Curtains Drawn

by Abenial

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© Copyright 2008 - Abenial - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; collar; mast; cons; X

Some people prefer to make love in the light. Some others prefer to do it in the darkness. Both are interesting, in my opinion. In the light, you can enjoy the sight of your partner, the beautiful curve of her breast, the colour of her lips and the firmness of her belly. Blind, you have to focus on your other senses, and you can hear the movements of her body.

This night was an adventure in the darkness. I didn’t make the choice. She did it. She was waiting for me in her underwear, lying on the bed, curtains drawn. I was in my jeans – shirt off - when I entered her room. I dated Diana for about three months now. We had spent all this time making crazy love as new lovers always do. I can say I knew her body. She was a little bit smaller than me, smiling brown eyes, and brown hair cut short. She was also well-shaped, with shoulders a little bit wider than girls of her size. Two mouth-watering tits on the very top of her chest gave her quite a lengthy tummy, my fetish.

So, she turned off the lights. My palpating hands found her in the dark, and I kissed her on the lips, softly first, then a little bit more wildly. She nibbled my ear – an always disgusting but how-so-exciting-gambit-; I sucked her neck.

I don’t know if I am normal, but I always prefer when my partners keep their bra on when we make love. I don’t know why. Breasts that are encased turn me on.

We were still playing with each others bodies, when Diana put my hands behind my back. Then, she buckled the straps of the cuffs on my wrists. They were leather cuffs, with leather straps. She buckled them with no hurry. Even if I had not seen that coming – not at all, I swear -, I would have been able to rush and stop her. But here I was, in the kingdom of confidence. I let her do.

"What’s that?" I asked, pulling on my bonds.

"Nothing important."

"Nothing important?" I repeated, diverted.

"Just something new", she answered, smiling in the darkness.

God, I love this girl. In one second, we were in a bdsm relationship, but it was just 'something new'. It was as simple as that. …And yes it was! How on earth can people see that as a sin ? There are people I’ll never understand.

By the way, my bonds were securely tied, with my arms horizontally stuck in my back. The chain between each cuff should not be that large.

"And what now?"

Now, it was my duty to ride on her, with my hands in my back. Usually, the one bound is back to the bed, but I was not so lucky. I tried to make love to her. But is was quite impossible. I often skidded in our sweat and we laughed a lot this night.

Finally, as she was in charge, she chose another game. She made me sit on the bed and sat behind me, with her soft legs around me. I felt her tits pushed against my back.

Then, she tightened a little bit more the leather cuffs.

" Wow -sigh- that’s tight!" I said.

"Tight but still fine?" she asked me.

"Tight but still fine", I answered, enjoying the feeling of being al little bit more trapped.

Then, Diana winded up her legs around mine. My thighs under her thighs, my legs above hers, putting me in a king of double leg lock. She just had to tense her legs to hyperrottate my laps, causing a diffuse pain. Now, my legs were stuck too! But it was incredibly more arousing, because she was my human bond, because she could increase and decrease the tightness of her grip at her will, and because she also could be sure I was compliant to her least desire.

She felt down on the bed, with her legs still around mine, and asked me to give her pleasure. I tried to do my best, but I can say it’s quite tricky to do so with your hands behind your back. I tried to pleasure her with my fingers; Diana giving me good reason to be careful through her legs. Jeeze, it was so exciting to be held under control by the grip of this little girl. I was hard as rock in my underpants. At the end, I found the best way for my fingers guided by her whispers, and she came right in my hands. A few seconds later, she strongly hug me in her arms, her head and her ear against my back.

" I still have to take care of you, sweetie", she said.

With that, she buckled a collar around my neck, and leashed it to my cuffs. My hands were pulled higher in my back in fits and starts. It hurt again, but I said nothing, enjoying all these new sensations. She began to masturbate me with her tiny hand. A few seconds later I began to softly moan. I was on the edge to explode. When, what …? She stopped touching me and firmly put her hand on my mouth to gag me. She pulled my head back and I was held on her shoulder.

"I am sorry, but to give more pleasure, I have to act against your own will", she said.

I had never been so frustrated before, and tried to free my hands, but it was without hope, she was the boss here. But I wanted it ! It wanted to climax now. I could feel her tits against my back, touching my hands. I tried to tell her, to pray her, but what I tried to say was only a useless "Mmmpmmphph!".

When I was calmed down, she took one more time my sex in her tiny hand. The room was only filled with our whispers. I was quick to climax, but once again, she stopped, and effectively handgagged me. Her grip was a very harsh one. But I can say, it wasn’t enough. I would have come alone if she hadn’t used the last means. At the same time, she tensed her legs, and pulled again on the leash. I was prisoner in a double legs and armslock, and the pain only forbid me to come. I moaned in her hand, with bulging eyes, frustrated as ever.

"Shhh-hh-hht, love. Shh--", she whispered in my ears.

I hated her for my predicament, and loved her so much at the same time.

It is this day I discovered how deep our feelings were for each other.

For the third time, she began her little game, and this time, I exploded in the best orgasm ever.

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