The Contract

by Studbound

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; leather; straitjacket; hogtie; cons/reluct; X

As far as Samantha Overton was concerned, the worst kind of call that came over the car radio was one the police termed "domestic disturbance." That usually meant a husband and wife who were into an argument that had gotten out of hand - perhaps even violent. As many times as not, the two ultimately turned on the police who came to investigate - usually called by a concerned neighbor. And that was exactly the kind of call that she and her partner were answering that morning. Domestic disturbance - and in her own neighborhood. She was curious but at the same time, she was apprehensive. Every now and then an officer was shot dealing with domestic violence. Those calls were always risky.

Samantha Overton was almost forty, had worked fifteen years as a policeman and loved her job. She didn't need to work. She had inherited her father's fortune - making her a multi-millionaire many times over. Still, she had always dreamed of being a policeman, and she found the work exciting. She met new people and had many friends on the force. It gave her something to do and it stimulated her keeping her active and, she thought, young. She consoled herself with the knowledge that she worked because she wanted to. Good looking - especially for her age, she was tall - about five foot ten inches with an ample bust and shapely figure. She exercised regularly and she kept her blonde hair fashionably coifed.

Samanatha's job brought her into contact with people from both the light side and the dark sides of society. That was how she met her husband of five years. Dirk. "Dirk the Jerk" she called him sometimes when she was angry with him. She met him when she was part of a raid on a brothel. Somehow he stood out in the sad group of "Johns" rounded up that night. Engaging, breath-taking good looks, with a personality that radiated charisma, Samantha found the man, a few years her junior, delightful. He noticed her too, and after extricating himself from his difficulties, he found her, dated her, and, as she put it eventually, "got to her." She realized that Dirk was the libertine of all time but she was spellbound by him and in her more lucid moments on the subject decided to take on Dirk as 'a project.' She would reform him, domesticate him, find him a job, a career, and make a 'man' out of him.

It hadn't worked out as she planed, and every time she went to work, she wondered what Dirk would do with his time. He never found a job, and seemed disinterested in looking. Every time Samantha went on a call to some seedy dive in town, she wondered if she would stumble on Dirk wasting away his life spending her money and living the life style to which she had sadly let him become accustomed.

Samantha looked over at her partner who was driving the car. Young Albert Johnston, newly wed and only two years on the police force. A nice kid. Straight laced and very conservative to say the least. Happy with his wife and expecting their first baby in a couple of months. Tall, thin, nervous sometimes, Albert was so unlike Samatha's husband it was if they had come from different planets. She found Albert a bit stuffy, and not especially good company. But he was her partner and she made the best of it.

Slowly Albert maneuvered the police car up to the front of the address indicated in the call. It was a large house with a well- tended yard, two stories, colonial façade and majestic entryway. Albert and Samantha left the police car and walked slowly to the front door. So far, no sounds or indications of trouble. Then, just before they reached the door, it opened and a small woman came out looking very worried.

"Thank you for come," she said in accented English. "I so worried. I don't know what to do."

"What's the problem?" said Samantha softly.

"You come, you look," said the woman. Then she turned and led the two officers into the house. They went through a large entry hall and into a well-appointed living room. Samantha admired the furniture, which showed elegant taste and considerable money. The woman led the officers to a stairway and up to the second floor, down a hallway past a bathroom and into a bedroom. "Look," she said pointing to the bed.

Both Samantha and Albert stood and looked, startled at what they saw. On the extraordinarily large round bed they saw a figure - obviously a man, laying on his side facing them. The man wore what appeared to be a black leather straitjacket into which he was tightly constrained. His legs were bound in three places by black leather bands and his legs were drawn up behind him and held in place so that he was in what one might call a 'hog-tie.' His head was covered with a black leather hood, which had openings for his nose, and for his eyes. Over his mouth was another large black leather strap, which covered most of his face below his nose. Since he was making muffled sounds Samantha assumed that the strap was some sort of gag.

