by Dana

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© Copyright 2008 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; outdoors; wrap; bagged; reluct/cons; X

LilBoundGirl: I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it.  My parents went up the wall about me trying to leave and they took my car keys away.
BossTucker: …
LilBoundGirl:  I REALLY wanted to meet up with you.
BossTucker:  Did you really?
LilBoundGirl:  YES!
BossTucker:  I don’t know.  Personally it sounds like a load of shit there.
LilBoundGirl:  What?!
BossTucker:  I think you got cold feet and chickened out.
LilBoundGirl:  I did NOT!  I’m telling you I wanted to meet up with you.
BossTucker:  Prove it.
LilBoundGirl:  …
LilBoundGirl:  How?
BossTucker:  Tell me where you live.
LilBoundGirl:  I can’t.  You know I live at home with my folks.  I only turned 18 last month.
BossTucker:  Then I think you’re chicken.
LilBoundGirl:  …
BossTucker:  I’m signing off.  There’s another girl online who deserves my attention.
LilBoundGirl:  No!  Wait.
BossTucker:  Yes?
LilBoundGirl: …
BossTucker:  You had something you wanted to say?
LilBoundGirl:  Fine.  But you HAVE to keep it quiet.  If my parents find you here they’ll go through the roof.
BossTucker:  Oh don’t you fret.  If anyone has to worry about keeping quiet, it’s YOU.  Send me the address.

I typed in my folks home address and sat back in the chair.  He’d been right.  I had chickened out.  But now that he had my address and was on his way over…there was no way out of it.  I could leave and not be here.  It’d take him half an hour to get here and I could be long gone by the time he got here.  I could be over at Gabe’s, Michelle’s, or even Amelia’s houses within minutes.

The computer chimed at me, alerting me to a new email and I sat forward again to see who it was from.  BossTucker apparently had more to say to me.

I’ll consider this your first strike against you.  I wouldn’t advise getting three.
When I arrive you will be dressed appropriately (in your underwear & nothing more) and your hair will be done up to MY liking.
Do NOT disappoint me.

To his liking?  How the hell was I supposed to know what his liking was?  Quickly I tried to check his online profile but there was no hints to be found.  Damn!

Stripping off my crop top and jeans I passed the time pacing about in my bedroom in my pink bra and panties.  This was a mistake.  I shouldn’t be doing this.  According to his profile he like…twice my age.  And my parents…they’re just right down the hall.

But he’s so cute.  I just couldn’t resist. 

Lights illuminated my window briefly as a car turned into our neighborhood and my heart pounded in my chest.  Was it him?

Oh hell!  If it is him, and he rings the doorbell, he’ll wake my parents!

Scampering across my carpeted floor I slowly opened my bedroom door.  The hallway beyond was dark and my parent’s door at the end of the hall was closed.  It was almost eleven pm, surely they were both asleep by now.

Stepping out into the hall in only my undergarments only made my heart beat even faster.  Sure I’d worn the minimal amount of clothing in the hallway before, but usually it was to and from the bathroom.  Or when the parents weren’t home at all.  Never before was it to go answer the door.

I moved quickly down the stairs to the ground floor and opened the inner door to the airlock.  I shut it behind me then moved to the window beside the front door to peer out at the driveway.

It was him.  It had to be.

He’d parked in the driveway.  It was a ¼ ton pick-up truck with a six inch lift, tow bars, light bars, winch…all stuff I’d typically overlook as a girl, but being raised with two older brothers who were fascinated with off-roading had worn off on me a bit.

I could see him sitting there behind the wheel.  There was no mistaking him.  God he’s so cute.

But why wasn’t he coming in?

Opening the door a crack I leaned out and motioned for him to come over.  He merely sat there staring back at me, shaking his head slowly.  He extended a finger at me, then pointed at the ground beside his truck.

He couldn’t be serious, could he?  Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this.

Reaching over I tapped the light switch to turn off the porch lights.  Though the neighbors were probably asleep too, I didn’t want them to have a clear view of me in my undies if they were up.

Stepping out the door I quickly moved down the stairs to the driveway.  I was nearly to the bottom when a flash of light in front of me temporarily blinded me.  I nearly missed the next step but recovered before falling on my face.

Black splotched still dancing in front of my eyes, I crossed the cement driveway and stood beside his car, reaching out and holding onto the window frame for support as my vision cleared.

He’d taken my photo.  I’d wanted my photo taken, but not like that.  And I’d wanted it done with my own camera, not his.

“Uhm…Boss…Boss Tucker?” I stammered. 

