Crimean Girl In Exile

by Rojer1209

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© Copyright 2020 - Rojer1209 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; shackles; blackmail; kidnap; sex; oral; trick; revenge; sendep; hood; reluct; nc; X

Danny was a married man with a young son who had given up his job as mechanic after his father passed suddenly. He had inherited his parent’s farm in Suffolk England and they had turned their hand to farming.

At twenty seven years old they were more than capable but as their son started school, Danny’s wife took a part time job during the day in the local town.

There was an up and coming crop and he needed some temporary helpers so he put the word out in the community and hired five casual workers who he knew weren’t in the UK legally and would only accept cash.

One of the Ukrainian workers, Ivan, a well built man, insisted that they were all legal immigrants but had lost their passports and visas when their house was robbed. He was the one who spoke English and clearly the one in charge of the group.

Coming from a farming background himself, Ivan agreed he would oversee the whole harvest for Danny but insisted that his girlfriend worked with them as part of the deal.

On the first day Ivan noticed that Danny spent all of his time working in the stables so Ivan told him about Anna, a girl from Crimea that they knew who was familiar with horses and would make an ideal stable hand if he wanted.

Danny agreed.

He was shocked the next morning when he was introduced to Anna. She was almost as tall as him, long brown hair with a beautiful youthful face and had a smile that had him hooked. She wore a summer dress and boots, totally inappropriate for working in a stable for the day.

Anna had a degree in English Economics from Lviv University in the Ukraine so her English was better than Ivan’s but he still spoke harshly to her in Ukrainian.

He then left Danny and her alone in the stables, ordering the rest of the group to get to work.

Danny tried to find her some light work to do so that she wouldn’t get too dirty but an hour later as his wife took their son to school and went to work, he went to check on Anna.

He found her climbing over hay bales tidying away horse jumping apparatus, having to lift her dress to bend her knees as she did.

“Erm, you might have an accident if you’re not careful, do you not have any more suitable clothes with you?” He asked.

Anna lost her smile and looked shocked; frightened that he might send her home for not being dressed appropriately.

”No.” She replied.

“Come on. Let me see if I can find you something.” He said and invited her to follow him into the farmhouse.

He first checked his bedroom and saw that it was tidy enough for him to invite her in.

He opened the bottom drawer of a wide chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of his wife’s riding pants.

Anna didn’t follow him into the bedroom; she paid no attention to him and continued to walk past the bedroom door further along the hall, having a curious look around.

“Anna?” He called.

She appeared at the bedroom doorway. “Yes.”

“Try these on.” He said, holding the riding pants out in front of him.

He walked into the adjoining en-suit bathroom as she removed her dress and pulled on the riding pants.

Danny caught a glimpse of her getting changed, looking back at him in the bathroom mirror. He quickly turned away and silently scolded himself for getting caught.

She pulled the pants all the way up to her waist then rubbed her hands forward from over her bum to her hips, stopping when she felt a split in-between her legs at the seam in her crotch.

“Mister Danny, do you know that there is a hole in these pants?” She asked, still unfamiliar and a bit nervous.

He looked around to see the figure of the gorgeous Crimean bombshell standing in the doorway with just her bra covering her tits, wearing tight riding pants and her fingers holding to one side of the hole at her crotch, showing him.

“What the fuck?” He said with a raised voice. He turned away. “You are not dressed appropriately; you need to wear something else.”

Anna tried to translate not only his words but also evaluate the situation, wrongly concluding in her mind that he must like his stable girls to be dressed in a specific way.

What had she done wrong she wondered? Does he want me to remove my bra or wear something else? After all I did accept an invite into his bedroom, she thought.

He pointed to the chest of drawers. “Go pick something else from the bottom drawer over there.” Meaning for her to pick out something like another pair of riding pants.

From the angle Anna was standing and because Danny was facing away it looked as though he was pointing towards a small bedside cabinet with three drawers at the side of the bed. She hadn’t seen where he took the riding pants from initially and so mistakenly looked in the bottom drawer of Danny’s bedside cabinet.

At first she was confused as she was already wearing socks but could only see balls of paired socks in the drawer. When she looked through the contents more thoroughly, she saw something that made her gasp and cause her heart to skip a beat. Staring at her in the face was a shiny pair of handcuffs, sitting on what looked like a round leather zip up bag in the bottom corner of the drawer.

