Continually Increasing Bondage

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2019 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; captives; prison; cell; bond; susp; spandex; hood; encased;armbinder; straps; sleepsack; cocoon; strip; force; wash; torment; revenge; cons/nc; X

story continues from part 7

Chapter 8

In stark contrast to the relative comfort of Lauren’s soft, plush surroundings with the airtight cocoon to keep out the cold, Jade was afforded no such luxury after release from the Japanese-style bondage which Amber had inflicted on her.

She had been the first of the trio to be allowed out of her tortuous position, before being marched away from her sister and Lauren.  Having spent the past few uncomfortable hours trying to find release from these, the strictest of bonds that Amber had ever imposed upon her, she’d finally had to admit defeat. Normally she was quite adept at getting out of rope bondage, having acquired an expertise matched only by her sister over the course of the years. This Oriental bondage, with its taut webbing and numerous hitches and cinches, knots and splices, however, had left her bewildered and confused as to how to wriggle, squeeze or contort her arms out of the immaculately tied ligatures that surrounded and overwhelmed her. And it appeared, from the grunts of frustration coming from the direction of her twin, that success on this score was also eluding Jasmine.

Now, with Amber’s return, Jade had slowly but surely found herself being released from the bewildering array of ropes that held her in check. The hood which had kept her in perpetual darkness during her dalliance with Japanese culture, however, had been left in place until after the strict ropes that made up her arm and body harness had been removed. This was Amber’s way of ensuring that, as the restraints slackened and fell away from Jade’s wrists, no attempt could be made to immediately flee.

With her arms now rope-free, Jade’s initial instincts were to attempt removal of her facial covering. But even in her blindness she knew that her cousin would be watching, and the second that her right hand began to rise in the direction of her neck, a sharp  “Don’t even think about it!” from Amber, let her know in no uncertain terms that now was not the time for disobedience. So, curbing her natural impulses, she simply rubbed her sore wrists and gently exercised her muscles and joints in the short time available to her. 

She had a general idea of what was about to transpire, of course, although the precise nature of her next period of bondage could only be guessed at. So the pulling of her arms back behind her again, immediately followed by their insertion into what she quickly recognised as a leather mono-glove, was neither totally unexpected nor completely devoid of the surprise factor.  But one thing Jade did know for a fact, even before Amber began yanking the lacing as tight as her victim’s supple arms would allow, was that mono-gloves, single-sleeve mittens or arm-binders – call them what you will -  were almost impossible for the person thus restrained to break free from when secured correctly. And in this latter regard, Amber was always going to be painstakingly thorough and meticulous in her methods, to ensure that she left her captive with no room for manoeuvre and little cause for optimism.

With her arms no longer of use to her again, Jade found herself liberated from the hood. She was given no time for her eyesight to get to grips with the brighter environment, however. A brief glimpse of her two fellow prisoners, still hooded and trussed up in the elaborate suspension bondage, was all she was afforded before Amber grabbed her by the shoulder and propelled her towards the door.  Across a walkway she was steered, the drop on either side seemingly bottomless in the gloom, with the safety nets still in place should someone ‘accidently’ fall over the railing. For a second, Jade contemplated whether trying to push Amber over the edge was a viable proposition, but quickly came to the conclusion that, without the use of her hands, it would more likely be herself that took the plunge. Were those nets still safe and intact? Or maybe a falling body would instantly split the possibly rotten webbing, which seemed to sway slightly as the draft from some unknown source – a broken window maybe, or one of the skylights high above which allowed a modicum of light to seep through their mildew encrusted panes – wafted silently through this house of detention.

With the chasm negotiated, Jade was encouraged to make her way down a flight of stairs and into one of the numerous small cells on the floor below. There, Amber quickly rebound her cousin’s legs, pulled the hood back over her head and secured it, then left the room again without a word, leaving her once more sightless detainee sitting on the cold, hard floor.

Jade stretched her arms and tried to figure out a way that she could somehow slip free of the strict arm-binder. Although helpless, she was certain that the relatively minimal bonds that surrounded her at the moment were a sure sign that Amber hadn’t yet finished this latest restraining project, as this would have been completely out of character. And so it was to shortly prove.

