Continually Increasing Bondage

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2018 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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story continues from part two

Chapter 3

Lauren cursed under her breath. That must have been the fifth time in the past two hours or so that the phone had rung. Or was it the sixth? To tell the truth she’d lost count by now. But one thing she did know was that these constant interruptions weren’t exactly conducive to a nice, peaceful, relaxing session of self-bondage, which is what she’d been hoping for this Monday morning.

Self-bondage, of course, wasn’t Lauren’s preferred method of being rendered helpless, as by its very nature, there had to be a way out... at least at some point in the future. But with Steve, her usual rigger, unavoidably called away on a two day business trip, what could a bondage junkie do but resort to the only other option available to her? She’d begged him to tie her up before he’d left this morning, of course,  but he’d informed her that he wasn’t happy just leaving her all bound and helpless for the next couple of days. Too sensible by far, Lauren thought, but she knew deep down that he was right. If he’d left her all trussed up and she couldn’t escape – which would be par for the course – then it would be just too dangerous. So she’d reverted to Plan B.

Plan B involved, amongst other things, a set of handcuffs and their attendant release key. The only problem was that the key was not at the present time available for Lauren to get her hands on. This was due to her having had the foresight to place it in a large bowl of water the day before, which had then been left overnight in the freezer. 

With Steve off to catch his train early in the morning, Lauren had wasted no time in getting herself into what she thought of as her natural environment.  And what Lauren classed as normalcy, was any situation in which her limbs and body were encumbered with ropes, chains and any other medium which, once wrapped and secure within its folds, she couldn’t get out of.  Today she’d decided that rope was to be the primary source of her self-inflicted predicament, and had thus begun by binding her ankles, knees and thighs tightly and securely, so that no amount of wriggling and pulling would bring about release.

Having dressed in her preferred bondage attire of a black spandex cat-suit, the white ropes contrasted sharply with the smooth material of her outfit, which shimmered in the light every time she moved. Next she’d wound a length of cord around her waist, created reverse tension and pulled the ends down between her legs, before bringing them up again to join the makeshift belt, where they had been knotted securely. Wrenching this up as high as she could, the rough rope bit into her crotch, even through the drum-tight spandex covering, and could, she knew, be pulled higher still when she felt the urge.

But that would only be once her bondage was complete, and there were still a few other criteria to fulfil before she could in any way consider herself satisfied with her morning’s work. First she needed some sort of vocal restrictor. And as was customary, she used the tried and tested method that she’d been introduced to by the twins many months ago, of a rolled up pair of old tights stuffed into her mouth, kept in place by several circuits of duct tape around her head.

Hopping across the floor on her bound legs, Lauren entered the kitchen and retrieved the ice-bound key from the freezer. If her face hadn’t been immersed under a sea of tape, she would have smiled as she tested the block of frozen water; solid and unbreakable, and not likely to release its prize for many a long hour yet.  Hopping back into the living room, she placed the frozen bowl on the table then sat down on the carpet. Testing her leg bonds again, she was pleased to discover that her little excursion hadn’t caused any of the knots to loosen or the cords to slip from their allotted positions. Her plans were now almost complete, with just two final elements to take care of before she could luxuriate in her self-bound glory.

Firstly she placed a scarf over her eyes and pulled the ends around to the back of her head. Tying this as tightly as she could, she then adjusted the material to ensure that there were no gaps through which any light could penetrate. Satisfied that she was totally sightless, and that the blindfold wouldn’t easily ride up, she was now ready to fit the final piece into her bondage jigsaw.

The snapping shut of the cold ring of steel around her left wrist may have caused a slight shiver of excitement to rush up Lauren’s spine, but it was nothing compared to the shudder of sheer delight that coursed through her once the sound of the ratchets on the second bracelet closed to embrace her skin. For now Lauren knew that she was trapped, and that it wouldn’t be until sometime this afternoon, at the very earliest, that she had any hope of getting free. The urge was to pull on the taut crotch rope straightaway, and experience that orgasmic ecstasy that she never tired of. But rather than peak too soon, she decided to bide her time, take it easy for a while, and gradually work her way up to a climax.

