Continually Increasing Bondage

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2019 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; cartrunk; bond; spandex; armbinder; tape; gag; MF+/f+; jail; cells; captives; encase; cocoon; revenge; choice; net; susp; cons/nc; X

story continues from part 12

Chapter 13

It was warm and cosy in the boot of the car, and the constant drone of the engine was causing Lauren to become drowsy. Next to her, Jade stirred slightly, and the low, rhythmic breathing sounds that issued from her nose told Lauren that her travelling companion had already dropped off to sleep.

A sudden jolt, as the car stopped, brought Lauren back to full alertness. For a few seconds, the sounds of gates being opened filled the confined space, before the car moved onwards for a few more yards. Then the vehicle came to a more permanent halt and the engine cut out. Footsteps outside were swiftly followed by a brightness entering the cramped space, which coincided with the inrush of much cooler air.


Steve gazed down at the spectacle before him and smiled. Below, lying together, side by side like spoons in a drawer, two faces peered up at him, blinking in the sun’s brilliance; Lauren closest to him, with Jade – the wound above her eye now cleaned up and covered with a plaster - just behind. Identically dressed in freshly laundered black spandex cat-suits, the similarity of their adornments didn’t end there. For both had grey duct tape wrapped around their jaws and lower heads, which concealed rolled up pairs of tights that filled their mouths. Both also wore tightly strapped and laced black leather mono-gloves, which held their arms in totally inescapable restraint behind their backs. These arm binders were not worn in isolation, however, but had been supplemented with leather straps that circled their upper bodies, criss-crossing their breasts, and holding their limbs in check against their torsos. To offset this otherwise all black ensemble, their legs had been bound together in three places with white rope; the highest of these just above the knees, the lowest around the ankles. Each of the pair had been gifted one further piece of rope also, which had been wrapped securely around the waist and then threaded between the lucky recipient’s thighs and pulled with force up into her crotch, before being secured in place to discourage slippage.

“Well, here we are again, back at the ‘scene of the crime’ so to speak. I bet you’re both as anxious as I am to find out what our three friends have been getting up to overnight, aren’t you?”

Muffled giggling sounds issued from two mouths hidden beneath circuits of gagging tape, revealing that both inmates of the car’s interior were, far from being reluctant detainees, here of their own volition.

Helping Lauren out of the vehicle, Steve untied her legs so that she could stand, then did likewise with Jade. Their other bonds remained in place, however. This was not at Steve’s insistence, as both women had, prior to being gagged, made it clear that their bonds should remain in place until such time as it was absolutely necessary to relinquish them. And he’d been only too willing to oblige.

Of course it might seem strange that Lauren and her friend would, so soon after being released from what had threatened to be a life changing situation of nightmarish proportions, agree to be bound and gagged once more. But to bondage obsessed females such as these two, it seemed like the natural thing to do. As soon as the danger of the situation had been removed from the equation, and Lauren was back in the hands of her lover and bondage companion, she felt the need to once again experience that indescribable sensation of being restrained and helpless, safe in the knowledge that she would come to no harm. And this notion was clearly shared by Jade, who, when she found out that Steve had kept Lauren in secure bondage all night, had pleaded to be treated in similar vein for their little outing.

Leading his two willing captives across to the prison’s main entrance, Steve unlocked the door and ushered the mono-gloved and gagged pair inside. Now better acquainted with the layout of the building, he led the women to their first port of call for the day - detouring only slightly to pick up an item that he had decided might be of some use later.


The turning of the key in the lock caused quite a grating sound, as did the slow swinging open of the cell door, which must have alerted Jasmine to the fact that, at long last, someone had returned to tend to her needs. But if she was expecting to be let out of her punishment bondage, she was soon to be dissuaded from this notion. And the person responsible for calling the shots on this score, she would soon discover, was to be her own sister.

As the door opened and the torch beam shone around the room, a shape within one dark corner appeared to - awkwardly and seemingly with a great effort - move slightly from its prone position on the floor. Closer inspection revealed a woman-shaped package that had been encased from head to toe in tights. And although from an outside vantage point this looked simply like a single-layered bondage, in reality Jasmine had been encumbered by so many pairs of black hose, that both she and her rigger had lost count of their precise number. Jade had done a thorough job in ensuring her twin was well and truly secured; inter-layering the supple yet strong leg-wear with innumerable lashings of grey duct tape to reduce the possibility of escape. This had taken place more than twelve hours ago now, and the method of Jasmine’s incarceration had been in response to the way she’d lured Lauren into Amber’s web all those days ago.