Amber was gone probably ten minutes or so, and when she returned it was clear that she was not alone.  The sound of what were obviously two sets of approaching feet – one high heeled and staccato, the other shoeless and therefore much duller in tone – let Jade know that one of her captive comrades had been given the dubious pleasure of accompanying Amber on this latest little excursion. And it was soon clear, from Amber’s first announcement once they’d reached this small chamber and the door had been slammed shut, that it was her twin that had been brought along to keep her company.

“Here we are Jasmine.  I thought you’d like to spend the night with your sister. Kind, aren’t I?”

Seconds later, Jade felt Amber’s hands lift her up into a standing position once more; the Mistresses’ long fingernails digging deeply and painfully through the spandex of her upper arm as she was forced to her feet.  As the pain subsided however, human contact of a different kind presented itself, as Jade found her torso being pressed forcibly against another warm body. It was obvious straightaway, from the soft sound of spandex on spandex, that it was her identical twin standing before her, face to face, toe to toe and breast to pulsating breast. And from the rapid pounding of her sister’s heart, and the faint muffled sound from her gagged mouth which accompanied Amber’s attempt to force them together, it was evident that Jasmine was as despondent and unhappy about this whole situation as her sister.  

Not daring to move,  the two helpless females stood in close proximity, both comforted by the support of their closest relative and - until recently - inseparable ally, yet fearful of whatever despicable torments Amber might have lined up for them. And it wasn’t long before their cousin’s plans were revealed. 

All of a sudden, without warning, Jade felt something pressing against her sheathed upper arms, and within no more than a second or two, the slender gap between Jasmine and herself closed, and the ability to move away from her sibling was suddenly denied to her.  The strap – for that was what it undoubtedly was – must have been a long one, for it had clearly been wound around not only her own arms and torso, but Jasmine’s as well. And the securing of this ligature with a buckle only compounded the restrictive nature of their shared plight. But it soon became apparent that Amber was in possession of more than one of these oversized belts, as a second such restraint quickly found its way around the twins’ combined waists, followed instantly by a third just below their buttocks. And the task of welding the duo into one indivisible entity continued in a downward direction, with shorter but no less effective strapping being utilised around their knees, calves and ankles.  But even now, with their entire bodies joined from foot to shoulder, Amber still had a few surprises up her latex sleeve.

Firstly there were the collars, which fitted tightly around the neck of each of the now well and truly constrained women. Jade was not a newcomer when it came to the modelling of this form of adornment, but what she hadn’t bargained for was the sound of a chain jangling close to her leather-covered ears, which preceded a sudden jerking forward of her head, so that her face and that of her sister were touching, forehead to forehead, and any attempt to pull back, by even a fraction of an inch, was now impossible. So close were their noses to one another’s, that the draught caused by Jasmine’s breath, which came in short, agitated bursts, could be felt by Jade gently drifting into her own nostrils; the only section of her facial flesh not enveloped in leather. But the chain which united their necks was not the only extra bond that Amber had in mind for her captive duo.

Jade and Jasmine gasped almost in unison as a hand slipped unexpectedly into the tight space between their conjoined abdomens. But within no more than half a minute, Amber’s objective became crystal clear, as a thin strap, probably of leather, threaded its way between Jade’s legs, before being wrenched upwards into her crotch as high as was humanly possible, then attached in some way to the belt around their collective waists. This caused another gasp-cum-squeal of astonishment to seep through her layered gag, which was followed only seconds later by a similar sound emanating from the equally stuffed and sealed mouth only an inch or so from her own. But the initial shock at this intrusive addition to her bondage was soon replaced by a bitter-sweet feeling that brought with it conflicting emotions for Jade.

Yes, under normal circumstances a crotch strap was always a welcome addition to any good bondage session. In these uncertain times however, with her future and that of her sister in jeopardy, Jade wasn’t particularly in the mood to pleasure herself in this manner. But it was soon to transpire that whether she was to reap the harvest that this particular method of sexual gratification could reap was not necessarily in her own hands. For it became plain straightaway that the two crotch straps had been in some way intertwined, so that any slight movement made by Jasmine instantly caused a degree of friction to Jade’s invasive strap… and vice versa.  And the more either of them wriggled in their bonds, the more pronounced this sensation became, and with this came the ever greater urge to explore this familiar yet always welcome phenomenon. But before this could take place, Amber had one last layer of bondage in her arsenal to inflict on her two already severely restrained cousins.

