Dance with me Baby!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; kidnap; leather; packaged; toys; nc; X

Chapter 1 – The Take Down.

A few weeks ago it had got to the point where Stephanie and Kathy, her long time best friend and partner of the last few years, just dreaded going to work. The Pink Panther nightclub featured exotic dancers and had given them a very good living with a circle of regular customers enjoying Stephanie’s statuesque figure with its curves in all the right places topped with a mane of blonde tresses.

Kathy was a natural redhead and she liked wearing her hair in a short pixie cut. Her tall, svelte 5’ 8” body was another favourite with the regulars and they both did very well with tips considering the minimum wage the dancers got sucked.

In addition, they were both accomplished costume designers and seamstresses having developed a side business out of their home.  Stephanie and Kathy, being just on the wrong side of thirty, were sensible enough to know exotic dancing was not a profession that would last forever.  But they both counted on another few years and enjoyed dancing coupled with the attention they got from male and female alike.

Then Rachel came on the scene!

Barely nineteen, with her cute girl-next-door look, raven tresses and flawless skin, she wasn’t old enough to drink alcohol under State law but was a promiscuous little slut who shamelessly poached customers away from the other dancers.  When not on stage she would flaunt her slim, youthful body and throw herself at any unattached customer who walked in the door.

It wasn’t so much that their tips had dwindled substantially as it was that Rachel was completely self absorbed and showed no respect for anyone or anything.  They decided drastic action was necessary to do something about the situation and, after several weeks of careful preparation, the first step directly involving the minx would go down tonight.

When Rachel finished her last set and headed for her locker in the change room Stephanie and Kathy were waiting for her; all the other dancers had already left.  She didn’t stand a chance as Kathy put her in a bear hug from behind, locking her arms against her sides, then as she opened her mouth to yell Stephanie pushed a wad of cloth in it instantly stifling any sound.

As the girl started to struggle Stephanie moved in closer to make her the middle of a sandwich between the two conspirators and effectively blanketing Rachel’s efforts to escape.  Holding one hand over the gag the blonde then deliberately pinched the nostrils of their victim with her other hand shutting off any intake of air.

The panicking girl’s exertions slowed almost immediately and just over a minute later she slumped in Kathy’s arms, out cold.  As soon as Rachel fainted Stephanie released the hold on her nostrils and pulled the cloth out of her mouth.

After locking the door the two of them soon had the brunette’s wrists and elbows wrapped securely behind her back in several turns of cords and her ankles tied tightly together.  Checking to make sure she was breathing evenly Stephanie felt it was safe so she packed the gag back in Rachel’s mouth and covered it with a few strips of tape.

The manager had been only too pleased when the conspirators had offered weeks ago, at a very reasonable cost, to repair and update the extensive wardrobe the club kept on hand for the dancers to start their performances in; they ended wearing decidedly less.  This caused quite some wear and tear and, cheap as the owners were, they jumped at the repair instead of replace suggestion.  Consequently, on several occasions, the two had wheeled a large costume trunk in and out of the building to and from Kathy’s van.

Now they laid the open trunk flat and deposited Rachel inside followed by the contents of her locker, before shutting it and tipping it back up on the wheels.  Grabbing their own coats and handbags they pushed the trunk out to the entrance passed the bouncer/doorman, refused his offer of help, said goodnight and wheeled it over to the van.  Opening the side door it was easy to tip the trunk so the top rested at the opening then lift the bottom and slide it inside.

Once at the home they had bought between them they reversed the process to get the trunk inside.  It had several unobtrusive holes drilled in it so they were not worried about Rachel getting enough air, particularly since the trip only took fifteen minutes.

She would be a houseguest for a few days and, since their expertise as costume designers had led to them having several customers whose interests lay with some of the more fetish type materials, they would have the opportunity to let her try a few of their more confining creations.

Chapter 2 – The Set Up.

There was little or no fuss about Rachel being missing when they showed up at the Pink Panther the next day.  As luck would have it, she had been spotted by management the previous evening providing a service to a customer that amounted to much more than an illegal lap dance.

They would allow the girls to go so far but protected their license rigorously and enforced the rules.  If she had shown up she would have been fired so everyone assumed she had seen the writing on the wall and left before that happened.  Since the daily salary was peanuts and each girl took home their tips it was easy to believe she just walked away.

Stephanie and Kathy, delighted with their luck, decided to go ahead with their plan even though Rachel would not have been in competition with them anymore.  They felt she deserved a damn good lesson for spoiling the last few months and causing them so much stress; besides the plan was a gem.

The layout at the club had the stage in the middle of the room with tables surrounding it except for a short runway to backstage.  Rising from the middle of the stage was the ubiquitous dancers’ pole.  Always looking to keep costs to a minimum the manager refused to hire a full time lighting person to operate the spotlights and instead had come up with an ingenious idea.

Imbedded in the stage at intervals close to the apron, and around the center pole, were pressure switches.  When a girl was going through her routine on whatever section of the stage she was playing to, all she had to do was press on a partially embedded button with the toe of her, usually stiletto heeled boot, and activate a spotlight covering that area.  Another touch would shut the light off.

Directly under the stage was a storage room that Stephanie and Kathy had taken over supposedly to store all the costume racks. As designated wardrobe mistresses no one else went in there and only they had keys to the lock on the door.  Over the last few weeks they had installed another pole directly under the one on stage and carefully tapped in to the bases of the pressure switches.