Lauren was just relaxing and gearing herself up for a day of pleasure, when the phone rang for the first time. After several rings, Steve’s pre-recorded voice kicked in, informing the caller that neither he nor Lauren could come to the phone at present, but that a message could be left after the tone which would be responded to as soon as possible. Lauren listened as the monotone bleep sounded, but no other voice broke the still air, and almost immediately the phone went dead. A wrong number maybe? Or someone selling insurance or double glazing perhaps? Although slightly irritated by this interruption, Lauren assumed that it would be a one-off, and that now, belatedly, her session of self-generated bondage fun could begin in earnest.

After only a few minutes, however, the ringing sound once more jolted her out of her reverie. And once more, the result was exactly the same, with the caller again refusing to state their purpose in disturbing the quietude of Lauren’s solitary escapades.

And so it went on, with the mystery caller – by the third call Lauren had become convinced that it was the same person – hanging up on each occasion without leaving a message. By now, the ambience that she’d hoped to create had evaporated, and Lauren knew that she simply had to put a stop to this. But how? The phone was situated on a small table on the far side of the room, and in her blindness she would have difficulty negotiating the various items of furniture and other obstacles in her way. And then, what could she do when she got there? Knock the receiver out of its cradle, perhaps? But even that would be less than easy with her hands restrained behind her back, and would probably end up with her knocking the table over and breaking something. It seemed more trouble than it was worth. But just as she was coming to this conclusion, the shrill ringing started all over again, and she knew that she would never get a moment’s peace without taking some sort of action.

Lowering her head to the floor, Lauren began to work at the knot that held the blindfold in place, attempting to manoeuvre it upwards, so that it would fall away and allow her the visual capacity needed to move around the room without crashing into things. It took what must have been around fifteen minutes of hard graft, but finally she felt the scarf rising up over her forehead, and within seconds she was blinking in the brightness of the daylight that streamed through the window. With her sight restored, it was a relatively easy procedure to shuffle her way across the floor on her bottom, using her legs for locomotion. Getting to her feet once she reached her destination, however, proved a slightly more awkward operation, but after two or three failed attempts, she found herself in an upright position, looking down on the table with its now silent telephone.

Lauren’s first instinct was to simply pull the lead from the wall, or try to switch the wretched thing on to silent. But she knew that the day was already ruined, for how was she going to get the blindfold back on with her hands out of action? And besides, she was hardly in the right mood to fully appreciate the subtleties and sensations that would normally have made this whole episode such a wonderful experience.

And on top of all that, she found herself intrigued – albeit in a slightly ill-tempered way - as to whom this persistent caller could be, and why they’d keep ringing time after time. Maybe it was something urgent. But if so, why not speak when prompted to leave a message? Turning around, so that her back was to the table, Lauren felt around blindly for the handset, grabbed hold of it, then swung her arms around to her right, at the same time twisting her neck in that direction so that the keys and display were visible to her. Pressing a button that she knew would display the number of the latest incoming call, she read the eleven digits that lit up the tiny screen. The number looked vaguely familiar to her, although it took a few seconds for it to register where she remembered this from. But then it hit her like a lightning bolt. Jasmine and Jade! It was their home phone number, which she used to contact them on all the time, but hadn’t dialled for several months since their acrimonious parting of the ways. What the hell did they want that was so important that they were ringing her incessantly but failing to state the nature of their business?  There was only one way to find out, and that was to ring them as soon as she could. But of course that wouldn’t be for several hours yet.

As Lauren pondered this strange turn of events, however, the phone rang once more, prompting the startled young woman to almost lose her grip on the receiver.  Her initial reaction was to let it ring unanswered, as she was in no position to speak to anyone right now. But she realised that this was most likely going to continue all morning if she didn’t do something. Laying the still pealing device down carefully on the table, Lauren awkwardly pressed the ‘Answer’ button, then slowly stooped down until her mouth was close to the receiver.