As Amber eased her now totally inseparable relatives onto the concrete floor, Jade felt, first her feet, then her ankles and calves, being inserted into a slim avenue of stretch fabric that she immediately recognised as being one of the many sleep-sacks which Amber owned. And it didn’t take a genius to work out that, as she and Jasmine were already fused together from head to toe, that this latest addition to their regalia must also be incorporating her partner-in-bondage within its expanding folds. As the sheath slowly made its way upwards over their thighs and hips, it became all too obvious that this was going to be a snug fit, as this particular item of bondage gear was really made to fit one, not two people within its sleek confines. Amber could be heard straining and puffing, as she in turn lifted the twins’ legs, abdomens and upper torsos, in order to insert them into the cul-de-sac tunnel of strong, pliable darlex. Finally, with the sack pulled over their shoulders, and a drawstring in the region of their necks tightened to discourage slippage, Amber’s work was done, and the two now completely encased females were allowed to rest.

“There, that should hold you for the night. As you know, once Hazel’s out of the equation I’m going to be selling the pair of you on into lifelong slavery. And I’m certain that I can get a better price for you individually, rather than as a pair. After all, unlike Tesco or Asda, I don’t accept ‘two for the price of one’ or ‘buy one, get the second half price’ offers.”

Amber laughed at her little joke, but when no reciprocal sounds of mirth issued from behind the two leather hoods at her feet, she continued in more serious vein.

“Anyway, as you’ll no doubt be transported to far-flung parts of the world, the chances of you ever seeing each other again are extremely unlikely. So to make up for that, I’ve decided, as you’ve never really been apart for more than a few hours in your entire lives, that you’d probably like to spend your last few hours together in as intimate proximity as possible, so that you can reconcile any differences that might have caused friction between you recently... and of course, so that you can properly say goodbye. Hence this latest bondage arrangement that I’ve rigged up for you. Make the most of each other’s company, won’t you? I do hope you take full advantage of those crotch straps. I’ll see you in the morning.”

And with those words resonating in their brains, and the slamming of the heavy door still reverberating around the hollow chamber in which they languished, Jasmine and Jade were left to ponder their futures and/or make their own entertainment for the next few hours.


For Jasmine and Jade, the stay in their shared stretch-fabric confinement was to be of lengthy duration, but not without its compensations.

Despite Jade initially having severe reservations about seeking pleasurable release whilst their very futures hung in the balance, the very nature of the strap that cut so deeply into the most intimate region of her body, meant that she had little choice but to go with the flow. She was sure that the same must be true for Jasmine also. And as any small movement from one impacted directly on the other, which in turn caused a further involuntary reaction that reciprocated and mirrored the first, an ever increasing cycle was thus set in motion, which quickly spiralled out of the control of either of them, and before they knew it, had escalated to a point where neither could put a stop to their shared adventure… even if they’d wanted to.

It was, to Jade’s mind, her sister that was responsible for starting this sequence of events. For only minutes after Amber had entombed them in the empty cell within this deserted, isolated prison, situated miles from anywhere, Jasmine had begun to struggle.  Why, Jade had no real idea at the time, because as far as she was concerned there wasn’t the remotest chance that either of them would be able to escape. Amber had, she knew only too well, made certain of that. But maybe escape wasn’t the prime motive for Jasmine’s actions…at least not from a literal perspective. As the pushing and thrusting of Jasmine’s abdomen against her own began to speed up and magnify in intensity, however, Jade began to realise that her twin’s real purpose in wriggling around within the hugging sheath was aimed at release of a different kind.

And as the strap between her own legs began to bite into the most sensitive area of her entire being, Jade began to understand that Jasmine was simply intent on making the most of a grim situation, by taking her mind off the horrors that lay ahead in the best way she could; a sort of safety valve to stop her from dwelling on the possibility that life as they knew it was about to change for the worse, which would probably have induced a panic attack if left unchecked, or else caused her to sink into a mood of morose self-pity from which there was no way out. And as their current situations were so intertwined, it would be impossible for Jade not to be affected by her sister’s actions. At least this way, they had something to occupy their brains and – dare she even think it? – a means to enjoy themselves, to help make the time pass a bit quicker. 

