Cut of the Cards

by Anon747

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Nicole's voice shook with excitement, "Hurry, I can't wait... do it now!"
"Are you sure" Jason asked?
Nicole scowled, "Yes, just cut the damn cards!"
Jason shuffled the cards once again in his hands and then cut them, turning up the five of diamonds. His wife laughed and took the cards from him. As she cut the cards herself she smiled at him, then turned up the queen of hearts.
"You're sure those cards weren't fixed," he laughed.
"We agreed didn't we Jason? You pick the fantasy, but I control how it comes to pass. So, tell me, what is it going to be? How will we spend this Friday night?"

"Hmm," he replied, thinking about his answer. He knew he had to be careful to try and make the fantasy as specific as possible, he knew she would try to twist his answer to make it fit her plans. A smile crossed his face. He had it!
"Okay, I know what I want. You did say anything right?"
She looked a little worried, but answered him anyway. "Yes, we did say anything."
"Well, I want to watch you with Janice. I've always wanted to be a part of something like that. I know it's not a very original fantasy, but that's what I choose."
"Oh, I'm not sure about that, I know I said anything, but..."

Jason leaned over and kissed his wife, "I thought we said anything."
She pushed him away playfully. "Oh I agreed. I'm just not sure how Janice will feel about it."
"But you'll ask?"
"Yes hon, I'll ask. Give me a while. I'll give her a call." Nicole got off the couch, going into the bedroom for privacy, leaving Jason with his thoughts.

The funny thing was he never had thought he would be comfortable sharing his wife with someone else. Last year when she had admitted she was having an affair, he was shocked, angry, even crushed. Finding out that his wife's lover was a woman somehow made it worse. However they had managed somehow to get through it, sometimes he wondered how. And now he hated to admit it, but the idea of them together fascinated him, aroused him.

He had asked her a couple of times if a threesome was possible, but Nicole kept stalling on this. She had tried to explain the difference to him. In her own way she loved Janice. She kept asserting to him that it was possible to love two different people. He was never quite sure if he believed that,
but somehow their relationship had become closer. Or maybe he was just trying harder to make sure if she did choose, that she would choose him.
Nicole came back into the room, "Okay, she said yes."
Jason couldn't help but grin, "Really?"
"Yes, really. Can you wait until Friday," she laughed?
He smiled as he kissed her, "I'll do my best."
As she kissed him back, she whispered to him softly, "Remember I control how it happens. We agreed right?"
"Oh god, don't tell me you have an angle for that too!" Now he wasn't sure if he could wait until Friday!

* * * * * * * * * *

Friday night came quickly. Jason couldn't stop thinking about what the night would hold. He was surprised that both Nicole and Janice had agreed to this. All during the day he couldn't help but think about the night to come. Somehow work seemed unimportant this day. A phone call came late in the day. Her soft sexy voice coming through this phone line didn't help much either.
"You'll come straight home, right Jason?"
Jason laughed, "Of course my love, immediately."
For once in his life, Jason leaves work a little early.

He pulled into the driveway, too excited to think straight. The first time he shut the car door, he forgot to lock it. He couldn't believe how he was acting. This was his wife, with another woman, how could the thought excite him so much. He stood at the door for a minute, collecting his thoughts. As he put the key in the lock, the door swung open.
Janice stood in the doorway. He had never met her, and she wasn't quite what he had expected. He wasn't sure what kind of woman his wife's lover would be, but he was surprised. She was so unlike Nicole. Where Nicole was short, curvy, vivacious, the woman in his entryway was tall, slender, dark-haired, and very exotic looking. Even the thought of watching his wife's blonde head between this woman's thighs made his pulse quicken, and his cock hardened slightly.

She didn't speak, but just held out her hand to him. He opened his mouth to speak to her, but she silenced him, leading him up the stairs toward the bedroom. When he entered the bedroom, he was surprised to see that Nicole wasn't there.
Janice's voice was quiet, but firm. "Get undressed, and lie down on the bed please."

Okay, if they were going to play this way, he supposed he could go along with it he thought. It didn't take long to remove his clothing. Somehow it went faster than usual. He went over to the bed and lay down on his back. Janice picked up something from the dresser and came over to him. Her hands slid over his arm, pulling it upwards, at the last minute wrapping a silk scarf around his wrist. He couldn't believe how fast his wrist was captured, tied to the headboard. Somehow the fun and excitement drained away.
"What the hell are you doing," he protested.
Nicole's voice came from the doorway, "You agreed, I decided how the fantasy was played out was my choice, didn't you?"

He stopped struggling for a moment, "Well yes, but, how can I...."
"You can't my dear. You did say you wanted to watch, didn't you?"

Damn, she had figured a way to twist it to her advantage. While he was thinking of a valid response, Janice managed to secure his other wrist. He struggled a bit, but not much when the two of them tied his legs to the footboard. By now he had resigned himself to watching, since obviously he didn't have much choice. He was disappointed, okay a little pissed. What fun could he have tied helplessly on the bed, simply watching?
His legs were tied loosely enough so that the two women could help him into an almost sitting position on the bed, which they did. Nicole told him that he might actually enjoy this, and to relax, but he honestly didn't see how.
Then Nicole touched Janice.

It wasn't overt at first, but soft, soothing. It was obvious that as much as Janice had participated until now, she was nervous. Nicole's hands brushed Janice's face, traveled down her throat, just brushing the edge of her blouse. Janice sighed at his wife's touch, relaxing a little. Obviously they had moved from the unknown into the known. Nicole started to undress Janice, exposing her body to him.
He had been right. Nicole was so different from Janice. Her body was lean and quite athletic looking, small breasts with already hard nipples. Her hair was short, framing her face, her deep blue eyes seemed very wide and open against her tanned skin. As Janice removed Nicole's skirt, he saw with a shock that her pubic hair was shaved. This was something he had always wanted Janice to do, but never could talk her into.