He nodded his head slowly, raising the camera up to take my photo again.  I backed up a step and raised my hands to shield myself from future assaults from the flash.

“Ow!” I swore, “knock it off.”

“Tut, tut,” he warned.  “Manners.”

“I can barely see,” I said as I shook off the effects of the flash again.

He didn’t respond at first and just sat there watching me.  I came back over to the side of the car and breathed a sigh of relief as he set the camera aside.

“Hi,” I said, giving him the cutest grin I could muster. 

He returned the smile and dug into his coat pocket to remove a set of handcuffs.  He draped them over a finger and held them out the window at me.

“Put these on.  I want your wrists locked firmly behind your back.  But you do it yourself.  It’s your last act of freedom for the night.  By doing so, you agree to submit to my every whim for the rest of the evening…just as we’d discussed earlier when you’d gotten cold feet.  When you went chicken on me and stood me up; leaving me to wait for an hour at that gas station all by myself for you to not even show up.  So…what’s it going to be?  You can turn tail and run like the chicken you are back into the house, and I’ll back away leaving you for good.  Or…you can be the “Lil’ bound girl’ you claim to be.”

He was mocking me.  Pushing my buttons and seeing if I had the strength…the courage to submit to him.

Snatching the handcuffs from his finger I immediately slapped one around one of my wrists.  Moving my hands behind my back I locked the other one into place.

Now I was his.  Until he saw fit to free me.

“Turn around so I can see.”

I did so and I could picture him looking me up and down, staring at my cute little ass.

“They’re still loose.  Tighten them down.”

Moving my fingers around I tightened the cuffs until the metal was tight against my skin.  I hate handcuffs.  So coarse.  Not nearly as gentle as scarves or even rope.

“Face me,” he instructed.  I turned back to face him and found him leaning against the window frame looking at me.  Even in the darkness I could see his eyes looking me over.  It sent chills through my body.  That or the night’s air did.  It wasn’t too cold out here, but wearing next to nothing really wasn’t helping keeping me warm.

“I suspect some formal introductions are in order for the evening,” he said.

“Okay,” I replied, realizing we both only knew each other by our online handles thus far.  “My name’s-”

“Not important,” he interrupted.  “I shall call you whatever I see fit, is that understood?”

I lowered my head in obedience.  I really wasn’t in any position to argue. 



“Yes,” I insisted.  “I understand.”

“Yes SIR,” he corrected me.  “You shall call me ‘Sir’ for the rest of our time together.  Anytime you say anything, you shall address me properly as such.  Is that understood?”

“Yes.  Yes Sir.”

“Good.  Very good Chicken.  Now, get in the truck.”

Chicken?  Did he actually just call me ‘chicken’?

“But,” I stopped after half a step, glancing back at the front door I’d left open.

“Yes Chicken?  You had something to say?”

“No Sir,” I said, moving around to the far side of the truck.  He leaned over and popped the door open for me and with some maneuvering I was able to get up into the cab to sit beside him.  He leaned over and shut my door for me, brushing against my body in the process.  He did it on purpose, I was sure of it.

“Don’t worry about the door.  We won’t be gone long.  And we’re not going that far anyway.”

“Yes Sir,” I replied as he backed the truck out of the driveway.  I glanced over my shoulder at the seatbelt but there was no way of putting it on with my hands pinned behind my back.

He drove us out of my neighborhood and just up the block to the junior high school that was next to our subdivision.  He took the long way around the school and parked in the faculty parking lot.  From where we were parked I could see my house on the far side of the field next to the school.

It’d only been a handful of years since I attended this school.  The memories it held.

He took the truck out of drive and turned in his seat to face me.  Reaching up he turned on the cab’s interior light so he could get a better view of me.  Moving slowly, he extended his hand over to me and brushed it gently against my face.

“You really are beautiful Chicken.  You should have posted some pictures of yourself on your profile for all the boys to enjoy.”

I could have.  I’d debated it in the past.  I just didn’t want pictures of me floating out there out of my control.  Just like the ones in his camera which was sitting there against my leg.

His hand left my cheek, moved down my front side (barely missing my pert little breasts), and stopped at my belly.  He flicked the bellybutton ring I had in with his finger.

“Very cute Chicken.  Is it your only piercing?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.  “Aside from my ears of course.”

“Of course,” he repeated, reaching up and pushing my blonde hair out of the way so he could see my ears.  “Every girl has their ears pierced these days.  Just one per ear?”

“Yes Sir.  I wanted more but my mother wouldn’t allow it.”