Now staring at the contents of the drawer she found herself paralysed and numb. It was at that moment she realised that the situation was much worse than she first thought and that he wanted a lot more than just a stable hand. She had heard horror stories of ill treatment, people trafficking and sex slavery concerning the exploitation of legal and illegal immigrants around Europe.

Anna knew how much Ivan didn’t like her and how much he couldn’t be trusted so was convinced that he had set her up. She reminded herself of exactly what Danny had said and couldn’t translate it any other way. ‘Go pick something else from the bottom drawer over there.’ Were his instructions.

She decided not to ridicule him by pulling out a pair of his socks as this could infuriate him. She took out the handcuffs and picked up the leather bag, dropping it when she realised that it actually was a zip up full leather hood with only two breathing holes at the nostrils.

Now almost uncontrollably shaking, she put the socks back on top of the hood and stood up with the handcuffs, slightly comforted by the thought that she could make a run for the door if she needed to. She pulled at one of the cuffs, trying to open it but had no success. Still wearing only her bra and riding pants, she walked back over to the bathroom door.

In a quiet, shaky voice she explained, “I don’t want to wear the hood but if you show me how to open these I can try them on for you.”

Danny’s jaw nearly hit the floor when he turned to see the same scantily clad beauty standing in his bedroom, holding his handcuffs, asking him to open them for her so that she could try them on.

What the fuck was she doing in that drawer? He thought. He put one hand over his eyes so that he couldn’t see her chest and walked towards her.

“No, you’re mistaken.” He said, taking the handcuffs from her, “That’s not what I meant.” He guided her with one hand on her back in the middle of her shoulders towards his wife’s wardrobe and took out a cream button up blouse. “Put this on will you?”

“Is this your wife’s closet?” she asked, noticing some of her designer clothes and shoes.

“Yes.” He said as he put the handcuffs back in the drawer, then turned back to Anna who was now nearly dressed again and said “How about we do not tell anybody about this. Okay?”

“No Mister Danny.”

Later at the end of the day Danny thanked the workforce, telling them that he would see them all tomorrow. Ivan noticed that Danny winked at Anna who had changed back into her dress again, leaving his wife’s clothes folded in the stables.

Ivan was an evil, controlling man who always got his own way through aggression and threats. He didn’t like Anna because she was a pro-Russian supporter from Crimea and the rest of the immigrants were from the Ukraine.

Anna was on the run from Crimean and Ukraine authorities. Everyone knew that she was responsible for the death of a government official during the Russian invasion of Crimea and nobody liked her for this. They were all on the run for one reason or another but Anna’s was the worst crime out of them all and she had the most to lose; probably spending the rest of her life behind bars if she was to ever be caught and deported back home.

Anna was forced to tell Ivan how she’d changed her clothes in Danny’s bedroom when she caught him looking at her through a mirror and how he must be into kinky sex because she had found the handcuffs at his side of the bed.

Anna was terrified of what Ivan was capable of and really only had one option and that was to do as he said if she didn’t want to just disappear. He knew the whole story of how she had lured the government official to his death in Crimea and looked at her as a cheap prostitute.

Ivan asked other questions like what valuables were inside the house and he gave her strict instructions of what she was going to wear and how she was going to play Danny from now on.

The next morning the whole workforce observed Danny and Anna’s reactions towards each other when they arrived at work. A girly wave and smile from her received an unmistakably shy smile back from him as she stepped out of the van.

Danny couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked over to the stables dressed in shiny red hot pants, running shoes and a body hugging t-shirt, carrying a backpack over her shoulder. This pleased Ivan and sent the options in his criminal mind into overtime.

When Danny’s wife had taken their son to school and herself to work, he immediately went to the stables to ‘casually’ chat to Anna. He found her dancing and working to Russian pop music through speakers set up on one of the hay bails.

“Mister Danny,” she said, greeting him with her smile.

“It’s just Danny, thanks.”

“Care to join me for a dance?”

“No,” he said, smiling back at her.

Anna walked over to him and began giggling whilst dancing in front of him, clearly joking around. She stopped, walked over to the speakers and turned them down to the minimum, then walked back over to Danny. Now standing and facing him she smiled and said, “Hi.”

