The Country House - Part 4: 'The Parties Start...'

by Fellatino

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© Copyright 2008 - Fellatino - Used by permission

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The Country House Part 4: ‘The Parties Start...’

I was indoctrinated into what happens at the parties at the country house soon after the start of my stay. I was to become an important part. To begin with my job was merely to serve drinks.

The parties were always the first Saturday of every month. Around six in the evening the guests arrived. There were usually six or seven couples, and a couple of men and women who arrived alone. What at first surprised me was that each couple brought with them a 'guest'. I soon realised though that although the Master, Mistress and their guests were good friends, all affluent (by the Bentleys, Maseratis, and Ferraris they arrived in), they all shared a common interest in BDSM. I guessed this was common among the upper echelons of society.

Whilst the Master or Mistress met the guests who arrived in their formal dinner wear as friends, it did not take me long to realise that they did not greet the 'companions' of the guests the same way. When I was instructed to take these guests downstairs to the accommodation next to mine near the dungeon, I guessed their positions. I was never allowed to speak to them, but I often wondered their stories. Were they there by their own desires, or were they in effect blackmailed by their financial position like me? What were their lives as submissives or slaves like?

Until nine o'clock the evening progressed as a run of the mill albeit upper class dinner party. As there were often fifteen to twenty guests to be fed, the Master and Mistress used a formal catering company to prepare and serve a sumptuous dinner. When dinner was finished and the caterers were packing up, the party took an altogether different twist.

Whilst dinner upstairs was being enjoyed, it was my job to serve the rather more basic dinner to the occupants of the downstairs accommodation. Each room was identical to mine. I guessed due to the time that the house was built, the rooms were actually used for real slaves at one time. The brick walls and tiled floors were basic but the original sinks and toilets had been replaced, and each was supplied with a wardrobe, table, chair, mirror and single bed. Not comfortable living by any means, but held up well compared to the student halls I had endured a few year earlier.

One throwback from the time was that between the dozen rooms, bathing facilities were shared. I guess then (and now) there was no reason to look after the dignity of those who had already had it taken. The wet room at the end of the corridor comprised of a simple single shower area and a large sunken bath. It was about the size of a large 'hot tub' but of course the more luxurious things like water and air jets were not a facility on 150 year old plumbing.

The submissives job for this time was simple - to eat, change from the dress they had arrived in, bathe and wear the various outfits that their masters had chosen from them, and finally shave, apply make-up, or whatever was taken to be ready and presentable for nine o'clock.

When the bell rang in my quarters it was the signal that the hosts and guests were ready and waiting in the dungeon for us. I opened each door in turn and beckoned each slave out and we walked in a line in the corridor down to the dungeon, and after knocking walked in and we lined up against the wall. The dungeon was a large room - certainly as large as the massive main dining room but with of course a lower ceiling. The dungeon was split into areas. Near the entrance was the seating area. Dimly lit, it housed plush carpet, and four semi-circle shaped leather seats, capable of sitting ten people. In the centre of the semi circle was what at first glance looked like a coffee table, but a closer look would reveal the rings and cuffs attached to the sides and corners, which meant the table could be used for more devious reasons.

When we arrived the guests were usually sat down. The formal dinner wear was replaced by all manner of fetishwear, leather and latex and all eyes were on their own slave they had each arrived with as well as the others which would be available that evening. At the nod of the Mistress, this would be my cue to leave and begin serving drinks for the evening.

My drinks outfit was be a pair of tight leather shorts as I carried the tray of drinks to the guests. After I had mastered this, and when there was an assistant who made the drinks my serving uniform was quite different. Whilst I was nude apart from a thick leather posture collar, a tray with straps would be fastened around me, just above my navel. When the two thin chains at the front were attached to my collar the tray was held firm and level for placing drinks upon. I had to walk very carefully though, especially since my hands would also be cuffed behind me with leather cuffs.

