by Dominatrix Bella

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© Copyright 2012 - Dominatrix Bella - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; kidnap; bond; femdom; bdsm; captive; chains; chast; tease; insert; anal; oral; sex; reluct; X

He was tired and ready to get home to relax. His last stop, before home, was to the local department store. It was busy and he'd had to park far from the door. He was trudging his way across the parking lot when he spotted her. The hood was up on her SUV and she was not dressed for this cool spring breeze. As tired as he was he knew he must see what he could do, especially since he was parked right next to her.

"Can I help you?" He inquired. She spun around, startled by his voice. He was struck by her eyes. They seemed to see right through him, pull him inside her. He got the impression she must have spoken, but he missed it. Damn, he thought. She smiled, knowingly....."I said, I would really appreciate your help! I need a jump, um, I mean my battery needs a boost, are you near here?"

"As a matter of fact, that is my jeep next to you, but I've got no cables, do you?" he said sadly.

"Yes...sir....I do. I keep them in the back seat, could you get them? They are under the seat behind the driver." He thought it odd the way she said "sir" ...as if it didn't sit well with her, almost difficult to say. He shrugged and said he would.

He opened the driver's side passenger door and immediately the scent of new leather upholstery assaulted his senses. He breathed deeply enjoying the smell and noticed that the interior lights didn't come on. He fumbled for the seat release and popped the seat forward. He saw the cables farther to the other side of the car and partially crawled in to reach them. That was when he noticed, well felt is a better description, that someone was behind him. He looked down under him and saw her stiletto heels on either side of his legs. The stimulating sight made him hesitate just long enough not to notice she had something in her hand... and then she held it over his face. He gasped deeply from surprise and all went dark before he could fight.

He awoke slowly. Steel cuffs circled his wrists and ankles. They felt heavy but smooth and cool on his skin. If he could lift them he would realize they were attached to heavy chains. Each appendages chain was secured to tie points in the floor of the SUV meant to tie down cargo. Well, he was certainly that right now. Groggily he opened his eyes… to blackness. Not just that, but he was gagged and had earplugs inserted. Not headphones, but the kind you use at a shooting range. He was helpless. That much he figured out quickly.

After he had sufficiently recovered from the chloroform, he waited for what might happen next. He was nervous, to be sure, but at the same time he was anticipating what sort of adventure this may bring. He was devoid of sensory cues, but certainly not uncomfortable here on his stomach, his chest against the soft carpet. Life had gotten a bit dull lately, and as long as he stayed within the power of that woman who had taken him, how bad could it get?

He didn’t have to wait long. He felt the car rock a bit as she entered the back section of the cargo area. He felt her hands run from his ankles up toward his waist. Then he felt the pull as his belt was pulled through the loops. She ran her leather clad hands up inside his shirt and over his shoulders, then they slid down once again to his waist. He felt another tugging sensation, not quite sure what this one could be… until he no longer had the sensation of cloth covering his back. Then, as the cold steel of the knife grazed his bicep, he knew she was cutting off his clothing. She didn’t stop at his shirt, but continued with his pants and shorts until he was bared for her pleasure. He hoped it was pleasure. The fact that she was using a sharp knife so close to his skin was a bit disconcerting.

Time passed, and he had the curious sensation of being watched… or more accurately... assessed. This idea of being looked over like an object to be approved or rejected made him more than a little aroused. Had he been on his back, instead of his stomach, this would have been apparent to her. Suddenly he felt his clothing being pulled roughly out from under him and he aided her by lifting his hips in the air so she could remove them more easily… this was rewarded with a crack of her hand across his buttocks. The unexpected sensation startled a groan out of him, more of surprise than pain… in fact there was little pain, not to him anyway… but his groin began to tingle even more. He realized quickly that she wished no help on his part, so he lay still while she removed the clothing from him.