He smiled back, looked her up and down then asked, “Are you going to get dressed properly today?”

She stepped back and said “Yes. I wanted to ask you about that.”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean, can I wear your wife’s clothes again?” She said, pointing to the folded clothes over near the sink.

“Sure you can.”

“Am I okay getting changed in your bedroom?”

“You can get changed in the bathroom whilst I guard my drawers.”

She picked up the clothes and led the way into the farmhouse.

She didn’t wear any underwear this time as she changed into the riding pants and blouse, making note of the position of the hole in the crotch of the breeches as she pulled them on.

She walked out of the bathroom and met Danny looking through his phone in the bedroom.

“Can I ask you something else?” she said.

“Yes?” he smiled.

Following Ivan’s instructions, she sighed and told him, “I can’t help myself. My mind has been racing all night after seeing those handcuffs and I really like the thought of seeing how helpless they would make me feel.” He looked at her with a confused frown on his face. “I can’t stop thinking about them.” She turned and headed for the bedside cabinet.

Before Danny could stop her, she knelt down, opened the drawer and pulled out the handcuffs.

“Can I try them on?” The confused frown turned to one of disbelief. “Please?” She looked into his eyes.

“No,” he replied firmly.

“Two minutes. Please? I just want to see what it feels like.”

He frowned again.

“Nobody will have to know about it. Please? Come on, show me how they work.”

She passed him the hand cuffs and watched as he ratcheted the swinging arm all the way through one side, round to the other side to form a circle again.

“Okay,” he said, then ratcheted both cuffs open and passed them back to Anna.

She wrapped one of the cuffs around her left wrist and slowly clicked it closed, tighter and tighter until it became a snug enough fit that it had no chance of being pulled off over her hand. She then took the other cuff and fastened it in the same way around her right wrist.

“Oh my god! What do you think?” she asked, holding them up in front of him.

“How do you feel?”

“Like I have a thousand butterflies in my tummy.”

“What if I told you that you look attractive in them?” he said, with a serious look on his face.

“Do you have the key?”

“I don’t think that two minutes is quite long enough to give you an appreciation of helplessness.”

“Oh. I see. Do I have a choice?”

He smiled at her and retrieved the keys. “When my wife goes out tomorrow, we can continue this and then I’ll show you helpless. Okay?”

She stared into his eyes, knowing that she had caught his attention.

Although she was following Ivan’s instructions to do whatever necessary to seduce him, she genuinely was excited because of the feeling of helplessness it gave her wearing the handcuffs. She smiled at him and said, “it’s a date.”

When he removed one of the cuffs, she immediately pulled both her arms in towards her, leaving the other cuff still attached. She stood in front of him.

“Nobody will find out will they?” she asked.


“I saw you watching me get changed yesterday.” Before he could say anything, she leaned towards him and gave him a slow, very gentle kiss on his lips. He didn’t do anything to stop her.

“Leave the keys and follow me.”

She turned and made her way out of the bedroom with the free cuff swinging at her side. She ran into the stable building and without hesitation approached one of the individual stalls which were made from brick at the bottom and metal bars up to the roof.

Facing away from the stall, she put her hands up above her, reached backwards behind her head and put the chain of the handcuffs around one single bar. She then ratcheted the free cuff closed around her other wrist and attempted to pull her hand out, checking that the cuff was on properly.

Danny walked straight over to her, he knew he shouldn’t but couldn’t stop himself. He put both his hands either side of her head and kissed her. When he backed away, Anna didn’t speak. He moved his head down and gently nibbled on her nipples through her blouse then knelt down at her crotch. He put his finger through the split in her riding pants and began massaging her lips.

“I think the thousand butterflies are breeding,” she said. He stood up and kissed her again.

“Tomorrow,” he said, then walked away out of the stable leaving her standing with her arms cuffed to the iron bar behind her head.

He retrieved the handcuff keys and returned moments later, releasing her without speaking or even kissing her. He took the handcuffs with him and returned them to his bottom drawer, leaving Anna alone and free in the stable.