As I carefully made my way back and forth and around the room, my nudity, the collar and my position made me an open target for guests as they took a drink from my tray to reach down under it to do whatever they desired. There was more than that on show though. Around the room would be the half dozen slaves of the evening in various positions being attended to by the guests. Some were merely used as 'ornaments' by the guests, strapped onto one of the bondage coffee tables while a small group enjoyed their drinks. In another part of the room, guests sat around a latex sheeted bed whilst two slaves performed a sex show. The sound of leather hitting flesh was a common sound and the multitude of large equipment for strapping or suspending slaves, toys and whips meant the combinations of their use were immeasurable.

One side of the dungeon offered three private rooms if a guest wished the company of a slave in private. One of the rooms was different though, and contained an ingenious and devious moving wall. In the wall were five holes. Two large holes would have the slaves legs through at about waist height, holding their weight on their thighs. The top half of the wall could be winched up and when it was winched down with the slave in place the top three holes formed a 'stocks' to hold the slaves head and wrists loose enough to move but impossible to remove. This left the slaves torso in the private room, immobile, whilst their legs, hands and face were on show to the main room. This devious situation meant that the slaves back and of course their genitals of orifices were readily available, whilst they could not see their tormentor, the results of their work would be clear to see through the expressions on the slave, clearly visible in the main room.

Although my job was merely to serve drinks, as the level of the play at the parties was quite moderate, and maybe even enjoyed by the slaves, I often wondered what it would be like to be involved. Once, as I was told a couple and their male slave could not attend, I was told I would be needed for a special request. After an hour of serving drinks I was summoned away to one of the private rooms. The Mistress ordered me to recline my naked body with my back on one of the waist-high, castored bondage tables. My head rested on the table, my arms by my side with my knees and lower legs dangling off the end. After the ring on the back of the neck of my collar was attached, fixing my head back to the table, the Mistress departed.

She returned a minute later with a naked female slave. Early twenties, a perfectly curved body held a neck with a thick leather collar which in turn held a pretty face framed by chocolate brown wavy hair. Her sweet vision was forever lost however as she stepped up towards me, obviously just briefed on what she was instructed to do - she stepped up onto the table, a foot either side of my waist as she faced away, she crouched down, showing the end of a butt-plug firmly held in her ass. As she reached around and pulled at the plug I had a close view in seeing the wide tapered plug stretch her ass around it as she pulled it. The plug glistened, and when it was expelled it was literally dripping with lube, as was her relaxed hole, still just open and soaking wet.

Without a pause or further command, once again showing she was firmly briefed on what she was expected to do, she reached down and I flinched as she roughly grabbed my penis. Even though it was all but flaccid, she found no problem in stuffing it into the hole left by the plug. As she lent back, with her back against my chest and her head next to mine I felt myself grow and slip inside her deeply. The Mistress took her hands, cuffed them and secured them above our heads onto a ring at the end of the table, her arms framing our faces. The Mistress then secured a thick cuff around each of her thighs just above the knee. To these cuffs was locked a short chain, and when the girl brought her knees up to her chest the Mistress attached the chains to rings at the edge of the table next to my shoulders. As well as holding her folded legs back, it held them open, exposing her chest and more pertinently her pelvic area to the desires of anyone at the end of the table.

The Mistress took a moment to test the bonds then picked up a dildo. Setting it to vibrate, she put it in my hand and directed my hand down over in front of me, and pushed my hand so it held the vibrator against the slave's sex. This caused an immediate gasp from the slave. My Mistress informed me "Keep her hot... but under no circumstances let her come. I shall be back soon.".

