Dare Adventure

by Zephyr

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Storycodes: M/f; sex; oral; cuffs; nipple; rope; susp; spank; cons; X

Author’s note: This story is fiction. Aurélie herself is real and posted reports on her adventures similar to what is presented here in the years right around 2000. I have not contacted her for permission (I don’t know how to find her) to use her persona, but I hope that the story would meet her approval. Thank you, Aurélie, for so many good stories from the real you!

A scenario by Jackson

Commanded: 14th June 2000

Executed: 24th June 2000


Thank you for being open to taking dares. You are a dream come true, and I hope you decide to take this one, I'd really love to hear how it actually happens. Anyways, here goes, hope you like it!

  1. It's a point-based thing. Your goal to score as many points as you can.
  2. Find a male who you are comfortable with. He will be doing several sexual things with you including intercourse. You get 10 bonus points if he's not one of your normal partners and 30 bonus points if you've never done anything with him before.
  3. You need a place, a house, maybe a cabin, where you can be undisturbed for several hours while you do this. You'll be suspended from the ceiling, so you need to have or be able to put anchor points into the ceiling for your arms and legs, and one on a wall for reasons I'll describe later.
  4. The dare involves you being suspended by your wrists and ankles, in your suspension cuffs, of course, while the young man you select does several things to you. 
  5. In the room, find or create by putting in eyebolts, four anchor points into the ceiling. Your arms and your legs should be spread from these, think spread-eagle, but you're suspended from the ceiling.
  6. Measure the distance between your young man's crotch and the floor. Measure the length from your shoulder to your wrists. Add four inches. This is how long the wrist ropes should be. 
  7. The idea is to have you suspended by your wrists and ankles, with your head a little higher than your waist. One of the things you will be doing is giving him a deep throat blow job, so your head when it's leaned back all the way needs to be the same height as his crotch. He's also going to have intercourse with you, so that part of you needs to be at his crotch height as well.
  8. You seem to like breast punishment. One of the last things he will be doing is having sex with you, so put another anchor point on the wall past your head. Once you're tied up and suspended, have him put your clover clamps on with a really, really long rope. Run the rope past your head through the anchor point on the wall and then back to where he can reach it when he is standing between your legs.. The idea is he'll stand so he's pushing you forward a little bit as he's deep inside you, intercourse-wise. He'll pull on the rope, which will pull on your nipples, to pull you away from him, then when he lets go of the rope gravity will drive you back on to him. In this way, he'll fuck you.

Do this:

Put the anchor points into the wall and the ceiling. Get naked and put on the suspension cuffs on both wrists and ankles. Have him suspend you the way I've described.

His first goal is to make you grunt or make a noise 5 times. Actually, what is happening is he is doing things to you while your neck muscles tire out so your head is lolled fully back for later. Anyway, his goal is to get you to make noise 5 times by spanking you any way he wants. Your goal is to not make any sounds despite his efforts. If he uses a paddle or a whip, every time you make a noise, he must put it inside you for two minutes. If it falls out, that one doesn't count. If he's spanking you with his hand, he will use a vibrator turned to its highest setting. You've got to clamp down and hold it, or the spanking will go on longer. You get a point for every time he spanks you that you don't make a noise.

Once he's gotten noise out of you 5 times, he will move to your breasts. He should suck and kiss and bite them, part of the idea is to get them real sensitive for later. He should spend no less than 15 minutes doing this. After this, he should put the clover clamps on you, but the rope shouldn't be run to the wall and back yet. One point for each minute he does things to you, up to 20.

Next, he gets to start having even more fun. By that time, your neck muscles will probably have given out, and your head will be hanging back fully extended. This is good, because his next task is to deep-throat you (did I mention? An extra 5 points for every inch long he is more than 6 inches.) To pass this part he must go all the way to his ball sack into your mouth 5 times, and at one point stay as deep as he can get in your mouth for 15 seconds. If you gag, he'll of course pull out, but that one won't count. Completing this part is worth 20 points.

Then he should run the clover clamp rope to the wall and lay the free end between your breasts. He should mount you, pushing you at least a foot forward so when you slide back, you'll slide back firmly. Then he should fuck you, using the rope to pull you off him and letting it go slack so that you slide back on to him, until he cums. He should cum fully and deep inside you. 50 points, plus two points for each of his contractions.

I can't wait to hear how this comes out!

Date: June 15th

To: Jackson

From: Aurélie

Re: Dare Adventure: Accepted!