That was the two syllable word that the gagged female tried to greet her caller with, but the muffled sound that seeped from behind the tape and tights wouldn’t have been comprehensible to any unsuspecting listener. Fortunately, however, the person on the other end of the line knew enough about gags in general, and Lauren’s penchant for them in particular, to instantly suss out why her opening utterance wasn’t enunciated with any degree of clarity.

“Lauren? Is that you? It’s Jasmine here.”

Lauren’s statement that she couldn’t really talk right now, due to the fact that she was gagged, was not only unintelligible, but also unnecessary, as Jasmine had immediately cottoned on to the situation.

“That’s OK Lauren, you don’t need to say anything, just listen. Jade and I really need to see you with some urgency. I suppose you’ve heard that Hazel escaped from prison and is currently on the run. Although we don’t know anything for certain, we wouldn’t be surprised if she comes looking for us – well, you in particular - as the cause of her being put away. So we need to work out some sort of strategy, should she suddenly turn up. I know we didn’t exactly part on friendly terms, but it seems to me we’ll be able to withstand any onslaught from that evil bitch if we stand united against her. Can we meet to discuss this? If you’re agreeable, come over to our house this evening and we’ll have a little chat. You never know, perhaps we can mend a few fences and rekindle our friendship. After all, we’ve all got the same interests... which you’re obviously still practicing by the sounds of it!  I promise you that we no longer have any dealings with Amber, so you don’t have to fret about her suddenly turning up again. So what do you say? Just make one sound for ‘yes’ or two for ‘no’.”

To say that Lauren’s mind was reeling from this verbal avalanche would have been an understatement. For one thing, she had no idea that Hazel was on the loose. And the prospect of seeing the twins again, with all the memories that this would reignite, caused a wave that encompassed the entire spectrum between revulsion and anticipation to surge through her.

On the one hand, the thought of what had happened last time she’d trusted the twins to tie her up, set alarm bells ringing in her head, and her initial reaction was that there was no way she ever wanted to go through that sort of nightmare again. Ok, so everything had started off innocently enough, with a simple bondage game that everyone was supposed to enjoy. But where Jasmine and Jade were concerned, their enthusiasm always seemed to get the better of them, leading to everything spiralling out of control so quickly that it was impossible to disentangle herself from the web they’d woven for her.

Lauren was on the point of emitting the two syllable sound that would end this whole affair before it had even begun, but then she stopped herself. As she placed her mouth close to the phone, she’d glanced for a split second across the room at the bowl which contained the key to her freedom.  Although still packed solid with ice, a cracking sound had just emanated from the container, which told her that the thaw was well and truly underway. Which meant that, in a few hours time, she’d be capable of fishing the key from the water and releasing herself from her bonds. And although there was no compulsion to carry out this act as soon as the key became available, the knowledge that she could get out, if she wanted to, was complete anathema to her.  For what good was being tied up if escape was within your grasp? And with Steve away until Wednesday, there was no one to keep her in the bound and helpless manner to which she’d become accustomed.

She could wait for his return, of course, as forty eight hours of abstention from utter helplessness shouldn’t be too great a sacrifice, should it?  For most people this wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, but for someone who craved tight ropes and shackles at every opportunity, forty eight hours seemed like a lifetime. So the fact that Jasmine was asking her over to the scene of her initiation into the joys of bondage in the first place, seemed too good an opportunity to pass up, for although no words had been uttered to this effect, it was almost inevitable that if she went along this evening, she would end up in some form of bondage. And the fact that Amber was no longer a threat decided the issue once and for all.

So when the answer to Jasmine’s question finally forced its way through the mesh of a pair of saliva saturated tights then negotiated a passage past the strong tape that clung with ruthless efficiency to the flesh around her mouth, the sound was one syllable long. Jasmine seemed delighted with this outcome.