Next, he felt her bare hands explore his back and across his arms, she lay across his back, draping her chest against his back so as to reach all the way to his wrists. She was warm... and naked. She lifted off him again and as she returned her hands to his waist, she did so using her nails, raking ever so lightly. She then lightly caressed his back from his neck to his waist in a long light stroke of her nails. She did this repeatedly, over and over with slight pauses in between until just the touch of her hands made him twitch.

The next sensation was quite a bit more invasive. She parted his ass with her hands and he felt a dribble of liquid run between his cheeks and down over his balls. Then he felt the tip of what could only be a dildo, her dildo (at least he hoped). In his mind he was picturing what he remembered of her as being his tormentor (is tormentor even accurate? He was, after all, enjoying this so far, this release of responsibility). She teased his opening by rubbing up and down and then putting slight pressure as if to penetrate him. She did this several times until at last she felt him relax a bit and slid into him with little resistance. He tensed immediately, so she eased in and out of him with agonizingly slow strokes and eventually she felt his hips reach a bit when she stroked. Each stroke into him pushed a small, soft rubber knob against her, caressing her at the same time.

She looked at him as she stroked into him. How well she had done, to find him. He was exactly what she wanted, had always wanted, and here he was for her pleasure. It was a bonus that he seemed so willing. As these thoughts went through her mind she began to lose herself in the act... she grabbed his shoulders and bent over him a bit to get just a bit deeper and to thrust a bit harder hitting her spot each time she did. He felt her breasts sway against his back as she pumped him. Each thrust of her instrument stroked his prostate in the most wonderfully agonizing way. These sensations were new to him. He’d never dreamed of asking for such a touch but here, he was not in control, he had no option and was able to relax and enjoy each and every caress. He felt her pace quicken considerably and her thrust got more and more irregular until she was burrowed deep in him humping him with fast, short strokes and then… then he felt her shudder, he could feel the intensity of her orgasm. “oh god no” he thought “not yet…I am so close” but she collapsed on him, he could feel her body slick with sweat slide against his back as she breathed heavily from the exertion. A minute or so passed before she slid from him liked popping a cork from a wine bottle.

A short time later she reached down to his cock and pulled it down so that it lay on the carpet pointing toward his feet, his scrotum draping across it. She gave him a few short strokes before sliding a gloved finger into him once more. She searched momentarily before finding the sweet spot of the prostate. She rubbed him slowly, gently and pressing only lightly. This was a sweet sensation indeed, and he was sure this would be his best orgasm yet… but that was not her plan. She massaged him slowly until all his come had emptied, leaving him spent, limp and agonizingly unfulfilled… how could such a great feeling lead to such an outcome?

She touched his face lightly and removed one of the earplugs. “You did well my handsome captive, very well indeed. I’m sorry you were not able to experience what I did, but that is only for the best behavior. Do as I ask, as I demand, and you won’t get hurt. You only have a short time to wait for some relief, but wait you must for now”

She reinserted the earplug and moments later he felt the SUV begin to move.

He began to think he would never get a drink of water again, it seemed that this ride would go on forever. At first he tried to gauge what direction they were headed and what terrain they crossed, but the motion of the car made him just a little sick to his stomach and he found he dozed off and lost track.

The truck finally came to rest and a few minutes later he felt the wave of fresh air as the door to the back was opened. Soon his earplugs were removed, but not his blindfold.

“I am willing to give you a small amount of freedom, but you must promise to behave. If you understand, shake your head” He shook his head in agreement. “Fine” she said “I will remove your gag and leave your earplugs out for now. You must not speak unless I directly ask you a question, and then, only answer as necessary” With that she removed his gag. His mouth was dry and his throat felt sore and tight. “So far so good! Now listen carefully. I will remove your chains in here, but you will be tethered to another set out here. Don’t think you can escape since you will never be completely free of the chains. You have no place to go, we are far from anywhere you could get assistance. You must rely on me now.” He nodded his head once more.

She removed one chain from the shackle on his ankle and immediately replaced it with a longer chain attached someplace outside. Once that was accomplished, she removed the other 3 chains and asked him to turn over. “Don’t try to get up yet, just turn over for me like a good… pet” So that was it, he thought, he was to be her “pet” her “plaything”. He wondered if there had been others, and if so... where were they now? Would he be part of a harem type situation or was he alone?

