Corset Cast

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sbf; D/s; corsets; fibreglass; casts; stocks; bond; cuffs; gag; bfold; nipple; collar; punish; denial; mast; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

It had been Lori’s idea to start wearing corsets full time, she had begun craving the compression and enjoyed the silhouette the confining garments gave her but always seemed to find a reason to loosen them. John had supported her when she made the decision to wear them and had told her that once she started she would not be able to back out, not wanting to waste the money and time training his servant for nothing. She had worn the first two he had bought her regularly for several months before agreeing she would not back out and together they had custom ordered several more in different styles and sizes. Her goal was to maintain a 16 inch waist but had never found a corset that fit her comfortably at that size so she continuously loosened them after John had laced them for her, even her favorite corsets the most restrictive she had found and held her waist in tightly from her hips to her rib cage she would loosen within hours of them being tightened down.

Lori and John had played with fiberglass casting many times so when Lori walked in and saw the casting supplies out she assumed it was another play time and didn’t resist John’s attention at all. Lori had always worn tight skirts and high heels since she was a teenager and still enjoyed the attention she got now when she showed her toned legs and firm ass under a tight skirt. After removing her tight mini skirt and top and was down to her stockings and corset John noticed the corset laces had been loosened once again before guiding her to the stocks that were hanging by cables in front of her and slipping her neck and wrists into it before closing it around them, locking the hasp. Lori was getting wet as John pushed the button on the hoist and the stocks began to rise slowly until she was standing on her toes, her chin resting on the thick wood of the stocks before he stopped its assent leaving her stretched and unable to open her mouth unless she pulled her body up.

John wrapped her ankles in a wide leather strap pulling them tightly together before taking another strap and running it between her ankles and through the eye bolt in the floor pulling the cinch strap tight making Lori unable to raise her body at all and forcing her to keep her mouth closed and pant through her nostrils as she became more aroused. John walked around Lori’s stretched body looking at how beautiful she was before saying, “For the last few months I have been trying to figure out how to keep you in your corset long enough for you to get accustomed to it, I think I finally have a way so now we will try it, it does take some time so you will remain as you are far longer than you normally would but the results should be fantastic and well worth it.” Lori was getting nervous even though she knew John would never “damage” her in anyway but he had sounded so cryptic she wasn’t sure what he had in mind.

John had been trying to figure out a way where he could wrap her in fiberglass casting tape then lace her down until the fiberglass set but the problem had always been the amount of time it took for the cast to begin to set had left him no time to wrap the corset around her much less lace the corset tight before it had set. He had finally figured out a way to slow down the process by not wetting the material until just before he started lacing, this would give him ample time lace the corset properly and let the fiberglass set up slowly. In his experiments it took at least four hours to fully set so he needed her to be immobile for that length of time minimum. John removed the loosened corset and set it aside then laid two wide pieces of pallet wrap across her body covering her from her thighs over her shoulders then back down to her thighs again, after smoothing the plastic out he started wrapping the dry fiberglass tape around her body.

The idea had come from when he found a roll partially hardened in its package and he started experimenting with it, now he was wrapping his wife, carefully overlapping each layer until her reached just below her pert breasts. Taking the metal rods he had purchased he wrapped the next layer over all twelve of them making sure they were spaced properly as he wrapped her body again. After applying the third layer he carefully folded the top and bottom edges over a thick metal cable leaving a smooth rolled edge on both. Taking the plastic wrap again he pulled two more sheets over the now struggling girl’s body before wrapping her smallest “stovepipe” corset around her waist, once it was ready he sprayed water from a bottle under the plastic until it was starting to drip down her thighs then quickly tightened the laces of the corset.

John laced the corset tight on the first pass making Lori pant and grunt through her nose and as he continued to crush her waist and chest she began whining and twisting in the stocks. John was sweating badly as he struggled to close the corset determined to give her an even fiberglass corset when he was through. Finally closing the corset Lori was gasping for air and too breathless to struggle, she could feel the heat rising through the thin plastic and could do nothing to stop what was happening to her as the fiberglass layers slowly soaked in the water and hardened.

John sat down to rest watching Lori’s heaving chest over the tight corset, lighting a cigarette he explained that she would need to remain standing and stretched for at least another four or five hours and for her not to struggle unless she wanted to start the whole process all over again. Lori struggled anyway making John take a wide ratchet strap and wrap it around her waist pulling on it until it was very tight, the strap now holding her firmly in place. As he watched her try to struggle he decided to use the remaining casting material to have some fun while they waited and wrapped plastic wrap over Lori’s stockings from the bottom of her firm ass to her ankles then covered them in the thick fiberglass turning Lori’s beautiful legs in to one inflexible unit. As Lori continued to whine and gasp John took more plastic and wrapped her bent arms that were being held out and away from her neck by the solid stock from her shoulders to her captured wrists then coated them in the fiberglass as well.

