The Country House: The Climax

by Fellatino

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© Copyright 2009 - Fellatino - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; D/s; bond; cbt; electro; display; toys; anal; oral; cons/reluct; XX

continues from Part 4: ‘The Parties Start…’

The Country House Part 5: The Climax

I couldn't tell whether I has been shivering, waiting for an hour, or if it could be three. When it is dark and you are trying to block out the dumbness of aching limbs and appendages time tends to stand still.

Mistress had put me on all fours on the bondage table. My face was pushed down flat whilst my wrists were snapped into the cuffs at the front corners of the table. Pushing my feet into place, my legs were pushed wide open and my ankles were then snapped into the cuffs at the back of the table. The first thing I realised that this position left my rear end exposed and in the air without me being able to move more than an inch. 

Mistress walked around me surveying my newly shaved body. I was representing the Mistress today at the party and the guests paid well and demanded perfection. I stifled a gasp as my balls were grabbed and pressure pulled them down. Looking down and underneath me I could see the Mistresses other hand with an inch long metal cylinder which snapped open into two parts and closed it around my stretched balls, leaving them poking out of the end, pulling the skin tight. 'Much more attractive now. Now lets see..."

She reached under the table and surveyed the collection of available utensils and picked up a pair of clover clamps with a ring on them which I had seen being used with weights attached. She reached underneath me and pinched and pulled my left nipple down and kneaded it between her finger and thumb before snapping the first clamp on and twisting the screw until I winced and twitched. I knew better than to make a noise. 

After repeating the process with my right nipple she came around behind me and I jumped as she smacked my penis. I looked underneath me and saw my penis hanging down being smacked and bouncing off the inside of my thigh like a piece of meat. The Mistress then roughly grabbed it with one hand, feeling it push and expand against her grip. "Good, good..." she said. 

I knew the drill. However long I had been waiting I knew she would be back, and what would be required of me. It was my own fault, I must accept the punishment. I was halfway through my contract at the house with the Master and Mistress, so if I chose to mutter the safeword I would have wasted the last two and a half years of my life, and I would return back to my old life without my debts and mortgage paid for by the Master and Mistress, to no job and the same brink of bankruptcy that they pulled me from when they gave me their proposition.

I was not here to be used at the parties though. I was their personal slave, hand picked. The slaves they brought in for the parties were only needed for 24 hours at a time for the weekly party. That is all they could take and they were left with memories that would haunt them. Despite the large amount of money they were paid, few returned, and when they did it was six months or a year later. To be used in any way by 20 or 30 experienced BDSM players was a lottery. Some had it better than others but most were shaking and broken after six to eight hours as a target for numerous perverted sexual desires. The guests paid very well for membership and attendance to the party and wanted their monies worth.

I wished I hadn't touched myself, or at least not got caught or I would have my usual job of serving drinks rather than be a victim. It was too late now though. I blinked as the light was turned on and opened my eyes slowly to adjust to the light. My heart skipped as the table was pulled on it's castors out of the door and I heard the rattle of the wheels down the corridor to the party room. The doors were pushed open and although I knew better than to look up I could feel all eyes on me as i was pushed to near the centre of the room. 

"Here he is!" the Mistress proclaimed, "We have a special guest today, you will of course recognise him, he is here for his punishment so make sure he knows it!". She grabbed the hair on the top of my head and roughly pulled my head up. "Now, you watch this.". The Mistress picked up a remote control as she explained to the guests what I had done. The plasma screen flicked on and it showed CCTV footage. Not of earlier that day though, of the the courtyard. It showed me. Naked. Then I realised what this was. The video showed me applying clips to my nipples and hanging my wrists from hooks in the wall. Whilst the Master and Mistress were on holiday, I had some fun by myself. The video showed me panic as I heard footsteps coming around the courtyard - the courier. The video then showed me hang and buck against my self imposed bonds as I came.

My heart dropped. I had no idea that this video existed, and this meant I was due even further punishment. "What this stupid slave didn't know is that we were watching him each day on the Internet from our holiday and we called the courier specially so he would be caught in the act! Idiot."

The audience of guests made gasps and there were whispers and laughs. I did indeed not only look stupid hanging against the wall but the fact that i did this myself, and got trapped was even more embarrassing. It was this deceipt I was being punished for.

"So tonight, he is our only male slave, so make sure you enjoy him, and you have my permission to punish him as severely as any other slave that you have used before...  Enjoy!", she exclaimed and I was left there, face down towards the bench, ass in the air.

I waited for a couple of minutes, I guess people were getting their drinks and relaxing before I jumped as a latex gloved hand roughly slapped my ass. I then felt the flogger... For what seemed like a couple of hours I must have felt either a crop, whip or hand of everyone in the room punctuated with various pulls and slaps on the nipple clamps or my genitals.

Whilst when I had been flogged by the Mistress on previous occasions I was able to drift into an almost dream state where I totally let my conscious go with the knowledge there was nothing I could do to escape. Tonight was different though, the extra stimulation from the tablet meant that not only was I wide awake and here, every whip and crop felt amplified.