Wow! That does sound like a rush. I think I'll try it, and I have someone in mind, I think he'll go for it. I've done little things with him before, but nothing like this, so I guess I'll only get the 10 bonus points. Stay tuned.

Date: June 19th

To: Jackson

From: Aurélie

Re: Dare Adventure: We've got a date!

I've talked with Francois, and he is willing. We have a place, and we're planning to do it next Saturday. Stay tuned!

Date: June 19th

To: Aurélie

From: Jackson

Re: Dare Adventure

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: June 29th

To: Jackson

From: Aurélie

Re: Dare Adventure - Report

We did it! It was kinda fun (the spanking not so much, and I choked once or twice, otherwise great!).

Francois is an old friend; our families know each other from business and we've been on family vacations and parties together since I was about 8. We've done one dare before, the walk-on-the-beach-naked dare from last November. We did make love, so I only qualify for the 10-point bonus, but it was worth it!

Francois' family has a timeshare down in Lacanau-Ocean, near Bordeaux, which is where we did the other dare. It's beachfront, and it has a beautiful bay window looking out over the water. It also has lights that hang down, so we wouldn't have to put any holes in the ceiling. We had a good time last year, and he certainly seemed very willing to spend some time enjoying a bound, naked, and helpless me. We hadn't seen each other in forever, so we set it up for Saturday evening, after a day together on the town.

He definitely had grown hunkier since I last saw him, and while I admit I was a little tense over what would happen later that night, especially the deep-throating part, he set me at ease. We had a good time, a nice lunch, we took in the art galleries, and I was very happy.

Then we had a nice dinner. I had a little more wine than usual, but not too much. Then we went to the timeshare. It was almost sunset and the view out the bay window, as before, was very beautiful.

We got unpacked pretty quick and everything inside, the fireplace started, and the windows all closed although we planned to turn off all the lights and open the windows back up once everything (including me) was in place.

I stripped out of what I was wearing, there wasn't a whole bunch that he hadn't been seeing all day anyway (Short skirt, thin top, almost sheer, no panties, plenty of looking but no no no, Francois, no touching until later, when I can't stop you). The ropes went up ok, and I put my suspension cuffs on. He did my wrists, then had me sit on a barstool while he did my ankles. We had to adjust it about four times; when my feet came up the level of my head would change, so it took a little bit to get both my head and my... at the prescribed heights. But we did.

There was an island with a sink about six feet in front of my head. We planned to (and did) run the rope around the faucet, which worked just fine.

It had taken us so long to get me at the proper height that by that time my neck had already long ago given out, and it was, as you put it, "lolled back" all the way. But a dare is a dare.

He promised me he'd respect my safeword, to which I told him angrily that I didn't use safewords on dares, and he'd better not let me down or go easy on me. He didn't reply to that, but I think the message was passed and we understood each other. He was watching me, and wouldn't push things too far, yet I would be very put out if he stopped early.

He then turned out the lights and opened the curtains. We were satisfied (he went outside to check and was satisfied, I was suspended naked from the ceiling and trusted him) that no one could see inside well enough to be a problem. The beach was about 150 feet out the window and we could see the occasional person going by, but no one ever gave any reaction to seeing us. The windows were tinted pretty heavily, almost reflective, from the outside-in, and we just had the fireplace inside for light. Enough for me to see him, barely.

Did I mention how good he looked without a shirt? He looked even better without his shorts too! The sort of thing someone could really look forward to.

He produced a ping-pong paddle (he hadn't told me at all what he was going to use) and started to spank me with it. He wasn't that gentle, and I wasn't that happy about it, but his goal was to get his 5 grunts within the first 20 swats, and if you're spanking someone and trying to get them to make noise, gentle probably isn't on the list. It wasn't on Francois' for sure.

His first three swats were reasonably hard and on my buns. They didn't feel good, but I was determined to make him miss his goal (Breakfast the next morning was riding on it). I didn't make any noise, but his fourth swat was dead on my private parts, and he really got some noise out of that, both because it was unexpected there and it did hurt! I complained, to which he pointed out that it was nowhere defined where I was to be spanked, but he agreed quickly that the rest of the spanking would go in traditional places. He stuck the paddle in me, which was quite wet, but I managed to clamp down on it and hold it for the required two minutes. That was a little difficult but all in all not hard.

