Cubby 4

by 64Fordman

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Part Four

It’s daylight when I open my eyes. The gag is gone but I’m still tied to the bed. The smell of sex hangs in the air, I can feel Andy’s sperm clinging to my skin. The remains of my first sexual encounter with another person. I test my bonds but I’m stuck. I raise my head and look down at my naked body, open, vulnerable and ready to be used. Francine was right, I managed.

I daydream Andy steps into the doorway naked, his manhood bursting at the sight of me. He gags me again, gets on the bed and fills me with fresh hot seed. My pussy is tingling thinking about it.

Someone comes in the kitchen door. My juices start flowing in anticipation of seeing Andy’s naked body. I hope it’s Andy or this could get awkward. Then again, I don’t really know Andy other than he works for a bondage company and belongs to a motorcycle club. The voices of caution and common sense don’t even bother.

I smell bacon. I don’t have bacon. Maybe this is a dream.

“You need a new refrigerator.” Andy said stepping into the doorway.

I go to the kitchen naked, the cut strips of sheet still hanging from my wrists and ankles, I’m starving. Andy holds my chair and serves me. A gentleman, I like it. As I scoop the last forkful of egg onto my toast I realize he’s staring at me. Granted, I’m acting like I’ve never seen food before in my life.

“Was last night what you expected?” Andy said.

“You were a dream come true.” I said with my mouth full.

Andy’s phone rings. He listens, says okay and punches off.

“I gotta go, some kind of protest near the casino.” Andy said.

“Wait for me.” I said.

I throw some clothes on and grab a hair brush to use in the car. I untie myself as we drive.


“They’re from the university. The group is called STOP, Students Totally Opposed to Porn, their spokesperson is Michelle Craft. They intend to picket the convention.” I said.

Nice work, give that to Steve so he can follow-up.” Buck said.

“Steve! I already set up an interview with her, have a call into their national headquarters, and Andy said he’s dealt with people like this before.” I said.

“Andy?” Buck said.

“He’s works for the promoter.” I said.

Buck gives me the once-over with his eyes. His expression says he’s just solved a mystery.

“Okay Cubby, it’s your story. Don’t screw it up.” Buck said.

“I’m on it boss.” I said.

“Hey! Take a shower first.” Buck said.

Andy drives me home. I spend the morning making calls and writing. I go to the office and type up my business impact piece for tomorrow’s big edition and return home. Andy arrives with take-out and we have lunch. It’s Friday and the convention opens tonight at 7pm. The casino has restricted parking and is providing shuttle service from the University parking lot. Andy is dropping me off for my interview, I’ll catch the shuttle to the casino.

I’m at the bench near the library where Michelle agreed to meet me. Thirty minutes late. I knew that bitch was lying. Their national headquarters turned out to be an answering service. My investigative journalism professor said do whatever it takes to get the story, short of breaking and entering.

I enter the side door of the library, cross the first floor and out the front door toward the main building. Security cameras hang on the light poles in the courtyard. Relax, just another student done hitting the books.

Inside the main building I walk the halls and look in the lounges. Where would anti-porn students hang out? I walk down a long hallway that’s getting more deserted. There’s voices at the end. I peek around the corner. Score. It’s Michelle and another girl I recognize from the protest.

I follow them outside. Their headed toward sorority row.

Thorn bushes are killing me, but I find a basement window to the house they entered. Four naked girls are kneeling on the floor blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. Michelle and the other girl join two girls watching over them.

Two of the bound girls are laid across a table on their backs with their legs hanging off. The other two are made to recite something and then their faces are pushed between the girl’s legs while getting their bottoms paddled by Michelle, one girl getting significantly more attention. So much for anti-porn.

Michelle and her friend leave the room. I crawl to the corner of the house and under the porch. They step out the door and stand right above me.

“That’s how you initiate a pledge Karen.” Michelle said.

“You were kind of hard on Pledge Piggy.” Karen said.

“She called me Missy, I hate that.” Michelle said.

“More newbies to write our papers.” Karen said.

“Now on to more profitable activities.” Michelle said.

“I can’t believe their paying us so much.” Karen said.

“They just want to eliminate there competition. It’s the American way.” Michelle said.

“How does the protest do that?” Karen said.