Without being prompted, Steve began to unpeel the tape from Jade’s mouth, then helped her to rid herself of the wedged in tights.

“So what do you want to do, Jade? Take her back to your house like this, or keep her here for a while longer?”

Jade had clearly thought this through beforehand, and her reply was given without a moment’s hesitation.

“No, I think I’ll keep her here for a day or two longer before allowing her the luxury of the cellar back home. I’m sure a couple more nights of prison life will help focus her mind and enlighten her as to the error of her ways.”

The sound of her sister’s voice, or more probably the realisation that Jade wasn’t going to countenance her release for some time yet, caused a violent shaking motion from the package on the ground, accompanied by loud noises that seemed to consist of both apologies for her treachery and pleas for leniency. These cut no ice with Jade, however. Steve also seemed at ease with Jade’s decision.

“Fine, it’s entirely up to you. I’ll leave you here to feed her and adjust her bonds where necessary, while Lauren and I go to check on our other prisoners.”

Loosening the tight lacing that held Jade’s arms in such close proximity to each other behind her back, he slipped the arm-binder straps from her shoulders, so that she could wriggle free. While she rubbed the feeling back into her wrists and exercised her arm muscles, Steve deposited a bag on the floor containing food and a bottle of mineral water. And as Jade knelt down and began removing the first layer of tights from her sibling’s head, Steve and Lauren headed off to tend to their other reluctant guests.


Despite Jasmine’s show of contrition, and her accompanying struggles, these had really been just for show. For Jasmine, now that the threat of lifelong enslavement and torture had been lifted, was quite happy to be under her sister’s control once more. For she knew that Jade couldn’t stay mad with her forever, and that eventually she would taste freedom again. Not too soon though, she hoped. After all, if this whole abduction and deception event hadn’t happened, where would she be right now? Probably tied up in the cellar of her home, in similar circumstances to those she now faced. And the fact that Jade had chosen tights mummification for her so-called punishment – one of Jasmine’s favourite methods of being restrained – told her that she was in safe hands. Ok, so it would be a day or two until she was allowed out, but that was no great hardship for a bondage lover such as herself. And not only that, but it would give her a good reason to bind Jade up for a similar length of time once the tables were turned.

Jasmine continued to remonstrate with Jade as her gag was removed and she was allowed a few drops of water to quench her thirst. But these were merely half-hearted appeals for clemency, and she was sure that her twin would recognise them as such. And once Jade had slipped the rolled up gagging tights back into her sister’s mouth, then taped up her lower face just before she commenced sheathing her head in layered hosiery once more, a smile that Jasmine knew to be mischievous rather than malicious played around the corners of her mouth, and the tights cocooned twin knew there and then that everything would be alright between them.


Out in the corridor, Steve shepherded his still bound and gagged girlfriend towards a cell a few doors along from the one in which Jasmine had spent the night. As he did so, shining the beam along in front of them to light the way, he grabbed the crotch rope running down Lauren’s butt crack and gave it a sharp but playful tug, pulling the cord high up into her. This caused a surprised yet delighted squeal to issue from behind the wall of grey tape, followed by a fit of the giggles. Unable to ask for more of the same verbally, Lauren turned and rubbed her spandex-adorned body against his similarly clad abdomen. Steve’s response was to give another quick jerk on the pleasure-giving bond, which in turn caused a purr of satisfaction.

But a dark, damp corridor didn’t really seem the ideal place to take this session to the next level. And furthermore, a second or two later, a noise from the cell to which they were heading served to break the spell. Steve sighed.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to leave this for later.... business before pleasure and all that. But I promise that we’ll have some fun once we get home.”

He gave Lauren a soft, teasing slap on the thigh, followed by a third pull on the crotch rope, before guiding her towards the room from which the interruption - a distraught attempt to call out for help by the sound of it - had emanated.


The room they now needed to access was locked; Steve having done the honours last night before they’d left the building as a preventative measure against the two inmates trying to flee. One glance at the combined form of the conjoined females in the dim light from the small, barred window high above, however, was enough to show that this precaution had really been unnecessary. The room was bare save for the long, darlex-sheathed shape that lay on an old mattress in the centre of the floor, in almost exactly the same position as it had been more than twelve hours ago. A quick scan of the object with the torch, from left to right, revealed an unbroken vista of black stretch material, tightly adhering to the female twin-pack contained within. But Steve and Lauren both knew that this was only the outer layer of a far more intricate and elaborate bondage construction, that had taken more than an hour to construct, and which was now shown to be as escape-proof to those abandoned within its folds as had been intended.


