Crystal and the Fetish Store

by Icemi

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© Copyright 2009 - Icemi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; armbinder; corset; bdsm; toys; hum; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 1      The story

“Have we got time for this now?” Sandra, Bromley Henderson’s wife asked “I thought the guys were coming round later?”

“They are” Bromley replied a little annoyed. “Now let’s start with these panties and your corset” he continued, handing the purple corset to Sandra.

Sandra quickly stepped into the black panties then pulled the corset around her trim body, connected the front busks and manoeuvred the ¼ cups into place under her generous breasts. She then turned with her back to Bromley so he could tighten the laces. He pulled the lace ends taking up the slack before starting at both top and bottom working his way along the individual lacings, pulling on each lace pair before again taking up the slack with the lace ends.

Slowly Sandra’s waist nipped in and her breasts rose as Bromley started over again pulling her waist in further. A third time brought her waist now down to a trim 22” accentuating the flair of her hips. Her breasts now jutted out from the top of the corset, rising and falling with each breath.

“I doesn’t matter how many times I see you in this corset it always raises my pulse, as well as other things!” he smiled.

Bromley handed Sandra a packet containing new seamed black stockings which she carefully she opened before removing the stockings; she always felt there was something sensual about opening the packet and removing the stockings.

She pointed her toe and carefully slid her foot inside and down the first stocking. She eased it up, over her knee, then her thigh; adjusting the seam position as she went before securing it in the first suspender. She made a few final alignment adjustments before engaging the second and third suspenders.

She repeated the process with her other leg, then stood and looked at herself in the mirror; the black stockings contrasting the milky white flesh between the stockings and the black panties.

She turned side on, to take in her profile, her now narrow waist, her breasts prominently displayed and her nipples already stiff from her excitement. Bromley approached with a matching purple single gloves and Sandra placed her hands palms together behind her back ready for it to be slid up her arms.

Straps either side of the glove went under her armpits then back over her shoulders to meet behind her neck. A third central strap was pulled up to meet the other two straps again behind her neck.  After a few adjustments Bromley started tightening the laces; as with the corset he took the slack from the loose ends first then started working his way up the lace pairs.

Sandra’s arms slowly became closer, with her elbows only a couple of inches apart after just the first round of tightening. The second round welded her wrists tightly together and her elbows within ½” of each other. The third round of tightening now fused both arms together from fingertip to elbow; her upper arms flaring out to meet her shoulders.

Bromley tied off the laces while Sandra admired herself full face in the mirror, a curvaceous figure looked back; a figure with no arms.

“Now, foot up” Bromley commanded as Sandra lifted her foot and slid it into her black patent 5” heels with a ½” wide ankle strap; this had a metal D ring and allowed the shoes to be locked on.

The second shoe quickly followed but Sandra was a little puzzled as Bromley didn’t slip the padlocks through the rings on the ankle straps.

“Now a little something to keep you quiet” Bromley said as he held up the penis gag. Bromley knew Sandra didn’t like this one; it was so big and almost made her gag. It started to give her bad feelings; Bromley rarely used this one and when he did something heavy normally followed!

He held it to her mouth and she opened her mouth wide and wriggled her head from side to side to accommodate its full depth. Bromley strapped it tightly behind her head forcing it deeper into her mouth than normal. Once he was satisfied it was secure he produced a leather blindfold and buckled it over her eyes so she was now in total darkness.

Finally a 3” posture collar was buckled around Sandra’s slender neck keeping her head erect and further accentuating her bare breasts and prominent nipples

All this is taking so long Sandra thought, I’m sure his friends were due in twenty minutes or so, even if we had a quickie, it would take that long to release me from all this.

“This way” Bromley commanded pulling on the leash he had clipped to the front of the collar; Sandra meekly followed not being able to resist.

“Mind the stairs” Bromley continued as he led Sandra down the stairs. Where is he taking me Sandra thought, his friends will be here soon, what happens if they arrive early? She thought now becoming a little worried.

At the bottom of the stairs Bromley turned Sandra around a couple of times so she was disorientated and didn’t know in which direction or room she was entering. After another few disorientating manoeuvres Sandra was totally lost and when Bromley backed her into the corner of a room she had no idea which room it was.