“That’s just a diversion. I have a counterfeit model ID and pledge Suzie. She thinks she’s just pulling a pledge prank, it will be quite a scandal when police learn they have an underage model performing.” Michelle said.

“Suzie’s not underage.” Karen said.

“Her fake ID says she is. By the time the cops figure it out the damage will be done and No Shame will be promoting garage sales.” Michelle said.

“Smart.” Karen said.

“That’s why I’m in charge, don’t forget it.” Michelle said.

They go inside. I pull out my phone. Dead, I didn’t charge it, I was tied up last night.

Karen comes out and puts a bag in the backseat of a blue sedan and goes back in. They must be getting ready to leave. The shuttle is across campus, by the time I get to the casino it will be over. Andy could lose his job. I’ll get fired. Sorry professor.

Crawling from under the porch I run to the car, open the driver’s door and hit the trunk release.
I gently close the door, run to the back, roll in and pull the lid closed. It’s not long before I hear three doors slam and the engine start. We’re moving.


Time is suspended. The pitch black space is filled with the drone of the exhaust and tires on the road. My only companion is the pain from the tire jack in my back. Next time just send an email. The car slows and I feel the front wheels lift. I barley clamp my hand over my mouth before the back tires bounce slamming me into the jack. Speed bump. A parking lot? The engine stops and three doors slam. I wait a minute.

Using the emergency release I pop the trunk, climb out and close the lid as my feet hit the ground. It’s the back of the casino, likely employee parking. I watch the girls approach a door with a large security guard. They each show an ID, he uses his walkie-talkie then lets them in.

I walk up to the guard.

“Hi, I need to talk to Andy.” I said.

“Don’t know him.”

“You don’t understand.” I said.

“This is a restricted area.”

“I’m covering a story.” I said.

“This is Carson, I need a Deputy for a trespassing arrest.”

“Okay, okay, I’m leaving.” I said.

I walk around to the front door.

A large room is filled with displays and performance areas for all manner of fetishes, but I don’t have time to indulge, I need to find Andy. He’s probably back stage. I see a door that looks promising, an even larger security guard stands in front of it.

I need a diversion. I see a group of girls moving through the crowd. I get ready.

Shouting erupts. The guard at the door moves toward the group as other guards close in. I make my move.

“Hey, stop her!”

Busted, and no place to hide. I grab a hanger off a rack and duck into a small room. Bustling around me are women wearing all sorts of kinky garb. A group of women fight for mirror space to apply make-up.

“Get it in gear honey, we’re on in a minute.” One of them shouts.

I shed my clothes and pull on the costume, skimpy black panties and a leopard print halter with matching mask complete with wispy eyebrows and whiskers. My shoes. I notice some of the women are barefoot and go with it.

I join the group as they exit the room. A guard scans us as he rushes past. I turn and see myself in a mirror. Sorry Mom.

“Show time people.”

Two ladies hustle us to the performance area. I think about breaking away from the group but guards are still on alert. A woman in a shiny black cat suite with hood takes possession of me and leads me to a booth. She turns me to face the crowd then stretches a black ball gag in front of my mouth. Two guards are standing in the gallery right behind the audience. I open my mouth, the ball is forced past my teeth and buckled tight.

I’m laid over a bench, my wrists and ankles are buckled into leather cuffs. She gives her sales pitch to the crowd, picks up a paddle and begins striking me. A well placed hump on the bench forces me to frig myself as my hips react to the stinging blows. All eyes are on me but public humiliation doesn’t slow my arousal and I howl through my gag. She keeps paddling, the pain and forced humping intensify my orgasm. My voice becomes a silent hiss, drool dribbles from my chin and my vision blurs. I hear applause.

The woman releases me and helps me back to the dressing area.

“Nice job.” She said as she pulls the hood off.

“Francine!” I said removing the mask.

“My little student, interesting career move, sit and rest.” Francine said.

“I need to find Andy, it’s an emergency.” I said.

“He’s right here.” Francine said.

“Andy, The protesters . . .”

“Have been escorted from the building.” Andy said.

“It’s a scam. A student is posing as an underage model, Michelle Craft brought her here.” I said.

“I’ll handle it, stay here. Nice outfit.” Andy said.