Twelve hours or so earlier, having released Lauren from her shackles, the problem of what to do with the perpetrators of this whole despicable kidnapping saga had reared its ugly head. It was agreed that Jade would deal with Jasmine and punish her for siding with their evil cousin. This meant that Steve was left to concentrate on the real roots of the problem, namely Amber and Hazel. Should he just call the police straightaway and have them led away in handcuffs to warmer, relatively more comfortable cells with heating, lighting and what would be considered almost luxurious conditions compared to the cold, dank facilities in which this whole episode had been enacted? No, that seemed far too lenient a course of action for such devious bitches. Eventually, the authorities would need to be informed... probably. But not before the wicked duo were given a taste of their own medicine for an extended period of time. And thus began Steve’s project to make certain that both obtained some insight into the anguish and suffering that they’d subjected their former captives to. Firstly though, in order to carry out his plans, he had to ensure that both participants were safely back on solid ground, and no longer in danger of plummeting to their deaths.

Returning to the break in the railings through which Amber and Hazel had taken a headlong dive, it was noticeable that both had taken his advice and remained in exactly the same positions as when he’d last laid eyes on them. Both were visibly trembling with fear, as the net had clearly sagged further during his absence, and for a second or two he actually found himself feeling sorry for them. But one look at Lauren, still gingerly rubbing aching wrists that bore the scars of several days’ restraint, was enough to dispel any compassionate thoughts he might briefly have entertained. They both needed to be taught a lesson that they would never forget. And he was the ideal person to undertake this mission, he decided.

Laying down on the walkway, Steve stretched out over the abyss as far as he could in the direction of Amber’s bound feet. His fingers remained a couple of inches short of their target, however.

“Wriggle towards me Amber. But make sure you do it carefully, with no sudden movements.”

Amber didn’t need to be asked twice, and within a split second was pushing her bound and helpless form towards the speaker. Despite his warnings though, her eagerness to get to safety in the shortest possible time caused the net to swing violently, which elicited a high decibel screech from Hazel, who must have felt that this shift in the volatile net beneath her would be the last thing she experienced before instant death claimed her. And the wildly rolling motion of her unusual bedding would only increase in the next few seconds, as Steve managed to grab Amber’s ankles and, straining every muscle in his arms, haul her back onto firmer ground.

But if Amber had been reasonably close to the walkway, and therefore relatively easy to haul in to safety, Hazel was another matter. Lying several feet from where the railing had breached, the only way Steve would be capable of reaching her was if she edged closer to his outstretched arms of her own accord. If Hazel had been in a fit state of mind to think things through, she would have learnt from Amber’s mistake, and would have comprehended that slowly inching her way across the ever-moving mesh was the sensible, least dangerous course of action. But being in mental turmoil, and desperate to reach a safe haven as quickly as she could, all such considerations were swiftly jettisoned from her thinking, and her violent jerking movements, compounded by the fact that the slack netting seemed determined to hold her back, ensured that her journey was of a perilous nature. Despite Steve urging patience, Hazel refused to exercise caution and ploughed onwards until she was within Steve’s range of influence. Whilst this method may have been quicker, there was also a downside to her haste, insofar as the springy yet semi-rotten surface over which she squirmed was getting weaker all the time. In fact, if Hazel hadn’t been grabbed around the shoulders and pulled with force back up to the landing at the precise moment that Steve had executed this manoeuvre, disaster would have most certainly struck. For no sooner had Steve hoisted her dead-weight of a body up onto the metal ledge, than the decayed net finally gave way and drifted - ghostlike in the light from the torch and almost in slow motion, it appeared - down to the floor below.


So was Hazel ready to show her everlasting gratitude to Steve for this last-gasp rescue act? Not a bit of it. For as soon as she knew that her life had been saved, her demands to be set free and her threats as to what she’d do if she wasn’t, began to echo around the otherwise silent prison.