However the only room that had an empty corner was the hall, Sandra concluded, but why all the turning and twisting?

“Spread your legs” Bromley instructed Sandra spread her legs slightly and felt her panties being pulled to one side and a vibrator being eased into her pussy. Once fully inserted the crotch of her panties was released preventing the vibrator from slipping out. A double length of rope was then fed around her waist; the free ends were fed through the loop next to her spine and pulled tight. The ends then went down between her cheeks before being pulled through between her legs and into her slit; this forced her panties into her slit and the vibrator deeper into her.

Bromley pulled the rope ends up over her clit and then tucked them under the waist rope at the front. “Ok, slide down the wall and sit on the floor” Bromley ordered,

Now sitting on the floor with her back into the corner of two walls Sandra felt something being fitted to her right ankle. She then heard a click and assumed it was the padlock being fitted to the ankle strap of her heels; but why now, she thought?

She soon found out why as her ankles were forced apart, a second click was heard from her left ankle and she now found she could no longer bring legs together. Bromley had fitted a spreader bar; this must be his latest piece of bondage equipment.

She then felt a pull on the crotch rope and also her spread ankles being pulled closer to her body. There was a fumbling sound then; trying to push her ankles away from her body she found the pressure on her crotch increase and the vibrator being pushed deeper.

It didn’t take a genius to conclude the crotch rope was now tied to the centre of the spreader bar!

“Now” said Bromley “I’m going to remove your blindfold so you can see the extent of your predicament.”

With the blindfold removed Sandra could see she was not in the hall but in the lounge, behind the sofa. They had a large corner unit sofa, but one with a sweeping rounded corner. This meant that there was a triangular space between the sofa and the corner walls. Bromley had pulled it forward to gain access and he was now pushing back into position thus trapping Sandra in the triangular space.

“Last time the guys came around you really embarrassed me, kicking off in front of them saying I think more of them than you; so this will ensure you don’t do it again. I’m standing against the front of the sofa and I can’t see you nor you see me; so as long as you keep quiet while they are here they won’t know your there.” Bromley explained.

True enough, looking up, all Sandra could see was the ceiling.

“However if you make a noise” Bromley continued “Then they might just look over the back of the sofa and she you bound and gagged with your breasts out on display. They will probably ask what is going on, but I will say you are just a German bondage slut and crave this type of sexual arousal. I might even suggest they fondle your breasts as this is one of your favourite fantasies.”

Sandra was horrified, she knew that she had gone a bit too far last time Bromley’s friends were round, but they had planned to go out together and he ended up watching the game with them. She had got dressed up in a new outfit especially as well.

She heard Bromley leave the room and leave her with the thought of being found bound and gagged, legs spread wide and breast and nipples on display. The other awful thing was that this situation was getting her aroused and she could feel herself becoming wet.

The sound of the door bell brought her out of her trance, the door opened and she heard the sound of Bromley’s coarse friends entering.

“Where’s that German wife of yours, Brom?” one said.

“Yeah... where is Frau Henderson tonight? Not going to come in and tell you off again is she Brom” another commented.

“No, she’s tied up tonight” Bromley said jokingly.

“Yeah hogtied in the cupboard under the stairs I bet” said the one called Jack.  Sandra particularly disliked him. She heard the stairs cupboard open and him say “Typical, no hogtied woman” then the door closed.

“Come on Brom, where are the beers? The game starts in ten minutes” Jack said as he slumped down in the corner of the sofa only a foot or so from where Sandra was. A shiver went down her spine and quiver through her pussy as it got slightly wetter.

Bromley returned from the fridge, “The bitch hasn’t bought any beers! I told her specifically to by another four cases, there are only a few in here. Just wait till I see her”

A second shiver ran up Sandra’s spine, she had forgotten, Bromley would be really mad! What would he do to her now?

“Look guys, there are enough beers to keep you going while I go and buy some more. It’ll only take ten to fifteen minutes so I’ll only miss the first five minutes or so.”

“Ok Brom, see you in a while” Jack called out.

Bromley collected his wallet and car keys and headed for the door but just as he was about to open it he turned and ran back up stairs reappearing a few seconds later.