A man and woman clad in latex, statuesque and about fourty approached me, and she put her latex gloved hand under my chin and around my face, pushing it up so I could look into her eyes. "I have been told you have something special.. lets see.." she said with a smile on her face. She examined me with her eyes, and then with her hands, testing every inch of me. She then reached into the box she was carrying and pulled out what looked like a black plaster with a wire coming from it. She stuck pairs of red and black plasters on either side of both nipples, two pairs on my lower abdomen, and a pair on each ass cheek.

She connected the wires to a small box she placed under the bench and held another black box in her hand. She pressed a button and I felt the jolt of electricity snap at my nipples, abdomen and ass and the muscles twitching automatically. I looked up with what must have been obvious fear, and I felt her hand on my face. "Not to worry" she said, "Just relax and let yourself go..."

As she said that I felt cold on my asshole. Liquid. Then a gloved finger edged inside the hole, pushing in further and exiting, each time pushing in more of the lube. When I saw the woman in front of me, reaching under and tugging down on the chain on my nipple clamps, that meant that behind me was the man. 

The feeling on my asshole changed. Although I was owned and used by both the Master and Mistress it was only the Mistress who used me sexually. Although many a time I had felt the cold, hard roundness of the end of a plastic, latex or rubber dildo push against and into me, this was different. Softer and warmer. My heart skipped a beat and I desperately tried to turn around to see what I dreaded, forcing the woman to grab my head with both hands to keep me still, and the pressure on my asshole grew before the man's penis slipped in and he pushed it in very slowly, as far as it would go.

My heart pounding and expecting the pain of him ramming into me, it seemed as everything stopped. He stayed still, filling me, and said, "She was not wrong, definitely an anal virgin, she lives up to her promises again!". The woman took her hands off my face, feeling that I was now calmer. She picked up the black controller box on the electrodes and I felt a short zap on my nipples, abdomen and ass in turn. This time however my ass muscles felt different, they contracted tightly around their invader. I heard the man gasp and he adjusted his stance, but the position of his penis inside me did not move. I grunted as my ass began to pulse involuntarily as a shock every second stabbed into my ass cheeks like a needle each time.

I felt his cock inside me get even harder as he moaned, the rhythmic pulsing gripping him every second, but his cock remained still inside me. The pulsed seemed to ramp up, stronger, and I felt me push on his cock even tighter, then the speed ramped up. Where before it was the prick of a needle every second, it now felt like a hand covered in pins was slapping each ass cheek twice, three times a second. As it ramped up the man's moans became faster.

Just as I thought I could take this, then the zaps on my nipples and abdomen started, making a ripple of convulsions down my body. I felt the man move and moan and then BANG, BANG, BANG he thrust into me and stopped and although the electricity stopped I still felt him twitch two, three, four times inside me.

I slowly felt him pull out and the woman's hand run down my back, my neck and then under my chin, and I was shocked as she knelt down in front of me so we were eye to eye, and she moved forward and kissed me fully and roughly on the lips, biting my bottom lip as she pulled away. I was truly shocked and I just shivered.

The whippings after this were bland compared to that, and I felt that hours must have passed, and the whippings became less frequent. Then the music was turned down, and I heard the familiar sound of my Mistresses heels click against the floor.

A felt her move and unlock the cuffs on my ankles then she came around the front and uncuffed my wrists from the table. With the wires and electrodes still attached to me she tugged upwards on my nipple clamp chain and slowly I winced through the cramps all over my body to sit on the edge of the table and weakly stand. She took me to the centre of the room where there was what looked like a padded half cylinder on the floor with a four foot high sturdy pole set in it vertically at one end. 

As she beckoned me to kneel straddling the cylinder with what looked like a nub projecting from it resting on my asshole, I had an idea what was next. My ankles were cuffed fixing my lower legs to the floor. The Mistress then put a sturdy collar around my neck and and set me so my back was straight against the pole and I heard a click behind my head, fixing the back of the collar against the pole. I was now very simply fixed, I could not move up to move my ass from the nub on the cylinder, neither could I move left or right. She lifted each wrist, limp with the exertions and cramp of the hours of torment so far and cuffed each one above me head. The new stretching of my chest pulled on the skin on my nipples and reminded me how tightly they were clamped. Finally, the wires from the electrodes on my nipples, abdomen and ass were plugged into a box at the base of the cylinder.

Most of the room had now stopped and were watching the proceedings, but in case there was any doubt the Mistress proclaimed "And now my friends, time for the finale!". "Now we know why my slave Fellatino has been used tonight as a punishment, but what I haven't said how he was found to be touching himself. He was snitched on by my new slave Sospena! And whilst this has meant that Fellatino has got his comeuppance, nobody likes a snitch now to they!?"