Steve knew exactly how to stop this cacophony, of course, and his first task, once he’d dragged his wriggling, protesting adversary back towards the cell where the stash of bonds had been secreted, was to stuff a rolled up ball consisting of no less than two sets of tights deep into Hazel’s still remonstrating mouth. Ten or more circuits of tape ensured that this oversized sound-muffler remained in place. Quickly fixing a temporary scarf blindfold across her eyes, Steve briefly left the cell to help Lauren with the task she’d set herself of dragging Amber to that same cell in which her most hated rival now languished. With both formerly dominant but now subdued women in the same room - lying on an old stained mattress that had seen better days - it was time to really get to work on making sure that they fully understood the precise meaning of the phrase ‘Total Bondage’.

Up-ending the bag that contained Amber’s diverse supply of equipment, served to create a large, unkempt pile of ropes, tape, metal restraints and other bondage paraphernalia. The first items Steve set about using, however, were not picked from this previously unused hoard, but had, in fact, seen much more recent action. Taking the cuffs that had not so long ago adorned the wrists of both Lauren and Jade, and which still retained the last vestiges of their former wearer’s body heat on their normally cold exteriors, he quickly rolled each of his targets onto their stomachs and affixed one set of bracelets to their wrists; at once doubling the metal restraints that adorned Hazel’s arms, and supplementing the rope, tape and cable-ties that embellished Amber’s. Just for good measure, a further set of identical bracelets - unnecessary from a practical point of view - soon also adorned the wrists of each newly acquired captive.

From metal shackles, Steve then turned his now fervent attention to a different bondage medium - rope. Both the harsher jute and the much softer cotton varieties were available to him in the untidy heap of fetters and restraints spread out on the cell floor. And both were soon to be utilised to equally strict standards, as first Hazel, then Amber found themselves being enwrapped in coil after unyielding coil of the expertly wound cords; Lauren dutifully sorting out and handing the bonds to Steve as and when he requested them. It seemed to matter not that the duo’s legs were already bound in several places, as these primary bonds were over-layered with secondary, tertiary, and in many cases quaternary lashings, which both supplemented and enhanced their forerunners. And this binding didn’t stop at the legs either, as harshly lashed rope harnesses were soon fashioned to fit snugly around the torsos of each now well and truly ensnared female; the taut coils furrowing deeply into the latex attire, and in consequence highlighting their breasts and slim but curvaceous figures in the process.

With this part of the binding odyssey complete, Steve paused and inspected the two helpless females on the floor before him; Hazel constantly writhing in a desperate bid for freedom, Amber more sedate and seemingly resigned to her fate. Then he looked across at the not unsubstantial pile of ropes and other binding agents still waiting an assignment. Such a waste in their currently redundant state, he thought. And it didn’t take more than a second or two for him to make up his mind that this was an oversight which could be easily rectified.

Getting Lauren to hold Amber in place, Steve rolled the bundle of kicking, screaming latex that was Hazel, over towards her hated enemy, until the two were lying face to face in close proximity to each other. Swiftly winding one rope around their waists and cinching it on their abdomens, several further bonds soon followed; each designed to ensure that the pair remained in close, or indeed intimate, contact from foot to neck. Once this inspired feat had been accomplished, Steve removed the scarf from Hazel’s eyes and stood back to once again take stock of the situation. He couldn’t help but admire his creation; two women whose bodies were now held in unbreakable restraints, which allowed them not an inch of independent movement that wouldn’t impact on the other. As Hazel continued to resist the inevitable, her latex-covered breasts and those of her reluctant partner brushed together incessantly. And further down, similarly secure bindings ensured that their hips and thighs squirmed and thrust in tandem, as Hazel refused to give up on a quest which any more rationally thinking person would have recognised as a lost cause.

There was by this time one solitary piece of rope left unused, and after careful consideration, Steve placed this around the back of Hazel’s neck and wound it around the rear of Amber’s also, thus ensuring that their faces touched - forehead to forehead, nose to nose and mouth to duct taped mouth - and that pulling away from their opposite number was never going to be an option. This situation, of course, meant that they had very little alternative but to maintain eye contact; a circumstance which was anathema to both of these sworn enemies. It was Lauren who came up with a solution to this unwanted interaction. Rummaging through the rapidly depleting stockpile of bonds, she quickly retrieved the items she sought. She handed the two identical leather contraptions to Steve.

“They’ve both been keen to keep us sightless in hoods like these for the past few days, so I think it’s only fair that they should experience what it’s like to be left in total sensory deprivation themselves.”

