Contrition 2

by Graymangazer & Sadiax

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© Copyright 2014 - Graymangazer & Sadiax - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; kidnap; captive; basement; cuffs; gag; bdsm; spank; torment; nipple; toys; revenge; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

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Part 2

I don't know what she wants from me; I don't know how to respond. Why is she being so cruel to me? I surely haven't done anything to deserve this. But then I think I must have.

I tense and scream as her finger pushes into my bottom a little more, It feels huge, though I know she has slim delicate hands I have never had anything in me there before, I am feeling totally possessed by her; every time I open my eyes it seems her face is there, If I look away I find myself staring at another part of her body and with her panties in my mouth my head seems filled with her, I smell her, I taste her, and now she is inside me, inside my most private place.

"I will punish you harshly, is that what you want?" she asks. I feel like screaming in my anger and frustration, of course that's not what I want, I want out of here, but I believe she means it as she pulls my hair, I try to tell her I'm sorry for whatever it is that I have done but the gag prevents anything resembling speech.

I groan as her finger eases into me, deep, I can feel her knuckles pressing against my bottom; my neck is stretched as she pulls my head back by my hair. I can feel her close and I shiver when her teeth nip my earlobe, I can't help it, it’s something that always excites me.

"Do you like this Darby?" she whispers. For a second I think she knows, but then I realize she is talking about her invasion of my body.

I whimper, the only sound I can make, I try to tell her how I love it, though it's not the truth I'm hoping my compliance will please her. But of course she doesn't understand me. She withdraws her finger and then thrusts it back and I writhe and moan.

"I have many toys much bigger than this, we're going to have fun with them aren't we?" her lips are brushing my ear as she speaks, my scalp hurts but her finger is steadily moving in and out of my arse sending my brain mixed signals; I should hate it, I do hate it, but it feels so... feels so... I don't want to admit it... it feels so good.

I am ashamed of myself; this woman, this... this bitch has abused me, humiliated and tortured me, she has God knows what else planned for me, but I can't stop my body reacting to her. How could I possibly enjoy something so cruel, so humiliating? Why am I moving my hips as she gloats? Suddenly she removes her finger and pushes my head down, I scream into the gag as she slaps the back of my thigh, once, hard, she has taken me by surprise, changed tactics.

"You want your pleasure Darby dear you have to earn it, or pay for it." her hand slips between my legs and I feel her fingertips graze along the lips of my pussy. I squirm on her lap. My arse now feels empty, my leg stings where she slapped me but I want her to touch me. I make a noise like a cat purring and she giggles; she knows what I'm feeling, and my humiliation is complete.

Still giggling she pulls her hand away and spanks me, she spanks me as though I am a naughty child, it's not a frenzied slapping, no, and she is enjoying it, taking her time as if savouring each individual smack. I jerk with every strike but I don't struggle, in my confused mind I believe I deserve this, I have shamed myself. Through eyes blurred by tears I can see my panties where she dropped them on the floor, I can see Teddy and I'm sure he's mocking me, I hate him, irrationally I blame him for what is happening. Her hand lands at regular intervals, stinging, burning, soon my hips are writhing again, but this time in pain, the constant punishment on the same small area is becoming too much for me. I whine behind the gag begging her to stop, I can't take anymore; I just know I will go insane If it continues.

I can think of nothing but the pain and hurt, it seems to fill my mind and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I am screaming in my head, promising to be good, swearing that I will be contrite, that I will do whatever she says, anything, If only she would have mercy. Then as suddenly as she started she stops, it takes me a few seconds to realize that there are no more slaps, but the terrible burning sensation remains. I lay still, sobbing quietly, tense, expecting more blows to land at any second. My body jerks and spasms as I feel her hand on my thigh, she moves up and over my buttocks, I whimper fearing she is going to strike me again, Oh God please no more?