The build up of Jasmine’s jerking, pulsing movements started tentatively enough, as if she was at first testing the waters, to see how effective her own crotch strap would be should she wish to take things further. But with this impacting on her sister’s equally well placed bond, she found that Jade soon took up the cause, and that she too was contributing to the overall effect of the now naturally pulsating momentum of this strange, wriggling dance. The upshot of all this activity was that, within no more than a minute or so, both women had taken up the gauntlet and were bucking and writhing with as much force and power as their strictly bound bodies would allow. And being so attuned to each other’s rhythms, it came as no surprise to either of them that, when Jasmine’s orgasm exploded in her, Jade’s was almost simultaneous in reaching its zenith. 

And so it went on throughout the night. Time after time, one or other of these identical twins, whose bondage was also indistinguishable from the other’s, would begin the whole process of making the most of a bad situation, and rekindle again the spark that would culminate in lifting not only herself, but also her sister, to the heady heights of synchronised sexual gratification. And these over-zealous bouts of activity never failed to deliver some degree of light relief from what was otherwise a very bleak outlook.


Hazel passed through the main exit doors at Ipswich station and halted. For several seconds she gazed around at a familiar view that she had assumed would be denied to her for several years to come.

Having left Poole on one of the earliest trains possible that morning, after making her way across London she’d caught the 10:30 from Liverpool Street and had arrived at her destination just before midday.  Directly in front of her was the Station Hotel, and she briefly contemplated going in for a quick gin and tonic before embarking on the next phase of her mission.  But she decided against this, figuring that it was probably best to keep a clear head for the mission to come.

Crossing Ranelagh Road, she strolled at a brisk pace over the bridge spanning the River Orwell into Princes Street. Ahead she could see the skyline of her hometown; Ipswich Town’s football ground slightly to the left, with the tower block of St Clare House almost directly in front of her. But as well as taking in the familiar landmarks, Hazel’s eyes were also on the lookout for signs of trouble. For surely the police would be on high alert for her. And the fact that she knew so many people here, meant that there was always a chance that an acquaintance might pass by at any moment and recognise her.  For this reason she’d done her best to disguise her appearance. The change of hair colour would help, and the dark glasses and pulled down woollen hat should also add to the deception. Luckily, it was a cold but sunny day, so neither the shades nor the headwear stood out as being too odd.

Hazel reached the junction with Chancery Road and stopped for the traffic traversing the one-way gyratory system. As she glanced to her left, however, a shiver ran down her spine, as the Ipswich Crown Court building was now clearly visible to her; the place where she’d been sentenced to serve five years at Her Majesty’s pleasure only a few weeks before.  This sight she found unnerving, but it also brought back to her the reason that she was here, and the thought of getting revenge on the couple who had turned her in brought with it a renewed sense of purpose.

While the moving cars, vans and cyclists blocked her way ahead, Hazel pulled the phone from her pocket and selected the pre-programmed number that Amber had given her. After around ten seconds, Amber’s voice competed with the traffic’s roar. Without any formalities, Hazel got to the point.

“It’s me. I’m back in town. When can I see the merchandise?”

There was a slight pause, as if Amber had been caught off guard momentarily by the abrupt manner with which she’d been accosted. Then she seemed to regain her composure, not to mention her sarcasm.

“Nice to hear from you too Hazel. Never one for the niceties of small talk, were you? Ok, let’s get down to business. I’ll meet you at three o’clock and take you to see the goods on offer. The girls are at a secure location out of town, so I’ll pick you up by the ‘Question Mark’ outside the University Campus on the Waterfront. Is that ok with you?”

Answering in the affirmative, Hazel hung up, having advised – or maybe ordered - her adversary not to be late. The traffic had now halted at the red light, but she baulked at the idea of heading into the town centre, as she figured the increase in people would equate to a far greater chance of being spotted. Instead, she turned right onto Grafton Way and headed towards Cardinal Park and the Waterfront. As she had a bit of time to kill, she decided that maybe she would have that drink after all.