Steve was easily persuaded by the wisdom of his girlfriend’s words, and began at once to insert Hazel’s head into the claustrophobic contrivance that she would undoubtedly have used on him if she’d been given half a chance. This didn’t go down well with someone more accustomed to being in control, of course, and it took several minutes before Steve had the closely fitting sheath properly positioned, with the two small outlets aligned to the still protesting woman’s nostrils. Amber’s sensory organs soon succumbed to a similar fate. Now facially sealed, both women gazed sightlessly at each other, yet still able to experience each other’s exhaled breath as it came in snorted bursts from the only apertures on an otherwise featureless expanse of leather. Capable also of touching noses, cheeks, foreheads, even lips if they were so inclined, through the unbreakable hide, yet unable to stare unlovingly into their hated rivals eyes.

So, did the exhausting of what had seemed at one stage to be a never-ending supply of ropes, foretell an end to the woes inflicted on Hazel and Amber? Not a chance. Although the cords had all gone, Steve was well into his stride by this stage, and swiftly concluded that there was ample scope remaining for the improvement of his bondage master-work. For after all, a plethora of straps, cables ties and reels of tape still cried out to be employed in some manner or other. And thus began Steve’s self-set challenge to use up every single piece of bondage equipment at his disposal in a meaningful manner. Over the next few minutes, he worked zealously to put each remaining restraint to good use, albeit that these were fashioned on aesthetic principles as opposed to being essential from any practical standpoint.

And the upshot of all this activity, by the time that the last bond had been secured in place, was that the despairing duo had succumbed to an extraordinary cornucopia of bondage in all of its most varied, extreme and excessive forms. With cable ties supplementing and complementing every other available bond, leather straps impeding even the slightest movement in any direction, and tape being wrapped around their already combined limbs and torsos to such an extent that very little of their shiny black latex attire remained visible under an unbroken sheet of dull greyness, their status as the most trapped and imprisoned women on the planet was beyond dispute. The icing on the cake, however, was the cocooning of their already united bodies in a darlex sleep-sack, which fit ultra-tightly around their amalgamated forms with a stringency that highlighted every curve of their shapely legs, butts and hips, as well as accentuating their bond-laden arms; the manufacturer’s intention being that this unbreakable, hard-wearing garment should be for sole occupancy, rather than a shared experience.

Now happy that no woman alive could ever escape the severe bondage parcel that he’d created, Steve turned to Lauren.

“Right, it’s about time that we got out of here and left these two to contemplate the consequences of their misdemeanours. Go and see if Jade’s finished making Jasmine comfortable, then we’ll head back to town.”

With Lauren out of the room, Steve devoted his full attention back to the tightly tied bundle on the floor before him, which still wriggled and squirmed slightly; a consequence, it seemed, primarily of Hazel’s never-give-up attitude. Steve was confident that such defiance was futile, however.

“Ok ladies, I do hope that you take as much comfort from your stay here as Lauren and the twins derived from theirs. Let’s hope that you soon come to realise what a terrifying ordeal you put them through, and that it’s now payback time. Tomorrow we’ll decide exactly what we’re going to do with you in the long term...”

He turned and headed for the exit, one further clue as to their fate issuing from his mouth just as he was about to shut and lock the cell door.

“...and you can expect us to show you the same level of leniency and compassion as you afforded to your victims. Goodnight ladies.”


Lauren experienced a sense of deflation as the car sped back towards town. She should, of course, have been in a state of euphoria, having been rescued and reunited with the man she loved. And of course, the sense of relief, now that she was no longer in fear of being sold into slavery and transported half way around the world, should have engendered a sense of well-being; a feeling that it was good to be alive. Well yes, she was happy to be out of that dark and dreary prison. And she was extremely grateful to have been plucked from the jaws of oblivion by her ‘knight in shining armour’. But what had slightly taken the shine off the situation, was the spectacle of her lover tying up, not one, but two other women. Or to put it another way, Lauren was extremely jealous of the treatment that both her kidnapper and her potential enslaver had experienced tonight. For now that the threat of deportation from these shores had been lifted, the realisation that Amber and Hazel were being indulged in the kind of severe bondage that she always craved for herself and herself alone, had become a source of some irritation. And the more the bonds had begun to accumulate around those two unwilling participants, the more frustrated at her lack of similar restraints had she become.

Lauren glanced at Steve’s profile as he drove them back towards civilisation. With Jade having fallen asleep in the back seat of the car, Lauren wanted some reassurance that he wasn’t about to neglect her bondage needs after all the excitement of the past few hours. She reached over and touched his spandex-covered knee, and whispered as softly as she could,

“You will tie me up good and tight when we get home, won’t you? Despite what I’ve just been through, I really need to be your prisoner tonight.”

