by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2002 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; F/f; M/f; D/s; leather; bond; party; cons/reluct; X

Breanna could feel her hands trembling as she handed her signed invitation to the doorman.  As he examined the paper, she wondered, for perhaps the thousandth time, who would possibly invite her to an event like this.  And who did she know that could afford the outlandish costume that had come with the invitation?

The boots weren’t so bad, though the five inch heels made walking a bit difficult.  Black leather, like the rest of the outfit, they stretched skin-tight all the way to her thighs.  Her skirt, was tight, reaching only halfway down her thighs, making her ever aware of the fact that she wore nothing beneath it.  But it was the top half of the outfit that made her uneasy.  Stretched tight over her large breasts, the shiny black to left her stomach bare almost to the bottoms of her breasts.  Long sleeves covered her arms, while built-in gloves covered her hands.  The high collar reached almost to her chin, making it rather difficult to turn her head.

And then there was the hood.  It fit snug against her head, her long brown hair pulled through a hole in the top and cascading down her back.  Mesh over the ears left her hearing unaffected.  The only other openings in the hood were for her nose, eyes and mouth, though the last three were equipped with zippers.  Once the hood was closed, then snapped to the collar of her top, the only parts of her that were visible were her eyes, nose and lips. The things that really made her wonder were the clips.  Attached to the inner side of each boot at regular intervals, and also to her sleeves at wrist and elbow, their possible purpose left her mystified. With a smile, the doorman returned her invitation and ushered her through the door.  What she saw inside took her breath away.

Mistress Jade moved through the party like a queen through her court.  This was one of the biggest BDSM parties of the year, and as one of the most powerful Dommes in the area, she treated her lessers with the contempt and disdain they deserved.  In her tight black leather shorts and even tighter black leather halter, her tall, well-endowed form drew eyes toward her with every step, eyes she ignored as a matter of course. As she moved through the crowd, Mistress Jade’s blue eyes, hidden behind her mask, were searching, seeking the one she’d invited to this event.  When she saw the hooded, black-clad girl ushered into the room, she smiled to herself.  So fresh, she thought, so unaware of what tonight had in store for her.  She was almost tempted to approach the girl then and there, but held herself back with some effort.  No, she thought, let her grow accustomed to her surroundings first.  With a smile, Mistress Jade faded back into the crowd.

Lobo moved through the party silently, his black buckskins and simple black mask contrasting sharply with the resplendent costumes surrounding him.  These parties were not his favorite things, and only the fact that the host, a long-time friend, had invited him, kept him from leaving.  Though approached several times, he politely declined all offers and suggestions.  He wasn’t here to play; he was here because his definition of friendship left him little choice.  So, like the hunter who’s name he had taken, Lobo slipped through the crowds untouched.

For long moments, all Breanna could do was stare.  The large room before her was filled with people, some dressed in ways she wouldn’t have imagined possible if she hadn’t seen them for herself.  Leather, latex, even lingerie, in all shades of the rainbow, moved and swirled about the room.  Even as she stared, a girl move by dressed in little more than clear plastic wrapped around her body at waist and chest, plus the required mask.  On the verge of fleeing, Breanna finally took courage from the fact that her hood rendered her anonymous.  Carefully, nervously, she moved into the crowd of people. Almost immediately, a drink was thrust into her hand.  With a murmured thank you, she sipped as she moved through the crowd, trying not to stare.  The drink tasted good to her nerve parched throat, and she soon found herself holding an empty glass.  Hopefully, she began searching for a refill.

From across the room, Mistress Jade watched as her target located the bar.  After giving the girl time to start on her second drink, Mistress Jade slipped through the crowd and leaned back against the bar next to her.

“Lovely outfit,” she commented in her husky voice.  “Wherever did you get it?”

“I honestly don’t know where it came from,” Breanna replied.  “I got it with my invitation.  I don’t even know who invited me.”

Mistress Jade smiled.  “Then it would appear that someone fancies you a great deal.”

“But who?” the nervous girl asked.

“Have no fear,” was the reply.  “I’m sure whoever it was will soon allow you to repay their generosity.”  And before Breanna could ask what she meant, Mistress Jade slipped away into the crowd.

From his place near the edge of the party, Lobo watched as Jade moved away from the black-clad girl.  Who she was, he had no idea, but he’d had his run-ins with Jade, and knew she never directly approached anyone unless she had plans for them.  Smiling, an idea half-formed in his mind, he moved toward the girl at the bar.

Breanna’s second drink vanished as swiftly as the first.  The third also vanished with equal swiftness.  Her fourth drink in hand, already feeling the effects of what she had already consumed, she was surprised to find her nervousness gone.  So when the man in the black buckskins asked her to dance, she readily agreed.