He couldn't do any more surprises, so the swats got harder and with my head leaning back I couldn't see anything, just relying on the sounds. He took plenty of time swinging the paddle, letting me hear the sound of it in the air, but only once in a while actually paddling me with it. On his 17th stroke I made the 4th noise, and we were both by then really determined to win the bet.

Wham, he hit me on my left cheek, which was already pretty sore, and my whole bottom was a bright red the next morning. But I didn't make a noise. But I sure wanted to. It would have been lots easier if I could have just bit my tongue, but I was afraid to.

He pushed me forward, and I was afraid that he was going to deliver a whopper, adding my body weight swinging back to his forward swat. That's just what he did, and I saw stars, but managed not to make a noise.

Twenty was just like 19, but harder if you can imagine that. I breathed real heavily, but didn't make any noise, and most everything but my bottom felt good that I won the bet. He kept after me and finally got the 5th grunt on stroke 24. That put my current score at 29.

I was glad he was not going to be making my bottom hurt any more. He did rub lotion into it before going on to the next step.

Chewing on my nipples wasn't so bad, as a rule I enjoy that. He licked and bit enough to meet the goal of making them a lot more sensitive, but didn't hurt me doing it. Especially after the last event, this was nice and relaxing and fun. Current score after that, 47 (I was supposed to tell him when the 15 minutes were up. I was enjoying it and somehow got distracted).

He came around to my head, and got ready for the next step. He was 8 inches, so my score went up to 57. I had done deep throat a little, and he hadn't done it at all, but we had talked about it over lunch (sure hope no one was listening in to *that* conversation!) and we felt pretty good about it. I knew to relax and work to hold off my gag reflex, he knew to go slow and gentle, and I was comfortable that if I did gag he'd pull back out until I was ok.

He went slow on me, and eased it in. I did gag the first few times, and he pulled out in a hurry, but with time and patience he got all of it in my mouth and partially down my throat. But he had to get right at the edge of the back of my mouth, then let me breathe a few times before he could go the other 3 inches in, because, of course, I couldn't breathe at all around that. We got the 15 seconds the first time and just one or two more, but it worked. 77 points.

Next, we got to the part we both had been waiting for. We couldn't figure out how to bring it down to one rope, so we just ran two around the water faucet then back to my chest. He tied a knot there where his hand would be, which both gave him an easy way to pull and kept the two ropes together.

He did ask if I wanted a break, but I told him to continue. I didn't want a break, but I did want a nice, juicy orgasm; I'd been around him all day, knowing what was going to happen now, remembering how good he felt last year and how much better he looked now. I wanted to say, "You know, I can breathe later. Make love to me now!" but all I did was nod no to his question, which was hard enough the way my neck felt.

He got in the right place, and pushed in, and I did honestly groan, it felt so good and he was such a tight fit. He took a step forward and I sank firmly into him, but it wasn't like I was going anywhere anyway.

He grabbed the rope and started to pull, and I felt my breasts pull upward. I'm a rather full C cup, so it didn't feel great (in fact it hurt, being pulled by my nipples), but I found that if I ignored that and concentrated on what was happening down lower, I was way too busy enjoying sliding on and off and I could brush aside what was going on at my chest.

Which was just as good. I'd made him promise, promise to do whatever felt good to him and not even think of me when we were doing this. I was wet enough that I slid right off of him as he pulled me away, and when he let go of the rope I slid rather firmly right back down to his base. He stumbled back the first time, but after that braced himself (or later, met me going forward... ouch but wow!) and he seemed hesitant the first few times, but after that, I think he remembered his promise and gave himself to it, because he gave me a good-old-fashioned hard fucking.

I must admit, I had no idea how long it went on, I was too busy enjoying the in and out motion. The pulling on my breasts was a little much, but nice, but wasn't much there compared to what else was going on. He was rhythmic and steady, and I climbed steadily to an orgasm, and even though he knew I was about to come (I'm normally anything but quiet at times like this), he drove me right up to the edge and as I went over dropped the rope, grabbed my hips, and slammed me hard down on to him.

I did scream. And shake. And shake, and shake some more. He just held still thankfully, until I was done, then kept going. I was out of it, though, climbing down from where he had taken me. He tells me he went around 10 more minutes until he came himself, but I don't really remember any of that. He says he pumped 6 times, so it's 77 + 50 + 12, which is 139. I took his word for it. He let me back down onto the bar stool, then let me go, but I was so out that he had to carry me to the bed to end the night.

And yes, we did do things more conventionally the next morning before breakfast. It was just as good!


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