Jasmine woke suddenly from her disturbed slumbers. Through the leather that covered her ears and acted as a sound muffler, she could still hear the soft, rhythmic breathing close to her face, which informed her that Jade was asleep. But this hadn’t been the catalyst that had awoken her. For there was another, more distant sound reaching her ears now. But far from encouraging her to think that help was at hand, Jasmine immediately recognised the high heeled clicking sound which seemed to be getting nearer by the second, as emanating from the boots of her hated cousin. And moments later this was confirmed with the unlocking and opening of the heavy door to the twins’ night time accommodation.

“Good morning girls, I do hope you slept well. Or maybe you had other, more exciting things to keep you occupied.”

The light, as Jasmine’s hood was unlaced and removed from her face, suggested that it was mid-morning at the very least, if not later. And as Amber went about the task of loosening and then relieving Jade of her facial covering also, she began to enlighten the twins as to the nature of events that had transpired this morning, as well as those that she had planned for the day ahead. 

“I’ve just recently had a call from our friend Hazel. She’s back in Suffolk, and it seems that she’s taken the bait. Now all I have to do is reel her in and mete out the punishment due to her.  I’m meeting her in a couple of hours’ time, on the pretence of agreeing a price for the three of you.”

Jade’s hood had now been discarded, and the identical twins met each other’s gaze with a mixture of fear and dismay etched on the portion of their faces not swathed in grey duct tape. Amber was oblivious to their emotional states, however, and continued with her monologue as she began the process of relieving them of the shared darlex sheath.

“So what I plan to do now is get you all cleaned up and looking presentable, then put on a sort of exhibition to show you off to the prospective buyer. It will look like I’ve put in a lot of effort, and convince Hazel that my offer is genuine. Then once she’s been taken in and her guard is down, I’ll strike. She won’t know what’s hit her.”

For emphasis, Amber slapped her hand across Jade’s thigh as she finished this utterance, causing the subject of this assault to squeal through her gag. With the sheath now removed, Amber began to release the restraints that held the duo in such close proximity, including the removal of the crotch straps. Although she didn’t comment at the time, it must have been obvious to her that the soft leather, as well as the spandex in the region where the belts had so recently resided, retained a certain degree of dampness. But she seemed far more interested in telling her own tale. Now well into her stride, she kept up the verbal assault on her captive audience.

“This morning, I took the liberty of going back to your house and picking up some fresh cat-suits for you. I borrowed one for Lauren too. Hope you don’t mind. You do have a huge selection of spandex-wear to choose from, don’t you?”  I might go back later and pick up a few pieces for myself, perhaps. And for Lauren too, of course. After all, you won’t be needing them anymore, and it would be a shame for all those gorgeously slinky costumes to go to waste. You wouldn’t mind if your favourite cousin helped herself to a few bits and pieces, would you?”

This rhetorical question, of course, hung in the air unanswered for several seconds, before Amber went on.

“Anyway, we’d better get a move on.  I need to make you all glamorous and looking your best before I head off to pick Hazel up. Then you’ll see how I plan to overpower and subjugate the bitch that nearly sold me into slavery. I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching me give her a taste of her own medicine.”

The twins were now separate entities once again, although still inescapably trapped within their single-sleeve mittens, and with their legs still trussed together. The latter situation was soon rectified however, to allow them to stand and exercise their stiff muscles and joints ready for the coming venture. The former, however, stayed tightly lashed around their arms.


To lead her flock of bondage sheep to pastures new, Amber attached collars and leads to each of their necks, then proceeded out of the cell and into the maze of corridors beyond; pulling each reluctant lamb in her wake as she did so.  After two or three minutes of disorientating travel down dimly lit stairways and along featureless passageways, the convoy arrived in a room which neither Jasmine nor Jade had visited before. But it was obvious the second that Amber opened the door to allow them to enter, that this large space had in fact been the shower block, with numerous cubicles just visible in the light from two windows, high up above their heads; dirt encrusted and criss-crossed with rusting iron bars.

