Corset Gift

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; corsets; chast; bond; cuffs; heels; collar; metal; locked; encase; inserts; accident; stuck; denial; cons; X

Susan had been wearing corsets since she was a senior in high school. At first she wore them as part of her “goth” look but as she got into wearing them more and more she started wearing them because she enjoyed the constant constriction. Susan especially liked it when she had someone to lace her tightly and later would make her wear them long term. Dave had been her person of choice to lace her tight and the two had spent most of their college years together.

chastity over corset b.jpgSeveral years ago the two reunited and quickly decided to get married and have been indulging their passion for tight bondage and even tighter corsets. Susan now wore a corset laced to twenty inches daily with the steel chastity belt locked over it, just to keep her honest. Both enjoying when he would lace her down to seventeen inches forcing her to gasp for air and be unable to bend her torso at all for as long as she can stand it, normally locking her wrists to the rings on the belt and pushing her longer and longer each time.

Dave had listened to Susan’s fantasy about being forced to wear a steel corset that was locked on with only Dave having the key. Dave had studied up on steel corsets and found no one was producing anything that would work for what Susan craved. Taking her designs he made a cast of Susan’s body while she was wearing his favorite seventeen inch corset that had formed cups supporting her large breasts and flared over her hips. Using the casting he made a form that he used it to shape her new metal corset. For months Dave tried different ways of making the corset but could never get it correct until he read about a process that allowed him to shape the metal before hardening it.

Dave bought the metal he needed and began learning how to shape it. Dave made several items for Susan as he experimented making Susan wear the tall steel collar and a wide steel belt as he perfected his skill at shaping the metal. Susan was not allowed to see what he was working on and spent a large part of his shop time bound in some compromising position while he worked. Once Dave had the corset formed, his search for a locking device finally paid off with and set of locks that would fit the design. The locks were made for high security being designed to be pick and drill proof, they were more than he needed but would fit his design being perfectly flush so he ordered the eight he needed all keyed alike and quickly installed them and tested his creation.

The corset would surround Susan’s body from her neck to her pussy leaving no part of her body uncovered by the steel. It was a clam shell design with the hinge covered neatly under her pussy. When he closed it the first time he really enjoyed hearing the locks snap closed and knew it would really turn Susan on when she heard it. Dave had read about personal evacuation and enema’s and before hardening the corset he added two steel phalluses that could be used for her bathroom needs. His intentions were to start her off a day at a time then building to several days then forcing her to wear it twenty four seven.

Susan had wondered why he had been lacing her tighter each week and for the last few weeks she had been laced and locked into the new corset’s he had purchased pulling her down to seventeen inches over the corset. Susan knew he was planning something but was enjoying his more forceful attitude and his special attentions to her so she decided to wait and see what was going on. Susan came home early on Friday to a very excited Dave, he had heat treated the corset and everything had worked.

Dave had polished the corset to a high sheen and couldn’t believe how incredible it looked and wanted to see it on his beautiful wife immediately. Susan wasn’t as enthusiastic, her week at work had been very difficult and the corset she was wearing was not as comfortable as the last one she had been forced to wear but Dave had refused to change it or adjust it making her irritable. The two talked over dinner which Susan spent in her normal house ware, the corset, belt and high heels. Dave had insisted on the collar and talked excitedly about how amazing she looked.

By the end of dinner Susan felt much better but still wanted out of the corset and belt and was surprised when Dave ran her a hot bath and started removing her corset leaving the collar locked on. He told her to apply the last treatment of the hair growth inhibitor gel leaving her to soak and relax in the hot water. Susan relaxed for an hour before emerging from her bath hoping to have a love making session with her husband only to find him waiting with her next corset covered by a blanket. Dave had Susan take two of her sleeping pills earlier and rubbed her whole body with lotion until she fell asleep.

He needed her to be completely relaxed so he would be able to close the corset around her body. He knew from the past if she woke up in the tighter corset her body and mind accepted it easier and he needed her to accept it or she might never let him keep it on her very long. Dave laid Susan’s limp body into the back half of the corset then folded the front half onto her chest, carefully guiding her breasts into the cups. Once he had her breasts started into the cups he slowly pushed the halves together then taking the soft plastic guides and tucked them under the edges of the corset. The guides will make sure her skin did not squeeze out of the corset and get pinched as he closed it.

Dave carefully pushed harder on the steel, as the edges got closer he continued to work the corset closed. When the edges were almost touching he stopped pushing and double checked all the areas that were still exposed making sure nothing was too tight. Dave leaned on the steel corset and listened to the locks all catch, smiling as he knew she was now locked tightly in their creation.

metal_corset3b.jpgThe shape of the steel followed her body’s curves perfectly even showing the muscles in her neck, as Dave polished the steel he admired the details that came out from the mold. Even her swollen pussy and perfectly round ass was clearly shown. The more he rubbed her steel covered body the harder his dick became and he wished he had made love to her before locking her up but he didn’t want to start all over again.

Susan woke up wondering where Dave was, she tried to turn her head and found she could only turn it slightly. Susan thought she was still wearing the collar so she sat up with a grunt, even though she was accustomed to the tightness of wearing corsets and had learned how to sit up while tightly laced she knew something was different right away. Trying to look down her head was stopped again so she raised her hand to move the collar and gasped when she felt the strange steel around her neck.

Susan’s hand quickly ran around her neck then down her body feeling the warm steel breasts and tight firm stomach. Her hand continued downwards feeling the smooth steel over her pussy and she yanked her hand behind her feeling the steel covering her ass cheeks. Squealing Susan jumped to her feet and dashed to the large mirror and stood smiling as she took in the sight of her new body.

She studied the details that made her body look like it had been dipped in shiny steel twisting and turning as she took in the sight. Susan walked around the room noticing how much different she was forced to walk in the new corset and having to stop and try to take a deep breath. “This will take some getting used to”. She whispered to herself as her hand went instinctively to her steel covered chest.

Two hours later Susan still had not heard from Dave, while she waited she had stepped into her favorite high heels and discovered how hard it was going to be to get dressed as she wrestled a skirt up her legs. Susan had been waiting for Dave for almost six hours even checking his work shop and finding his notes about the plugs buried inside her and how to use the enema system lying on the work bench. She had noticed something inside her but the corset was so tight it didn’t allow for any movement of the plugs.

Susan rushed to the phone when it started ringing barely able to say hello because she was so out of breath when she got there. She was asked her name and then told Dave had been in an accident and had been killed. Susan almost collapsed when she heard the news and asked where he was. They told her his body had been badly burned and they had to check his dental records but it was him. They apologized and hung up leaving a breathless Susan shaking as she realized she had lost her soul mate and had to find out what had happened.

A year later Susan sat in her living room, the settlement from the insurance company left her finically comfortable for life. Susan was glad for that since the keys to the corset had been in Dave’s pocket when he had gone to get them breakfast and had been destroyed in the fire. During her struggles to free herself she had five different locksmiths look at the locks on the steel encapsulating her body and all five had said it was hopeless. The steel he had used when heat treated made it extremely hard and to cut it off would damage her body considerably so she had finally accepted she would live out her life sealed in her metal skin. Susan sat smiling as her hand drifted down her body feeling the belt he had made that now sat locked around her steel covered waist along with the collar she had locked around her throat one evening as she sat missing Dave. Her hands stopped between her legs tapping on her sealed pussy thinking of Dave and his gift.

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