He rolled to one side and then to his back. She lifted his head so as to fix a collar around his neck and then offered him some water from a bottle which he accepted gratefully. Then she did something he did not expect. She attached to him a chastity device and locked it tight. “You see, my pet, it is important to me that you only obtain release when I allow it and in a manner in which I want you to… IF I want you too.” She said calmly. Without thinking he blurted out “Am I just to be your toy? Will I ever be freed?” Instantly, and without warning the gag was shoved roughly into his mouth again. “Oh my pet, you’ve much to learn”

His Mistress clipped a short lead onto the collar and jerked him out of the truck and to his feet. He was not sure of his balance, the blindfold and lack of visual cues made him a bit shaky. “First thing we must do is feed you, you will have many chores to do here and you must keep up your strength. Remember, your privileges and sexual releases rely on your obedience”. As if to punctuate her words, she reached out with both hands, one tweaked an unsuspecting nipple and the other grabbed his balls and gave them a squeeze. She heard the gasp even through the gag. She then led him to a tree and sat him at the base pulling his hands behind him she clipped a short chain to each wrist restraint. This held him to the tree, and gave her the chance to fix some food for them both.

When she returned, she softly explained to him that she felt it was her duty as his owner to take good care of him. He would not be abused, unless he rebelled, of course. That would not be abuse, but punishment to teach him manners and rules. “Enough of that” she said “Time for some food” He was ready to eat, that was for sure, and drink something as well. He had been sitting at the base of this tree for awhile now, and the sun, although warm and wonderful, was also hot and drying. “Follow my hand please” she said as she touched his cheek softly. When he turned to where she touched him he was rewarded with a nice sweet chunk of cool, juicy watermelon. After several pieces of that, she gave him some cheese and let him wash it down with a nice cold beer. As he was waiting for the next treat, she reached out and touched his chest, running her fingers down and around his nipples, as if tracing a pattern.

He had so many questions, but dared not to ask. He honestly wasn’t afraid, but more intrigued. By this time she was stroking his whole body, kneading his flesh and massaging his arms. He could hear her breathing quicken. She unhooked his hands from behind the tree and ordered him to stand, then she hooked the chain back together so that his wrists were connected by the short chain and she used this to lead him to another spot. She ordered him to hold his hands above his head, and when he did, she looped the chain to an overhead hook. “I am so glad you are here, I’ve so much I want to do and I’ve waited so long for you. Not just anyone would do, you see, you are special. You are ideal.” He really wished he could ask her more, but he didn’t want that damned gag again.

“Enough sentimentality” she laughed “I must prepare you”. He heard the distinctive buzzing sound of an electric razor. “Spread your legs. I’d hate to cut into something vital!” He obediently spread his legs as far as he could, pulling the overhead chain tight as he did so. She carefully unlocked the steel cage she’d placed on his cock earlier and released his balls as well. She began to shave his scrotum, quite meticulously too. Once that was done to her satisfaction, she began on his pubic bone and around the base of his cock. She then ran the razor up between the cheeks of his ass and the perineum leaving him bare skinned from navel to the small of his back. “From now on YOU will be responsible for maintaining this level of hygiene. Believe me, it will be in your best interest to be shaved, for I like it and find you very desirable this way and it also prevents the cage from pinching any errant hairs… very uncomfortable indeed”.

Once he was properly smooth, his Mistress stroked him slowly, languidly enticing him to respond, and respond he did. As he hardened beneath her touch, she leaned to him and whispered into his ear "You want me to continue my pet?" He didn't think he'd be able to come again so soon after being milked, but if she continued he had no doubt he would. He nodded yes, not wanting to risk words and the gag. Her strokes were soft but deliberate, knowing exactly the effect she was having on him. He tried to hide the need he had to come, to mask how desperately close he was so he might slide into that bliss before she knew what was happening. "If you come, my captive, I will be forced to milk you once or twice a day. This would keep you in constant agony... the wanting and inability". That stopped him short. Evidently she intended to keep him on edge. "However" she continued "If you can keep from going over that edge... I may, with good behavior, give you the release of your dreams."