That evening Ivan interrogated her. She didn’t want to tell him all that had happened because she was becoming fond of Danny but she was so scared of Ivan and what he could do to her that she had no choice. Ivan told her to lure him into the stables tomorrow and he would video them covertly. He specified that she encourage Danny to the extreme and to make him go further than he wanted to. He called her a cheap prostitute and that he wanted to see sexual acts on the video.

Ivan then grabbed her wrists and looked at the size of them. He then threatened her again and reminded her of what he was capable of and how he could easily make her disappear without anybody knowing. Ivan was now building up a plan of how to blackmail Danny for money. He ordered some slave chain shackles on line so that he could video Anna working in chains and accuse the farmer of slavery and sex crimes.

Anna had no idea just how far Ivan was willing to take this. The next day Ivan turned on the aggression and showed Anna what he wanted her to wear. It was ridiculous. She had to wear a red all in one swimsuit without a bra, tight cut-off jean shorts and her ankle boots for if she did have to do any stable work.

Danny saw her through the window walking into the stable with her shoulder bag. He couldn’t wait for his wife to go out and go visit Anna. Half past nine and the coast was clear. Danny walked over to the stables and greeted Anna with a hug and a long passionate kiss.

She didn’t hold back as she knew that Ivan would be watching them from one of the doors or windows at any moment. She pulled him backwards and forced them both to stumble and fall into the hay. She sat on top of Danny straddling her legs either side of him. Her nipples were obvious through her swimsuit so he reached up and rubbed them with his thumbs, holding her tits in his hands.

“Did you bring the handcuffs?” she asked him.

“They’re in the bedroom,” he told her.

“You’re supposed to be showing me helplessness.” She said standing up and reaching for a riding crop.

She gently hit Danny on his hip with the leather tongue on the end of the riding crop and told him to go and get the handcuffs. As he disappeared, she checked outside and found Ivan walking around the stable. He said something offensive in Ukrainian which basically meant don’t hold back. You know what to do to make him cum, you dirty whore.

Danny returned with the handcuffs. She passed him the riding crop and hugged him, squeezing herself tightly against him, pushing her nipples into his chest. Knowing that Ivan would be filming, she asked Danny to cuff her hands behind her back around one of the vertical roof supporting pillars staggered all the way down the middle of the stables. This ensured that Ivan would get some good footage.

Danny placed one cuff around her wrist then slowly walked her backwards to one of the roof pillars. “You look irresistible,” he said and she posed for him as he took several photographs of her with his phone.

He asked her to pull her shoulder straps down and take her arms out of them. Then he walked behind her and cuffed her other wrist around the metal pillar behind her. The butterflies were back and she was now trembling with ether passion or nerves, she couldn’t tell which. He pulled her swimsuit down to her waist exposing her so that he could fondle her tits. Even though this was all for the camera, she was unmistakably turned on.

“My turn,” she said, “take your trousers off and show me what I have to look forward to.” She then knelt on the floor as he opened his belt and pulled his pants down to his ankles. She licked the tip of his cock and told him to guide her head with both of his hands. He put his fingers in her hair at both sides of her head behind her ears and began the motion, not quite hitting the back of her throat with his cock.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. Anna was so attractive and had a healthy sexual appetite. What was the catch he wondered? His wife must not find out.

Danny pulled himself out of her for a second, then knelt down and put his tongue in her mouth, kissed her then stood up and put his cock back through her lips again. “I couldn’t resist,” he said.

As Danny reached climax, he pushed himself all the way inside her, hitting the back of her throat, causing her to gag. There was no stopping his semen and he was beyond caring as it squirted into her throat. She gagged again, turned her head to the side and spat it out onto the stable floor.

Danny knelt down and kissed her again. “You’re not helpless enough.” He took the handcuff keys from his pocket and released one of her wrists. She put her arms around him and hugged him. He then re-cuffed her hands around the pillar, this time in front of her so that she was facing the metal pole.

He played with her arse and rubbed his hand over the tightly clad camel toe in her crotch whilst kissing her neck. Anna was genuinely turned on and let out a quiet moan. She inspected the cuffs in front of her and observed how they were beyond circular and were oval shaped because of how far they had been closed. Definitely helpless, she thought.

He unfastened the buttons of her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. He then pulled her swimsuit all the way down. He then picked up the riding crop and began rubbing the leather tongue up and down the rear of her body. “You look so sexy.”