As soon as the Mistress left and the door was closed behind her, the slave arched her back, and threw her head back, over my shoulder so we were cheek to cheek. I dutifully held the vibrator in place. I felt her body tense, relax and squirm. As soon as I could feel it go too far though, I lifted the vibrator off. A minute later I replaced it, once again causing the slave to squirm. I felt her once again build up and the muscles in her ass push against me inside her. As she was about to go over the edge I lifted the vibrator off. She moaned and arched her back, forcing my penis deeper inside her, back and forth, back and forth in desperation to try to tip her orgasm back. I reached my other hand over, pulling her chest toward me tightly, stifling her plan. As enjoyable as it was, if the Mistress was to return to see that, the punishment for such disobedience and deceit for both of us would be not worth thinking about.

It was lucky that I did, as less than a minute later I heard the door, and we instantly froze in the position we were first left in. Footsteps behind my head got closer to us, and I heard a zipping sound. I then saw a man, middle aged and grey haired and a little overweight walk around our table, surveying the scene. He was stroking his penis which he viewed the bonds. He stroked and the slaves thighs and midriff, and while still stroking his now erect penis, he massaged the slaves ample breasts with his left hand.

He paused, and from under the table he pulled a light flogger with a dozen or so ribbon-like leather ends. From around the bottom of the table I saw him walk, then the slave suddenly arched her back again and moaned and my penis was gripped tightly with her muscles. I heard a light whipping sound, and when I looked down, I saw the man whipping the slaves open sex from top to bottom, slowly, then faster and faster before suddenly stopping causing the slave to relax and release the arch on her back and lie flat against my chest once more. I then felt something on my penis - it was the feeling on the man pushing a finger into the slaves sex. One then two fingers were unmistakable through the thin space between her orifices as the man felt and saw that the slave was soaking wet.

The man, seeing I was watching, gave me a look then reached under the table to pull out a leather blindfold. He roughly put it around my head, so I was now blind. I guessed he felt embarrassed that I could see, and this was easier for him. I realised that what was set up was a fantasy scenario for him. The threesome with another male in which he could completely control to his exact liking. Further to that he had two 'willing' partners half his age to complete his fantasy in the ultimate way.

With a hand on each of my knees I felt him come forward and I felt his penis pushed slowly and deeply into the slaves sex. I felt her muscles tighten as she was now full, her back beginning to arch again. Despite the man being someone she would never think of being attracted to in the vanilla world, in the limited worlds we had, and her close to orgasm hormones kicking in, the fact that the man could see and feel that she was enjoying what he was doing was not an act. The man picked up his pace, rhythmically thrusting, every thrust I could feel through her walls. I felt her muscles tense and she began rotating her pelvis back and forth so she could feel my penis slide in and out of her. This was enough to tip her over the edge and whilst she moaned and shook with orgasm, her back arched again, with her cheek next to mine the man doubled his pace and with a gasp I felt a final thrust as he came inside her.

After a minute of relaxation, I felt the man retract himself and the zipping sound once again, followed by footsteps out of the room. After when was maybe half an hour or more I heard the door again, and I felt the table move on the castors it was on as it was pushed. I felt us go quite far, turning, then turning again until I heard the sound of the party, where I realised this was where I now must be. Although I had walked naked in front of these people and was not embarrassed, as I had got used to it as my job, it was a different thing being there, with the knowledge that all eyes were upon me, naked and engaging in a sex act.

It was strangely exciting, and I think the fact that I could not see the eyes upon me held my feelings of embarrassment from overtaking the rush of adrenaline in taking in what had happened and the situation.

I was excused from drink serving duties the rest of that night, and in the same position for another two to three hours we were almost there like an ornament. From time to time I felt the slave jump as she was groped or had her open ass given a slap, and later on the same scenario as in the private room was reenacted again, this time with a less embarrassed third partner of the threesome, and also an audience.

I remembered that Saturday night fondly. Although I was only used as nothing more than an 'ornament' to the proceedings, it was certainly more exciting than serving drinks. When the party dies at the end of the night and the Mistress released me and my blindfold was taken off, I felt alive and excited and secretly hoped that one day I might be able to be more involved in the parties.

That was a hope which a few months later a gravely regretted...

To be continued...