The sunlight illuminated an area of floor where several metal buckets stood, and it was towards these that Amber shepherded her charges now.  But if either of the twins hadn’t grasped the nature of what was about to happen, Amber was, as usual, eager to explain her intentions.

“Unfortunately, the mains water supply to this establishment was cut off when they closed down, so there’s no chance of you getting a nice, warm shower. So instead, to get you all cleaned up, we’ll have to make do with the old fashioned method of washing.”

Leading her less than enthusiastic followers so that they were standing over the buckets, Jasmine could now see that each was filled almost to the brim with water.

“Kneel down.”

It seemed that neither Jasmine nor Jade responded quickly enough to this prompt, for Amber’s next words came out as a barked order with sinister undertones.

“I said kneel down! Or would you rather I made you do as you’re told? If I have to do that, I can assure you that this ordeal will be a hundred times worse for both of you.”

The twins briefly caught each others’ gaze, and it was obvious to Jasmine that Jade was conveying the same message to her as she had been trying to get over to her twin; namely that they had better do as they were told. Jasmine watched as Jade bent her legs and awkwardly began to lower herself onto the cold slabs. A split second later, she also followed suit. With both her prisoners now on their knees, Amber swiftly moved to bind their ankles.  

Although the reason for this close encounter with the cold, uninviting water was clear to Jasmine, the way in which Amber now went about the task of immersing her head in the pail came as a shock, and resulted in a distressed shriek emanating from behind her gag as she was plunged deeply into the freezing liquid and held there while her tormentor applied shampoo and massaged it into her hair and scalp. The length of time that her face remained submerged probably wasn’t more than thirty seconds, but to the bound and helpless woman fighting for air and desperate for this icy soaking to end, it seemed like forever.  When Amber did finally relent, and pulled her painfully out by her now drenched hair, it took her a minute or more to catch her breath and regain her composure. Her cousin seemed oblivious to the anguish she’d just caused.

“There you go Jasmine. Doesn’t that feel a lot better now that your hair’s nice and clean again?”

Not waiting for even a stifled reply, Amber turned her back on the dripping woman and repeated the procedure on Jasmine’s twin. Although she must have taken on board the suffering that her sister had just been through, the chill of the water caused Jade to scream with equal intensity as her head disappeared into the bucket and displaced water cascaded onto the floor. As the cleansing of her sister’s hair took place, however, Jasmine made a discovery. The water had loosened the adhesive on the duct tape that covered her mouth, and she was able, with relative ease, to work her facial muscles back and forth, so that, slowly but surely, the up to now steadfast strips began to release their grip on her skin, until, after a minute or so, they came away from her upper lip.  Trying to spit the rolled up tights out, however, must have created enough of a disturbance to alert Amber to what was going on. Having let Jade up from her watery dip, she turned and faced her now semi-ungagged cousin. Jasmine cowered and tried to move away, thinking that her actions were about to unleash a backlash which would undoubtedly result in punishment of some description. To her surprise, not to mention immense relief, however, Amber smiled.

“Ten out of ten for initiative Jasmine. I was going to replace your gags soon anyway, so you’ve just saved me the trouble.”

She leaned closer, and suddenly her tone changed dramatically to a menacing whisper.

“But if you ever pull a stunt like that again, I’ll make your life absolute hell, do you understand?”

The ripping away of the rest of the tape, still clinging resolutely to her chin, caused Jasmine to yelp in pain as it seemed to take the flesh with it. The tights that had been an almost permanent fixture for longer than she cared to remember, stayed in place however. Just to keep parity, Amber stripped the tape from Jade’s face too.

But seconds later the realisation that the tape’s removal was of little overall relevance to their unenviable state hit home, as Amber began to reapply the claustrophobic leather hoods to her two cowering captives’ heads; firstly Jasmine’s, then Jade’s. The sound of padlocks being fixed close to their necks told the once again sightless duo that removing these tightly fitting head coverings was never on the cards.

“Now we’ll get those nasty, smelly costumes off you, so that you can have a good wash. Then we’ll get you into your nice clean outfits so you look your best for our unsuspecting guest.”

Jasmine felt the pressure around her shoulders ease somewhat, and after maybe twenty seconds or so, the mono-glove began to slip off her arms.

