Cuffed by Tricia

by Hawktied

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© Copyright 2012 - Hawktied - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; tease; torment; fondle; nipple; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

Tricia was the best friend of my best friend’s girlfriend Brenda. We were all in college when this little circle of friends came together. My best friend and I were locals attending school while Brenda was from out of state. She had been with my friend for 2 years when she convinced her best friend to join her here. Tricia had just broken up with her previous boyfriend when she arrived after heeding her friend’s advice. She was immediately included in our little circle of friends and obviously after awhile we began to see each other since we were both the only unattached singles in our little circle.

Brenda had already established Tricia’s wild reputation before she arrived, so when Tricia and I started fooling around I felt up to the challenge. Tricia looked like a younger slightly more predatory Demi Moore and had quite the voracious sexual appetite as her reputation. Needless to say her rep was right, as she showed me that indeed she was much more experienced than I when things began to heat up between us. Eventually she began to become more and more assertive in our relationship usually with the occasional furtive groping in public, to under table handjobs in restaurants, even a blowjob in my best friend’s bathroom during a party. Tricia was indeed wild and experienced with our sex usually very physical and animalistic often leaving marks on each other’s bodies afterwards. Some nights I felt like her personal sex-toy as she was very open about her attitudes about sexuality.

Our relationship was not really that of boyfriend/girlfriend. From the start Tricia had made it clear that she was recovering from a break-up and that she was in no hurry to start another relationship, but that she did not want to be alone either in this new place. So she would hang out with the same friends I did, and we could still go out on dates together, but we were not to use the “L” word (Love) when referring to each other. Our relationship was based on sex. We were friends with benefits or as we called it “fuck buddies”.

It was apparent to both of us that she was the dominant one in our relationship and eventually we discussed the topic of bondage. I had always found bondage fascinating and now I confessed to Tricia that I was very interested in trying it for the first time with sex. She confessed that she had experimented with it earlier with a previous boyfriend and it had been awhile since she had dominated a man, but yes she agreed to try it again with me.

A week later we went to take in a movie at the theater and Tricia was even more flirtatious than usual with more furtive fondling and rubbing during the movie. She rebuffed my attempts at kissing her but only told me to sit back while she continued her ministrations. My libido was cranked up to 11 by the time we left the theater when we finally headed to my apartment. I poured us a couple of drinks which we quickly dispatched as we exchanged lustful looks. After some small talk we eventually headed to my bedroom to finally have some fun.

We started kissing, which eventually led to some heavy tongue action and now quickened breathing. As I began to explore her body with my hands she immediately pulled away from me, and as I was ready for another session of our animalistic sex, she spun me around and pinned me to the wall. Deciding to play along I stayed against the wall as Tricia announced that she had a surprise, and I immediately heard a metallic sound as she produced a pair of black metal handcuffs and proceeded to cuff my hands behind my back. The clicking of the cuffs locking mechanism, the sound of the short chain and the coldness of the metal were made all the more intoxicating knowing that I was now under control of a very aroused Tricia. She then asked me in a deep husky voice in my ear if this was what I wanted as she began to grope me between my legs. I wanted to scream yes, but could only moan it as her hand worked its way down my ass and I quickly discovered that indeed these cuffs were the real things when I reflexively attempted to grab her and pull her close.

“That’s it, struggle,” she whispered in a lustful voice into my ear before running her tongue along the outside of it. She then began “frisk” me using her hands to explore my body and concentrating on my chest, ass and genitals while pinning me to the wall with her rapidly warming body.

“Did you think that you were just going to have your way with me again?” She huskily asked.

“Well…” I stammered and once again tested my bonds.

She chuckled and then and then slowly turned me around so that she could look me in the face. “Oh, you really like this…”as she shoved her hand down the front of my shorts and began to stroke. The jangle of short chain and the tightness on my wrists reminded me that my touching her was out of the question.

“Yes…” I whispered.

“Okay handcuff boy…we’re gonna have some fun…” as she withdrew her hand.

“I guess you can’t strip for me with those things on,” she giggled noting my situation. “I guess you’re going to need some help,” as she began to unbutton my shirt. When she reached the second button down she then began to tweak my nipples underneath. My nipples always enjoy attention and sometimes I can be brought to the edge of orgasm with the right attention. Tricia knows this and she began to rub them with her fingers. Opening another button she then opened up my shirt and stood up looking me in the eyes and in that instant, I saw that she had that predatory lustful look that I knew so well in her hazel colored eyes and that I was her prey. She then pinched my nipples hard enough to warrant a yelp from me, but when I opened my mouth her lips immediately flew to my lips with her tongue entering my mouth effectively muffling my cry surprise.