It had been quite simple to add a new wire from each one that they ran to the top of the pole and tied together in a loose knot before allowing the wires to drop almost to the floor.  This way they had no idea, from just looking, which wire went to which switch.  The wires ended in small jack plug connectors.  Even though the room was far from soundproof and it was easy to hear what was going on up on stage they still ran a feed to a large speaker on the wall.

Clamped to the storage room pole, about 3’ off the floor, was a long horizontal bar with several straps attached along its length.  More straps hung from the vertical pole.

Returning home after their shifts the two decided to implement the next part of their plan the following day but to have some more fun with Rachel first.  After a lovely dinner that Rachel got as a blended concoction poured in to her through a funnel gag, they got to work.

As an exotic dancer the girl was no stranger to high heels but the heavily boned contraptions they worked on her were different – they had no heels but forced her feet into painful arcs until the toes were forced pointing in a straight line with her shins.  They were, in fact, bondage ballet boots and laced tightly up to her knees.

A spreader bar held her ankles apart and then Stephanie and Kathy bound her wrists together in front before pulling a heavy leather single arm sheath up to her elbows and lacing that just as tightly in place.  Kathy had some fun spending much longer than necessary pushing Rachel’s breasts up until they spilled over the top of the sheath between her upper arms.

Then it was a simple matter to attach a strap to the finger ring on the arm sheath and pull it down between her legs to buckle at the middle of the spreader bar.  The disrespectful little bitch was now completely open and vulnerable.

They forced a double penis gag between her teeth and strapped that in place with a head harness before lifting the helpless girl off the floor and setting her down in the middle of their bed.

Kathy flipped a coin and lost so she had to don the 8” strap-on while Stephanie got to settle herself in front of Rachel, spread her legs and, using leather loops on either side of the head harness, pull until the dildo protruding from the bound girl’s mouth settled at the entrance to her vagina.

She held it there while Kathy positioned herself behind Rachel and lined up the strap-on.  With big grins on their faces they nodded to each other then one pulled and the other one pushed; Rachel managed a muffled scream.

After Stephanie’s second orgasm and a brief rest, they changed ends (sorry); it was Kathy’s turn.  Neither had much, if any, sympathy for the girl in the middle.

Chapter 3 – The Show.

As usual the costume trunk didn’t cause any raised eyebrows when they pulled up to the staff entrance; in fact the bouncer helped them lift it from the van and wheel it inside.  If he had known what was tightly packaged inside things might have gone otherwise.  When Stephanie and Kathy pushed it through to the storage room they had a good hour before the first show started and made full use of it.

The leather encased form they hauled out of the trunk was unrecognizable.  Above the legs still in the ballet boots from the previous night was some bare skin until a long boned leather corset started at the hips, pinching the torso to a tiny waist, before continuing up above breasts that bulged through two too small openings.

No arms showed at the front because they had been laced and locked in a wicked reverse prayer position between the shoulder blades.  The head was covered in a gleaming black leather discipline helmet that laced down the back of the head with the only openings under the nose.  Below them was a viciously tight gag strap that barely managed to contain the bulge of what ever filled the mouth.

Stephanie and Kathy stood the body against the center pole and strapped it in place including one around the forehead.  That done they each took an ankle and pulled the legs apart to a splits position before strapping them to the horizontal bar.

Rachel was definitely not going anywhere.

A bag in the trunk held several other pieces of equipment that they worked together to install in the motionless leather covered girl.

The wide butt plug was 6” of hard rubber, but in several places up its length were small openings covered in a less thick rubber membrane.  That in place they worked a 8” dildo inside the presented vagina and a small round toothed clip to the clitoris.  A split crotch strap held everything nice and snug.

Each nipple received a heavy clamp covered with a flared clear plastic tube that fitted partway down the breast to be held in place with laces to the corset.

Gathering the ends of the wires from the pressure switches they plugged one in each nipple tube, the butt plug, the dildo and finally the clit clamp.  Three of them, from the tits and the butt plug, were coupled through a compact air pump.

Small diameter hoses were attached to the breast covers and down to the suction end of the pump; the butt plug hose went to the exhaust.

Each piece of equipment was routed through a six level rheostat.   What this did was govern the intensity of the various sensations.  The first time the dildo, for example, was activated it vibrated at the lowest or stage one.  When it was shut off the rheostat automatically clicked it to stage two mode awaiting the next time it was turned on.  When stage six was reached the system returned to stage one and started all over again.

Making sure the speaker was on Stephanie and Kathy locked the door and went to get changed for their shifts.

Stephanie was first on stage and, as she started her performance, she found herself experiencing a profound increase in sensuality as soon as her booted toe stepped on the first switch.  The fact that her simple action had caused something very uncomfortable to happen to the stringently bound form a few feet below the stage was affecting her in a very sexual way.

She didn’t know whether that switch had started the rubber membranes in the butt plug to expand in Rachel’s anal passage, or the dildo to start vibrating, the clamp on her clit to generate the sensation of a thousand fingers or the suction pump start to stretch one of her breasts up in a too small plastic tube.

As she danced around the stage turning spotlights on and off, the audience started to pick up on the amazing sexuality emanating from the performance and was soon crowding forward around the stage cheering Stephanie to new heights. 

Crumpled bills were landing around her as she made a final circuit of the stage finishing at the center pole where, as the music climaxed, she slid down to her knees.

The last time round she had turned on every spotlight and, as the audience went wild, she thought - oh yeah Rachel – DANCE WITH ME BABY!


This is a work of fiction. The author in no way condones or promotes any activity that is not entirely consensual!


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