“Are there other piercings your mother wouldn’t allow you to get?”

I felt my cheeks warm up as I blushed.

“Yes Sir.”

“Tell me where Chicken.”

“My eyebrow.  And the side of my nose, Sir.”

“Anywhere else?”

“My tongue, Sir.”

“Stick out your tongue for me Chicken,” he instructed me.  I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out for him.  “It’s a very nice tongue.  I think a little barbell there would look really nice for you.”

I pulled my tongue back in and smiled at him.  It was nice getting a compliment from him.

“What about your breasts?” he asked.

“My breasts?”

“Your nipples, silly Chicken.  Have you thought about getting them pierced?”

“No,” I said shaking my head defiantly.  “My friend Amelia got hers done and she said it hurt real bad.  Sir.”

“Oh really?  Are you afraid of a little pain little Chicken?”

“No Sir.”

“I don’t believe you.  Feeling a little pain reminds us that we’re human.  That we’re not all powerful.  Do you understand little Chicken?”

“Please stop calling me that.”

Did I just say that?  Christ I could care less what he calls me.

“What was that little Chicken?”

“I said please stop calling me that.  Sir.”

“You don’t like your name?”

“It’s not my name.”

“Yes it is.  Do you find it degrading?  Or humiliating?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Would your friend Amelia?  Would she care?  I don’t think she would.  Not with what I have to offer.  And she’s already got her nips pierced.  I can’t tell you how much of a turn on that is for me Little Chicken.”

“Stop it please.  Call me anything else, Sir.”

“You have to do something for me first,” he said, sliding across the seat to get right up beside me.  He draped an arm over my shoulders and pulled me firmly against his side.  “You have to do something deserving of me changing your name.  Agreed?”

“Yes Sir.”

“No matter what it is?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very well.”

He withdrew his arm from my shoulders and reached in front of me to open the passenger door again.

“Get out and go home.”

“What?” I said in disbelief.  I looked across the field to my home, then back to him but his dead-set expression hadn’t changed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll meet you over there little Chicken,” he said, patting my head reassuringly.

“But…but if anyone drives by they’ll see me!”  They’d see me practically naked with my arms trapped behind my back.

“Then I suggest you move quickly.  Out you go little Chicken.”


“Prove to me your not a little Chicken,” he said, pushing my side until I slipped off the seat and was forced to get my feet out to land on the hard pavement in the parking lot.  “And don’t make me wait too long.  You wouldn’t like the consequences.”

He shut the door in front of me, put it in reverse and backed away.  I started to chase after him but he got out onto the deserted side street and took off before I could catch him. 

Oh my God!  I’m out here…all alone…and damn near naked!

I had to get home.  Get inside where I wouldn’t be seen.  Where I could warm up.

Moving across the empty parking lot I reached the open gate leading out into the recreation field.  There were two baseball diamonds out here and a couple of tether ball posts, but the kids rarely used them.  I could remember playing around with my own friends here when I attended the school.

Off on the far side of the field I saw my captor’s truck drive past.  He wasn’t even going to sit around and watch me.

A breeze blew across the field and made me shiver.  I decided I better get going.  I moved slowly across the rock and dirt part of the field, but as soon as I reached the grass I took off running.  It’d rained earlier in the day and the grass was still a bit wet.  I had to be careful not to loose my footing and not fall down.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw light coming around the bend.  Another car coming down the road.  It could be Him, but if it wasn’t…I’d be mortified.

I let my legs go out beneath me and I tumbled onto the wet grass, bringing my legs up to curl into a ball and become as least visible as possible.

Keeping my head buried in the grass I couldn’t judge the car’s progress.  The engine got louder as it moved around the field, then dissipated into the distance.  Running the risk, I lifted my head up and looked off to see it’s tail lights disappear completely.

Another breeze hit me and now that I was wet from laying in the grass it felt REALLY cold.  Moving my legs beneath me, I got back onto my feet and moved to the fence lining the field.  There was an old opening in it to allow baseball players access to the field and I moved through it and stepped out into the gravel parking area on the other side of the fence.  The coarse rocks dug into my feet as I moved across them.  I was thankful when I reached the actual smoothness of the road and stepped across it.

More lights appeared at the bend in the road and I hastened my pace, quickly getting off the road and into the trees and bushes that made up the embankment on the edge of our neighborhood.

I was up top the embankment when the car moved down the road I’d second earlier been standing half naked on.  I breathed a sigh of relief as it continued on its way.