“Ouch!” she shouted as he glanced the riding crop over her arse in a quick whipping motion. “Why did you not swallow my seed?”


“I’m going to leave you to think about that for a while.”

Ivan saw Danny turn and walk away towards the door where he was standing so he ran back to the other workers without being seen. Anna was left standing alone wearing just her boots, her clothes around her ankles and her hands cuffed around the metal pole.

He went to check on the other workers and spoke to Ivan as though they were best of friends, not knowing that he was plotting to blackmail Danny. Twenty minutes later he went back to the stable and without speaking he gave Anna another crack on her arse with the leather tip of the riding crop. She was standing still and beginning to get bored but this woke her whole body back up again.

“Have you had enough for one day?” He asked.

“Isn’t that your decision?”

Ivan was already back outside, filming, hoping for more footage of the two of them. Danny was feeling guilty about leaving her standing there and was intent on releasing her but as he looked at her and her predicament, a second arousal hit him, so had to have a quick fondle of her tits and arse. He moved his hands around to her front and began playing with her lips, finding her button and rubbing it with one hand.

His other hand stroked her hair away from her neck so that he could kiss her. She stood up straight and leaned her head back drawing a deep breath in through her nose, acknowledging that she too was beginning to feel his pleasure.

“I’m going to take you over to the stalls. Okay?”

She stepped out of her clothes around her ankles as he un-cuffed one of her hands, held on to the cuff and guided her over to one of the stalls where she had cuffed herself the previous day.

When he spun her around then pushed her back up against the bars and let go of the cuffs, he said to her, “You know what to do.”

She obliged and cuffed her hands around one of the bars above and behind her head as before then awaited his next move. He held her head still and kissed her for a few seconds then pulled away and stared into her eyes.

“Butterflies,” she said. He smiled and stripped his lower half naked.

“Do we need protection?” he asked.

“No, I’m taking tablets for that,” she assured him. He rubbed his cock slowly between her lips checking that she was turned on then began pushing it in and out a little bit further each time until he was all the way inside her. She pulled down on the cuffs and tilted her hips back so that he would rub his cock on her clitoris with each stroke. This caused her to moan.

Danny had one hand on her back, holding her and the other hand supporting her arse, keeping her close to him so that he didn’t accidentally pull out of her during the up and coming frenzy.

“I’m close,” she whispered through her quickening breaths.

He waited for her to tense up and begin her heavy orgasm breathing before he pulled her into him with both arms, driving his cock all the way inside her and allowing the currently unstoppable act of nature to run its course.

There were no complaints from Anna. All she could manage was to whimper the words, “Yes. Oh fuck,” as she pulled down on her cuffs.

He kissed her then collected her swimsuit and shorts. He dressed her and un-cuffed both wrists setting her free.

“Thank you,” she said, “does it get worse for me next time?” He just smiled at her and put the cuffs in his pocket.

The next day was the weekend and Danny’s wife was at home so he had to distance himself from Anna and so spent most of the time in his workshop. The only time Danny’s wife met Anna was that weekend when she took one of the horses for a ride and so had a chat briefly.

Monday was a normal day with just a little flirting between Anna and Danny in the morning but Danny had to go out for the rest of the day. When the workers returned home on Monday night Ivan’s package had arrived. Ivan called Anna into the kitchen. He told her to hold out her arms and try these shackles on for size.

“I’m not into your kinky shit,” he explained, “but we need some footage of you working in the stable wearing these so that it looks like he is running a slavery ring.”

Anna just hated everything about Ivan but had no choice so she gave him her wrist. There were two sets of shackles, one set visibly larger than the other and obviously the larger set were to be worn around her ankles for the video.

It was important to check the size of the wrist shackles and that they didn’t look slack on her wrists to be convincing on the video. Anna fitted one of the cuffs on herself and rotated her wrist around inside it as well as pulling her hand against it, confirming that it was a good fit. Each bracelet of the wrist shackles was made from two inch wide shiny stainless steel and had a twelve inch welded chain connecting them together.

