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by Baron Waste

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Dear Bob, thanks again for letting me go to the conference in your place. Things are going well here. Day one was awesome. I spent a lot of time touring the vendor booths on the floor. Got a lot of new ideas for scenes in our videos. You wouldn’t believe all the stuff I’ve seen. They’ve got a bunch of slaves in glass cages suspended over the booths throughout the entire conference. LOL, not together though. That would be too much fun. No, I meant suspended individually in cages. Once a day they get a bucket is lowered to them with food and water. It stays for ten minutes and then is removed. If anything is left behind, they get hit hard by the shock collar they’re wearing. It’s awesome!

Oh hey, I forgot to mention that there’s also a slave auction tomorrow too. The slaves are paraded around all throughout the day. The keepers have them all chained together at the neck, wrists manacled behind the back of course. Occasionally they’ll pull one out and put on a whipping show. Jeez, some of them can really get a beating.

Today I decided to take the self-bondage seminar track. You know how people love the self-bondage videos. Anyway, the keynote speaker was really fascinating. I never really thought about this before: self-bondage is really just a sub topping themselves! But what really got me was that the series was mostly about self-bondage scenarios that either went wrong or went to extremes. Pretty cool stuff actually.

In the safety-first category, the presenters went over a series of cases where the either the back-up plan didn’t exist or wasn’t thought through. For example, there are the folk that handcuff themselves to something and then drop the keys just out of reach. Or let the ropes get too tight so they couldn’t untie themselves. Nothing new there. After that were the more sophisticated ones whose release mechanisms failed due to power outages, darkness, falling asleep, battery failure or forgetting a combination code or password. Luckily the vast majority of those who trapped themselves were ultimately rescued either by concerned friends, neighbors, relatives or co-workers. Quite humiliating! Unfortunately there were a few that didn’t make it - usually by suffocation. What a tragic waste.

The following presentation covered unintentional permanent self-bondage. These were really amazing stories. The first example was the case of a couple who practices bondage often in their life. While he was out of town on a business trip, she was at home when a package arrived. It consisted of an series of interlocking metal pieces: a sheath for the lower legs that went from ankles to below the knee which rigidly held the legs together; a chastity belt complete with a large and brutal metal dildo; a full-length corset that extended from the hips to just below the bust line; wrist and elbow cuffs that latched into the back of the corset, entirely removing any freedom of movement; a posture collar and helmet. Of course, the helmet was more of a hood with only slits for her eyes, small holes for breathing through her nose and an integrated ring gag.

Well, knowing that he was going to be home later that day, she thought that she’d surprise him by putting it all on and making a gift of herself at the front door. She never bothered to read the packing slip. It was a permanent bondage set that was misdirected to them and meant for other purchaser. She never noticed that there were no keys that came with it. She methodically snapped it all on herself somehow. They showed us some pictures of how she looks now. The metal is some kind of super-alloy from Germany. Nothing can cut or break it. She’s been trapped in it for nearly five years now. The husband was dismayed at first; but he’s become quite fond of using her as his fuck-toy now. He’s got a new sub now that takes care of her personal needs (and his - wink). About all she can do is hop around or bend over. Her head, torso and arms are all locked together in a single unit. He keeps her gagged and passes her around to his friends. As far as her husband can tell, she seems to have accepted her new life. He keeps her gagged most of the time, so he assumes so.

Following that was the story of another woman who did something sort of similar. In this case, it was the girlfriend of a chemist. She was a lover of the feel of latex. As part of their play, she would often wear two or three layers at times. She loved the feeling of compression so much she would even sleep at hight in a vac-bed modified to turn itself off after eight hours. Anyway, she discovered that her boyfriend had been working on a new liquid latex formula. One evening she begged him for a chance to try it out. So they did. She found it exhilarating. Well, the next morning he went to work leaving her at his house. She decided to sneak into the garage and play with the liquid latex. Except she picked out the wrong containers and got an epoxy instead. To cut to the chase, she slathered herself in the stuff and then slipped into her vac-bed that she had brought with her. The epoxy bonded with the plastic in the vac-bed and hardened into a shell. When the chemist got home it was like she was a fly trapped in amber. They managed to open enough of a hole in her crotch so she can pee but that’s about it. The chemist has her mounted to the wall in his house like a trophy while her figures out how to release her, if he feels like it.

Afterward we broke for lunch. Each of the tables had a hog-tied model as a centerpiece. Ours was blindfolded and gagged so all the interaction we had with her was pinching her nipples and throwing out leftover food on her. Some of the other tables the models weren’t gagged so the attendees had conversations. One guy attempted to stick his dick in her mouth but security put a stop to that. That’s only for auction winners.

Once lunch was over I went back for the final presentations. The afternoon sessions were all about voluntary permanent bondage. Looking back, I can see now why they saved these for last. Some of things that people volunteer for is amazing. The common factor seems to be a strong desire to be something other than themselves. The manifestation can either be mental or physical. On the mental side, some people want to be hypnotized to have a new highly sexualized personality. Others seek the physical restriction of being placed in a partial or full body cast and to be left there for days, sometimes weeks. A specific example was cited of a woman who wanted to become a living doll, dressed in perfect Barbie clothes, put in a box and left on display.

The final stories were the most incredible. They both had to do with pet play. The first was a man who wanted to be a couple’s puppy more than anything. He absolutely loved puppy play and wanted to spend his life that way. So, after a few years of living that lifestyle, his masters took him to a surgeon. They changed his facial appearance to make him more dog-like as well as amputated his fingers and thumbs to give him “paws.” Talk about commitment!

The most extreme was the final presentation. This was a very unique case about a woman who had Apotemnophilia. (I wrote it down.) She has this strong feeling that her arms are not part of her own body. In fact, she feels like that they are a foreign invader. As she was growing up, she made numerous attempts to injure her arms in the hope that perhaps the doctors would amputate them. Instead, they sent her to psych wards and kept her restrained. It was during these times when she was kept in bondage that she felt the most peace.

As a young woman they finally had to release her from the mental hospital. She bounced around for a few years going from boyfriend to boyfriend. Eventually she discovered a singles website for people with fetishes. She found a wealthy young man who shared a complementary fetish for bondage and amputation. They arranged a trip to South America. There they were met by a team of surgeons who amputated both of her arms at the shoulders, giving her a smooth upper torso. While they were at it, she also received breast implants, a tubal ligation and a nose job. After several weeks of recovery, they returned home to continue healing. (At customs, they explained that she had been in a terrible car accident while traveling abroad.) Completely recovered now, she is her master’s pet. He has two attendants who attend to her personal needs at all times.

In a surprise that I wasn’t expecting, she and her master actually walked out on stage as part of the presentation. She wore a golden collar with a leash that he used to guide her around. She wore a short dress without armholes that was smartly tailored along with ballet boots that went up to her mid-thigh. She walked confidently to the microphone and addressed the audience. “In case there aren’t any believers in my surgery,” she said and nodded toward her master. The owner stepped behind her and unzipped her dress, pulling it up and away. Underneath she was topless wearing only a thong and the boots. Let me tell you her boobs were spectacular! Where her arms used to be was a smooth transition from neck downward. He lead her back and forth across the stage several times. Her ability to keep her balance in those shoes with any arms was incredible. We all leapt to our feet and applauded wildly. That might have been the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

So that’s what’s been going on so far. Gotta head out now for the slave auction and after-hours. There’s a blond I’ve had my eye on! Talk to you later.


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