All eyes moved to Sospena and the room jeered in agreement. After two and a half years being the sole personal slave of the Master and Mistress at the country house, Sospena had started two weeks ago, and she was here to stay. I could only guess that she had signed a similar contract to myself for unlimited service for a number of years in turn for been saved from a life of debt. She was slightly younger than me at I guessed 20 or 21, and was chosen to be the peak of physical perfection for the pleasure of both the Master and Mistress. Her long blonde hair was made into a much more manageable bob cut when she arrived, but this only served to accentuate her hourglass figure with large natural breasts. She could have been a glamour model, and for all I knew in the last two years she may well have been a successful one, albeit one who spent more than they earned...

"Now, the punishment for a snitch is a grey area, so we will give her a test. Next week she shall be used as a slave like Fellatino here.... unless she can make him come within ten minutes. There are no rules to what she can do, so there are no holds barred. The only exception is that she can only activate the devices up to 6 on the scale - moderate speed or pain for the first 8 minutes, the next minute they can be pushed up to 8 which is severe pain, and for the last minute they can go up to number ten. Excrutiating..."

Sospena had her hands uncuffed from behind her, and the tray which she was using to carry drinks disconnected from her waist belt, leaving her naked again. The Mistress then put a digital clock on a ten minute timer, and pressed the button, the seconds starting to drip away. "What are you waiting for!?" she shouted, "Get to it!".

This shocked Sospena into action and she quickly got her hands on the controls of the devices. She turned the one on the base of the cylinder, and a gasped as the nub that was resting against by asshole burst into life, and without warning quickly pushed inside me, painfully, as it was an inch too long. I pushed up against my bonds as far as I could go to get the best part of the extra inch I needed to bear the intruder's cycle in and out to me at the steady rhythm. 

Sospena then tried to figure out the control box for the electrodes, and the settings. She got more frantic as the seconds passed, and finally I was jolted to life by my ass cheeks contracting uncontrollably. For the next few minutes she set different patterns for my nipples, ass and abdomen, making be twitch to the predictable rhythm. She then stood in front of me and pulled up the nipple chain, stretching my nipples out horrifically. This brought a scream from me, but also brought on a hard erection. "Gag him!" the Mistress shouted. Sospena fumbled with the objects on the nearby table before picking up a ball gag. I tried my best to delay and annoy her as she put it on me, but to no avail.

"Eight minutes!" Mistress proclaimed, and Sospena looked visibly shocked at how quickly time had gone and her horrific punishment for failure was becoming a probability. She responded by quickly turning the dildo control up to eight. It was now thrusting into me twice a second, with such force you could see my belly twitch as it completed it's cycle inside me. She then tried a new tact with the electrodes, she turned the speed of the pulse down, but ramped the intensity up to eight as she was allowed. This was now way higher that even with the man and woman earlier and felt like my muscle was being stabbed as it flexed uncontrollably. 

Frantically looking around me for additional stimulation, she remembered the nipple chain which worked before and started pulling it. She was a proud slave, and it was obvious she was being taken down a peg or two. She had been my understudy until today due to my experience, but the last thing she was going to do was touch me sexually. Unless she physically had to...

"One minute" rang out and the noise of the crowd responded and you could feel the excitement building. I knew what I had in store now. The frantic Sospena ramped the dildo up to full speed so it was ramming into me at a totally inhuman pace, and turned up the knobs for the electrode speed and intensity up to full.

This had an immediate effect and I was literally left rigid, convulsing as fire burnt through by whole body. I threw my head back in paid and moaned into the gag as Sospena stood over be pulling up the nipple clamp chain as hard as she could without ripping them off my nipples. 

Left with no other option, she then knelt down in front of me and taking my rock heard cock in her hands she roughly tugged at it. I felt my orgasm building, and as much as I wanted to come, I desperately tried to make sure she got payback, so I lifted my head back and tried to ignore the sensations flooding me from head to foot. 

The burning through my chest, abdomen and pumping into my ass was making me convulse horribly and my vision was uncontrollably blurred, but I could see enough to see her kneel down and take the end of my penis in her mouth. She sucked hard and I felt faint as she took my whole shaft into her mouth and the end of my cock felt her throat. Waves of fire and ice pulsated from my cock, ass, chest up to my head and back, and I knew what was going to happen.

Sospena threw her head back, physically shocked - her mouth had touched one of the electrodes, and as she sat back on her heels for a moment, sobbing at her predicament my hips bolted, again and again and she was too close to avoid the line of come shoot onto her hair and face and a second pulse onto her breast and belly. 

As the crowd cheered, the noise was only broken by the sound of the timer beeping and the Mistress coming to the table and turn the devices off. "Well done you two, some great entertainment." Semi-conscious I had to be helped out off the cylinder and had to be physically carried to my quarters where I do not know whether unconsciousness or sleep hit me first.

To this day, I don't know whether I awoke or dreamt the Mistress praising me. The electrodes were gone as were the clamps on my nipples and balls. I had exceeded all expectations, I was told, and I was left with a passionate kiss on the lips as I drifted off to sleep.

The story of how I entered slavery at the Country House can be found in the parts of the story of the same name.

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