Steve stole a quick glance at his girlfriend, gazing expectantly at him in the twilight of the car’s passenger seat, her hand provocatively caressing his thigh. He smiled.

“Of course. How could I possibly refuse a request like that?”


Amber shivered at the thought of being left tied, shackled and encased all night. And the realisation that this wouldn’t be the end of the torment handed out to her – that there was no light at the end of a very long tunnel – made her misery almost unbearable. But the thing that really upset her more than anything else, and threatened to tip her over the edge into total despair, was the fact that she had no alternative but to spend the foreseeable future in the intimate presence of the woman that she hated most in the entire world. And the fact that Hazel refused to give up on what seemed like a constant struggle to get free, despite the knowledge that she was inescapably trapped, really irked Amber to the point where she wished that her counterpart would somehow magically disappear; it being more comforting to her if she was alone in her helplessness, than to suffer the company of this despicable bitch for one minute longer.

Being unable to see her opposite number was a plus point, of course. As from this standpoint it could have been anybody wriggling and straining in such close proximity to her own bound form. And as the night wore on, Amber came to the realisation that, if she let her imagination run away with her, it didn’t have to be her deadly rival that she was eternally bonded to. It could be anybody she wanted it to be. In fact, her partner-in-bondage could even be the lovely Lauren, if she so wished.

Imagining that the tightly secured person in front of her was the sweet girl that she’d been planning to keep as her everlasting plaything, caused a slight upward swing in the mood of the otherwise dejected Amber. And as her fantasies increased in intensity, so the continual straining and grunting of Hazel’s perpetually moving frame became, in Amber’s mind’s eye, Lauren’s body sensually slithering and gliding against her own. And with this vivid imagery blocking out all other considerations, Amber felt a warm, wet patch begin to spread through the crotch area of her latex suit, and within seconds she found herself grinding her abdomen and hips in a rhythmic dance that saw her orgasm explode in her like a volcano. The future might be bleak, she told herself, but at least she still had her fantasies to keep her company. Nobody could ever take those from her.


And so now, a full twelve hours later in the clear light of day, once he had been apprised of all the minutiae relating to the sordid goings-on that had taken place over the past few days in the name of greed and vengeance, and had been given time to consider appropriate punishments for the same, Steve was ready to deliver his verdict to the two still severely constrained ex-dominatrices who languished in complete helplessness at his feet.

“Well ladies, I do hope that you had a comfortable night. I’m sure you enjoyed each other’s company and found plenty to discuss while we were away.”

Kneeling down by their adjacent heads, he began to slowly loosen the lacing and release the straps that had kept them in sightless blackness for in excess of half a day. The harsh ripping of the tape from their cheeks revealed reddened skin beneath, and the removal of the stuffing within their mouths allowed two now extremely chastened females to exercise their stiff jaw muscles gingerly. Even Hazel appeared to have had the fight knocked out of her, and seemed resigned to the fact that it would be a long time until she once again tasted freedom. Placing a plastic bottle of water close to their foreheads, the silent duo could only watch as Steve pushed two long drinking straws into the neck, before bending the pliable tubes around so that the ends could be grasped and sucked on by the lips of each of the proposed recipients of this refreshing liquid.

“I’ve heard all about your antics of the past few days ladies, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re both as guilty as each other of tormenting, torturing and generally scaring the living daylights out of not only Lauren, but the twins too.”

Having watched approximately half the water disappear from the bottle, he removed the straws from the despairing mouths of his two captives, before continuing.

“So now it’s time for you to experience, first hand, the misery and suffering that you’re so happy to hand out, but will, I have no doubt, be slightly less grateful to receive.

Picking up the two rolled up, saliva sodden bundles of tights that had so recently been relinquished, he began forcing these back into their now quenched throats. It was at this point that the day’s first show of resistance became evident, although the gist of Hazel’s gripe was not so much that she was being regagged – which she’d obviously been reluctantly resigned to – but that the tights now being used on her were those that had previously graced Amber’s throat! Steve, however, couldn’t have cared less about such a minor detail.

“Too bad, Hazel. You’ll just have to get used to the taste of each other’s saliva, I’m afraid. One gag is as good as another for the likes of evil witches like you two.”

