Conference in the City

by Kelsey Taylor

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© Copyright 2020 - Kelsey Taylor - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; straitjacket; hood; heels; gag; leash; hum; shop; reluct; X

My heels clicked as I walked down the damp sidewalk. I had already walked several blocks from my hotel. It had been a long first day at the conference, but I didn’t feel tired now. I approached the small cross street and turned left. My heart was pounding. The street was dingy and deserted but I pressed on, clutching my purse tightly under my arm.

I finally spotted it. A single black door, no windows, and a sign that said, “Madam J’s”. I glanced around to make sure no one was watching. I could still play it off, keep walking, act like I was looking for a restaurant.

No one.

I hurried across the street as fast as I could in my skirt suit and heels. With my head down, I power walked the last several yards. Finally, the door. I gave it a shove, but it was locked. Seriously? The website said it would be open. I had been planning this for months, ever since I learned I would be coming to the city for this conference.

A few minutes ago I was questioning whether I should continue. Now I was at the door, and needed to get in. Unbelievable…oh, a sign, “Push button to enter.” I pushed the button. What seemed like five minutes was probably ten seconds, then click. I slid through the door hoping no one saw.

Inside, I climbed a small flight of stairs and found myself in a large showroom. The smell of leather filled my nostrils. Aisles of leather clothes and restraints filled the room. I stopped and scanned the room in amazement. I was relieved that I didn’t see anyone. I was from a town a few hours away, so why was I afraid that someone would recognize me?

I jumped as I heard the words, “Can I help you find something?” I hadn’t noticed the lady at the cash register directly to my left. She was a few years older than me, maybe 40. Her long black ponytail was offset by her fitted white top. Her bright red lipstick matched her fingernails. She looked to be in great shape.

“Just browsing,” I stammered and immediately walked in the opposite direction.

“Okay, just let me know if you need some help.”

Not much chance of that.

I kept my head down as I started to walk the isles. The first aisle was clothes, everything you could imagine, but made out of leather. In the second aisle I passed corsets, body harnesses, and then I saw them…straightjackets. I stopped to feel them. The leather was thick but soft. The buckles were sturdy and shiny. This was no toy. I had thought about these so often, I couldn’t believe that I finally had one in my hands.

After several minutes, the lady at the front counter called out, “Would you like to try it on?”

“Uh… No... No thanks.”

I hung the jacket back on the rack and kept walking. I spent several minutes looking at leather cuffs. Then I found a display with the cutest shoes. Platforms with a six inch heel. Crazy cute, but who could walk in those? It was time for me to go, but I had to take another look at the straightjackets. I must have been deep in thought because I didn’t hear the lady walk up.

“I think you should try it on.”

My head snapped to my right.

“Hi, I’m Jeanine,” she said.

“Oh, hi.”

“Do you own any straightjackets?”

“No, I ...uh... don’t.”

“Have you ever worn a straightjacket?”

“Not exactly.”

“Hmm. Interesting answer,” Jeanine stated as she looked a little puzzled. “Well, I only stock the best. These may look like designer clothes, but don’t be fooled. They are 100% inescapable. You can try one on, but it will cost you 30 minutes.”

There were a lot of buckles, but it didn’t seem like it should take 30 minutes to get it on and off.

She kept talking about the features, the fine leather, stitching, buckles, and how they fitted. She pulled a jacket off the shelf that was made for someone with my athletic proportions.

I adored the jacket, but who was I kidding. I didn’t have a play partner to use it with. But… still.

“There is a fitting room in the back. I think you will be disappointed if you don’t at least try it on.”

How often would I have this opportunity? There weren’t any stores like this in my town. “Uh, where is the dressing room?”

“Here, follow me.” She scooped the jacked off of the rack and started walking to the back. I followed her through a doorway, where I saw several dressing rooms. “Use this one,” she said as she used a key to open the door.

“Why don’t you hang up your jacket and skirt? I'll be back in a minute to help you in the jacket.” I heard her walk away.

A few minutes later, knock, knock.

“Come in.”

I was a little embarrassed to be standing there in my blouse, pantyhose, and heels. Jeanine didn’t seem to notice.

“Alright, arms out front.” I held my arms out and she slid on the jacket. In no time at all, my arms were buckled across my body. My face turned red as Jeanine pulled two straps down between my legs and buckled them up behind me.

“How’s that feel?”

“Actually, it’s quite comfortable.”

“Everyone wants to prove to themselves that they cannot escape. Why don’t you give it a shot and I’ll be back in a minute.”

That sounded great to me! I stared at the mirror. The jacket looked fantastic. It clung to my curves. My arms were totally immobile but completely comfortable.

Knock, Knock

Jeanine was back with a few boxes. “I noticed you looking at these, should we try them on?” She held up the stiletto heeled platform shoes.


I sat on the bench as she put them on for me. It was a strange feeling having another woman put shoes on my feet. The next box she opened had black leather ankle cuffs with a chain linking them. “They have a six inch hobble chain. What do you think?”

“Okay, unless you have something with a three inch chain.”

Jeanine chuckled, “A girl after my own heart. But let’s start with this.” She buckled a cuff around each ankle and secured them with a small padlock.