Except for the straitjacket, hood, and binding straps, the man was naked. A harness of some sort, however, held his penis and testicles. Rings of leather surrounded his erect penis and the affair separated his testicles and made them stand out from each other.

"Holy shit," said Albert as he gasped. It was the first time Samantha had heard the young man utter any profane word and she was startled by both the visage on the bed and by the reaction it elicited from Albert. 

"Do you know who he is?" Samantha asked the woman who stood with them looking at the bound man.

"Maybe he is Mr. O'Sullivan," said the woman. "Maybe - I don't know."

Samantha and Albert went over to the man and Albert began to try to release him, but quickly realized that every binding was held in place with a lock. The gag was locked as was the hood and about eight locks held the straitjacket in place. The leg bindings were also locked in place.

"There's no way to free him without the keys," said Albert.

"Or with a bolt cutter of some sort," added Samantha. "Do we have a bolt cutter among the tools in the car?"

"I doubt it," said Albert still fumbling with the locks and the bindings on the man who continued to whimper and offer unintelligible noises though the gag.

"Who lives here?" asked Samantha.

"Mr. and Mrs. O'Sullivan," said the woman. "But Mrs. O'Sullivan she work and he work too so I don't know what to do."

"Can you call Mrs. O'Sullivan at work?" asked Samantha.

"Sure - I have a number."

Samantha picked up the bedside phone and the woman recited a phone number. When someone answered, Samantha said, "I'm police officer Samantha Overton, and I'm in the upstairs bedroom of your home where ….. yes …. Yes, he seems to be okay although he's quite tied up and gagged … oh, you know. ….. Yes, the maid is here. …… "

Samantha listened for a few minutes and then turned to the maid and asked her if she had checked her instruction box in the kitchen. 

"No, I not have time to look. I come here to open the windows first, and find him so I call police."

"Well," said Samantha, "you are to go to the kitchen and get the instructions for the day and read them." 

The maid left the room.

"She's gone. Now, how do we release this man who I assume is your husband? …… I see."

Samantha turned to Albert and said, "Go to that bedside table and look in the bottom drawer."

Albert opened the drawer and inside found a file folder, which he took out and opened.

"It's a contract," he said.

"Read it," directed Samantha. She waited while the young man read over the document.

"Wow," he said. "Well, it seems that Mr. O'Sullivan has signed this contract giving his wife exclusive rights to his body. She can do anything with him she wishes. One clause says that she can tie him up, gag him, bind him any way she wants whenever she sees fit and for however long it might please her. And get this, Sam, the document is signed and even notarized."

"Ok, Mrs. O'Sullivan, we have the contract and it looks legal. Let me check something."

Samantha set down the phone and sat on the bed next to the squirming Mr. O'Sullivan. "Did you sign this contract?" O'Sullivan nodded that he had. "Did you do it under duress?" The man indicated that he had not. "Are you in any pain?" O'Sullivan indicated that he was not in pain. "Do you agree that you have singed a legal contract which is binding?" The man, not appreciating the humor in the question, nodded agreement.

Then the bound man continued to protest, but Samantha returned to the phone. "It appears that everything here is in order," she said. "Your husband has admitted that he signed the contract, that he did not do so under duress, and that you are perfectly within your right to do with or to him whatever you wish. It does seem a bit extreme, but we will leave him just as we have found him as you have left him."

Hearing that, Mr. O'Sullivan gave out a loud groan through the gag and squirmed more than he had before. 

"Are you sure about this?" Albert asked Samantha. "I think we ought to free the man despite the contract."

"Albert," said Samantha, "One thing that I've learned over the years is to stay out of other people's affairs unless they are doing something hurtful or illegal. Clearly Mr. O'Sullivan freely and willingly consented to being bound and gagged whenever his wife wishes. It isn't our place to interfere. He isn't being hurt - uncomfortable maybe - but not in any pain and nothing illegal is happening. We will report this as simply a mistake."

"I don't know, Samantha. I think we should do something."