Within seconds he’d sealed Hazel’s still complaining mouth with fresh tape, and had set to work stifling Amber’s ability to speak in identical fashion. Both women must have been expecting the hoods to once again grace their heads, but Steve still had another couple of items on his agenda prior to this final descent into darkness. From his holdall bag he produced a sheet of paper.

“Now, there are still a number of options open with regard to how the situation concerning your future is resolved. But I haven’t actually made up my mind which path we’re going to go down at the moment. One possible idea I had was that, as you decided to send me a ‘cut and paste’ ransom note created from old newspapers, it might be fitting that we let the authorities know of your whereabouts in similar fashion. Here’s one I prepared earlier.”

Two sets of eyes stared upwards from their position on the floor, as he held the note out for them to view. This is what they read in the dim light from the torch.

The two ladies in the accompanying video are currently being detained at an old, disused prison somewhere close by.

They’re probably getting a bit hungry and thirsty by now I would imagine.

They’re guilty of kidnapping, extortion, torture and a whole host of other crimes which I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to admit to.

If you can find them.

“What do you think girls? It took me half the night to assemble and glue this lot together. You’d be amazed how difficult it is to put a word like ‘accompanying’ together in this format.”

A stifled scream emanated from Amber’s mouth as she finished reading, and this Hazel supplemented with her first real struggle of the day. Neither action did them any good whatsoever.

“So now all I need to do is make a quick movie of you squirming around in your bonds. A bit like the one you sent me of Lauren.”

Setting two torches down so that the beams highlighted the darlex parcel, Steve took his phone and began to film the less than delighted duo.

“Come along now. Let me see you struggle. If you just lay there, the police will think you’re here willingly and won’t bother to come to your rescue.”

He laughed at this notion, but both women seemed to take him seriously, and within seconds the pair had transformed from a motionless mass into a writhing, wriggling worm-like creature with two heads but no mouths. After a minute or more of this frantic yet fruitless activity, however, Steve called a halt to proceedings.

“That should be enough to convince the authorities that you’re in a lot of distress, and not just playing games. Hopefully – if I do decide to anonymously send this off to them - they’ll recognise that one of you is an escaped convict too.”

Steve went to put the phone into his pocket, but quickly realised that his one-piece spandex cat-suit featured no such embellishments. He instead packed it safely back into the holdall. Beside this bag – and until now hidden from Amber and Hazel’s vision – lay the object that he’d retrieved on his way into the building, namely the security netting that had been the pair’s lifesaver last night, but which was now to be utilised to make their existence even more of a misery... if that was even possible.

With Lauren watching from her vantage point by the door – still strapped into the mono-glove, and with her gag intact –Steve unfurled the semi-torn mesh onto the floor of the cell. It was, of course, obvious to the two inseparably bonded women that this vast sheet was to be used as another layer in their already extensive bondage apparel, but any squeals of dissent or evasive action arising from this revelation went unheeded, as he quickly shifted the sheathed package onto one edge of the webbing, then rolled them up into the mesh. The netting was long; probably somewhere in the region of fifty feet or more. Which meant that the number of times it could be used to orbit the severely inhibited bundle was more than any of the participants in this strange process – be they rigger or rigged – could be bothered to keep a tally of. Steve was careful to ensure, however, that the head end of this body-hugging web remained unimpeded by this most recent addition to the overall burdensome bondage.

This was no oversight on Steve’s part, nor an omission brought about by compassionate concerns, but simply a necessity if he was to complete the internment of his hated enemies’ heads to his satisfaction. Picking up the two discarded leather hoods, he straightened out the laces and prepared to reapply these to his two wide-eyed prisoners. The knowledge that they were once more to be sensually deprived in this manner caused a writhing motion to afflict the tightly packed sack, as one or other – or possibly both – of the bound females attempted to shift away into a corner. This, of course, was always doomed to failure, and within no more than a minute both had again been encumbered within the strictly fitting facial coverings.

No longer able to view their surroundings, both women were soon left in no doubt as to how they would be spending the coming hours. Having secured the net with tight knots to ensure it wouldn’t slacken and slip, Steve produced the chain that had previously been used to lash Lauren’s arms to the ceiling, threaded this through the netting in the area of the cocooned double act’s feet, hooked it through a metal ring in the ceiling – conveniently fitted there by Amber during her refurbishment programme - and began to winch this upwards. Within their cosseted bubble, both women screamed as they suddenly felt their feet leave the ground. Slowly their legs, followed by their bodies, began to rise higher and higher, until finally their heads lost contact with the floor, and they found themselves swinging vertically in midair; the pinnacle of their leather-clad skulls now six inches or so above their bedding.