“Untie your legs and get yourself undressed while I deal with your sister.”

It was obvious from Amber’s tone, that this was an order, not an option.

While Amber liberated Jade from her arm-binder, Jasmine reached down in her blindness and released her ankles, before meekly beginning to disrobe from the clinging spandex that had been her second skin for the past few days. She wanted to run or to fight; to do something – anything – that would bring a stop to this madness. But with her eyesight removed, she knew that she was powerless. In bitter dismay, she realised that she would have to wait for a more opportune moment to effect an escape. But what chance was there of such a time presenting itself? Amber seemed to think everything through with military precision beforehand, and the chances of her making a mistake seemed remote. Even so, she clung to the slender hope that, for once, her adversary might get careless.  Stripping naked, she stood self-consciously on the concrete floor in the bitterly cold room, whilst swishing, rustling sounds to her right told her that her twin was also getting undressed. Before long, however, an uneasy silence fell over the proceedings, and Jasmine guessed that Jade, like herself, was now standing in sightless self-conscious nakedness, awaiting Amber’s next move.

They didn’t have to wait long. Suddenly, a stifled scream rent the air, and the sound of water crashing on the floor all around reached Jasmine’s ears. If she hadn’t already sussed out what had just occurred, within seconds she found herself also being almost knocked over backwards by a torrent of icy cold water that made her involuntarily squeal with anguish. Almost immediately, another soaking ensued, this time from behind her. 

“Now soap yourselves all over. The quicker you do as you’re told, the quicker you’ll be able to warm up again.”

 Jasmine felt a bar of soap being thrust into her hand. Starting at her neck she began doing as she was commanded. Shivering, both with fear and as a consequence of the deluge that had so startled her, she realised, as her hands spread lather over her breasts, that her nipples were standing erect in the sub-zero conditions, and that she had goose-bumps all over.  Working as fast as she could, however, her distracted mind failed to take on board one important detail; namely, how the soap was going to be rinsed off her now thoroughly lathered body and limbs. The answer, of course, was obvious... by exactly the same method that Amber had used to drench her only minutes earlier. 

This second inundation caused no less surprise than the first deluge, and found both Jasmine and Jade shrieking their impotent muffled protests into the cavernous building.  This latest tidal wave, however, proved to be the low point in this nightmarish aquatic undertaking, and once Amber was satisfied she’d removed all the lather and suds from her trembling captives, towels were handed out, and the order given to dry themselves off with as much haste as possible. The promise of getting dry and, hopefully, the prospect of being allowed into the clean cat-suits that Amber had spoken of, were the only incentives Jasmine needed to rub herself down vigorously, until she was not only dry, but also slightly warmer once more. Sure enough, with the towels removal came the feel of soft, smooth spandex in her hand; a sensation that she knew well, and which provided a modicum of comfort to her in these otherwise stress-laden times.

Once ensconced in the snugly fitting one-piece garment that hugged and caressed every inch of her lithe young body, Jasmine was unsurprised to fine her hands being once again pulled behind her back. This time, the soft leather of the arm-binder was replaced by the harsh steel of a pair of handcuffs, the closing ratchets of which signalled the commencement of another chapter in this never ending bondage ordeal. Similar clicking sounds from not far away informed her that Jade’s wrists had also succumbed to the unyielding manacles. But now what?

Suddenly, Jasmine felt the pressure ease around her head, as Amber once more released the lacing and worked the hood upwards. When her vision adjusted to the lighting conditions, Jasmine’s first sight was of her cousin standing only a few feet away, legs slightly apart, arms akimbo, and with the suggestion of a smile on her face.

“Well girls, I hope you feel refreshed after your rather unconventional bathing experience.  In a minute or two I’ll get you all rigged up for your beauty parade.”

Amber walked from one twin to the other, feeling the lank, wet hair of each in turn.

“But first it’s lunch time. I’m sure you’re both a bit parched and peckish by now, aren’t you?”

With all that had been going on, Jasmine hadn’t realised until now how hungry she was. And as Amber removed the tights from her mouth, the burning in her throat only served to remind her that it was over twenty four hours since her jailer had last seen fit to remove their gags and allow them the most miniscule of morsels to eat, along with a tiny drop of water. And it soon became evident that she had no intention of increasing their rations today; what tasted like stale biscuits being washed down with water that smelt rancid and had a disgusting tang to it. Dessert proved to be a new pair of rolled up tights, accompanied by fresh duct tape wrapped around her lower head. 