Mr. O'Sullivan clearly agreed with Albert, but Samantha was unmoved. The maid returned with a letter, which she said she had found in the kitchen. "It say that Mr. O'Sullivan is tied up on the bed and that I leave him alone and not worry about him. Mrs. O'Sullivan give me one hundred dollars to watch him and call her if there is problem. If no problem, he stay like this until she come home."

"Is that okay with you?" asked Samantha.

"Sure," smiled the maid. "For one hundred dollars extra I watch him. He can stay tied up all week if she wants. Okay with me. He not in my way when I clean."

Samantha smiled. Motioning to Albert, she left the bedroom and she and Albert returned to their car and drove away.

"I feel really uncomfortable about this," said Albert.

"Forget about it," said Samantha. "You will learn eventually that the world has all kinds of people and some of them do things we don't understand. However those two are handling their marriage is none of our business. As long as there isn't anything illegal or harmful going on, we stay out of it. I advise you never mention this to anyone. Just forget it."

"Whatever you say," Albert sighed. "That poor guy."

Samantha wouldn't forget about it, however. The incident had started her thinking.

* * *

Samantha Overton sat quietly at the table in her dining room. Breakfast dishes sat waiting to be cleared and washed but they were not the center of attention. Most important was the document that sat on the table in front of Samantha's husband, Dirk. Three pages of small print had held Dirk Overton's attention all that morning. He had read the paragraphs over and over shaking his head and muttering to himself. Samantha just sat and waited, silently, showing no emotion. So did her friend, Arlene. Arlene was a secretary in a large law firm and a notary. Arlene was there to witness Dirk should he agree to sign the contract - the document that sat on the table looking harmless despite its ominous content.

It was three weeks since Samantha Overton and her partner, Albert Johnston, had visited the O'Sullivan home just a few blocks away. Since then Samantha had contacted Mrs. O'Sullivan and the two had gotten to know each other. Mrs. O'Sullivan had guided Samantha, given her addresses, web sites, and so on. After careful study and some discrete purchases, Samantha Overton was ready. At breakfast she handed Dirk the contract and said simply, "Read it and sign it. If you do, we continue on as usual except for the provisions of the contract. If you refuse, our marriage is over. Under the provisions of our pre-nuptial agreement, if I dissolve the marriage, you leave with nothing except the clothes on your back. Read it and sign it or pack up and get out."

"Sam, that's blackmail," protested Dirk.

"Probably," said Samantha. "But that's the deal. Take it or leave."

Dirk read the contract. He looked up horrified. "Bondage. Tie me up. Gags. You can't be serious."

"I'm very serious."

"This is ridiculous."

"Probably. But it's sign or leave. I don't care where you stay tonight. But it won't be here."

"Why? Why are you doing this?"

"I'm tired of you doing nothing but living off of me. No job. No career. And God knows what you do during the day when I'm working. So, I've decided to take a more active part in your life - controlling it. Since you won't get a career on your own, I'll get one for you. You will be my slave. You will give me your body. You will not only know the financial security that I've given you - the luxuries that you have come to take for granted, but now you will learn physical security too. You will know the security of being confined, restrained - in short, if I wish, you will be bound and gagged."

"That's madness."

"Probably. But you have two choices. My brand of madness, or you can take a hike. Your choice."

Dirk looked over the contract and read it again. The two women waited. 

"A contract signed like this isn't legal," Dirk protested.

"Arlene will swear that you signed it happily and willingly," Samantha said. "And that will be true too. You will smile and sign freely and willingly, or you will be out that door within an hour. Now make up your mind - I have things to do before I head for work."

Dirk Overton gripped the pen with such force that his knuckles turned white. Finally, giving a sign of resignation, he signed the document and handed it to Arlene who fixed her seal and signed indicating that she had witnessed the procedure.

"There, now that wasn't so bad," said Samantha. "Now you go upstairs and strip and wait for me. I have some things for you to put on and I'll be right up as soon as I see Arlene out."

Pouting and wondering what would come next, Dirk went upstairs to the bedroom he shared with his wife and stripped as she had directed. He loved her, loved having sex with her. But he loved other things - other women too. He loved his freedom and now it looked like Samantha was going to take some of that away from him. Perhaps it was inevitable. 