The wrap around her legs and arms set in minutes and soon Lori could no longer bend her legs or straighten her arms even if they weren’t being held by the stock and remained on her toes whining as she gasped for air. John smoked another cigarette and drank some wine before drifting off to sleep leaving Lori to struggle on her own waking several hours later and seeing she had been restrained far longer than needed and lowered her onto her heels. Lori weakly started to complain so John took her ball gag and strapped it into her mouth ignoring her futile struggles telling her, “We still have some time to wait so be quiet and I’ll try to make you more comfortable.” Lori continued to twist and flail about so John raised the stock again this time pulling hard on her ankle straps making her whine louder as he sat down in front of her.

After another hour Lori finally calmed down and agreed to be silent if her lowered her again so he did and moved behind her, John loosened the laces but Lori felt nothing but continuous compression and when John pulled the corset off from in front of her she knew what he had done, “He’s made me a corset cast!”

“Well I can use the cast cutter too” she thought to herself.

John was peeling the plastic off Lori’s new corset and was very pleased with the results, the plastic had made the normally rough surface of the fiberglass very smooth, the corset had pulled her waist in sharply and the metal stays he had used could clearly be seen under the fiberglass but it looked like a custom made black corset, of course it had no openings but other than that it looked like a well fitted corset. Even the thickness of it he had gotten right for as he had lowered her the skin over the top of the corset had settled in on to the rolled edged leaving almost no crease, he wondered if she would even have a line under a tight shirt it fit so well.

Lori could feel him release her feet and tried to take a step finding her legs were indeed welded together keeping her from moving or bending them, as she mummfed into the gag John continued to work the plastic out from under the corset pulling gently on it as it stretched and tore away, he got as much as he could out from under it hoping that the rest would work its way out as time passed. Unlocking Lori’s neck and wrists John scooped her up and carried her rigid body into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed enjoying her squeal as she fell. Lori immediately tried to remove the gag but the bend in her casted arms would not allow her to reach her head and she lay struggling on the bed until she was gasping again and had to rest when John explained her situation.

“You are now wrapped in a very thick fiberglass corset, it has metal stays and around the top and bottom has thick cables to make sure you won’t be able to just cut it off, in this corset you will stay until I think you are ready to be corseted normally full time, this was your doing you wanted to be corseted twenty four seven and then continuously loosened your corsets so get used to it, if you are very nice I’ll remove your other bindings tomorrow, if not who knows how long you’ll be this way?”

Lori spent the night with her arms bent, rigidly held just beyond ninety degrees and her legs welded together only able to bend her neck and waist, she fought to undo the gag straps and could almost feel them but not quite reach them making her frustration level rise until she was so horny she almost blacked out from lack of air, all night she lay feeling the tight corset knowing she couldn’t loosen it much less remove it until he said it was ok.

By morning she was willing to do anything just to have him fuck her and ease her building lust, when John entered the room and removed her gag to allow her to drink she smiled at him and said, “You know I’m no good to you with my legs frozen together” as she licked her lips.

John said, “Well your mouth is free!”

Lori made a pouty face and asked, “How long are you going to punish me, sir?”

John smiled back and said, “I guess I could release your legs if you keep being nice.”

John stuffed her mouth with the gag again causing Lori to start struggling and fighting him until her grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back while he rolled her over and cuffed them together. Rolling her back over Lori was grunting and trying to kick at him and he smiled and said, “Well I guess it’ll be another night just as you are” and left the room as Lori stopped fighting and gasped for air.

Lori struggled through the day and into the night with her bindings, now not able to even pull her arms in front she could do nothing but lie and listen to her fiberglass shell creak as she breathed and twisted inside it until she fell asleep from her efforts. The next morning Lori awoke while John was cutting the leg cast off, Lori lay still not wanting to cause herself anymore punishments. When he finished he removed her shoes and stockings and asked if she was going to be nice and she nodded she was, John rolled her over and uncuffed her wrists then turned and walked out saying, “There is food ready if you want to eat.”