I recover myself and go back to the convention floor. I didn’t come this far to miss seeing the action. I round a wall between two performance booths and run straight into Michelle.

“I’ve been looking for you.” I said.

“Get lost, I’m busy.” Michelle said.

“Scam’s over, Missy.” I said.

She grabs my hair and I grab her shirt. Locked together we stumble into a booth. I try to push her away and tear her shirt open. She kicks my leg and I loose balance but hang on, we both fall into an inflatable pool filled with mud. A crowd forms and begins cheering.

We get to our feet. Michelle swings for my head and misses but slips and grabs me for support pulling my halter top down around my waist as her feet slide from under her. I land on my butt with Michelle’s head between my spread legs. I grab her hair and push her face into the mud. She lands a blow to my ribs. We both struggle to our knees and grab each other in a bear hug. The cheers are deafening.

Two guards haul us out of the pool.


I’m picking lint off my jeans from the torn sofa cushion in Buck’s office. It’s something to do while I wait to get fired. The Parkville Examiner ran a front page photo taken from the casino security cameras of Michelle Craft and I mud wrestling. I broke the first rule of reporting, cover the story, never become the story.

Buck walks in and hands me a letter. I look at it expecting to see a boilerplate resignation statement. It’s a fax of page five A of this morning’s Times.

In the left column is the headline ‘More Students Suspended as Grades Investigation Spreads’ By: Autumn Hills, Staff Reporter for the Parkville Examiner.

“AP picked it up, it’s in four other papers also.” Buck said.

“Thank you, the credit will look good on my resume.” I said.

“Your story uncovered a national scandal. If I didn’t think you could do work like this I would have fired your ass by now. We all have to face our demons in this business, I faced mine when I woke up in a flea bag motel holding an empty bottle. I need a fighter, you took on a sorority president, are you ready to take on a Governor?” Buck said.

“You mean the Highway Bill?” I said.

There’s a billion dollars in construction funds at stake. I have a meeting with State Lawmakers next month, you have that long to prove Parkville isn’t your average hick town.” Buck said.

“That won’t be hard.” I said.

“Good, then I’ll concentrate on the Widow Ledbetter.” Buck said.

“Miracles happen.” I said.


One problem with living in the sticks, the drive home from the airport takes longer than the flight, but walls of glass and houses that stand like grave markers on suburban subdivisions give way to rolling hills and grazing cows. I open the window and breathe in the clean air my lungs have been denied for two days.

My passenger is napping. Tracking her down wasn’t easy, but the last two days have been a joy listening to her stories of travels and romances. She packed many lifetimes into her fifty years. We arrive at her next adventure.

“Autumn, it’s so nice to see you. Come in, who is your friend.” Eleanor said.

“Hello Aunt Eleanor.”

“Betty? Oh Betty.”

Eleanor wraps her arms around her niece, tears roll down her face. I leave the suitcase next to the front door and drive away.


I’m tied to a sturdy wooden chair in Francine’s living room, typical for one of our sessions. Normally we would talk about me for an hour or so, and then I would be gagged and blindfolded to spend whatever time Francine felt necessary to think about our discussion. At the moment however, Francine is lounging on her sofa reading my piece on the State Highway Project.

The anticipation is killing me. Waiting is mandatory for obvious reasons, but my silence is optional. I want her honest opinion and don’t interrupt.

“Impressive, you bridged every argument, pro and con, back to the impact on the town. This article should swing any remaining doubters.” Francine said.

“Cash drawers stuffed with money during the convention changed a lot of minds.” I said.

“Have you heard anything from the Capitol?” Francine said.

“Buck thinks there are enough votes in the Senate to override a veto thanks to a surprise endorsement from Mrs. Ledbetter, so it’s up to the Governor to sign it or risk being castrated, politically of course.” I said.

“Excellent. And how did your visit go?” Francine said.

“It’s going to take time to repair our relationship, but Mom and I made a good start.” I said.

“My friends have asked me to do another Fetish-Con, apparently they sold out of spanking benches the last time.You will assist me?” Francine said.

“I would love to, but Chrissy invited me to vacation with her family, and her brother is going. He’s a truck driver for a seed and feed company. They can’t go camping without tying someone to a tree.” I said.

“So I’ve heard.” Francine said.


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