Her arousal radiated from her body and my arousal was only kept in check by the cuffs and her body holding me against the brick wall. She began to twist my nipples as she pulled away from me and I began to moan at her rough treatment.

“If you make too much noise your neighbors will hear, and I’ll leave. Now you don’t want that do you?” she quietly threatened.

“No” I managed to whisper between gasps. By now my heart was racing and my cock felt harder than never before.

Tricia smiled as her hands drifted down to my shorts and began to unbutton them while she continued to stare into my eyes in silent challenge. My legs felt weak and I so badly wanted to touch her, to hold and explore her body as she was mine, but my hands could only go as far as the connecting chain would let me and my struggles only seemed to embolden her attacks. She shushed my moans and proceeded to ease her way down to first lick, kiss and then bite each nipple as I gritted my teeth tried to stifle my moans and gasps. She then continued her descent trailing her tongue along the way as her hands worked my shorts down to my ankles.

In the back of my mind I felt like I should be a little ashamed with my hands cuffed behind my back, leaning against my apartment brick wall, shirt unbuttoned and open wide, with Tricia’s saliva rapidly cooling on my chest, shorts wrapped around my ankles with my body quivering in anticipation, but all of that was immediately dashed when I felt her hot breath on my cock. She looked up at my face with a look of triumph just before she opened her mouth and took me in. I wanted to moan out loud when her soft warm lips closed on my shaft but the look in her eyes dared me to make a sound in mind of her earlier threat of making any noise. Her tongue began to explore my shaft as her lips were just touching my pelvis and she began to thrust her mouth up and down. I gritted my teeth and quietly gasped and moaned as Tricia now seemed determined to make me shout out or scream.

She then began to run her teeth up and down my shaft as she played with my balls when suddenly I couldn’t help but to let out a soft yelp. She stopped her attentions and once again looking into my eyes said in a condescending voice: ”Oh, do you want me to stop and leave you handcuffed here by yourself?” She had me on the edge and she knew it…I wanted to call her filthy things and grab her and make her feel the frustration and ecstasy that I was now feeling. But the handcuffs and knowing look in her eyes made me reconsider…instead I could only gasp “please…no…I’ll behave…” With a satisfied look on her face she once again took me into her mouth and locked her eyes on mine daring me to make a sound.

I could tell that she was obviously enjoying this little drama, as she continued to suck me off and used her hands to stroke and rub my ass, balls and massage my upper thighs, while the whole time maintaining eye contact with me the whole time. It was intense with the relative quiet of my heavy breathing and occasional gasp, the clink of the hand cuffs, and the very erotic sucking sounds and soft moans which Tricia was now producing. I finally reached a mental balance between about my situation when her hands worked their way up to my nipples and she began to tweak them. I not only almost cried out but I almost came into her mouth. Despite some of the kinky and undeniably intense experiences I had with Tricia, cumming in her mouth was one area she made clear she did not enjoy, and because of my current situation I did not want to risk getting her mad for fear of her leaving with the cuff keys. She then sensed my tension and then stopped her oral activities and fondling of my now quivering body.

“Were you about to cum?” she asked in a mocking voice.

I was so frustrated feeling so close to release that all I could do was nod yes and gasp.

“Oh, poor baby…” she replied. “I still need my attention from you. Do you want to lie down?” she asked motioning to the bed.

I nodded again finally coming down from my near orgasm. I so wanted to grab her and make her suffer the way she just made me. I wanted to cuff her and ravage her body with my kissing, sucking and licking to bring her to the edge of orgasm and then finally deny her at her moment of ecstasy, and then do it all over again and again. She seemed to sense that all this was going on in my head when she asked “Do you hate me right now?” As she helped me down half onto my bed with my upper torso on the bed, my crotch on the edge and my legs, still free, hanging off the bottom.

“No” I lied. I wanted to do so many naughty things to her right now and let her know that paybacks were indeed a bitch.