Turning my attention back to my neighborhood I decided to do the same.  Coming down the embankment I ran across my neighbor’s yard and my own and stepped out onto the cement driveway of my home.  My heart was pounding in my chest and I was shaking from the cold.

But thankfully the truck was parked right there and He was waiting for me with a bag slung over his shoulder.  What did he have in there?

“Did you enjoy your run?” he asked.

“Yes Sir.  I’m cold Sir.”

“I know.  Come over here and turn around so I can help you with that.”

Obediently I walked over to stand with him at the base of the stairs, and turned my back to him.  He was going to free my hands, I knew it.

But instead when his hands went to work, they weren’t going to my wrists.  In a flash I felt the clip holding my bra together become undone.  He reached up and pushed the straps off my shoulders and my bra slid down, exposing my breasts to the night air.

He grabbed me by my shoulders and turned me back around to face him.  Reaching out he cupped one of my breasts and admired it.  Though it wasn’t how I’d imagined doing so, I was warming up.

“I told you to be dressed appropriately.  Nothing more than your panties.  You should be thankful I let you do your evening run with your bra on.”

“I am,” I stammered, “thank you Sir.”  I was having trouble thinking straight.  Only one other man had ever touched my breasts and never like this.  As exposed and as vulnerable as I was…I absolutely LOVED having him touch me.  I gasped in pleasure as he reached out with his other hand and cupped my other breast, then giving both my nipples a little tweak with his fingers.

“Marvelous breasts.  They’ll look even more stunning once they’re pierced.  You make sure to do that just as soon as possible.  I’d hate to have to meet Amelia just cause her nips are pierced and yours weren’t.”

“Yes Sir.  I’ll…I’ll do that-”


“Tomorrow.  I’ll do it tomorrow Sir.  Just for you.  Just don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop what?” he asked, moving around behind me and reaching around on both sides to continue to hold my breasts.

“Don’t stop touching me.  Please Sir.”

“You like that, do you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Are you turned on?”

“Very much so, Sir.”

“Spread your legs,” he commanded.  Without thinking or hesitation I spread my legs apart a couple feet.  One of his hands drifted down my belly and paused oh so briefly at the low-cut thong I had on, then pushed on.  Moving atop the thin cotton, he reached down to my crotch and wiggled his fingers around.

“Well, well…you most certainly do seem turned on.  Perhaps we should do something about that.”

“Please Sir.”

Much to my dismay he removed his hold on me and stepped back around to stand in front of me.  He unzipped his bag and fished around in it for a moment before withdrawing a studded collar with a name tag dangling from it’s clasp.  Putting a hand at the back of my neck, he pulled me up to him and affixed the collar to around my neck.

“I shall call you ‘Honey’.  Do you like that name better?”

”Yes Sir.  Thank you Sir.”

He smiled at my obedience and went back to fishing in the bag.  He removed a leash from it, clipped it to my collar and started up the stairs.  I followed quickly after him, watching my footing on the dark stairway as to keep up.  Once inside he shut the outer door and locked it shut.

“Where’s your bedroom Honey?”

“Upstairs, right at the top on the right, Sir.”

“And your parents?  Are they upstairs too?”

I nodded.

“Then we’ll spend out time in the basement.  Come along Honey.”

He tugged on the leash and I followed him through the inner doors and down the carpeted stairs that led down into the basement.

When we got to the bottom he let go of the leash and it bounced down against my belly as I stood there obediently waiting his next command.

“Wait here Honey.  I’m going to find us a nice place to play in.”

“Yes Sir.”

I stood there perfectly still as he turned on the basement lights and went looking around in the various rooms.  Though I didn’t have a watch on I guessed he was gone a couple of minutes.  When he returned he didn’t have his bag with him.  I was only slightly worried about the pair of scissors in his hands.

Grabbing the bra still hanging there across my belly, trapped by the straps still encircling my arms, he cut it free with two quick snips.  I watched him throw it aside with no regard.  It’d been a nice bra.  An expensive bra.  Ruined.

“Follow me Honey,” he said, putting the scissors in his back pocket and picking up the leash again.  I obediently did so, following him through the laundry room and into the old storage closet we had.  It was unfurnished with the beams in the ceiling still showing and the original cement foundation for flooring.  We kept a lot of our old junk in here.  There was plenty of space to move around in.