“That’s great Lauren. Shall we say seven o’clock? Probably best not to tell Steve anything about this though, as he might try to talk you out of coming.”

The phone went dead. With caution, Lauren slowly sunk to her knees and flopped back down onto the carpet. She may have had to relinquish her blindfold, but now – hopefully – the phone would remain quiet, and she could salvage something from her self-bondage session... with the prospect of something even better on the horizon for this evening. 

And with this in mind, Lauren’s fingers finally gripped the crotch rope and slowly began to pull...


Jasmine put the phone down and bit her lip. It was the first time she’d heard Lauren’s voice – albeit a gagged, muffled version of it – in several months, and this had caused a hint of doubt as to the nature of her deception to momentarily run through her mind. She was given no time to dwell on this, however.

“So what did she say? Has she taken the bait?”

Jasmine turned around at this unexpected disturbance of the room’s silence, to see her cousin standing in the doorway.

“She’s agreed to meet us here this evening... well, not us, me and Jade. I told her you weren’t around to bother her any longer.”

Amber smiled and strolled slowly into the room, the leather of her tightly moulded cat-suit squeaking slightly as she did so.

“Good work Jasmine, that’s excellent news.  I told you if you persisted in ringing time after time that eventually curiosity would get the better of her, didn’t I? Our plan is coming together nicely.” 

By now she’d reached the window, and stood for a second or two looking out at the cold, wintry scene. She quickly turned back and gazed at Jasmine.

“But before that, I suppose we’d better go and visit your sister. We’ll see if a night in the cells has softened her attitude and knocked some sense into her.”


For Jade, the outlook was grim. Not just the visual impact that the drab stone walls, ceiling and floor imbued in her, but also the longer term prospects of what was to become of her in the next few days.  Bleak was the only way to describe both situations.

The only source of illumination available in the grey environs in which Jade lay came from the tiny barred cell window, high up on the wall and grimy with dirt. The dim light that did penetrate through this, her only connection with the outside world, showed that it was now daylight again. Having spent most of yesterday in this cold, dank prison, Jade had watched the winter light fade in the afternoon, plunging her into a twilight world where the square outline of the window was only just visible against an even darker background. The newborn day seemed to take an eternity to break, but its arrival did nothing to alleviate the gloom that had infiltrated Jade’s mind in tandem with the passing of the hours of darkness. With no chance of getting any sleep, Jade had spent the nocturnal hours doing the only thing she was capable of at the present time – precisely nothing.

After Amber had kicked in the toilet cubicle door yesterday, Jade had found herself being dragged forcibly out into the corridor by her cousin. She had tried to fight back, but Amber had the upper hand on her, and within seconds the handcuffs she’d worn on the journey here had been once more employed to shackle her wrists behind her back. She’d tried to enlist the help of her sister in resisting their cousin’s heavy handed tactics, but found, to her surprise and dismay, that Jasmine seemed oblivious to her twin’s pleas. More than that, in fact, it soon became apparent that Jasmine was prepared to assist Amber in her ambitions to bind and imprison her in one of the myriad cells that seemed to stretch along every corridor of this deserted and isolated building.

Having been forced back up the metal staircase, the cell chosen for Jade’s incarceration was empty, save for a dirty old mattress spread out on the floor in one corner. And it was to this uninviting item of soiled bedding that she now found herself being frogmarched, with Amber holding her by the left shoulder and Jasmine close in attendance to her right. Forcing her to lay down, Amber wasted no time in removing her unwilling guest’s boots, before binding her legs together in several places, despite the fact that Jade did everything within her power to hinder this process.  But with Jasmine holding her ankles while Amber applied the bonds, Jade’s chances of success in this one-sided contest were less than zero. Still Jade begged her sister to come to her senses.

“Jasmine, this is madness! What on earth has come over you? Please don’t...”