“There you go ladies. How does it feel to be suspended with no way down? I’m sure you remember, after last night’s little escapade, that the net is not exactly in peak condition, and could give way at any moment. You’re only a few inches above the floor, and I’ve thoughtfully made sure the mattress will cushion your fall. But even so, you’ll get a nasty crack on the head if it gives way, so I’d keep as still as you can if I were you.”

He gave the human pendulum a slight push, which elicited a squeal from the mouth of one or other of the now gently gyrating twosome.”

“Well I think our work is done here now. It just remains for me to lock you up all safe and sound and leave you here for a day or two. That should give you ample time to contemplate the error of your ways. But, of course, that doesn’t solve the conundrum of exactly what’s to become of you in the long run.”

Steve went silent for a few seconds, as if allowing this to sink in to brains that were clearly already severely perplexed with regard to exactly what the future held for them.

“After hearing all about what’s been going on here, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are four options open to us...”

The gentle oscillation of the dangling duo had by now almost come to a halt, which prompted another push to get their swinging momentum up and running again.

“Firstly, as mentioned earlier, I can send the note, along with the film I’ve made of the pair of you in all your helplessness, off to the Suffolk Constabulary tomorrow. Then it will just depend on how quickly they figure out where you’re being held. As there aren’t too many abandoned prisons in the county, I guess it shouldn’t take them too long...or maybe it will, who knows? We’re always hearing on the news about how the police are overworked and under-resourced, so perhaps they won’t see this as a high-priority case. I hope, for your sakes, that they do.”

Now into his stride, Steve seemed to be warming to the task of outlining the possible futures available to his captive audience.

“But that’s only one option. Another possibility is that we don’t tell the police, but instead follow your proposed course of action, namely of selling you into lifelong slavery. I’ve looked at the contacts lists in both of your phones, and I’m sure that some of these dodgy characters that you’re acquainted with must be the people you intended to sell Lauren and the twins on to. It shouldn’t take more than a day or two to work out which of these people has the means to have you transported to some far-flung corner of the globe...for a good price too, I would imagine.”

Steve walked across to where Lauren, due to her bonds, had been an interested yet impotent spectator to today’s events. Putting his arm around her, he kissed her gently on the cheek, before again turning his attention back to the cell’s other occupants.

“Option three would be to keep you here indefinitely - ‘in bondage perpetuum’ as I’m sure they say in Latin - letting you sample some of the restraints and other torments that you were so keen to hand out only yesterday. I hear that you’ve furnished some of the cells with different bondage equipment Amber, so I thought that you and your partner-in-crime here might like to try some of these out for yourselves. There’s that lovely padded coffin to look forward to. And I hear that you’ve got a vacuum packaging device that’s nice and escape-proof, and which we could easily put to good use. Then there’s this strict Japanese bondage that you were so keen to keep my girlfriend and her pals in. The opportunities are endless. And of course, we’d come back and tend to your needs on a daily basis. I hear you had a novel approach to washing and grooming, which we’d be more than happy to keep going for your benefit.”

Steve took Lauren’s arm and gently guided her towards the door, giving a quick pull on her crotch rope as he did so.

“Now if you’ll excuse us, Lauren and I are going off to explore the caring, loving, sensual side of bondage; a side that neither of you two would know anything about.”

At the last moment, just as he stepped out into the passageway, a sudden realisation seemed to dawn on him.

“Oh sorry, I nearly forgot, I promised you four possible fates, didn’t I? Well the final option is simple. We just abandon you here, never to return and without telling a soul. After the heartache and terror that you’ve caused recently, I’d suggest that this is the least that you deserve. If we did take this course of action, you’d have to either escape or hope that some unsuspecting passerby stumbles upon you. I have to say though, I can’t see either of those two outcomes being particularly likely.”

As this final solution sunk in to two fear-filled brains, the slamming shut of the cell door corresponded with a chorus of faint shrieks emanating from a pair of well gagged mouths.

From the corridor, as he turned the key in the lock, Steve’s final taunt echoed around the soon to be sealed building.

“So which of these four alternatives will we pick for you? I’ll have to engage in lengthy discussions with Lauren and the twins before we come to a final decision...

... So I guess you’ll just have to wait to find out...All will be revealed in the fullness of time!”

The End


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