Controlling Pauline

by Peter

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© Copyright 2009 - Peter - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; chast; bond; straitjacket; binder; enema; toys; cons; X

Inspire by The Art of Escape by Tyjord - Dedicated to Laura Feline (now retired from the scene)
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“Good morning, gorgeous” The words made Pauline jump. Her head spun around to see her lover Laura leaning against the wall. Pauline had just enjoyed a shower and was walking out of the bathroom, singing a song to herself.

“And to what do I owe the pleasure?” Pauline asked.

“Do I need a reason to ogle your beautiful body” was Laura’s response.

“No, I guess not. Mind if I finish drying myself?”

shower.jpg “Only if I can watch. Actually, I knew this was your day off and there’s something I need to talk to you about.” She waved a rather large, gold-tipped vibrator in her right hand. “I noticed your plastic pal the other day. Am I not paying you enough attention?”

Pauline blushed slightly at the discovery but decided to make light of it. “Well, you know, old lovers always hanging around.” She and Laura enjoyed a very active love life but work commitments meant it was not as often as Pauline would have liked. She could screw Laura all day, every day but in her absence she needed something to ease the frustration. “ I though one of the reasons you loved me was because I can’t get enough of you?”

“Too true” said Laura, “And also the fact that you’re such a submissive slut.”

A smile crossed her lips as she remembered back a couple of weeks when she had introduced Pauline to bondage and domination. The only restraints Laura used were a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. It was a pleasant surprise when Pauline had almost automatically dropped to her knees, buried her head between her legs and started to furiously lick her to orgasm. Pauline’s reward was to be bent over the bed and be fucked hard with their favourite strap on. Laura had noticed a slight submissive change to Pauline’s demeanour and had planned a gradual change to their relationship but the discovery of her toy had given Laura a wicked idea.

“If you can’t control your libido then I’ll guess I’ll have to help you.” said Laura. “Dry yourself off and we can get started. Jump to it, if I’m late for work there’ll be hell to pay.”

Pauline quickly, but seductively as possible, dried herself. She flung the towels away and said, “Ta Da! Ready when you are.”

As she turned around she saw a collection of leather, steel and chains in Laura’s hands. Laura moved behind her and placed two parts around Pauline’s waist. She fastened one over the other and ordered, “Hold these.” She pulled the third part up between Pauline’s legs and placed it over the join of the first two. Laura produced a key and twisted the lock holding the three parts together. She waved it under Pauline’s nose as she whispered in her ear, “Looks like I’m in control now.” 2 Chastity.jpg

Pauline examined the chastity belt, running her finger along the edges of the panel covering her crotch. No matter how she tried she couldn’t work her fingers under the leather cover to tease her clit or finger her hole. She wasn’t going to admit defeat easily. “Nice workmanship. Must’ve cost a pretty penny. I assume I’m to wear this between visits? Shouldn’t be a problem.”

Pauline’s bravado wavered a little when Pauline grabbed one of her tits and said, “If that’s no problem then I’m sure you won’t mind if we proceed to the next stage.”

3 sj.jpg

Laura had brought a sports bag with her and from it she produced a neck brace. Very quickly she had it fasten around Pauline’s neck, holding her head high. A straightjacket appeared from the bag. Laura held it up ready for Pauline to slip her arms into it. A sharp slap on her bum directed Pauline to kneel on the bed.

As Laura slowly and deliberately buckled the back of the jacket Pauline had time to notice how thick the material was and how thick the belts were. There’d be no getting out of this. She was starting to wonder and worry what Laura had in mind. Laura guided Pauline’s right arm through the loop at the front and pulled the strap around the back. She fed the strap through the buckle, tugged out the slack and fastened the pin through the hole, a process she repeated with the left arm. Pauline had been trying to watch but the neck brace restricted her movement. Laura finished her work by pulling the crotch straps from the front and buckling them tightly at the back.