Tricia then helped me flip onto my belly. My bare chest and erection were pinned under my body. She then began to fumble with the cuffs behind my back when suddenly one of them released its grip around my wrist. Turning me once more she began to remove my shirt and then quickly re-cuffed my hands together in front of me and returned the key to her pocket. Then she completely pulled off my pants and briefs and resumed her slow motion frisking as she began to slowly rub her hands up and down my now naked body.

“Are we still having fun?” she asked as she took my rock hard erection in her hand.

“What do you think?” I snapped back.

“Don’t get smart with me, or I’ll leave you like this…” she warned as she began to slowly stroke me obviously enjoying my torment.

Judging by the lustful look in her eye and devious smile on her face I highly doubted that she could just leave me here, but in my aroused state of mind and newfound submissiveness, I didn’t even want to consider her leaving me blueballed and cuffed naked in my apartment (although looking back on it now, she probably was fully capable of carrying out her threat.).

“I’m sorry.” I quietly responded.

“Good.” She replied as she stopped stroking and stood up. She then began to unbutton her top and her pants in a slow striptease for my benefit and revealing the matching black lace panties and bra, which she knew never failed to turn me on.

Glancing at my flagpole like cock she asked, “Do you want to touch me? Do want to grab these and play with them?” she asked cupping her own breasts.

“Do you want them in your mouth? Do you want to lick and suck them? Do you want to feel them on your cock? Do you just want to have your way with me right now?” she whispered into my ear, tormenting me. She knew that dirty talk had a very profound effect on me, and my current situation only enhanced the total effect. My body was now quivering and my erection was rock hard and slowly swaying to whatever movements I made. With my hands cuffed and resting about my crotch level my right hand absently began to grip my erection for some relief when Tricia grabbed the connecting chain and yanked it and my cuffed hands above my head.

“What do you think you’re doing? I’m not done yet!” She snapped. She seemed more amused than upset that I was just about to masturbate in front of her and reveled in the fact that she more or less was still in control of the situation and that I was willing to humiliate myself in front of her in order to get any sexual release.

“Keep your hands there, don’t move and don’t make a sound.” She commanded as she then removed her bra and letting loose her large rounded and firm breasts. I was thinking about how much I wanted to play with them when she leaned over and placed one of them in my face with her pink nipple on my lips. I opened my mouth to take in the offered breast when she stopped me.

“Ah, ah, ah! I didn’t give you permission to touch me! Now just keep your mouth shut and do as your told!” she chastised.

She then began to rub her nipple over my lips again as a test and I managed to not open as directed. I so wanted to open my mouth and lick it and was tempted to grab her nipple with my teeth and hold it captive until she agreed to un-cuff me and then I could assume control of the situation by cuffing her and having my way with her body to give her a taste of what I was going through. Instead a new submissive side of me kicked in and decided to ride this out and see how this would all end…hopefully in orgasm.

I could feel her nipple beginning to harden as she rubbed it across my lips testing my will and then tried her other nipple and repeated. Grabbing the back of my head, she then began to rub my face into her warm cleavage. Her skin was soft and smooth as it rubbed across the light growth of my day’s worth of stubble. The smell of her skin below the smell of her perfume was intoxicating and I could detect that her breathing was now much deeper than it was before as it was obvious that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

She slithered her body down until we were face to face and I could tell in her eyes how hot she really was. “Kiss Me.” She whispered as she placed her lips on mine.

I kissed and her tongue immediately shot into my mouth. Our lips and tongues wrestled for what seemed longer than what actually what it was, each of us savoring the taste of the other. Our breathing became more frantic and the only sounds I could hear were our animal-like panting and erotic smacking of some very wet kissing. One of her hands was gripping the connecting chain on the handcuffs keeping my hands pinned above my head and the other was tweaking my nipples. I felt charged up with sexual energy while Tricia was feeding on it and our lips were the connection.

After some time of this Tricia broke off the kiss and began to ease her tongue out of my mouth and trailed it down my chin, then neck, upper chest and finally she took my right nipple into her mouth. After some sucking and nibbling on one nipple, she then went on to give the other the same treatment while her right hand moved its way down to my very hard cock and began to stroke it. She did this for some time until I was ready to cum all over her hand, but sensing this she stopped stroking. I choked down a scream in frustration all the while struggling to maintain eye contact with her.