She stopped all at once and seemed to disappear for a time. He had no idea how long he'd been standing there. His arms ached from the long period over head. His legs ached from standing so long. He was tired and hungry and just when he thought to call out, he heard her approach. Then... nothing. The anticipation was killing him. Then he felt warm water flow across his lower belly and legs. She began to wash him very carefully, very thoroughly. The warm water in conjunction with her stroking him again made him wide awake, and needy. This constant teasing was maddening. Once he was washed, dried and throbbing with his need, he felt her lips on his nipples. Just a kiss, at first, then a nibble.

"You have been very good, my pet. I need one more thing of you today"

“One more thing?” He thought...”what the hell else does she have in mind????” By this time, being blindfolded was presenting him with quite a quandary. Part of him truly enjoyed not knowing what was coming, what she might have in store, but the survival side of him wasn't as sure. It was becoming more bothersome than pleasurable. Oh God he ached... he was truly tired, bone tired and emotionally drained. He had really had enough. Maybe he should finally think of trying to escape. He knew he could if he put his mind to it.

Just then he felt her slide her warm mouth over his cock. All thoughts of escape fled his mind and quickly. She lingered near the base keeping all of him in her mouth, working him with her tongue. She slid him out and began to kiss him and lick him and work her way down to his balls. There she traced the entire base of his testicles with kisses and light sucking... and then she took his balls in her mouth one at a time, savoring the newly smooth feel, rolling them sucking them... enjoying them. As she did this she stroked his cock in unison with her movements. Every so often she would switch and swallow him whole then sliding him out almost to the tip... but leaving the head in so she could suck and nibble that tender spot beneath the head. At these times she would be caressing his balls, stretching them or when she wished a bit more response, pressing them up into his body.

His mind was lost to anything but these sensations. The fact that he was her captive, blindfolded, naked and somewhere in the woods with no means of escape meant nothing.

He did wonder to himself how she knew his body's reactions. She could bring him just to the edge of release and then... just when he thought he was home free... she would slow her tempo, or change positions... never long enough to lose his erection, but long enough to delay his release. He realized that his body had taken about all it could and his legs began to buckle... he didn't want it to stop, but he was just... so...... tired.

He felt shifting, he was too tired to care or to try to run or fight. He felt softness beneath him, cushions actually. He groaned when his arms were allowed down, he knew they felt better, but they were quite asleep by now. His legs also felt relief and his back was stretched into an arch position. He heard the locks, heard the "snicks" and then he slept... for awhile.

When he awoke, she was atop of him, working on him with her hands, with her mouth. This woman was relentless, he thought. He was so aroused and ready for whatever came... hopefully himself, he mused. He shifted against the ropes that held him tight. Then he shifted again... testing them... and realized, there was no escape, he could not feel any way to free himself. That thought made him shudder, with desire or fear he was not sure. This involuntary jerk of his body alerted her to his wakeful state. "Oh so very glad you could join me" she cooed...."please, have something to eat" and with that she smothered his face with her sex.

He greedily worked at her enjoying it all, loving the sounds she emitted, when she took him out of her mouth, that is. She began to rock and grind and he knew she was close. He thought of stopping, denying her like she'd been denying him all day, but he was in a very precarious position, and besides... he needed this too. When she crested he thought he might really be smothered.... but she had no intention of letting this one go... and as her screams turned to slow moans, she resumed her consumption of him. This time she was not quite as slow... she worked with a bit more urgency and he responded in kind... then, just before his release, she slipped a butt plug into him rocking it with her palm as the fingers of that hand rested and kneaded his balls. This was all he could stand... and he came... and came hard, mixing his moans with hers... and his pleasure was made all that much better knowing how much she wanted to be down there.


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