Sandra heard him reach the bottom of the stairs and call out, ‘Women – I’ll make her pay for this’ then the door slammed shut. Almost immediately the vibrator kicked into life; Bromley had gone up to the bedroom to get its remote control unit.

The sudden shock of it bursting into life caused her to make an involuntary “Uuuummmm”

Jack, sitting only a foot a so away said “Did you hear that?”

“What” the others enquired.

“That noise. Sort of a moan or grunt” Jack explained. “Listen”

They all went quiet. Sandra dared not breathe, so all was silent apart from the buzz of the vibrator. Surely they must hear it she thought; but they didn’t. They began talking again and she relaxed slightly and breathed slowly out through her nose.

Then the guys started playing around; Jack snatched the baseball cap off Geoff’s head and threw it to Scott. Geoff made a move towards Scott who threw it back to Jack. Geoff then went towards Jack who promptly threw it to Scott.

Geoff now having seen their play made a sudden movement towards Scott who in his haste threw the cap too high and too hard. It went over Jack’s head hit the wall behind him where it fell onto Sandra.

She jumped as the cap hit her on the head then fell to floor to sit between widely spread legs, immediately in front of her now wet panties. Her heart pumped as she knew someone was bound to reach over the back of the sofa to reach it. She stared at the top of the sofa waiting for a face to appear.

Sure enough a few seconds later Jack’s face appeared.

His eyes opened wide as did his mouth as he gulped the air.

“It… it… it’s Brom’s wife!” he stammered “She’s tied up behind the sofa, breasts out and legs spread wide!”

“Yeah, of course she is” came the reply.

Sandra didn’t know what to do? But what could she do? Her only option was to have her eyes open or close them. She waited, heart thumping at the thought of two more faces appearing over the back of the sofa.

The other two faces appeared with their eyes and mouths as wide as Jack’s.

“Wow, horny bitch, look at those panties they’re soaked! She is lovin’ this” Scott exclaimed.

Sandra tried to look down to avoid their eyes and also to try and see the wet panties but the collar kept her head erect. Her mind raced; what would they do now as Bromley wouldn’t be back for another fifteen minutes.


Written by Mac the Rope

‘Oh, they always do that’ the girl reading the story via the internet thought.

You get to the good part of the story; there is Sandra bound and gagged with her breasts and nipples prominently on display, her legs spread wide showing her soaked panties being leered at by three guys and then it ends and you have to wait for the next instalment.

Chapter 2      The Reply

However the story had really aroused her to the point that she felt she had to reply to the author and tell them how good she thought it was. She began typing:

Dear Mac the Rope

Greetings from Bavaria.

I am called Sandra also and am from Germany. I have just finished reading the latest part of your story and I had to tell how good I thought it was.

I felt as though it was me bound behind the sofa, imagining what Jack and the other two guys would do to me. I hope you write the next part soon.

I am not looking often at this website so perhaps you could tell me when the next part of the story is published.

Yours Sandra

The next day Sandra received a reply from ‘Mac the Rope’ thanking her for the comment and he would indeed mail her when the next part was published.

Some weeks later Sandra received another mail from ‘Mac the Rope’ this time with a link to next part of the story.

After having read it Sandra again mailed ‘Mac the Rope’ to again say how she enjoyed it, how it had been in her mind when she went to bed and how she had brought herself to orgasm imagining she was the ‘Sandra’ in the story.

The flow of mails between the two increased as Sandra explained how she identified with the female character and how she wished that she could experience similar situations.

One particular mail from Mac (as she now called him) gave Sandra butterflies in her stomach and she let out a huge sigh as she read it. The mail said ‘Perhaps you would like to act out some similar scenarios? I will send you instructions by e-mail that you are to follow. Perhaps you would like to think about the idea?’

Sandra sent a mail almost immediately, ‘Dear Mac, I do not need to think about it – let’s do it’

So a virtual relationship developed with Sandra being a remote submissive and being given the slave name Crystal.

Crystal sent Mac photos of all her clothes so he could choose what she wore, to work, to the gym or out with her friends.

After a few months the relationship was ready to move to the next stage and Mac invited Crystal from her home in Bavaria, southern Germany to England to attend a party he was hosting.