After Janice had been undressed, Nicole removed her own clothes swiftly. It was obvious to see the physical differences between them as they stood close to each other. Nicole was shorter than Janice, with fuller breasts. She reached back and undid her hair, letting the long blonde tresses fall over her shoulders. He had to admit just seeing the two of them naked before him was exciting... maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. Nicole had Janice lie down on top of him. He could feel the smooth flesh of her back against his legs, and her buttocks bumping against his now hardening cock. Her legs opened wide, exposing her smooth pussy to him. Of course, the way he was tied up, he could do nothing but admire her. Nicole leaned over Janice and slid a finger over the hairless mound of her lover. Jason could see the slight reaction from Janice, her body pushing toward his wife's finger.

Nicole looked up and smiled at Jason, his arousal was now evident. She lowered her mouth to Janice's pussy, fingers spreading her wide, tongue touching lightly. Jason strained against his bonds, wanting desperately to join the two women making love in front of him. It was not to be though. He watched Nicole making love to Janice and it still stunned him that he was so excited watching his wife with another woman. He could see the wetness of Janice's pussy as Nicole used both fingers and tongue on her. He could feel the tensing of Janice's body against his legs when she came. Nicole pulled Janice to her knees on the bed, her body straddling his legs. Nicole got off the bed for a moment, returning with a strap-on cock in her hand. Jason watched as she strapped it onto herself. It didn't look that real, but somehow it became part of her.

Nicole got up behind Janice, grasping the shaft of the rubber shaft in her hand. She began slowly rubbing the head of it over Janice's wet swollen cunt lips. Janice moaned slightly and pushed back against it. He listened with shock to the conversation going on between the two women, somewhat oblivious to his presence.
"Nicole, don't tease me. I want you to fuck me."
Nicole smiled down at Janice, "Are you sure you wouldn't rather have Jason fucking you? Is it his cock you want sliding between your legs?"
Janice kept pushing back against Nicole, trying to work the head of the rubber cock between her thighs. "No Nicole, it's you I want fucking me, only you."
Nicole turned to him, smiling broadly, "Later, you may fuck me, but Janice is mine. Understand that Jason?"

Jason couldn't even think of an answer. He did manage to nod a bit.
Obviously this was enough of an answer for Nicole. Her hands came down on Janice's hips, holding them steady, and pressed forward against her, slowly sliding the strap-on cock into Janice's cunt. Jason watched as his wife slowly fucked her lover in front of him. His cock was rock hard by this point as he tried to put himself in his wife's place, tried to imagine his cock sliding in and out of Janice. The vision of Nicole's breasts swaying as she pounded the cock in and out of Janice kept pushing the image he was trying to create aside. Her hands stroked Janice's breasts, cupping them gently, fingers brushing over hardened nipples. Occasionally she would lean forward, letting her own breasts brush against Janice's back.

He wondered how that would feel, Nicole fucking him from behind, soft breasts pressing into his back. He was shocked by his own thoughts, knowing that if she asked, he would gladly trade places with Janice. He would kneel on the bed, legs spread wide, and let his wife fuck him from behind. Even now on the bed, his ass clenched at the thought of that rubber cock rubbing at the entrance to his ass... her soft hands spreading him wide. Maybe she would use her tongue on him first...
Janice's noisy orgasm brought him back to reality. Nicole pulled the cock from Janice, getting off the bed, coming around in front of Janice. He watched as Nicole pushed Janice's head down on the rubber shaft, having her lick it clean. Then Nicole undid the strap-on, and pulled Janice from the bed. Nicole's arms went around Janice, her mouth coming down softly on the other woman. They just stood there kissing for the longest time, tongues intertwining, hands touching each other everywhere.

Eventually Janice left the room. Nicole approached the bed with a sly grin on her face.
"So my love," she asked. "Did you enjoy the fantasy?"
"Oh god Nicole, you can't leave me like this," he begged.
She looked at him, considering his statement. "Well, the deal was that I controlled the fantasy. You did get to watch."
"But... you are going to untie me. Right?"
She laughed, "If I do that you'll just jerk off Jason. I'm not quite sure if that was the point of the whole thing."

Before he could answer, she joined him on the bed, her hand sliding over his erect shaft. She swung a leg over him and slid her own wet cunt down over him. There was no soft slow love made. This was fast and furious, just raw sex. Both of them were highly aroused when they started, no need for preliminaries. Her body pressed against his as she rode him, pelvic muscles gripping him as she slid up and down his shaft.
Her breasts slid against him, her mouth came against his hard. Their tongues pushed into each other, in hard grinding kisses. Jason longed to pull Nicole closer to him, but the soft silk scarves still held his arms fast to the headboard. Nicole reached her climax first. Her cries filled his ears. He was so close himself, but not quite over the edge, when she pulled off him. He was about to object when her mouth came down over his cock, her tongue sliding around the shaft. She moved her mouth over him, drawing him deeper into her. He could feel his climax building as her mouth slid him in and out of her. He pushed hard against her when he came, his come filling her mouth, watching her swallow as it filled her mouth.

Afterwards she untied him. The two of them lay close on the bed, holding each other close, but not talking. Jason wasn't completely sure he knew his wife anymore. However, he had to admit that he wanted to know more about her, this other side to her. Feelings had been aroused in him that he didn't realize he had, and he wanted to explore them.
Already he was wondering how he could guarantee a low card next time... and he was already wording the answer in his head.


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