"My my Darby, we certainly brought a rosy glow to your cheeks didn't we?" I can feel her hand laying on my bottom making that spot feel even hotter, "right, up you get," she says as she eases me from her lap. My legs feel weak and I stumble, she stands beside me and takes hold of my shoulders to steady me. When she leaves me I stay in the same position; slightly stooped with my head bowed, feeling defeated and subdued. I want to sooth my burning bum but I can't quite reach with my hands cuffed.

"Stand up straight," she commands from behind me, I can feel her pulling at my arms and something tightening around them just above my elbows. I let out a long groan as my arms are forced together, almost touching, straining my shoulders, this forces me to stand upright and I totter on my three inch heels. She wraps what I guess is a collar about my neck and buckles it snuggly in place. Of all the things she has done to me this one simple act has me feeling defeated, it seems symbolic, this may have all started as some sort of revenge, but it's clear it will be no quick fix. She means to keep me here, for how long I can't guess but I realise I won't be leaving anytime soon.

"See how they stand out, how proud they look," she breathes, she is standing behind me, whispering into my ear. Her arms encircle me and she caresses my breasts which are now thrust forward. Her fingers play over my nipples and I am again shamed; I don't have to look at them to know that they are suddenly erect. Her body is pressed up against me and I can feel her own nipples digging into my back, my captured hands can feel her pussy through her dress.

Images fill my mind; her stocking clad thighs, her nipples poking through her dress, her teeth nipping my ear, her lips pressed to mine. I have to use all my will power not to move my fingers against her pussy. What in hell is happening to me?

Her hand slides down over my stomach and I inhale quickly as her fingertips entwine in the short hairs there and I whimper yet again as one finger touches my clit.

"Nice?" she asks and her tongue flicks over my ear. I feel weak and I lean back into her, my hands search for her and I shudder as I feel her softness through the silky material of her dress. She gives a low throaty chuckle and I open my eyes that I didn't realise were closed.

The spell is broken, I am looking at the table and for the first time I can clearly see the things that she has there. She squeezes my nipple making me groan and she chuckles again and it gradually turns to laughter.


She's shaking and quivering. I can smell her heat coming off her in waves. Her eyes are slightly unfocussed and her legs are trembling. She's on the edge and it will not take much to push her over. Her red hair is damp and dishevelled; her breathing is hoarse through her nose. My heart races at her discomfort and the reduction of this proud, haughty bitch to a shivering, desperate mess. My revenge is beginning to take shape.

'So, Darby.....' my lips find her earlobe as she moans and grunts into the gag, swaying against me. My fingers examine her pussy, parting those swollen lips and seeking the nectar within. She feels hot to the touch and is literally dripping with excitement. She closes her eyes and appears to be praying.

'So..would you like me to allow you some relief?'

Her eye squeeze shut and through the pale lashes a tear swells, and swells, becoming gravid before finding a tipping point of mass and tracking slowly down her cheek and across the slick tape to hang on her fine chin. She makes no other answer to my calm, teasing enquiry, but that is enough. Taking her face in both hands I hold her still while I lick the tear with the tip of my tongue, following its trail, silvery in the subdued light, up to her eye.

She is shivering uncontrollably now as if she is feverish, moaning and thrusting her pelvis as though fucking the very air.

I step back, hands on hips and a crooked smile playing on my lips, head tilted to take it all in. her eyes flick open wide and she begs mutely with them.

I shake my head, slowly, mockingly.


Her eyes are a picture of torment, her chest heaves and her thighs press together. She sobs once into the damp panties stuffing her mouth. I move to the table and find the leash amongst the other items.

'Stay still' I command, eyes locked on hers. She obeys, beginning to regain some focus in them. I click the leash onto its corresponding ring on the collar and squat to remove her shoes. Without ceremony I drag her from the cellar, her bare feet slipping on the cool concrete. We stop outside the door and I slip the bag down over her head again, hooding her. I still haven't decided what to do with her and I don't want her seeing too much of my home. I drag her, stumbling and frightened up the stairs and along the hallway then up more stairs to my bedroom.