Chapter 3      Crystal visits England

Crystal had been instructed to dress in what she considered to her sexiest clothes.

Mac had booked her into first class on the flight from Munich to London and planned to meet her at the arrivals gate. Mac could see a number of heads turning in the crowd around the arrivals hall and a hushed whisper as stunningly sexy girl dressed most provocatively appeared.

It was Crystal!

After greetings, hugs and kisses Mac took her case, containing the clothes she had been told to bring along with her, then taking her arm he said “You look absolutely stunning… as always” pausing to admire her firm breasts prominently displayed and her sexy smile. Then he continued “The car is this way” and they exited the terminal.

Once in the car Mac said the first thing we have to do is go and buy you a few odd items to wear. Crystal was slightly confused saying “But I have all the clothes you asked for in my case!”

These are few extras I wanted to buy for you I think they will keep you quiet for a while and quite amused.

After a drive of approximately half an hour they drove into the car park of specialist store.

“Ok Crystal, we just need a couple of things from your case, the ones I told you to pack on top” Mac said.

“Oh you mean my black corset, black stockings and my black and chrome shoes with 5” heels, the ones I never wear” Crystal replied.

They retrieved the items from the case and Crystal took them with her into the shop.

She was slightly surprised as the store was full of fetish and bondage items. She stood in the middle of store looking around while Mac went over and spoke to the store assistant. The assistant nodded agreement a couple of times then Mac walked back over to Crystal and pointed towards the changing room, “Ok Crystal you can go and get changed in there”.

“What am I to wear?” Crystal asked.

“The clothes from your case” Mac said.

“But it is only corset, stockings and shoes. Am I to put my top clothes back on?”

“No Crystal you just wear the clothes from your case” Mac stated.

“But I have no panties” Crystal complained, but said nothing further as Mac gave her a stern look.

Crystal entered the changing room and undressed; then began putting the black corset on. It took her a while to get it tightly laced, before putting on the stockings and 12cm heels. She peeked her head out of the door and looked at Mac who beckoned her out.

“Now stand up straight Crystal, you are a beautiful girl so let everyone see” Mac said encouragingly, as Crystal took a few steps out into the store.

Crystal felt very exposed in her corset, stockings and 5” heels; her bare pussy on display. She looked around to see the store assistant and a couple of customers looking at her.

“Now let’s get you kitted out Crystal” Mac said taking her hand and leading her over to the other side of the store. The customers and assistant looked on, although they were used to seeing unusual things, having an extremely beautiful girl being led around the store this scantily clad as she was, was rare.

Mac stopped and picked a few things up while Crystal looked on when he said, “Ah – I think we shall start with this”, picking up a remote vibrator.

He ripped open the packet slipped the batteries in and passed it to Crystal. He then also passed Crystal a tube of lubricant.

Crystal knew better than to ask questions and slid the vibrator into her already moist pussy. In the meantime Mac was adding batteries to the remote. “This is really neat” he said pressing a button and the vibrator burst into life.

Crystal made a surprised but pleasurable sound and jumped slightly. This caused her breasts to gently sway bringing a smile to Mac’s face. Crystal was still holding the receiver part of the vibrator when Mac switched it off. He then picked up another item; this looked like a couple black leather straps.

Crystal could then see it was a chastity belt and what was more; it was fitted with two intruders.

“I think we need to discard one of those” Mac said “you can have too much of a good thing” removing the front plug. “Now Crystal I think this will stop you having to hold the receiver.”

The waist belt was pulled tight around Crystal’s waist before a small padlock was loosely put through the ring at the front to prevent removal. The crotch strap was then pulled through her legs and the single plug eased into her rear. The strap was pulled tight pushing the rear plug further in and securely holding the vibrator in her pussy; before it was also slipped onto the padlock before being locked. The receiver was now clipped to the belt so Crystal’s hands were free.

“What do you think Crystal? The bit I really like is that you can program the vibrator to a phone number. So if I program it to yours, when your phone rings it switches the vibrator on, when it rings the next time it switches it off. Shall we try it?”

Mac fiddled with the remote then took out his mobile and dialled it, the vibrator switched on!

Crystal made another involuntary noise and her breasts again jiggled slightly; the other people in the shop looked on at her being on display and now being excited with no hope of relief. The only consolation being at least the strap covered her bare pussy.

