The Country House - Part Two: My Slavery Begins

by Fellatino

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© Copyright 2008 - Fellatino - Used by permission

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Part 2: My Slavery Begins.

My years anniversary at the country house came as a surprise. They remembered the date for me almost like a birthday, and as they were pleased with my work told me that as a reward I had earned a more comfortable, thicker mattress for the bed in my quarters.

Although time passed quickly, it seemed longer than a year since due to my impending bancruptcy I was forced to submit myself as a slave at the country house. Even longer ago was my 'previous life', losing my job and modelling for porn and bondage photographers to get by.

My weeks seemed to go quickly and had a set routine the Master and Mistress would confirm with me each Monday morning before the Master left for work away that week. He would outline any major tasks to be completed over my general routine. On a hundred acre estate and with a forty room country house these are too many to list but it included the upkeep of the gardens, mowing and tending to the plants and trees, and the general upkeep outside. The rest of my day was spent inside cleaning, repairing and generally keeping the estate in top condition.

The Master worked away during the week. I guessed he must work in finance or something similar down in London which kept him more than busy and financially able to keep the multi-million pound estate in the country. There was no need for the Mistress to work. Of course I was never permitted to speak and certainly not ask such things like if she ever had worked, and even if she did not she certainly could have been a figure or fashion model. I guessed that she was forty or just over, and despite her being seventeen years my senior I could not help be attracted. A combination of Italian genes, an affluent lifestyle and maybe surgery kept her stunning face, poker straight long black hair to her navel, size eight figure and perfect 30E chest like something from a magazine.

She spent her days shopping, visiting friends, but mostly on the lavish estate with just her and myself to occupy it, our paths only infrequently crossed, but each time she ensured that I was put in my place with a few words or even a grab of my buttocks or crotch.

My summer 'uniform' was just a pair of Speedos. That was her rule. I could often feel her watching me or engineer jobs for me to do so she could watch. Whilst I kept myself physically fit before I came to the house, the combination of the ten hours a day of physical work kept my body pumped and defined. There was also a basic gym in the basement with weights and cardio-vascular equipment. The Master felt I would be able to work harder, but I am sure the Mistress was more concerned with other physical feats. It was her rule that my body must be clean shaven totally apart from the hair on my head which had to be short cropped. My work with just tiny shorts with a full summer outside had left me tanned.

The Mistress spent her days at the Country House mainly relaxing, either by the outdoor swimming pool and sun deck, in the gardens, or after getting me to help ready it, riding one of her thouroughbred horses out from the stables and around the estate. I had to keep with me a pager at all times, and with no other place to keep it it was stuffed inside my shorts at the hip. It would beep and the Mistress would leave me a short message, and failing that it was set up to simply state the room I was paged from so that I could come immediately.

With no-one else at the country house the Mistress used me as her plaything, at her beck and call. She would torment me by wearing provocative clothing for no other reason than to see if she could get a visible reaction from me. Of course, we both knew there was nothing I could do but suffer, and watch her smile as she could see the involuntary reaction in my tight shorts which I could not hide. On her pager she could see exactly where I was on the estate and thought nothing of paging me to run over a mile just to rub tanning lotion onto her back whilst she lay by the pool.

That was all part of the contract. I would do anything and everything they wished with me 24 hours a day for five years. That included everything including my sexual slavery. I was not permitted under any circumstances to masturbate, and at night I had two options. This was either to fix myself into a chastity belt and leave the key outside the door of my quarters, or place my hands and close the cuffs at the head of the bed where the camera in the room could see that my hands were in place.

That said, although I was tormented and restrained the appetite of the Mistress was not as a forty year old but as a teenager. My pager would beep and merely say 'BEDROOM', and after knocking open the door to hear the sound of bondage porn blaring from the plasma screen on the bedroom wall, I would see the Mistress lying naked on the huge four poster bed, legs bent and apart, with her firmly rubbing herself with a large vibrator. From there I would simply do exactly what she told me to do, be that to kneel and give her oral sex or take her to orgasm with penetration. Of course, I was never allowed to come without express permission, and certainly only ever after the Mistress had had more than enough and orgasmed at least once.

She even custom made me a device to solve the problem of my lack of erection when I arrived. That, and the fact it was another way to torment me. It was a ring of metal which locked around my penis under the head, and a thinner piece went over so that it could not be removed without the tiny key the Mistress kept. As well as making masturbation even if I was to dare very painful or impossible, it had a second function. It was radio controlled with the pager so that when I was summoned at short notice so the Mistress could activate it remotely to set it to vibrate so that when I arrived I was fully ready to pleasure her.

Of course, now and again, even though I wasn't needed she would set the cock-ring to just vibrate for a few seconds, just to prove she could give me an unused and aching erection from anything up to a mile away. There was no doubt that she took immense pleasure from the situation. Although it was a relationship as such I had never had experience of and I did think that the Master should not approve, thinking about it, it made perfect sense. With the Master away each and every week until the weekend it would only be a matter of time a woman with desires like that would stray. As stunning as she was she could get casual sex at a bar or have an affair whenever she would please. 'Better the devil you know' I guessed he thought. I was here, disease free (they tested before I arrived), would pamper to the Mistresses every need, I would never be a threat to the Master, and made sure that there was no need for the Mistress to stray.

