Damsels in Peril

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; kidnap; bond; cd; tg; bond; collar; leash; mum; sold; nc; XX

An unmarked package arrived addressed to me that contained a mysterious 8mm film. I quickly went into the basement where we had a projector and played the film. I was shocked by what I saw but I also knew I got a big lead into the abduction case of Princess Cassandra.

There was no sound as the film showed Princess Cassandra outside of Lady Victoria's mansion with Lady Victoria close to her side. Everything in the film looks normal until a strong wind blows the Princess cape open, showing her hands and arms are tied behind her back. It was hard to see but the film also shows Lady Victoria holding Princess Cassandra's leash. Yes the older yet elegant princess is being led around by a leash. I can see the princess's eyes showing fear and distress.

This evidence is what I needed to get a quick search warrant. I rushed to the courthouse with the evidence and was granted a search warrant with my evidence and the importance of rescuing a royalty princess. I called the police headquarters, told them about the approved search warrant and that I needed back up at the Lady Victoria mansion. Back up was about 30 minutes away but I had to go now.

I arrive at the mansion, ring the doorbell and a pretty French maid dressed in pink satin and pink high heels answer the door. She does a lovely curtsy, very proper and submissive. I show her the warrant and ask for Lady Victoria. As a stare at her sexy legs covered in fishnets she informs the Lady is not available but she will search for her.

The pretty satin French maid leads me through the large mansion and I see another pretty pink French maid, but this one is tied up. She is tied standing up, gagged and there is a feather just below her erect cock. I gasp, this pretty pink French maid is a she-male and that feather is torturing her poor cock. There is also a large cup underneath her cock and it is collecting her cum.

"That's prissy, she was caught touching herself and that's forbidden. Lady Victoria is teaching her lesson by having that evil feather tickling and stimulating her cock. The feather is maddening and she has another 6 hours of torture before her cock is locked away in a chastity device. By the way she will be forced to drink her own cum."

I'm strangely aroused seeing the pretty she-male as I'm a happily married man with 3 children. "Wait…are you…a she-male also? Is your cock locked away?"

The pretty she-male lifts up her petticoat, pulls down her pretty ruffled panties and there it is her poor cock locked away in a cruel chastity device. I can see her penis is bulging inside that small steel cage. My first instinct was to reach out and touch it…but I stop myself. I can see lots of pre-cum leaking from her she-male cock.

The pretty pink French maid leads me to a waiting room, tells me she will search for Lady Victoria and that's when I hear a scream and a loud sound. I quickly follow the sound that leads me downstairs, the she-male French maid follows me and tries to tell me that I'm not allowed in the basement. I show her my warrant again and I do my job as a detective.

At 30 years old I already had many important cases solved and that's why I was handed this important special case…the abduction of Princess Cassandra. She was abducted nearly 3 weeks ago and this was a very important public relations case…no matter what I had to rescue her.

I reach the basement which looks like a large warehouse and an assembly line of slave girls. I see the first abducted woman that's naked and hanging by her bound wrists. She is trembling and bucking wildly…trying to free herself. I stare at her nearly perfect young body, flat stomach, blonde hair to her shoulders and her perfect breasts. My cock gets hard as I look at her and then she sees me.

"Please mister…save me before this automated assembly line mummifies me, places me in crate, delivered to the dock where I will be shipped to a foreign country and sold as a sex slave. I already saw it happen to many abducted women here including my best friend. Please untie me!"

I pull out a photo of the princess Cassandra "I'm sorry…backup will be here soon and they will release you…but have you seen this woman?"

The young naked blonde is crying and fearful of becoming a sex slave "no…she was not on the assembly line…she is with Lady Victoria. Please please untie me now…The thought of getting mummified terrifies me!"

It tears my heart apart but I can't rescue the young blonde, although I know she will get mummified soon but back up should arrive before she gets shipped to the dock…I have to save the princess.

I follow the assembly line and I see a pretty brunette that is mummified. She is laying on her back on a conveyor belt that's leading to another section of the assembly line. I watch in horror as she is led into a large crate and the lid is nailed shut. The poor young woman must be terrified to be mummified and sealed inside a crate.

As I follow the assembly line, I see more crates being loaded into large trucks and these trucks are headed towards the near dock to be shipped overseas. I feel bad for these poor abducted women. I wish I could save them now But the importance of saving the princess is a priority to the department and the state. What I don't know is my lovely wife Vanessa is in one of those crates, mummified and scared.

Then I see her…the lovely princess…all tied up. The princess is sitting on a chair wearing a long cream satin skirt, sexy heels and she is topless. She has an extreme look of embarrassment to be topless in front of a man, especially being an elegant princess. Lady Victoria is next to her as I pull out my gun and badge. "It's over Lady Victoria…you are under a…"

The well dressed lady Victoria interrupts me "Do you want to see your wife again?"

"What? What are you talking about? Where's my Vanessa?"

"She is in one of those crates that's being delivered to the dock as we speak. By the way there is a small bomb underneath the princess chair. You have a choice, save your wife now, and the princess dies. Or save the princess and your wife becomes a sex slave? Well I will escape now and leave you to your dilemma."

Shit…shit…I look at the princess and see that I can quickly untie her before the bomb goes off and still be able to get to the dock before my wife is shipped away.

I reach the princess and try not to stare at her breasts…but I see she has tit rings on and I know that was Lady Victoria's doing. I'm about to untie her hands when "don't! That rope is attached to the rope around my neck. If you try to untie my hands you will choke me to death."

Her face is turning red "There is another rope that is attached to my…my…pussy. The rope is very scratchy and the slightest movement hurts like hell. Please be very careful."

I lift up her long satin skirt and I see the scratchy rope that is forced in between her pussy lips. She has an amazing pussy that is bald…I wonder if Lady Victoria shaved her? I slowly pull her pussy lips wide, trying to see the rope better…my fingers cause the princess to moan.

I carefully examine all the ropes and knots trying to find one that will release her without causing her pain. I see one under her chair that might release her.

"Noooooo…not that one! My pussy feels like it's on fire…the scratchy ropes are digging into my pussy!"

I instantly stop, continuing looking for the right knot and I finally find it. I quickly untie the princess, carry her in my arms before the bomb goes off.

Back up finally arrives, they are able to defuse the bomb and question the princess about Lady Victoria's whereabouts. The poor princess is still tied up with her bare breasts exposed. The officers are staring at her breasts with the tit rings. She can't even cover up with her hands still tied behind her back.

The backup officers were able to save 8 abducted women that were already mummified and placed in crates. My wife was not there and I quickly drove to the dock. The ship had already left with my mummified wife in a crate with 3 others.

I was too late to save my wife and her horrible fate. I know in about a week she will be sold as a sex slave, owned by a man and another man's cock will brutally fuck my wifes pussy!


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