“So what next… Yes I think an arm binder would be suitable” Mac said with delight picking a black leather version. “Arms behind you Crystal”.

Crystal did what she was told as another person entered the store and looked straight at her as he did so. Crystal felt more conscious of herself but also felt more excited. The armbinder was quickly pulled up her arms and the laces tightened pulling them together and forcing her luscious breasts further out on display.

Crystal wriggled her shoulders again causing her breasts to move in that seductive way breasts do; just a slight waving motion that is so appealing. This time it was so appealing Mac reached forward and cupped Crystal’s right breast, squeezing and lifting it slightly as though feeling its weight.

Crystal in return moved her legs close together and rubbed her thighs together as the effects of the vibrator were beginning to work.

“We can’t have you pleasuring yourself and having an orgasm in front of all these customers” Mac said quite loudly, attracting their attention so they all turned and looked at Crystal.

Crystal looked demurely at the ground.

“Head up girl, look proud, you have a beautiful body so show it to its best advantage.” Mac commanded. “Could you pass me that collar please” he then said to a nearby customer.

“This one”, came the reply. “No, the larger posture collar please. That will hold her head up higher, display her breasts more effectively, don’t you think. Look!” Mac said turning Crystal around and pulling her towards the customer.

Crystal tried to turn her head away as the customer stood next to her looking down at her exposed cleavage. Mac undid the collar and slipped it around Crystal’s neck pulling the straps at the back tight so her head was now held high and she was forced to look straight into the eyes of the customer.

“The ring on the front of the collar set it off nicely. You can attach your name tag to that when you get back home Crystal, that is if you have had it engraved yet?” Mac said sarcastically.

Crystal wriggled her thighs together again and Mac seeing this picked up a short riding crop and gave her a smart strike across her bottom. She squealed and jumped causing her breasts to almost pop out of the top of her corset.

A couple entered the store and stood with now quite a group of customers watching Crystal being dressed and further restrained. The new couple were a woman of about forty with steely blue penetrating eyes and short hair, the other a pretty much younger woman. The elder and obviously the dominant partner was heard to say how beautiful she thought Crystal was.

“Excuse me” Mac called across the elder woman who was enjoying looking at Crystal’s predicament and her being the centre of attention when she had no choice in the matter. “Could you bring me over one of those spreader bars? She ‘will’ keep rubbing her thighs together.”

Crystal moved her feet apart a little and at this point realised that she was wearing her really high heels. Up until now her involvement with being dressed, restrained and a spectacle that everyone was watching had taken her mind off the fact. Now conscience of it she began to wobble and feel unsteady.

The elder woman on the other side of the store called back “Shall I come and give you a hand?”

“Yes, fine” replied Mac much to Crystal’s disapproval.

The elder young woman came over carrying a metre spreader bar. Her obviously submissive partner followed meekly behind her.

“Ah, I wasn’t going to use such a long one” Mac said “Still you have brought it over, we might as well”

Crystal looks at the bar in horror; it was so long, and in those 5” heels how would she cope. Suddenly she felt a stinging sensation on her inner thigh! The elder woman had also brought a riding crop over and had hit Crystal to get her to open her legs. Crystal moved her leg a little only to receive a second harder strike. This made her squeal and jump. Her breasts looked delicious as they moved to and fro in the corset.

Crystal quickly moved legs further apart and the woman started buckling a cuff around her ankle as Mac looked on. Although Crystal had her legs quite wide, as wide as she wanted to spread them it was not as wide as the spreader bar, but wearing the wide posture collar she could not look down to see this.

A sharp pain was then felt on her other inner thigh as the woman indicated she wanted her legs spread wider. Crystal moved her leg another few centimetres then a hand grabbed her ankle and another blow landed on her thigh a really hard one which made her cry out.

“Your slave complains a lot, doesn’t she” the woman said “She needs a gag”.

“That was my intention” Mac said.

Crystal felt conscience of her slave status as they continued to talk about as though she was a pet, but then she was. This feeling was making her aroused and she was becoming quite wet.