'Down' I command, pulling on the leash and she sinks to her knees. I smile. Still some grace there in the way she does that. I crouch beside her and tug on the leash, wrapping it around the bed leg and locking it in place with a padlock. I place the key on my bedside table and check her bonds. The hood is secure enough, and the handcuffs are escape proof. Her wrists are red from pulling at the cuffs but the skin is not broken.

Good, I think as I sink down onto the bed with a sigh. It's been a long day. I ease out of my dress and pull the stockings down my long legs. Reaching round my back I unfasten my bra and pull it off with another contented sigh. I am elated as well as excited. Darby Davidson is all mine! The woman who ruined everything is now my toy. I can do whatever I like with her and thanks to her I have all the time in the world to do it. Poetic justice I think.

Naked I run my hands over my body, teasing up the pale nipples and stroking across my flat tummy to the waxed area between my thighs. I am not at all surprised to find myself open and wet. I caress my labia, inserting the tip of a finger before withdrawing it to taste. I purr softly and without stopping I use my free hand to reach across to the drawer in the bedside table and withdraw the orange vibrator. Its wide head is perfect for stimulating the area around my clitoris and I twist the base one handed to turn it on. It begins, filling the air with its low, insistent buzzing at the lowest setting.

I lay back on my elbows watching my captive sprawling on the floor, naked, hooded and gagged, cuffed and chained to my bed at last. The sight of her pale skin, the tracery of freckles on her arms and chest excites me. There are red patches on that white skin from where I have punished her, her buttocks are reddened still and her nipples remain proud and so pink and mouth-watering.

I stretch a little so I can put my bare feet on my prize and push her onto her back as I apply the vibrator to my burning pubis, sending electric thrills through me as it contacts the aching bud of my clit. I close my eyes, using my feet to push her, to trample her as I seek my release. She moans and grunts lightly beneath the sack on her head and it is sweet music to me, pushing my climax nearer. I circle the vibrator expertly, teasing myself until I can bear it no more and opening my eyes to take in the sight of my prisoner, literally beneath my feet, I press against my surging clitoris and the waves of vibrations combined with my burning excitement drive me over the edge to a grinding, panting orgasm. Waves of intensity burst outward through my whole body and leave me weak and dazed but satisfied in a way that I haven't been since I first heard that my life was being turned upside down at the whim of this woman.

Minutes pass before I am recovered enough to consider practicalities and I climb unsteadily to my feet and unlock her leash from the bed.

'Get up, bitch!' I snap and she hurriedly struggles first to her knees then her feet. It makes me smile to see her struggle. I wrap the end of the leash around my fist and lead her to the bathroom, yanking down to seat her on the toilet. A small interrogative noise issues from beneath the sack and I laugh, cruelly.

'One chance, darling Darby' I tell her 'Use it, you won't be able to until the morning if you don't.'

She reddens, a flush emanating from beneath the hood to warm her chest and it makes me chuckle.

I turn away, adding toothpaste to my brush and brushing my teeth. After the long day, it feels good to be clean. I brush hard, watching her. She sits still; frightened, before finally overcoming her inhibitions and the sound of her spray hitting the water indicates how long she has held it in. I pause to consider. Maybe six hours have elapsed since her capture at the empty office building. When she is finish I allow her a second to drip dry then jerk her wordlessly upright. I switch places with her and force her to her knees in front of me.

I piss languidly, unashamed. The noise is loud and I hum to myself, one hand stroking her hooded face as I relieve myself.

Minutes later I am washed and we have returned to the bedroom. I return her to the floor by the bed and lock her leash back in place.

I sink back in bed and pull the covers snugly over my nakedness, turning off the lamp.

'Goodnight darling Darby' I whisper in the darkness, 'sleep well. We have a busy day tomorrow.....'

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