“Comfortable I hope?” asked Laura. “Let’s see you get out of that.” Pauline did make a token gesture of struggling against the straightjacket but they both knew she was helpless. “Now if you’ll lie back you can see what else I picked up when I was shopping.”

Pauline flopped onto her side and wriggled into the middle of the bed, wondering what was next. She was expecting ankle cuffs and her legs tied wide but Laura surprised her. It looked like a long dress made of material matching the straightjacket, unfortunately dresses didn’t have four straps between waist and hem.

“Co-ordination is the key to good fashion sense.” Said Laura. “ They looked so nice together in the shop I just couldn't resist. Matching top and bottoms will make you look just adorable.”

Pauline had had enough. “OK, that’s it. I give up, you’ve made your point, I’m sorry now let me out of these things.”

Laura was having none of it. A wicked look appeared in her eyes. “It’s a little too late for that. I’ve gone to the expense of buying all of these new toys and I intend to use them. As I see it you’re not really in a position to resist.”

Pauline started to protest but shut her mouth quickly when she saw the gag with a large cock plug. Laura offered it up to her mouth but she kept it stubbornly shut. When Laura held her captives’ nose Pauline had no choice but to open her mouth and Laura forced the gag in and buckled it behind her head. Pauline didn’t make it easy but Laura was able to get the leg binder over her feet and slide it up her legs, strapping it tight at Pauline’s thighs, knees and ankles.

Pauline paid the price for her resistance. Laura knelt at the foot of the bed and lifted Pauline’s, bound ankles up to her shoulder, holding them tight with one hand. Laura smiled mischievously, “You didn’t think I’d forgotten you little weakness, did you?” 4 tickle.jpg

Pauline’s eyes widened when she realised what Laura meant. She shook her head as best she could, pleading with Laura, pleading in vain. Laura slowly traced a line up and down Pauline’s foot with her finger, tickling her mercilessly. Pauline bucked and twisted, trying to escape the torment being inflicted on her. Her struggles were making her breathe heavily but with the cock gag stuffed into her mouth her only source of air was her nose and that was insufficient. Soon Pauline was getting light headed and her struggles subsided.

5 enema.jpg Laura used Pauline’s weakness to her advantage. She rolled Pauline on her side and slightly bent her legs. Laura found the hole in the rear of the chastity belt and slid the enema nozzle into Paulines defencless rear. Pauline squirmed weakly as the invader entered. Laura locked the nozzle to the belt with a twist.

Laura rolled Pauline back over onto her back. She reached into the bag and lifted out the four chains and padlocks. Two she fastened between Pauline’s neck corset and the bed head, the other two fastened Pauline’s legs to the foot of the bed, stopping her rolling off of the bed. Laura had only two more items in the bag. She took the enema bottle to the bathroom and filled it with water. Back in the bedroom she found a suitable stand and hung the bottle from it and connected the hose.

Laura had purchased one more matching item - she slipped the hood over Pauline’s head and laced it up at the back. The mouth patch wasn’t really necessary but Pauline strapped it on anyway. She strapped on the blindfold and leant forward to kiss Pauline on the nose. “Sleep tight. Don’t go anywhere until I get back. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, It’s Alex’s last day at work. We’re going for a few drinks after work so I won’t be back until about eight” 6 kiss.jpg

Pauline started to make mewling sounds through her gag, trying to beg Laura for her release.

Laura walked noisily out of the room, paused and crept back in to watch Pauline. Every now and again she would struggle a little. Was she really trying to escape or was she trying to get some sexual pleasure out of her captivity? Laura made a mental note to ask her later. She had deliberately given Pauline the hope that she had forgotten the enema but now it was time to break that hope. Laura turned the tap and smiled when Pauline’s body jolted as the fluid entered her bowels. A low, unhappy moan came from behind the gag.

Laura had lied to Pauline - she was only working a half-day and would be back at Two, more than enough time for Pauline to learn her lesson. Laura left the house confident that on her return Pauline would be extremely willing to demonstrate her obedience in any way she wished.



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