But that was as far as she got with her plea for leniency. For it was Amber’s next utterance that Jasmine took notice of, not her sister’s.

“For God’s sake Jasmine, do something to shut your sister up.”

Immediately, Jasmine let go of Jade’s now semi-bound legs and lunged at Jade’s head. The tights must already have been rolled up into a ball in the holdall bag from which Amber was getting all her bondage equipment, as Jasmine immediately thrust these into her sibling’s face, pushing her head back into the mattress with some force as she did so. Jade gave a shriek of anguish, but now fighting the binding process on two fronts, her resources were stretched and her resistance consequently minimal. Within no more than two seconds, her tongue experienced the strange taste of old hosiery, and a similar time span elapsed before Jasmine began sealing the gag in place with instantly adhering duct tape.  By now, Amber had finished tying Jade’s legs, and was standing back to watch Jasmine complete her allotted task.

“That’s better. Now we won’t have to put up with that constant screeching and whining.”

She bent down beside her victim and looked into Jade’s wide, terrified eyes.

“As I’m sure you’ll be aware Jade, the gag is purely for our benefit. We’re so far from the nearest village, that even someone with the keenest hearing wouldn’t be able to hear you shouting and screaming from in here. And the likelihood of someone trespassing into this compound and getting within earshot is extremely low, to say the least.  Now be a good girl and keep quiet while we finish making you all nice and cosy.”

She turned to Jasmine.

“I’ve got a nice new immobilising device in the boot of my car that I’ve been dying to try out on someone, and Jade’s just the right size and shape, so I think I’ll use her as a guinea pig to see how effective it is. I just need to go and get it. Look after your sister while I’m gone and make sure she doesn’t try to escape.”

Amber stepped briskly out of the door, her high heels clanking on the metal stairs as she descended to ground level. Jade knew that it wouldn’t be long before her dreaded cousin returned, and that she needed to use the time wisely if she was to enlighten Jasmine as to the error of her ways. But with the gag now stymieing intelligent, rational debate, the odds were never in her favour, and the fact that Jasmine wasn’t prepared to listen to counter-arguments at present, meant that her calls for reason to prevail went unheeded. And before she knew it, Amber was back, carrying what looked like a see-through PVC sack in one hand and a small vacuum cleaner in the other.

“Now, let’s find out how efficient my new toy is, shall we? Help me get her into the sheath Jasmine.”

Seemingly warming to her task, Jasmine did as Amber instructed, slipping Jade’s feet into the tightly fitting plastic tunnel  and gradually working it up her legs, over her hips and up to her shoulders, while Amber ensured that any struggling moves that the helpless woman attempted were stifled at birth. But the encasing of Jade within the sack didn’t end at her neck, but continued upwards until her head was completely covered, at which point the sound of a plastic zipper closing across her skull corresponded with the flow of fresh air ceasing to reach her airways. Thinking she was about to suffocate, Jade screamed through her gag, as her breathing became erratic and the strong sheeting that masked her face began to tighten as the oxygen became sparse. She needn’t have worried, however, as immediately Amber was on hand to ensure that she would have no trouble in taking air into her lungs. The lifesaver turned out to be two small plastic tubes, sealed into the fabric of the sheath and situated in the region of Jade’s face, which Amber now pushed slowly but firmly into her still squirming captive’s nostrils.

“Keep still Jade. Those tubes will allow you all the air you need, but I can’t guarantee they’ll remain in place if you keep wriggling around like that.”

Somehow, Jade managed to calm her bout of rising hysteria sufficiently to quell the urge to fight against her newly acquired cocoon. But if she thought that the semi-tight nature of this all-covering garment was the end of the process, then she was soon to be dissuaded from this notion. As she watched through the slightly blurry film that rested across her eyes, Jade saw her despised cousin pick up the small, battery powered vacuum and attach it to the material at some point close to her stomach. And this, it soon became apparent, must have been a connection valve through which air could be sucked out, as the roar of the machine once it was switched on coincided with the inmate of this strange outfit experiencing a tightening of her one-piece packaging from her head to her toes, and it didn’t take more than a second or two for her to realise that the insulating pouch was shrinking all around her.