Moving to a large support beam in the center of the room that ran from the floor to ceiling, he positioned me in front of it, then tied my leash to it.  Getting behind me he picked up something from his pile of things he’d brought with him (I’d noticed his upturned bag of toys laying there on the floor when we’d entered), I felt him affix a length of cord to the cuffs securing my wrists.  He brought the other end up to the backside of my collar, looped it through a D-ring and pulled.  It brought my arms up to mid-level on my back.  It didn’t exactly hurt, but it wasn’t entirely comfortable either.  He tied it off and I knew there was no point in complaining about it.

“Now…about your hair,” he said, running his hands through my blond trusses.  “You didn’t exactly put it up the way I like it.”

“I’m sorry Sir.  I didn’t know how you-”

“Thanks no excuse for not trying.  Here, just so you know for future reference.”

He separated my hair in half and using rubber bands, he tied the two parts into high pony-tails on either side of my head.  ‘Handle-bars’ as Michelle had once explained the style to me as.

“There…much better,” he said, batting at the hair as it hung from both sides of my head.  “You’ll do your hair like this for me in the future, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

He stepped back away from me and a moment later the room lit up as he took another picture.  He moved around my trapped form and shot off a handful of pics for his own amusement.

“I’ll be sure to send you some of these.  Give you something to put up on your profile.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Now, to get you warmed up.  I know just the thing to get the blood flowing.”

A moment passed then suddenly my ass became ablaze with pain as he slapped me hard with a paddle.  I yelped and craned my neck to try and look behind me.  I watched as he brought back his arm and slammed the paddle against my ass once more.  I gasped and tugged at my restraints, but they held tight.  And thanks to the leash tied off, I couldn’t even move out of the way of his blows.

He hit my ass again and again.  I tried biting my lip to keep from crying out but as the barrage continued I couldn’t contain it anymore and started to cry out as he struck my ass.

“Oh I’m sorry Honey,” he said, cooing into my ear as he took a momentary breather.  One of his hands groped at my ass through the thin panties.  “Does it hurt?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Are you warm yet?  Be honest…I’ll know if you’re lying.”

“No,” I replied.  Sure my ass was on fire, but the rest of me was still pretty cold.  Standing on the cold cement floor wasn’t helping things.

“Are you going to be able to keep quiet?  We wouldn’t want to wake your parents would we?”

“No Sir.”

“So you’ll keep quiet?”

“I…I don’t know.”  My head was swimming.  I couldn’t think straight anymore.

“Well fortunately I brought something along to help with that sort of problem.”

He let go of my ass and moved off to his pile of goodies.  When he came back he pressed his body against mine.  By the feel of things I could tell he’d taken off his coat and shirt.  His chest hair brushing against my bare back made me shiver.

“Open your mouth,” he instructed.

I did so and he reached around my head and placed a bit-gag similar to the type they use on horses into my mouth.  He brought the straps around my head and cinched it down tight so I couldn’t spit it out.  It was made of rubber so it didn’t hurt my teeth as I bit down on it.

“There you go.  Scream all you want now.  I’ll understand.  You might feel this a bit more now anyway.”

Kneeling down behind me he slid my panties off my hips and slid them down to my ankles.  I lifted each foot so he could pull them free.  He tapped at my legs and I spread my legs out for him.

With my panties in his hand, he rubbed them against my wet pussy, wiping me off.  He withdrew them from my crotch, stood back up, and pulled them up over my head, feeding my hair handlebars through the sides of it.  Though they didn’t really obstruct my vision, I could smell myself on them as I breathed through my nose.

“Brace yourself,” he said, reeling back to resume his paddling.  He brought it down hard against my bare ass and I squealed.  He brought it down on my tender flesh again and again and I started crying as I screamed into the gag. 

I don’t know how long his assault lasted.  It could have been a couple of minutes or an hour.  Or hours.  I couldn’t keep track of things anymore.  The only reason I was still standing was the fact that the leash was holding me there.

When he did finally undo the leash from my collar I slumped to the floor.  Though my ass was probably bright red and sore as all hell, and my arms ached to be free once more, the dampness in my crotch meant I’d really enjoyed myself.

He yanked the panties off my head and threw them aside as he moved a chair over to sit on it in front of my naked body.

“Well you certainly made a mess of yourself didn’t you?  Did you enjoy it?  Was it everything you’d hoped for?”

Unable to speak with the gag in my mouth I merely nodded back to him.

“Very good Honey.  Now, I need you to learn a lesson from all this.  And though I’m sure you think that little paddling may be enough to teach you not to lead men on, I’m afraid you’ll need something a bit more…in your face.”