Lori was still gagged and her arms were still mostly immobile but she managed to get up and trot to the bathroom and relieve herself. Lori had used the toilet many times without the use of her hands and quickly dried herself before walking into the kitchen and sitting down at the table. John set a plate in front of her and sat back down behind his plate and continued eating, Lori stared at the plate knowing she couldn’t reach her mouth and even if she could have the large ball strapped tightly behind her teeth would prevent her from eating anyway.

When John finished his meal he cleaned his dishes then sat next to her and removed her gag and began feeding her, Lori ate and drank everything she was given thanking him between each bite until she had eaten it all and was told to clean up the kitchen. Lori was getting mad again but forced herself to remain quiet and carefully figured out how to manipulate her casted arms to complete the tasks before following him into the bedroom. John had gone back to sleep, still tired from monitoring her all night so Lori laid down next to him and drifted off too.

When they awoke Lori found his cock with her hand and messaged it until it was fully erect then asked him if she could please him somehow. He smiled and quickly slid his cock into her damp pussy, holding her hands over her head and her legs under his arms he brought Lori to a screaming orgasm before he shot his load into her and collapsed onto her casted body. Lori lay under him panting but noticed she was having much less trouble breathing in her new corset than before and thought to herself maybe she could stand it for awhile as she stroked his back with her casted arms enjoying the restriction of movement they were causing.

Awaking Lori found John had left for work leaving her with her casted arms and panting in her new corset. Lori rose finding John had added two things to her outfit, her head was now held rigidly by her posture collar and from the jingle in back of it she assumed it was locked on, his other addition was a pair of boots with six inch heels, she couldn’t look down to see them but when she stood she recognized the steep angle her feet were held in. Walking carefully to the bathroom she relieved herself and stood and looked in amazement at her new corset, the mirror showed every detail, the thick rods he had placed evenly around her body could clearly be seen, the rods had been forced to take the shape of her corseted body and other than no openings she could have believed it was a normal leather corset. The rolled top and bottom edges made her believe what he had said about cables being inside and when she tapped on the corset she could tell that it was indeed thick and would not be coming off until he removed it.

Lori stepped back and looked at the boots he had put on her and could see the locks dangling from the three straps on each and grunted knowing she was going to be walking on her toes and wearing them as well as the corset and collar until he wanted to remove them. Lori licked her lips as her pussy tingled at the idea of him literally controlling her and making her do as he says full time. Lori kept flexing her wrists and trying to break the casts on her arms but could not even make the thick coating bend a little and gave up.

Finding a note on the fridge she read it and grunted while she made herself a meal and sat eating it thinking, “The hell I will!” as she wadded up the “To do” list and threw it towards the trash can, and sat wondering what he would do to her for ignoring his orders. Lori spent the rest of the day fighting for breath and walking around the house refusing to even try to obey John and at one point tried to get herself off with a vibrator but found that between the rigid corset and casted arms she couldn’t get the correct angle to be able to hold the vibrator against her throbbing pussy.

Lori was napping when John came home and found nothing had been done, even finding the note crumpled on the floor and said to himself, “You want punishment you will get it.”

Finding the sleeping Lori he pulled her arms roughly behind her and cuffed her wrists together, as she awoke and began to ask what he was doing John shoved a large ball gag into her mouth and strapped it very tight around her head leaving her mummphing behind it as he rolled her back over before cuffing her ankles tightly together. Lori was struggling in her bonds as she watched John walk off mumbling something to himself, she tried to sit up but with her arms held bent behind her and cuffed together she could not use them to help her sit up at all. Swinging her legs she finally managed to bring herself upright and stood on her high heels but when she tried to walk she found her ankles were held so close together that all she could do was hop, after the second attempt to hop she realized that in her heels it was too painful and hopped quickly back to the bed and sat down grunting as she gasped for air.

Several hours later John came back into the bedroom to find Lori stretched out on the bed and said, “OH no you don’t, if you don’t do as ordered you don’t get to lie about comfortably.”

Yanking her from the bed her slipped her neck into the hanging yoke of the stocks and slammed it closed around her leather covered throat. Lori was fighting him as she twisted in her bonds but could not stop him from wrapping the ratchet strap around her waist and hooking it to the stock making sure she couldn’t fall and left her standing in her high heels twisting in her new position as he got ready for bed.

Lori calmed herself continuing to pant hard through her nose starting to regret her decision to disobey him. She watched him pass her without looking at her and climb into bed, after the lights went out she started whining while she continued to fight the stock and cuffs holding her. When the lights came back on she heard him say, “This is your only warning, if you won’t be quiet I can make you more uncomfortable.”