As the unforgiving material constricted inexorably, intruding into every orifice and crevice of her entire being, Jade bucked and squirmed, in a forlorn attempt to stop, or at the very least hinder, the compressing process. But as the durable second skin began to hug the contours of her body, so her ability to move became ever more curtailed. Squashing her toes together, the perpetually constricting fabric delved deeply between her calves and thighs, pulling tautly into her crotch and her butt crack. The drone of the air removal apparatus continued incessantly, as the taut casing indented into her navel, and the pressure on her stomach increased until it felt as if it could contract no further. Yet still it went on. Her ribs experienced the sensation of being pushed inwards as her breasts became crushed against them, and the force intensifying around her neck made her once more fear that soon she wouldn’t be able to breathe, this time due to strangulation. Her jaw stiffened as the pressure pounded down on her face in all directions, and the tights wedged behind her teeth seemed to be forced back further into her throat, as the membrane across her mouth pushed down on her concealed lips. And the bridge of her nose and eye sockets seemed to pack inwardly into her skull, whilst her ears were flattened against the side of her head, with the steady monotonous tone of the vacuum vibrating through the very structure of her cranium.

Then, all of a sudden, the noise ceased, and the persistent, ongoing crushing of her body came to a merciful conclusion. But the fact that the operation to squeeze her to the limits of her endurance had drawn to a conclusion, offered little comfort to the now severely traumatised young woman, as it swiftly became apparent, when she made the first tentative efforts to test the efficiency of the compacting process, that movement of any description was now almost impossible, and that any success at repositioning or relocating herself which she did manage to achieve, brought with it acute discomfort due to the restriction of her muscles and joints. Even the act of breathing was painful, as the casing across her chest left no leeway for the slightest expansion of her ribcage.

A sharp slap across her left thigh brought Jade out of her self-centred world and back to reality. Through the tears which filled her eyes and clung in static limbo onto the closely adhering transparent sheeting that had moulded onto the contours of her cheeks and eyelids, Jade witnessed the indistinct image of Amber as she prodded and poked various parts of her immobilised prisoner’s body, seemingly so that she could gloat at the severe torment she was causing.

“Feel how tightly packed she is Jasmine. I thought this was going to be a great addition to my bondage arsenal, but I hadn’t realised that it would be this restrictive. I’m really impressed.”

As Jasmine followed her cousin’s advice and tentatively pressed her hand into her sister’s midriff, Amber’s face suddenly loomed large before Jade’s eyes.

“Thank you Jade, for allowing me to test out my new plaything on you.”

Jade groaned as loudly as she could at this point, but it brought no sympathy from Amber, who merely began to get up from her crouching position.

“Anyway Jade, I can’t stand here talking for hours. Your sister and I have a really busy couple of days ahead of us, so you’ll have to excuse us now.”

Amber stood over the womanly-shaped, hermetically sealed parcel, which wriggled and slithered, like a fish out of water, on the mattress at her feet. After a few seconds of watching this pathetic display, however, she began to walk towards the door, then stopped and looked back at her prone and helpless relative.

“You must see now Jade, that if you’d only bought into our pact and not tried to sabotage my plans, things could have been so much more pleasurable for you than they are right now. But because of your stupidity, I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay here for the duration of our little project.”

Then as an afterthought, she added,

“We will come back to feed you every twenty four hours or so, of course.”

Jasmine had now exited the cell, without a backward glance at her sister, and Amber was standing in the doorway. As she began to pull the heavy metal slab shut, she issued her parting shot.

“Don’t worry Jade, it shouldn’t be more than a few days that you’ll have to stay here... or a week at the very most.”

story continued in part four

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