He turned me around on the floor and scooted his chair up right behind me.  He draped his legs over my shoulders, trapping me in place.  The pit in the bottom of my stomach was making me sick.  That last little statement…it had me worried that this was moving beyond what we’d initially planned.  I thought of my friend Sarah who’d been raped last year and how it’d effected her.  I silently prayed this wouldn’t go that far.

Grabbing my hair firmly in one hand I heard the scissors make their cut before I could protest.  I screamed into the gag as he dropped the long lengths of hair into my lap.  He cut off the other handle-bar worth of hair in an equal movement, then put the scissors aside.  He ran his hands through my inch-long hair and mussed it up. 

“Maybe you’ll remember now not to lead guys on with false promises.  There are consequences to your actions.  Severe ones.”

He undid the strap to the gag in my mouth and as he pulled it free of my mouth a long trail of drool dropped down across my breasts.  I didn’t care.  I was crying now.  He’d cut my hair.  Damn near all of it was laying in my lap now.  I must look like a freak.

“Now before I put you off to bed and part ways with you, I want to hear you say it.  Tell me you’ll never lead on another man with false promises again.  Say it Honey.  Say it!”

“I…I promise,” I said, choking back my tears.

“All of it!” he insisted.

“I…I promise not to lead another man on with…false promises again.”

“Good girl,” he said, getting up to his feet.  “That little trick worked wonders on my daughters.  If I find you haven’t been holding to your promise, you’ll regret it.”

“Yes Sir,” I stammered, still looking down at the mess of hair before me.

“Good.  Now let’s get you all wrapped up for bed.”

He stood me back up and let me lean against the metal post I’d moments earlier been secured to.  He undid the cuffs holding my arms and they dropped uselessly to my sides.  Being bound up they’d gone to sleep on me and I could barely move them.

Positioning me in the center of the room, he instructed me to leave my hands at my sides and keep my feet together.  Still crying I obeyed without question.

Grabbing surgical wrap from his bag, he began wrapping my head up.  I didn’t protest or try to stop him.  I was too worried about what he’d do to me next.  The paddling had been one thing, but cutting my hair off…I didn’t want to think what he’d do above that.

He encased my entire head in the medical wrappings, leaving only my eyes uncovered.  Before covering up my mouth he recovered my panties, stuffed them inside, then continued wrapping.  Any attempt to talk now would be nothing but muffled sounds now.

Once my head was covered, he continued wrapping, working his way down my neck and around my torso.  He wrapped my body up tight, pinning my arms to my sides.  As he reached my crotch he paused.

“I’ve got just the thing to keep you company tonight.”

Moving to his bag he picked up a vibrating egg and slid it into my pussy with his fingers.  The cord leading to the controls dangled down and banged against my legs.

He helped me lay down on the floor, obviously fearing I might topple over and hurt myself.  Once laying on the ground, he continued wrapping my lower half until I was completely encased in the medical wrappings.  Only my eyes were left.  The control unit for the egg deep inside me was also dangling free of the encasement.

He stepped out of my line of sight for a moment and returned with a sleeping bag. It was one of my brothers.  He’d pulled it off the storage shelves in the room.  He lay it out beside me, unzipping it all the way, then rolled me over on top of it.  Folding the other half back over me, he zipped it back up, sealing me in.

“That ought to keep you nice and warm tonight.  Oops…almost forgot.”

He reached in past my head in the sleeping bag’s opening, down past my breasts and took hold of the tiny remote.  He switched it on and the egg came to life inside me.  I moaned into my gag and squirmed a bit, but there was no way I could so much as touch it.

Withdrawing his hand, he picked me up and carried me across the room to where all the other sleeping bags were laid out in storage.  He laid me out atop the others on the shelf and stepped back.

If I strained I could see him out the corner of my eyes.  He moved about collecting his things and cleaning up the hair he’d taken from me.  He put his shirt back on and pulled his bag back over his shoulder.  He came back over to me and patted my head.

“You have yourself a wonderful night in here.  I’ll see myself out.  And don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow to let you free.  Eventually.  You better get comfortable for the long haul just the same.  And don’t worry, I’ll grab a house key from your room before I go.  Top of the stairs, right at the top, right?”

I was crying again.  This was WAY beyond what I’d planned for. 

“I might borrow you cell while I’m at it.  Maybe we can invite Amelia over for some fun tomorrow too.”

He turned his back and left, turning off the light and shutting the door behind him.  In the darkness I could still hear him chuckling to himself as he left.  Moments later the first of what would be many orgasms wracked my body.  The dampness between my legs grew and somehow I knew I wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight.

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