When Samantha came into the bedroom, she carried a large bag, which she sat on the bed. "Put out both arms," she directed pulling a black leather garment out of the bag. She moved toward Dirk putting his outstretched arms into the sleeves of the straitjacket, then she moved to the back and began cinching up and buckling the buckles holding the jacket in place. Carefully she put the two crotch straps in place, one on either side of his genitals. Dirk watched, silently, knowing better than to argue at this point. After all, she had to go to work – she wouldn't leave him all trussed up for very long. Not alone - that would be dangerous and Samantha didn't do dangerous things. He wasn't worried.

With the straitjacket in place, Samantha brought the black leather hood out of the bag and pulled it over Dirk's head.

"Is that really necessary?" Dirk asked at last.

"I think so," Samantha smiled making sure that the nose holes and eyeholes and hole for his mouth lined up correctly, then fastening the hood in place. 

"Open wide," said Samantha as she brought the bulb of the gag strap to his mouth.

"Now here I draw the line," Dirk protested. "No gag despite what the contract said."

Samantha quickly moved her right leg, jerking it back and then forward connecting with Dirk's left shin. When the man shouted in pain, Samantha shoved the bulb into his open mouth and pulled the wide strap tight around his head fastening it in back. Dirk protested but the gag reduced him to grumbles and grunts, which left Samantha unmoved.

Next Samantha fastened cuffs to each of Dirk's ankles. The cuffs were connected with a chain about two feet long that would allow Dirk to walk but not run. Finally, with Dirk Standing, Samantha put in place a cock and ball harness that captured and highlighted her husband's penis and testicles. When finished, she looked at the final product - Dirk firmly bound in black leather, his genitals captured and in tight bondage, his mouth gagged. 

"Time to go," she said with a smile leading Dirk out of the bedroom, out of the house and to the waiting police car. This was the risky part of her plan – the trip to the O'Sullivan house. Samantha worried that someone might see her, in uniform and in her car, with a bound and gagged man sitting next to her, but she had to take that chance. She didn't want the bother of putting Dirk in the trunk. So in the passenger seat he sat while she drove. It was a short trip, and quickly she pulled up to the curb in front of the same house she had visited with Albert weeks before.

Samantha guided Dirk out of the car and up the walk to the house. She rang the bell, and when the maid opened the door, she pushed Dirk into the house ahead of her. Silently she guided Dirk up the stairs to the bedroom, and to the large round bed. She helped him lay on the bed, removed the cuffs from his ankles, and bound his legs with leather straps - three of them. Finally, she drew up his ankles toward his back and fastened them in place so that he was hog-tied. Then she took out locks and put them in place on the hood, the gag, the straitjacket, and the leg binders.

"Now," said Samantha cheerfully as she removed Dirk's blindfold, "I want you to meet George. You and George have a lot in common and I urge you to get acquainted and become friends. You are going to spend a lot of time together."

Horrified, Dirk Overton looked across the bed at George O'Sullivan who was bound and gagged and hog-tied in exactly the same way that Samantha had bound him. Both men stared at each other, squirming as much as their restraints allowed, making muffled sounds in their gags.

Two women walked into the room - Mary O'Sullivan and Consuela Maria de la Joya, the maid. Consuela, who everyone called only Connie, smiled as she looked at the two men trussed up together on the huge bed.

"They look very nice," she said.

"I want to thank you for agreeing to baby sit my husband too," said Samantha as she handed Connie one hundred dollars. "And here are the keys that you need if there is a problem. But don't even think of freeing him unless it is an emergency," Samantha cautioned.

"They stay that way all day," said Connie. "They no bother me."

Samantha smiled and chatted with Mary as they left the bedroom and walked down the stairs. Mary left for her job and Samantha drove off in the police car to pick up Albert and start their daily routine. As she drove, Samantha smiled. At last she knew where her husband would be all day, and what he would be doing.  And, she thought cheerfully, it was all perfectly legal. She had a contract.



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