As they danced, Breanna was amazed by the strength she felt from this man.  Safely hidden behind the anonymous blackness of her hood, and held by this man, she felt like nothing could touch her.  And when he asked her if she would like to stay with him, she didn’t hesitate before saying yes.

Taking her hand, the man, who introduced himself simply as Lobo, led Breanna to a table set against the back wall.  Here sat a rather large man dressed in a rather conservative business suit, if a suit made completely of black leather can be called conservative.  As they approached, he glanced up and smiled.

“Ah, so you found one.”

“Wasn’t planning on it,” Lobo replied, “but I’ve got special reason this time.”  Then, turning to Breanna, he looked into her eyes.

“Is it your wish to remain with me?” he asked.

“Y-yes it is,” she stammered, for some reason finding herself nervous again.

“Done!” exclaimed the man behind the table.  “And I know you already know the rules, so I won’t bother explaining them to you.  Enjoy.”

Enjoy? Breanna wondered.  What did he mean by that?  Her answer came sooner than she expected, when Lobo stepped behind her and drew her hands behind her back, securing them together with the clips on her wrists, clips whose purpose was now all to clear.  She turned toward him to ask what was going on, but before she could get anything out, he reached up and zipped her mouth opening closed, rendering her question into a muffled humming, moaning sound.

With a nod to the man behind the table, Lobo led a stunned and unresisting Breanna to a nearby chair.  Seating her, he quickly fastened together the clips on her boots, rendering her even more helpless.  Then he squatted in front of her and took her chin in his hand.

“You’ve never been to one of these before, have you?” he asked.  Breanna shook her head as much as his grip would allow.

“Then maybe I’d better explain.  This is a BDSM party, thrown for the purpose of acquiring slaves.  That signed invitation you presented was also an agreement to abide by the rules of this party.”

Slave?  Rules?  Breanna’s confusion must have been visible in her eyes, because Lobo chuckled.

“By stating your desire to remain with me, you agreed to be my slave for the remainder of the weekend.  And as a sign of this, the rules required you be rendered silent for the rest of the night.”

At his gesture, Breanna glance out over the crowd.  As she did, she noticed that many of the people she saw were gagged in some way.

“Now,” Lobo continued, drawing her attention back to him, “I hope you begin to understand what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

“Lobo!”  At the sound of his name, Lobo rose to confront the tall blonde who’d spoken to Breanna at the bar.

“Jade,” he replied.

“That’s Mistress Jade, and you well know it!” she snapped in reply.  “And just where do you get off claiming my girl?”

Lobo frowned.  “Your girl?”

“Yes, mine.  I sent her the invitation, I bought her the outfit, she’s mine.”

“Oh?” Lobo replied with a smile.  “Thing is, Jade, she submitted to me.  So I guess you’re just out of luck.”

“Damn you!” Mistress Jade shouted at him.  “Okay, I’ll give you one thousand dollars.”

“A thousand dollars to be with her?”


Reaching down, Lobo undid the clips on Breanna’s boots, then pulled her to her feet.  “Let’s go see Max,” he said over his should to Mistress Jade as he drew the silenced girl after him.

A short time later, Breanna, still stunned by what had happened to her, sat slumped on a chair by the long table as Max, the large man, laid a contract in front of Mistress Jade.

“Just sign this, both of you, and we’ll consider the deal closed.”

Smiling, Lobo signed his name, then slid the paper to Mistress Jade, who murmured, “Transfer of property form, ok,” and quickly scrawled her own name.  Then she turned toward Breanna, but Lobo stopped her.

“I believe there was some money involved?”

“Oh, alright.”  Mistress Jade took out her checkbook and quickly wrote out a check.  “Now can I take mymmmmmffffff!”  Her words were suddenly cut off as Lobo stepped behind her and quickly jammed a penis gag into her mouth.  As she twisted her head, reaching up to pull the intruder from her mouth, he fastened the straps, then quickly snapped a lock in place. At the sound of the lock, Mistress Jade spun towards Lobo, her shouts and screams, coming out as nothing more than muffled moaning sounds.  Smiling, Lobo held up the contract.

“You should have read this before you signed it,” he told the stunned blonde.  “It is a transfer of property form, yes, but the property you signed to transfer was you.”

Her eyes wide with shock, the gagged blonde made no effort to resist when Lobo drew her hands behind her, securing them with a pair of stout leather cuffs.

“Good job!” Max exclaimed, as Lobo fastened a leather collar around the blonde’s neck.  “Now what?”

“I guess we’ll see if she can take it as well as she dishes it out,” Lobo replied with a smile, snapping a leash onto the collar.  Then, after drawing Breanna to her feet, he turned for the door.  “I’ll let you know what happens,” he said, then took his new slaves home.

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