The woman hit Crystal again and pulled her ankle at the same time. Crystal’s legs were now really wide and on her 5” heels she was quite unsteady, however she now felt the cuff being buckled around her other ankle. At least her legs would not have to go any wider.

Once buckled Crystal felt fingers around her crotch, “She is really wet, you have such a slut here” the woman said.

“She is?” Mac said enquiringly.

“Yes, look!” the woman said running her finger along the edge of the crotch strap. Crystal shivered as she felt the finger brush her labia lips. The woman held her finger up, then put it to her lips and licked it. “She is as horny as hell” and plunged two fingers under the strap and rubbed across Crystal’s pussy.

Crystal gave a little shudder as this additional contact was the final touch that took her over the edge and moaned loudly.

“God, she’s having an orgasm, her in front of everyone, the absolute slut” the woman exclaimed.

Mac steadied Crystal as her eyes closed and she shuddered again.

“Look how wet she is” the woman continued and thrust her love juice soaked fingers into Crystal’s mouth. Crystal moaned again.

The woman now disappeared only to reappear a minute later with a ball gag.

“This should keep her quiet” she said and hit Crystal one more time with the riding crop.

Again Crystal yelped but this time it was cut off as the woman, with the ball in the palm of her hand, forced it between Crystal’s teeth.

“Mmmmmmppphhh” was all that came out as the ball was buckled tightly behind Crystal’s head.

“Well I suppose I need to pay for all these items” Mac said, “ah just one more thing; so you don’t fall”. He picked up a length of rope and tied it to the ring at the end of the Crystal’s armbinder. Then climbing on a chair he looped the rope through a convenient hook in the ceiling that was supporting a sign.

He pulled on the rope and after taking the slack up Crystal’s arms began to be pulled upwards.

As they went higher, Crystal had to bend forward. Her arms went higher still and she bent forward further so her cleavage was now visible to all those in the shop.

Finally her upper body was horizontal with her arms pulled high above her.

“There” said Mac “You should be safe there now” and he walked over to the counter to pay for the items Crystal was now wearing.

Unknown to Mac, the woman who had been assisting in Crystal’s restraint took one more liberty and eased Crystal’s breasts out of her corset so they were on full display with her rock hard nipples prominent.

The woman gave Crystal one final stoke across her exposed arse with the riding crop that caused a further “Mmmmppppff” from Crystal as she jumped forward a little resulting in her breasts swaying freely.

The woman disappeared allowing Crystal to believe her ordeal was nearing an end, but she returned with a set of nipple clamps.

“We really should make the most of your position, my dear!” the woman said lining up the jaws with Crystal’s left nipple. The jaws quickly closed biting into Crystals’ nipple causing her to let out another “Mmmmppppff” and jump slightly. A second clip followed on the right nipple before a connecting chain was attached.

Finally a weight was attached to the middle of the chain putting a constant pull on Crystal’s nipples. The woman now almost satisfied with Crystal’s predicament, gave the weight a push causing it to swing to and fro putting an additional pull on each nipple in turn, that coincided with a “Uuuff” of complaint from Crystal.

Mac returned to find the woman standing beside Crystal with the riding crop still in her hand.  Her submissive partner was standing besides her taking off a pair of locking leather cuffs, “You will be getting familiar with these later tonight.” The woman said to the girl as she handed them back.

“Ah, I see you have added something extra” Mac said.

“Yes, her nipples were standing out invitingly; I think she enjoys wearing them” the woman said striking Crystal across her rear with the riding crop.

Crystal jumped and took half a step forward constrained by the spreader bar and the rope from the ceiling tethered to her wrists.

The weight swung violently resulting in “Uuuff – Uuuff - Uuuff” from Crystal as it reached the end of every swing.

“I am holding a welcome party for Crystal tomorrow evening perhaps you and your partner would like to come along?” Mac asked.

“I would be delighted to attend” said the woman “and I shall bring my slave, Pearl, with me.”

“Very well” continued Mac, giving the woman a card “this is the address and also has my phone number in case you have a problem. It starts at 8 o’clock.”

The woman moved off with Pearl following submissively behind her.

“There Crystal, won’t you enjoy meeting up with her again tomorrow?”

Crystal let out a “Mmmmppppff” of disapproval, causing Mac to frown; as she wondered what was to await her.


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