John turned out the light and listened to Lori pant. Lori struggled quietly listening to John snore and feeling more and more pain in her feet and aching legs until she heard the alarm, watching John rise slowly and walk past her then hearing the shower made her regret her decision even more.

John got dressed and went and made breakfast completely ignoring the whining Lori only returning just before he needed to leave and said, “It’s not nice to be ignored is it?” to the pouting Lori, “You will complete all the tasks given and have dinner ready when I get home or tonight will be much worse, you have still not worked off the punishment for yesterday yet but I will make it much worse and much longer if you do not obey me today.”

With that he disconnected her wrists and ankles and unlocked the stock leaving her to remove herself from it and walked out. Lori stood for a few minutes before she untied the straps from her waist and struggled with the gag strap, this one had straps that some of them were much higher on her head allowing her to reach them, she was able to wrestle the ball from between her teeth, her still rigid arms making the task extremely difficult. Finally able to walk again she went to the kitchen and got something to eat and drink and sat down to eat and saw the old sheet and a new one. The new one said what he wanted for dinner and then saw that he had added do not remove the gag and be kneeling next to the table with your ankles and wrists chained together when I get home.

“Shit!, I hope I can get the gag back in!”

After eating Lori struggled to complete her tasks as she hobbled her way around the house needing to rest and catch her breath often and rub her sore feet. Mid afternoon she had done all her chores and had dinner prepped and ready to start and tried to figure out a way to get her wrists and ankles chained together with her arms bent the way they were. First she inserted the gag and buckled it tightly, after fighting the gag for so long she slipped a lock into the hasp, knowing she did not have the key and she wouldn’t be tempted to remove it again, and clicked it closed, this act of submission coupled with the days frustrating activities almost made her cum on the spot.

Searching for something to use to connect the cuffs she had chosen to use she found a long chain and thought it would work and knelt down to test it, Lori fed the chain through both ankle cuffs then folded her legs under her then fed the long ends through the d-rings on her wrists and could pull her arms behind her and figured she would be able to slip a lock through it and she would be finished.

Lori released herself and walked back to the kitchen and finished dinner and set the table and waited for him to call. Lori was so horny she was going to try to masturbate again when the phone rang and he said, “I’m on my way home” on the answering machine and hung up.

She grunted into her gag knowing she didn’t have time to try and get off and went and put the food on the table and forced herself to kneel before feeding the long chain through her ankle cuffs then looping it back to her wrists, stopping when she realized she had enough slack to run it around her waist and through her crotch she rerouted the chain until her feet where kept tight against her ass and ran the chain around her narrow waist and through her swollen pussy lips and up behind her before pushing it through her d-rings again.

She was panting hard from the exertion of fighting her arm casts but the whole experience was making her very close to climaxing so she continued to pant as she pulled the chain tight forcing her bent arms to be held close to her casted waist and wrestled the lock into the chain and closed it. Lori knelt gasping around the large ball in her mouth, each movement caused the chain to slip deeper into her pussy and ass and each link slipping past her wet pussy was now teasing her closer to a much needed orgasm.

After a few minutes of panting Lori was getting light headed and stopped to catch her breath, her shoulders were now complaining as well as her folded legs but the glow of the pending orgasm made her not care as she slowly moved her arms and raised her body making the chain move back and forth. Lori was concentrating so hard on the chains movement she hadn’t heard John come in or heard him come up behind her.

“Well I thought how good a job you had done until I watched you and figured out why you had done such a good job!”

His voice made Lori jump and she tried to shake her head no but the collar held it firmly. John sat down and ate dinner next to his kneeling slave, once finished he looked around the house while Lori stayed perfectly still and quiet waiting for his verdict on how well she completed her chores.

When he returned she heard a jingle of keys and thought he would release her but instead he pulled the chain much tighter forcing her body down onto her folded legs and relocked it, Lori started trying to thrash and found she had no movement at all and that the chain was now pinching her pussy lips and she could do nothing to dislodge it.

“You did your chores well, and I would have released your arms tonight if you hadn’t tried to be sneaky and work yourself up to an unapproved orgasm so I guess your punishment will continue for at least another day.”

With that he pulled a latex blind fold down over her eyes, as she was adjusting to the darkness she felt her swollen nipples being pinched as he slipped her clamps on them and tied the connecting chain to the collars d-ring and said good night and left the struggling girl on the floor next to the table. Lori struggled all night unable to relieve her aching pussy or the pain from the added strain on her shoulders or the pain in her nipples and by morning was aching badly from her feet to her jaw.