Fitting collars and chains around their necks once more, Amber wasted no time in leading her cousins out of the shower block and back upstairs to the place she had earmarked for this latest phase of her scheme, or the “market place” as she termed it. Within no more than a couple of minutes, the twins were ensconced in their latest quarters, a cell no larger than any of the others that they’d had the misfortune to inhabit over the past few days.  Immediately, Amber began to ensure that there would be no interaction between the sisters, by binding their legs, then making certain that they were tethered so that neither had any chance of tampering with the other’s bonds. This latter manoeuvre was completed by attaching chains to the manacles around their wrists, then looping these through hooks that were only just visible in the dimly lit ceiling above, each one several feet apart from the next. Winching these fetter upwards, first Jade, then Jasmine found their arms pulled up behind them, so that they had no choice but to bend forwards, whilst their wrists rose upwards until they were at a higher level than their heads. So taut were these restraining bonds pulled, that the duo squealed in pain as their arms were stretched to the limits of their endurance, and they were left teetering on the tips of their toes, with the remainder of their foot unable to touch the floor. With the strappado position of both of her prisoners executed to her satisfaction, Amber stood back to inspect and admire her handiwork.

“There, that should keep you out of mischief for a while.”

She came forward and felt the hair of each twin in turn.

“Hmm, still very wet. But I guess that will have to do. One of the hazards of being in this cold, damp environment I suppose.”

From her bag, she produced a hair brush and began roughly, and with little thought for her captive’s well-being, running the bristles through Jasmine’s tangled locks. This harsh process produced the sensation that  her hair was being ripped from her skull, but after a minute or two of this torture, Amber had cleared most of the knots, pulled her captive’s tresses back behind her head and tied them into a ponytail using a red silk ribbon. Jade was soon to suffer a similar hairdressing nightmare; the colour of the ribbon used – emerald green - being the only difference to her look.

“There, that looks a lot better. Almost presentable in fact.”

Amber checked her watch.

“Time to get Lauren all cleaned up and ready now. But don’t go away girls, we’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m sure she’ll be dying to see her friends know, the ones who decided to help me hoodwink and kidnap her.” 

And with a wink and a smile, Amber left the room, closing and locking the door behind her.


It must have been around half an hour before Amber returned. And when she did, she had Lauren in tow. She too was in handcuffs, with grey tape obscuring the bottom half of her face and head. And like the twins, it appeared that she had also been an unwilling participant in Amber’s washing and grooming project.  Just to continue the symmetry, Jade and Jasmine could only watch as their erstwhile friend had her legs bound in three places, before being placed in an unforgiving  strappado tie that must have been as uncomfortable as their own.

“Good, that should hold you all until I get back here with Hazel. Then the fun will really begin. Try not to struggle too much, as I want you in as pristine condition as possible, in order to show you off to your potential buyer.  Little does she know that she’ll soon be joining you in the tightest of tight bondage.”

The Mistress came up to each of her captives in turn, checked that their bonds were secure and unbreakable, then backed off and addressed the assembly as a school teacher would address her pupils.

“Now I know you’re in a dilemma here. Do you try to warn Hazel to the danger she’s in and risk falling into her hands? Or do you play along and watch me get even with the bitch that left us all tied up for days?”

Without pausing, she answered her own questions... by putting the onus back on her captives and threatening retribution if they made the wrong decision.

“Well that’s a difficult one isn’t it? Either way, the future looks bleak for you. I suggest you choose your favoured course of action wisely. But I warn you that if you try to betray me and your plan fails, the punishments and bondage that you’ve experienced up to now will be as nothing compared to the extreme tortures I’ll inflict on you in the future...”

And just to make certain that they knew the risks involved, she added, “ ...And believe me, I will be triumphant today, you can rest assured of that.”

Amber laughed her most evil laugh as she turned her back and headed for the door, leaving three very frustrated and terrified young women to ponder their options.

Story continued in part nine

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