After taking a few minutes to calm down, I felt like I’d passed a test and triumphantly smiled at Tricia. She responded by lightly biting my nipple and began stroking me again. She repeated her performance two more times. She would lick and suck my upper half while her hand stroked my lower, bringing me to the edge and then denying me orgasm both times. The only part of my body which didn’t feel like jelly was my rock hard erection. Tricia had totally worked my body over as my nipples were now red and painfully sensitive and my cock was getting sore from the vigorous handjob I’d just endured.

She then got up and headed for the door, and when she saw the concern on my face she responded: “Don’t worry, I’m just going to get a drink.”

This gave me some time to recover, however my cock was still ready for some relief.

Finally Tricia returned and paused to survey the sight in front of her. I wanted to touch and hold her but instead I just stayed put letting her get a full view of the captive man she had just worked over.

She then knelt down between my legs and began to caress her breasts and leaned forward to sandwich my erection in her cleavage. Squeezing her warm and soft breasts around my very stiff erection, she slowly began to slide up and down its length. With her well endowed breasts, titty fucking was a favorite part of foreplay for us. After a few pumps, Tricia leaned her head forward and while keeping her rhythm, would flick the head of my cock with her tongue each time it poked out above her cleavage. Her warm soft skin along my shaft contrasted erotically with her moist tongue on my tip.

“Don’t cum yet!” Tricia gasped between licks.

I quietly moaned affirmative while closing my eyes and biting my lips to not only keep from moaning but also cumming.

This went on for a few intense minutes before Tricia finally got bored with her tormenting of me. She eased up my body until she kissed one of my still red and sensitive nipples.

“Are you ready to cum yet?” She asked.

“Yes, please.” I replied.

“Will you do something for me?” She innocently asked.

At this time I was desperate for relief and was amazed at the series of images that flashed through my head at the things that I would do just so I could finally get off.

I meekly answered: “Yes”.

Tricia smiled dreamily and said: “I’ve never seen a man masturbate before, will you do that for me? I mean I’ve seen it in porn before, but I’ve never seen a man do it in front of me.”

This was unexpected for me considering the some of the images which previously flashed through my head. Sure I’d beaten off before, but never in front of some one and ironically, despite our sexual exploits, I felt a flash of embarrassment for even acknowledging it even to Tricia.

I hesitantly lowered my now tired arms and slowly grasped my throbbing erection with both hands. It was kind of awkward at first since my hands were still cuffed together and I only needed one hand to take care of business, so while I stroked with one hand, I began to stroke my balls with the other. Tricia was lying on the bed right beside me with her head on my chest and her right hand rubbing my chest as her eyes were fixed on the show I was providing for her.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum.” She hoarsely whispered, and I felt relieved upon hearing this as I took this as the green light for me to finally get some relief. I began to stoke myself with more vigor as Tricia began to run her fingernails across my chest just hard enough to reach that fine line of pain and pleasure. My breathing began to get more rapid when I noticed that Tricia had worked her left hand down into the front of her black lace panties and was pleasing herself as her eyes were transfixed on my self-pleasure! I laid my head back and took in the sensations of my situation and could feel the beginnings of the most intense orgasm I’d ever given myself begin to well up. Between gasps I managed to announce my impeding orgasm.

“I’m about to cum!” I said behind gritted teeth.

What finally pushed me over was the smell of Tricia’s arousal and rapid breathing as she quietly fingered herself in rhythm to my stroking. I exploded in the most intense self-administered orgasm of my life and I could not stifle the initial cry of ecstasy in that moment of relief. My own hot cum erupted and splashed onto my bare chest literally inches away from Tricia’s face and my mouth. This pushed Tricia over the edge as well as she let out a loud gasp herself and momentarily stiffened her body next to mine.

After however long of self-restraint and ministrations at the hands of Tricia topped off by one of the most mind-blowing orgasms of my life, I felt exhausted and ready to pass out. With my and Tricia’s breath returning to normal, we both slid in and out of consciousness in our post-orgasmic haze for who knows how long. I slowly became more aware after awhile as the puddles of cum on my chest began to cool and Tricia was absently stroking my chest again as I could smell her orgasm commingled with mine.

“Did you have fun?” Tricia dreamily asked as she slowly got up.

Making a show of looking at the now cooling and hardening puddles of semen on my chest I asked: “What do you think?”

“I think you did…” she said as she finally produced the handcuff key and began to free me.


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