It worked well for both of them, and the sexual exploitation did not stop when the Master returned on Friday evening. More often that not and at least once per weekend I was summoned to their room. I was used as they wished. Sometimes it was merely to sit and watch - something which they both enjoyed, and sometimes to kneel at the base of the bed and give oral sex to the Mistress until the Master had finished showering after his trip. When I was no longer required I would be told to sit in the chair whilst the Master went to work on the Mistress. Many a time with the Mistress in the missionary position she would look over the Master's bobbing head to see me watching intently. She smiled when she saw my rock hard erection that I was forbidden to touch. It give her pleasure and drove her to orgasm. Other times when the Master was in a rush or had finished pleasuring himself with his wife I would be called over to ensure that the Mistress reached orgasm. Sometimes the Master went away to bathe, whereas sometimes he merely took pleasure watching with me like a jackhammer pleasuring his stunning wife. Other times they would both use their kinky toys and equipment on me, like cropping my ass with a riding crop if I should be seen to slow down hammering her to intense orgasm.

I will always remember the first time I came inside her. I was certainly not allowed to, but the fact the Mistress kept silent about it in the presence of the Master instead of proclaiming a serious punishment brought me to rethink the complex nature of the situation. I was instructed to bathe and go to one of the main guest bedrooms. Attached to each corner of the huge bed was leather strapping with cuffs. I was instructed to set the bondage video playing on the plasma screen, and strap myself spread-eagled tightly out on the bed into the cuffs that were waiting for me.

I lay there, and watching the video I realised it was taken in the basement at one of their numerous weekend parties. I was in the background, serving drinks whilst a beautiful female sub was bent over a horse, strapped down while she fellated a man in front of her. As the camera panned back it showed the Mistress penetrate her from behind with a strap-on dildo.

When the Master and Mistress arrived I was erect, something the Mistress took pleasure enough to comment upon. She was wearing a latex outfit which was transparent and covered her body apart from her breasts which stood almost to attention out of the two circular holes in the front. She came over to the bed, crouched over my face and reached behind her though her legs and the sound of a zipper revealed her sex inches from my face. She pushed down as I tongued at her clitoris. I had done this so many times, that my reaction was automatic. She positioned herself around so I could thrust my tongue inside her as she pressed her full weight down as I was forced to hold my breath, completely smothered. After a minute she seemed satisfied and got up only to turn around and place her puckered asshole over my mouth, as she took position to watched and comment on the video on the wall.

I licked and when it loosened slightly I poked my tongue inside, much to the audible pleasure of the Mistress, who seemed to enjoy her own homemade porn on the wall and remembering the female sub she sodomised. As I pushed my tongue in and out it mixed the juices and saliva dripping down from her clitoris and pussy, soaking her whole area even further. When the Master entered the room she got up, kissed him on the lips and came back to the bed, and crouching over me she held my throbbing penis upright while she slid down on it, totally unimpeded as she was so wet. When she was seated on me, she moved forward down onto me. My penis was firmly inside her as she pressed her naked breasts exposed to my chest. Over her shoulder I saw the Master, naked and erect come behind her, and as simultaneously as I could feel the Master slowly enter her ass from behind the Mistress moan and let out an involuntary quiver of pleasure.

As the Mistress lay still on top of me I could feel every thrust through my penis as the Master slowly increased his rhythm. As it increased the moans of pleasure from the Mistress built, her mouth inches from my ear as she reached underneath me pulling me ever tighter to her chest. Even though she was perfectly still and my penis was stationary, I was rock solid and I felt the Master's viagra laden manhood pump the Mistresses ass as it rubbed the underside of my penis though the thin walls between her two orifices. As he let out a moan and rammed out his last few thrusts this was enough to push the Mistress over the edge and her body was clenched against mine as I felt her vagina tense in waves down my penis as she moaned and inches from my face looked longingly into my eyes. The tensing caused me to orgasm, the muscles inside of me contracting against hers again and again, four, five, six pumps of semen inside her. I know she could feel it, and instead of shock, and proclaiming the extremely serious punishment I would get she merely transfixed my gaze with a look of animal lust.

After the three of us lay there motionless for a minute as one, the Master pulled his now spent penis out of the Mistress and I could feel the pressure on my own cock subside as the Mistress unwrapped her arms from under me, as she got up quickly disengaging me from her as my semi-erect penis slapped onto my stomach into a puddle of juices. Luckily the Master had already turned to leave to that he did not see the fact that they were mostly mine. As the Mistress followed him out the door she broke the silence with a wink as she left, saying 'Have fun tonight...'. As she exited, it reminded me of my own predicament, strapped helpless to the bed, with the bondage session still playing on the plasma screen. From what she said, I guessed I would still be here long after the video had ended, the screen went black, and the puddle of juices all over me had dried and crusted. I would be no doubt left here, stuck until morning so I should at least try to sleep...

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