They were much more comfortable to wear than normal handcuffs. The centre of each cuff was the narrowest part and the outside edges were flared out at the rim, like that of a bell or the lip of a bone china teacup, to provide comfort for a long-term wearer. The hinge had a permanent fixed pin running along the width of the cuff. The opposite side had a removable pin going through similar holes to the hinge, for locking the cuff closed. The locking pin was slightly longer than the hinge pin because on the opposite end to its head it had a hole through the middle of its diameter. When the pin was inserted through the intermeshing holes of the closed cuff, the hole through the end of the pin protruded far enough to allow a small padlock to be inserted. The padlock only had to be small to serve its purpose of preventing the pin from being removed.

She offered one of the ankle cuffs to her ankle checking that for size too but never stood up whilst wearing it. She just confirmed that it was loose enough but wouldn’t slip off over her foot and also look convincing for the camera.

“When are we doing this?” she asked.


They put the plan into action the next day. Ivan distracted Danny whilst Ivan’s girlfriend filmed Anna in the stables, naked wearing the wrist and ankle shackles, pretending to shovel horse shit.

Anna found that as the tendons in her ankles tensed up each time she took a step and the shackles really bit into the backs of her heels. She wanted to bend down and lift them up by pulling on the connecting chain but decided to just take the pain as they almost had enough footage.

Anna quickly got dressed and as instructed she hid the shackles in the corner of the stables under a sink where nobody would ever need to look. If Ivan had to use the video evidence, he needed the shackles to be found on the farm and not back at his own house.

Anna felt guilty about the secret filming and didn’t flirt with Danny that day but the next day she dressed like a cheerleader in a short skirt and short t-shirt so that she felt good and could keep his attention. After all, she was single.

This was when Ivan approached Danny, showed him the videos and demanded money from him. Danny was furious and sacked them all on the spot. Ivan refused and explained to him that the workers are to stay and that the only one he can get rid of was the little slut of a Russian sympathiser Anna.

They both ran to the stables. Ivan began shouting obscenities at Anna in Crimean. Danny watched as she broke down in tears and walked off the farm alone with her belongings.

Three months later and Ivan’s blackmailing plan had fallen apart. He had initially been paid by Danny, but when Danny refused to pay anymore, Ivan showed the footage to Danny’s wife. His wife took their child and moved away. Danny absolutely hated Ivan and especially blamed Anna. He told Ivan to stick his slavery video up his own arse as it wouldn’t stand up in any court and then sacked all the workers, vowing revenge.

The farm was sold and he was due to move out in a week. He had split the farm with his ex-wife. He’d bought an old converted chapel out in the middle of the countryside, complete with an adjoining field and a perimeter wall all the way around. The driveway went straight through the field and led to a road running along the other side of the boundary wall. This road was not used very much these days due to the bridge close by being no longer suitable and closed to traffic.

He packed everything he could that had the slightest bit of value as he was clearing the farm. This is when he came across the shackles that had been used in the attempted blackmailing slavery video, under a sink in the stables.

The first week in his new home was spent unpacking and settling in but from then on it was revenge time. Anna now lived in a different house to Ivan so Danny first staked out him and his housemates in their home. Once he knew their activities, he moved on to Anna, her housemates, concentrating on times of people coming and going, shift patterns, her house and surroundings in general.

He planned the revenge attack for Tuesday when Anna would be home alone from work at three o’clock for one hour before her other immigrant colleagues returned.

On Monday he did a dry run, confirming that his timings were correct. On Tuesday, just after 3:20pm he towed his horse transport trailer to outside Anna’s house. He nervously knocked on her door.

Anna was in the garden about to start sunbathing and so had to cover herself with a wrap before answering the door. She was surprised but not disappointed to see Danny standing there nearly five months later.

“Hi,” she smiled, looking just as stunning as he remembered.

“Hi Anna, how are you?”

“Mr Danny. Are you ok?”

“Yes I am good thanks. Am I interrupting anything or are you on your own?”

“I’m on my own at the moment but my housemates will be home soon. Why have you come here?”

“I’m unpacking my things at my new home and I came across some of my ex wife’s designer clothes. I thought I’d pass by here and let you have a look before I give them to charity.”

“Oh wow, Mr Danny, yes please,” she said. “give me a moment to put something on. Come on in.”

He walked inside and watched as she removed the wrap from her midsection, revealing her yellow two piece bikini. She pulled on her pair of light blue denim shorts and quickly slipped some flimsy beech shoes on, then threw the wrap over her shoulders. He noticed the shoulder bag that she always carried and her telephone on the work surface in the kitchen.

