Crazy Ex-girlfriends

by Ann Onominos

© Copyright 2018 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F+/m; FM+/m; college; dating; revenge; drug; capture; cabin; strip; chains; bond; bdsm; force; video; strapon; oral; anal; climax; cons/nc; X

Carrie, Angie, and I have been best friends forever. We do everything together, concerts, shopping, sleepovers, just about everything. We even decided to go to same college. We also have the same taste in guys, which is the reason for this story.

Brad is a great looking guy, every girl’s dream guy. Six foot three, quarterback of the football team, Homecoming king, President of the class, just about perfect. He only had one serious flaw. He thinks he is God’s gift to the world.

Carrie was Brad’s first conquest. They dated for a few weeks and then he dumped her like a hot potato. Carrie was devastated. She cried for a week. Angie and I tried to console her, but it didn’t seem to help.

Angie was next. When Brad called her, she was torn between going out with the catch of the year and possibly hurting Carrie. After several calls from Brad though, she gave in and started dating him. Three weeks later, he dumped her, just like he had done with Carrie. She also was devastated. She also cried for a week.

Then it was my turn. Brad called me and we started dating. I really liked him, a lot. We hit it off so well. I thought he was Mister Right and we would get married and live happily ever after. We got very passionate and, within a month, he convinced me to make love with him. Two days later, he told me we were through. Now I was devastated. Carrie and Angie tried to console me, but it didn’t help -- until one Friday when we got drunk together. We started to compare notes regarding our relationships with Brad and, after a few drinks and a lot of tears, the truth came out. Brad never cared about any of us. He just wanted to screw us and move on. We were nothing more than conquests to him. Apparently he wanted to see how many different women he could screw while in college.

I was furious and so were Carrie and Angie. We decided to find some way to fight back. We talked about what we wanted to do to him. Some ideas would have landed us in jail or worse. Although each of us wanted to hurt him very badly, we were too decent to cut his balls off, even though that idea was brought up more than once. Eventually we came up with a plan. We decided to kidnap him and screw him like he screwed us, sort of.

Seeing as though I was the last to date him, I thought it was best if I contacted him and pretended I wanted to get back together with him. We met for a drink after class on the following Friday. Carrie and Angie stayed away until I called them. It was really quite easy. I slipped a roofie in his drink when he was in the restroom. When he started to get woozy, I called Carrie and she drove to the bar. The three of us helped him into Carrie’s car.

We drove him to my father’s hunting cabin about an hour away, put a hood over his head, and chained him up with several chains with padlocks. I attached a steel shackle to each of his wrists and ankles. These four chains were then attached to beams in the ceiling and adjusted so he lay face down on the floor with his arms pulled up high. When I was done, his arms were perpendicular to the floor and his ankle chains were adjusted so his shins were parallel to his elbows. He was laying on the floor, but on top of a large pipe, about 4 inches in diameter and 6 feet long. This pipe was on the floor, but could be raised up as much as 4 feet off the floor by adjusting chains at each end of the pipe.

He was now our prisoner and because of the way he was chained, there was no way he was getting loose. His mouth was available to service his ex-girlfriends and his ass was open and available to be struck with canes, riding crops, sticks, or whatever else we chose.

Brad started to come around and was wondering what was happening to him, where he was, and what was going to happen to him. He started screaming, calling for help. He was NOT going to any help from his crazy ex-girlfriends, that was certain.

I informed Brad that he was going to be our conquest, just the way he used us. He was to provide us with oral sex until we got tired of it. When he complained, he got struck on his butt with a cane or a whip, whatever we had handy. Eventually, he realized he had no choice but to spend the next few hours licking the pussies of his ex-girlfriends.

Carrie went first. She lay down on some pillows with her legs spread wide as Brad put his tongue to good use. After her third orgasm, Angie was next. I’m sure Carrie and Angie enjoyed themselves at Brad’s expense, but I enjoyed myself as well. I used a riding crop on Brad’s tush all the while he was occupied with Carrie and Angie.

It was my turn next, but I had other plans. I raised the pipe under Brad so it was three feet off the floor. I then attached Brad’s chains to the floor. He was now almost suspended on the pipe with his butt in the air. I put on a large strap-on and proceeded to fuck his ass, just the way he fucked me. I don’t know if he got any pleasure from this, but I didn’t care. I wanted to humiliate him, the way he humiliated me.

I don’t recall which one of us came up with the idea, but we all agreed it was a good one. I called a guy I knew very well on my cell. Everybody knew he was gay. I told him to come to the cabin and bring all his gay friends. You see, Brad made fun of the gay guys all the time, and it was revenge time!

I’m sure Brad’s ass was sore after six guys had their way with him. He also was forced to suck off most of the guys. A lot of pictures were taken. We even shot a video in which Brad clearly stated this was his idea and that he loved what was happening to him.

All this occurred a few months ago. Brad is no longer on the football team. He has six new friends though. I don’t think Brad is interested in girls anymore. I wonder why?