The Cupboard

by Tonym

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© Copyright 2002 - Tonym - Used by permission

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It had been a long time since you had last tied me up, ages since I was helpless and at your mercy I needed, no, craved the feeling of being unable to escape so I begged you to make me helpless. Of course several days later you did.

Seven o'clock and you had finished work, I heard you climbing the stairs to our flat, and in you came with a mischievous look on your face, "I know you want to be helpless" you said "and tonight you're going to be." You saw the look of pleasure on my face and knew that what you had planned would wipe it straight off again. "Take off your clothes and do exactly as I tell you and you'll get what you want" you told me. So I was soon naked waiting to see what you were going to do.

You sat me down on the bed and placed onto each leg a sheer black hold-up stocking knowing how much I enjoyed wearing them, then you did something unexpected by pulling a pair of very glossy tights onto my nylon clad legs covering up my balls and cock which had by now grown considerably. "Like that do you?" you asked. I could only nod dumbly, you had never put me in tights before and the feeling of the nylon around my cock was lovely, but there was more to come.

You slipped my feet into the new high-heeled shoes that you had recently bought me, fastened the strap around each ankle, and padlocked them into place so I couldn't take them off. Leading me out of the room you take me to the small cupboard at the top of the stairs opened the door and made me sit inside. 

"Wow" I thought, "this is getting interesting I wonder what's next".

You disappear into the bedroom and return with some of my favourite things, rope, and tape. You to tie my ankles together, very tightly and use the last of the rope around the top of my knees, then getting the tape you tape over the rope on my knees and around my ankles pulling it very tight so that no trace of the rope could be seen.

"Worried yet my love" you ask sweetly and I reply "no I trust you completely."

"Oh good, then put your hands together, palm-to-palm" you say. Using the second piece of rope you tie my wrists together very securely making sure that you tie, then knot, then tie some more and knot again until all the rope is used up. Then once again you get the tape and wind it around the rope covering it completely and carry on over my hands and fingers until they're completely covered in shiny silver tape. Placing my taped hands onto my legs you proceed to tape my hands to my knees making sure I cannot move them. 

"Feeling helpless yet, little slave girl" you ask, and once again I can only nod dumbly. "Good, you'll enjoy this next bit then" you tell me as I watch you lift the skirt from your beautician's uniform and take off the tights you're wearing and push them feet first into my mouth until the whole pair are in and my lips are closed. You then reach down and pick up the tape and wind it around the lower half of my face tightly, pressing it down over my mouth so it seals completely. 

"Nice?" you ask "I hope so I've worn those for the last three days especially for tonight so they'll be extra smelly and sweaty, see what I'll do for you babe?" you taunt me. "Hope you've eaten "cause I wore that pair of tights for seventy two hours, so they're going to be sealed into your mouth for seventy two hours, shame eh?" you say. 
Oh shit surely you can't mean it!

Going back into the bedroom you soon return with the blindfold, clothes pegs, and digital camera, placing the pegs onto my nipples you slip the blindfold over my eyes and use more tape to make sure I can't dislodge it. You then step back and proceed to take several pictures of me. 

"Oh I forgot to tell you sweetheart" you say " I'm going over to my mothers for a while, if she has any wine I may even stay over night, hope your comfortable in your new little slave girl home" and you close the door. Strangely though I hear the unmistakeable sound of tape being pulled off the roll and it's a little while till I realise you're taping around the edges of the doorframe effectively making the cupboard airtight. I hear you pick up your bag and leave, closing and locking the front door behind you, leaving me, as I requested, helpless, completely helpless.



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