John arose early and showered and cleaned himself up for another day at work before entering the kitchen and seeing his bound and defeated slave still kneeling where he had left her. While eating breakfast and listening to her moans and whines all during it, he unlocked the chain but quickly relocked her wrists together keeping them behind her back and locking her ankles together leaving her a small amount of movement in them before he said, “I leaving, if you are on the bed waiting for me when I get home maybe we’ll have sex or maybe I will just tease you, but if not I know you didn’t want to cum or be released so I’ll force you to pleasure me and go to bed, see you tonight.” and left her still kneeling but free to stand if she could.

An hour later an exhausted Lori desperately tried to rise to her feet but just couldn’t manage it, her cramped and restrained body fought to be able to stand but she couldn’t get enough energy to force her body to respond and each attempt awakened her tortured nipples making her cry out in pain so she slumped back down onto her knees and wept under her blind fold. Not knowing what time it was Lori decided she didn’t want to spend another night on the floor so she shuffled around and found a chair and used it to help her stand and began the slow walk to the bedroom. Still blind and mute she drug her numb feet a few inches at a time, each step making her clamped nipples scream with pain until she bumped into something, she turned and felt it with her hands and then headed off again hoping she was going the right direction.

Three hours later a gasping Lori found the bedroom door and slowly shuffled towards the bed and sat down gasping and almost crying so happy that she had found it. Rolling over she stretched her tired body out and lay back letting the pain from her nipples ease before quickly falling asleep, the bed felt so good and warm she slept past John coming home and through the night until his alarm went off the next morning. Lori struggled in her bonds until she heard him come out of the shower, still thinking he had just gotten home she tried to look seductive but was ignored completely again as he went out to have breakfast.

Laying back she waited until he returned and felt him roll her over onto her tortured nipples and unlock her wrists, ankles and gag and said, “I have to go, do well today and you will be forgiven” and left the room.

Lori rolled over quickly and tried to reach the clamps but the angle of her casted arms meant she would be unable to reach them with her hands and struggled with the blind fold and gag but soon had them off and went to the bathroom and relieved herself before looking in the mirror and seeing herself, her hair a matted and a tangled mess, her face was sullen and had red marks all over it from the straps of the gag and blind fold, her legs were shaking and the shiny clamps laughed at her like they knew she couldn’t touch them, as she inspected the corset and could see no damage or wear on it at all and smiled as she turned away and went to get something to eat and found the original note.

While she ate she planned out her day to make sure all chores were completed and what she would fix him for dinner and how she would restrain herself for him even though he had not asked for dinner or for her to restrain herself but she wanted to make sure he would be happy with her and then he finally might force her to cum or at least make it so she would be able to bring herself to the screaming orgasm she needed.

Lori had struggled through her chores and had dinner waiting on the table for him she guided him to his seat and served the meal, while he ate Lori disappeared into the bed room to wait for John to finish eating and find her. John was impressed that she had done so well and was now acting like a proper slave so once he finished his meal he inspected the house and found Lori on the bed. He looked in amazement at her corseted body as it lay restrained on their bed, somehow she had secured her ankles to the foot of the bed and now they were held wide apart by thick chains.

He eased closer and could see the clamps still atop her heaving breasts as she panted around the large gag she had strapped tightly into her mouth. Lori had also slipped the blindfold on before chaining her casted arms to the head board, the heavy chains were pulling her arms towards the corners where they had been locked around the posts making the casts dig into her upper arms. The sight of his slave chained and casted and Lori’s open and dripping pussy was too inviting so John stripped off his clothes and was soon pounding her with his throbbing cock until both climaxed, Lori screaming into her gag and John grunting and shaking until he slumped on her spread eagle body and lay gasping himself.

After another pounding John unchained his prize from the bed, leaving the blind fold and gag on her as her cut the casts from her arms. Lori felt the cast on her left arm pulled away and groaned loudly as she straightened and flexed her arm. John removed the other cast and Lori sat stretching and rubbing her arms for several minutes before sliding from the bed and kneeling in front of John, her nipples still held in the tight clamps and head held rigidly by the wide collar and her making no attempt to remove anything either had applied to her body.

John left her kneeling to go to the kitchen then returned to find her still on her knees waiting for him. John laid down in the bed and just before drifting off to sleep said, “You may join me in the bed.” With that Lori carefully climbed under the covers, still blind and held silent by the gag she curled up next to him and they both slept deeply, her dreaming of her new life serving him and he was dreaming of his new life with his servant, her permanently encased in her corset and constantly locked into whatever else he desired.


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