“Now, why don’t we try standing up.” She helped pull me up as my legs wobbled.

Once I was standing, she said, “This should finish the look.” With that, she wrapped a black leather miniskirt around me and zipped it up.

“Now, if you trip and fall, you could really get hurt. Let’s practice walking. Walk to the wall and back.”

“I’m okay. I don’t plan to do much walkin...” smack! The swat on my rear end didn’t hurt much, it just caught me by surprise. After I had a second to think about it, I felt embarrassed that I had just been spanked. Spanked by another woman.

“As I said, walk to the wall and back. Be careful now.”

I shuffled my feet forward. I was very wobbly on the heels, and the hobble chain made sure my steps 

were short and choppy. I walked eight feet to the wall and back. She had me do it again and again. As I started to get better at it, she demanded more. I was to put one foot in front of the other. Then I had to sway my hips from side to side. When I wasn’t going fast enough, I received another spank on the rear. I felt the blood rush to my face. I couldn’t make eye contact with Jeanine out of sheer embarrassment.

The weird thing is, I didn’t hate it. I had fantasized about wearing a straightjacket before, but never had I thought about being dominated by another woman. I should have been angry, but I found myself trying to impress Jeanine.

“Very good. You are doing fantastic. With the proper training, who knows what you are capable of. Alright, now it’s time for my half hour. Follow me,” she said as she opened the door.


“My half hour. I told you that if you tried on the straightjacket, it would cost you a half hour. You’ve tried on the straightjacket, and now it is time for my half hour. Follow me back to the showroom. You are going to model these products for a half hour.”

“Follow you to the showroom?!”


“No way, I didn’t agree to that! Get this stuff off of me!”

She approached me with a smile and said, “Okay.” Then I heard a click and looked down to see that she had clicked a steel chain leash to the collar of my straightjacket. “I guess we’ll do it the hard way.” With that, she gently but firmly started dragging me out of the dressing room.

“No, please!” I started to panic at the thought of someone from the conference seeing me like this. My career flashed before my eyes. “One of my colleagues might see me!”

“Well, I’m not unreasonable. If you really want, I will let you wear a hood.”

“Are you serious? I did not agree to this. Please, I’m begging, let me out of this jacket, I want to go.”

“Well, have it your way,” she said as she started dragging me out again.

I tried to pull back, but I couldn’t put up much of a struggle. I could barely balance on the heels. A slight tug on the leash had me inching forward.

“Okay, I’ll take the hood.”

“Oh, you’ll take the hood. As if you are doing me a favor.” She gave me a smug smile, “If you would like the hood, you’ll need to ask me nicely.”

Ughhh! “Can I please have the hood.”


“Can I please have the hood, mistress.”

“Sure, let me grab one and I’ll be right back,” with that, she clipped my leash to a ring bolted to the wall and walked out. I tugged on my leash, but it wouldn’t budge. Next, I tried to undo it with my mouth, but it was no use.

I didn’t have to wait long for Jeanine to return. She was quite efficient in lacing up the hood. I heard a click and assumed that the hood was now padlocked on.

“Let me put this last part on, and we are good to go.” I felt a leather gag being shoved into my mouth and snapped onto the hood. “Fantastic! I hope you feel as good as you look, because you look fantastic.”

I spent the next half hour standing in a cage in the middle of the showroom. Several customers came and went. Jeanine kept telling them that I was the store pet. It always seemed to get a laugh. I felt like I would die of embarrassment. People would make various compliments. The jacket fit me well, my legs looked great, I was doing a fantastic job balancing. I felt like I should be angry with them, but I have to admit, I sure did like all the compliments.

After the half hour was up, I was led back to the dressing room. My bonds were removed and I was left there to get dressed. I put my clothes on as quickly as possible. I checked my purse to make sure that I didn’t get robbed, then I poked my head out of the dressing room. Not seeing anyone, I darted out through the showroom and out the front door. 

Back in my hotel room I took a nice long bath. It didn’t take long to pleasure myself to an unbelievable orgasm.


I was in the back room of my leather boutique store. I still couldn’t believe what I had done the day before. I watched the security tape of me leading a young lady to the cage in the middle of my shop. Once she was in the cage, I removed her leash and gave her a nice swat on the butt. What was that about? I’ve never had a thing for spanking women. Then I shut the door and locked it with a ridiculous looking pirate-like padlock.

Watching the tape was making me wet. The buzz of the front door brought me back to reality. I pressed the button to let in the customer. “Let me know if you need any help,” I called out as they came up the steps. I knew I should go and help them, but I really wanted to watch the video one more time. She was just so cute as she wobbled to the cage.

There was a crash of leather and chain hitting the front counter. “Shoot,” I said, glancing at the clock. I had been watching for over ten minutes. I hurried out to the front counter. The customer had her back to me as I approached. On the counter I could see an armbinder, a posture collar, a mask, and a ball gag. As I reached the counter, the customer turned around. My jaw dropped as I realized that this was the same customer that I locked in the cage the day before.

She looked at me, then quickly looked down at the ground. In a weak voice I heard her say, “I was wondering if I could try these on.”


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