items, moving to kneel above her chest, looking down at her. I take one of her hands in mine and pull it out above and to one side of her head.

Taking one of the wooden stakes and the mallet I removed from the bag, I hammer it into the ground close to her wrist, then a pair of handcuffs is attached to her wrist, the other end attached to the stake. She watches all this with interest and when I return to her chest she offers me her other hand. I repeat the procedure again, stretching her arms apart, leaving her immobile.
I move down her body, stealing a kiss as my lips pass hers, my hands sliding down her legs to her ankles, softly caressing her flesh. I reach her feet and grasp her ankles in each hand,pulling her body down so her arms are taught, then spreading her legs I repeat what I did to her arms, opening her wide, leaving her immobile and defenceless.

I move my hands back up the inside of her legs, softly brushing with my finger tips, slipping up the inside of her thighs, till I reach her pussy, my fingers playing their for a second before I move to kiss her. She looks at me, smiling and I go to the bag and remove a last item, a strip of black silk. On seeing this she looks worried but lifts her head allowing me to place it over her eyes and tie it securely behind her head. She lowers her head back to the ground, letting out a long sigh, knowing she is completely at my disposal. My hands begin to explore her body, not staying in one place for long, always moving to somewhere new and far away, each new touch bringing a shiver to her body, unable to predict where the next will come from. My lips join in, adding a new dimension, softly sucking and nibbling her flesh, causing more and stronger shivers along her body. Her breathing getting heavier, her heart rate increasing.

My mouth finds her nipples, and starts to play with them, sucking them in-between my lips, flicking them with my tongue, feeling them swell further in my mouth. One of my hands slides across her belly and through the hair between her legs, feeling the warmth and moisture there, her hips beginning to lift to meet my fingers. I oblige and begin to explore her pussy, softly touching her, sensing her responses and concentrating on the areas that give the most pleasure. My lips moving lower on her body, kissing her belly, I kneel across her chest again, this time facing her feet and lower my body down to hers, feeling her hot breasts to either side of my manhood, feeling her breathing through its sensitivity. My head lowers between her legs and my hand moves away to allow my mouth access. My breath blowing across her as I move close enough for my tongue to replace my fingers.

Again feeling my way around by her reactions, paying attention to the places that cause her breathing to get ragged, tasting her on my tongue, savouring her delicious scent in my nose. My hands slip under her bum to lift her to my face as my tongue seeks out her clit, lightly brushing across it, before returning and sucking the hard nub into my mouth, feeling her body tense under me, my teeth slowly closing upon it, causing a sharp intake of breath. I release it, and slip off of her, turning, kissing her gently on the lips as I move between her legs, my throbbing manhood resting upon the lips of her pussy, feeling its warmth, slowly I allow it to move along her lips, causing another shudder from her, this one long lasting, taking time for it to die down.

We kiss again as I allow my dick to find her entrance, pressing forward slightly, parting her, causing her to catch her breath for a moment, I slide within her, letting about half my length enter before beginning to withdraw again, almost pulling away completely, I hold myself at her entrance, feeling her body strain to push itself onto me. Slowly I allow myself to slip within her again, this time three quarters of my length entering her before I withdraw, her chest heaving as I enter her, a pout crossing her lips as I pull back, I watch her face, fascinated.

As her breathing returns to normal I push into her again, this time hard and fast, allowing all of my length into her and pressing it in deep, she cries out at the unexpected movement, her breathing and heart beat fast and hard as I withdraw and thrust into her again, she moans softly, as I thrust again her moans get loader, I can feel her tighten around me manhood and I know her orgasm is building, I increase the pace as I feel my own start to build, thrusting deep within her we climax together, our cum mixing within her body, feeling its warmth move around me dick.

I collapse upon her, and kiss her passionately, hungrily. Her breath hard against my face, but slowing, her heart racing under me. I remove the blindfold and she looks up at me, her eyes glistening in the moonlight, smiling softly she whispers, 
"I love you"

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