“It’s good to see you,” she said, smiling.

“Yes you too. Sorry about my truck, it’s full of crap. I have a box with some of her clothes and shoes in the trailer. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell, I’ve cleaned the trailer out. I had to do it myself after you left,” he said, smiling back at her.

Anna saw the familiar horse trailer from where she used to work outside her front door and so followed him out of the house, closing the door behind her but not locking it.

The trailer was a Gore two-horse trailer. It had a ramp flap with two high-up folding-closed doors at the rear, forming a three piece back door and a full size single door at the front, called an escape door. Inside the trailer was separated into two halves, with a metal frame running down the length of the middle of it, known as a stall divider which would support a single horse or two horses, with one on each side.

The stall divider had two upright metal bars attached from floor to ceiling, one near the front and the other at the back of the trailer, with quick release bolts for easy removal during cleaning. Just below the roof line were small glass windows. Then inside the walls were padded with imitation leather cushioning most of the way down from the windows at the top, until about waist height where it changed to thick rubber matting to prevent the horse injuring itself if it was to kick out at the walls.

He took her to the single door at the front and climbed inside first. Even with the door closed there was enough light coming in through the windows alone for her to see a cardboard box on the floor.

Anna was exited by the thought of free designer clothing and climbed in, heading straight over to the box. The first thing she noticed when she touched the box was that it moved and had no weight to it. Then as she opened the box to look inside, Danny closed the door behind him.

She realised that this was a trap when she saw that the only thing in there was the leather hood, with holes for the wearer’s nostrils, that she had seen before in Danny’s bottom drawer. “What the fuck is this?” she said, as she stood up and ran towards Danny who was standing in front of the door.

He grabbed hold of one of her arms and when she tried to pull away, he brought the handcuffs from behind his back and cuffed her wrist. “What the fuck are you doing?” she shouted.

He dragged her by the cuffs over to the divider bar in the middle of the trailer, then pulled the cuffs through the framework of it and caught hold of her other wrist as she was lashing out at him. She knew she was overpowered even before he cuffed her other wrist around the metal frame but still pulled and fought him to the end.

“Let me go!” she shouted.

“Just like old times don’t you think?”

The leather hood had a zip going from just above the wearer’s forehead, forming an opening all the way down to the open end at the back of the neck. It was elastic in-between the zip and the leather at both sides, to compensate for different head sizes and shapes. He quickly picked up the open hood from the box on the floor and held the mouth part in his left hand.

Then standing behind her, pushing her against the divider bar, he brought both of his elbows down over her shoulders, pinning her upper arms down by her sides whilst pressing the hood with his left hand over her mouth, silencing her with a kind of leather hand gag. He had to push her harder against the bar as he let her right elbow go free to pull the face mask part of the hood up over her nose and eyes, with his other hand.

As he pulled her head up and back to get the hood on, the escaping air from her mouth made the leather flap against her skin producing a sound ironically like that of a horse blowing a raspberry but no screaming could be heard. The last thing Anna saw, before the leather covered her eyes, was the upper quick release bolt for the divider bar structure attaching the upright pole to the roof, knowing that it would provide her freedom but it was out of reach because she was cuffed around the horizontal part of the frame.

After her eyes were covered he held her head still and put his mouth next to her ear. “You’re coming with me,” he said before pulling at the zip on the top of the hood and bringing it down towards the back of her head. As he pulled the zip closed, the elastic stretched allowing the leather to form tightly to the shape of her head whilst squashing her hair flat. He now let go of her mouth and pushed her head forward with his left hand allowing him to completely close the zip.

When he let go of her and stepped back out of the way, he could see that a lot of her hair had become tangled within the teeth of the zip. She began kicking back at him in random directions but her feet never connected with him.

With her now secured and silenced he exited through the door and locked it behind him with a key. He could hear the soles of her feet banging on the padding inside the trailer. He quickly ran into the house, picked up her shoulder bag and took out the door keys. With her bag on his shoulder he picked up her telephone and ran out of the house, locking the door behind him. He jumped in his truck and removed the battery from the back of her phone before carefully driving away.

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