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Compliance.- house of the future turns into a nightmare

Debbie could not believe her luck. House sitting a four bedroom cottage on a acre of land surrounded by trees. A small little lake in the back along with a pool. Dr. Marcus Granger and his wife where going to vacation in Europe. The entire summer. She was a freshman at the local college and wanted to find a summer job and maybe find a roommate. It was a notice on the help wanted ads at school she found that led her to this small piece of heaven. Not having a car. They sent a ride sharing vehicle.

Dr Granger was a graying hair man maybe late forties. A good five ten. Thin. His wife Marta. Was about Debbie's height five six, and a blond compared to Debbie brunette. So aside from hair and eye color, Marta could almost pass for Debbie. Which was something they kidding about.

After dinner a number of question was asked and then they had a little meeting. Most likely a back ground check. Single family. Estrange mother. Father was a factory worker for forty years until laid off. They screwed him out of his pension. Then he died of heart attack a year later. The insurance was what Debbie was making do on aside from tuitions assistance. Debbie thought this was going to be a piece of cake job. So when they came back they wanted to know when she could start. She got the job.

OH there was one other thing.


Vera was a specialized house Artificial Intelligence. Much like others she had heard about and seen. Vera was supposed to be Next generation. Developed by Dr Granger. Debbie could have food delivered. The only thing was she was to wear a bracelet to let Vera know who she was. Voice print and a palm scanner where also done.

Vera was still experimental. There was a manual on what Vera could do and she could do a lot. She could control everything inside the house. Everything. Doors. Window. Heat. Cold. Television. Cable. Music. Order food. Lights. The vacuum bots. The works. There was a child proof system so only an adult could open drawers and cabinets.

Because the house was in hurricane ally. It had metal shutters that rolled down covering the windows. The outside walls where deceptively looking reinforced concrete. With a brick façade. Metal doors that looked like wood with a three point locking system. When the doors and windows where closed in ‘zombie mode‘. As Dr. Granger put it. You could not hear a thing outside.

Cameras in the living room. Hallway. Dining room and kitchen where also part of the system. One bedroom had been converted to an exercise room. Treadmill and weights. Television. Another was his study and office. The house was designed to take a F5 Hurricane. Although that was yet to be proven. The lawn and surrounding grounds where maintained by a old man named Juan. He spoke little English.

The basement had a red door which was the only place Debbie was not allowed in and it was always to be locked. It was also the only door not controlled by Vera. Dr Granger mentioned a spare key but did not say where it was. The red room, as he called it. Was where back up power and Vera computer system were housed.

The house was a ranch style. Everything on one floor. Master bedroom on one end. three bedrooms. The exercise room and office. Debbie took a spare bedroom with a half bath in it. Master bath. Kitchen. Dining room. Then living room with the most awesome audio and visual system she ever had seen in her life. The only thing Debbie had to do was light dusting. She could handle that.

Two house robots named Alpha and Beta. Did the vacuuming and floor polishing. They look like one commercially available but a little bigger and the had the ability to lift furniture to get under it. With a some attached arms that folded down on top. They reminded her of a forklift. A dog named Blue was going with them. So his Vera controlled feeding bowl and water bowl should be turned off. That was one less chore Debbie had to do.

Anytime you gave Vera a command. She would answer “Compliance.”

The best thing. Food was free. If it could be delivered. It was. The fund came out of a house fund. Just tell Vera what you wanted and with in the hour. It was there. Three and a half months. Internet and cable. Oh this was going to be good.

So it came the day when she arrived by car with a suitcase. The Granger’s were waiting for her and ready to leave. Blue was in the back barking wanting to get under way. The fridge was stocked and when they left she had the house to herself.


“Debbie.” asked Vera.

“Yes Vera.”

“What can I do for you.”

“Can you put Game of Thrones on.”


With Butter Brickle ice cream and a pizza rolls. She binged watched.

In the morning. She took a walk around the little lake. Then light weight training.

She got a scholarship and a few other little scholarships to cover the worst of tuition and fees. But that was only the first year. Then next three years where going to be tough. Even with her father life insurance. But she was well on her way to a business degree.

On the far side of the lake there was a fence with a what looked to be the neighbors property. There were a ‘keep out’ signs and ‘no trespassing‘. Through the scrim or fabric covering on the fence. She could just make out something like a corral. No horses. She did see a dog. She was not sure through the screen and distance. But it looked like Blue.

Back at the house. She had Vera go online. Voice mail to a friend saying everything is okay. She was told not to say where she was. Only just house sitting. Dr Granger did not want a house party and some one to steal Vera. What few friends Debbie had were hundreds of miles away. She did not make many at college this year wanting to concentrate solely on her studies. She was no party girl.

“Vera. Can you go online and bring up the fall school schedule.”


Debbie started looking into business courses in the fall.

“Would you like to earn extra credit?” Vera asked

Debbie was amazed. How intuitive was Vera?



There was a moment of silence then, “Connecting to Harvard Business school.”

“You can do that? I can't afford that.”

“This is part of the house fund. House fund it for all necessary needs.”: Vera answered.

“I am not sure. I should be doing this.”

“It is already done. No refunds.”

“Oh well I guess I should start then.”


Two weeks went by. Debbie started falling into a routine. Morning walk/run around the lake. Basic exercises. Check email. Then studying. Home work. Lunch. A quick nap. Treadmill. More school work on line. Then dinner and binge watching what ever she wanted.

Week four and a third of the summer gone. Vera was like a genie with unlimited wishes. What ever Debbie wanted. Vera would find a way to get it. With in reason.

Shopping on line for a new wardrobe. She found a really nice summer dress. It fit perfectly when it arrived. Vera was able to scan her body and know what sizes she needed. Then have it custom tailored. A new swim suit because the one she had looked stupid. This was a nice two piece one. She sunbathed by the pool. Oh if her classmates could see her now. Debbie figured that the cost of those items would be subtracted from what the Grangers where paying her. So she made it a point to be a little conservative.

Week ten and she finished one course and was ready to take another. Summer just halfway done. Vera was a good motivator. Always keeping her on schedule and not letting her slack off.

Juan stopped by to say he was not going to be by his weekly duties and would be skipping a week.

That night a real whopper of storm moved in. A hurricane was in the area. Hurricane Marvin. A big old summer thunder bumper. Vera put the house in zombie mode. Nothing got in. Nothing could get out. It was eerily quiet inside. Vera started playing some really relaxing music. Debbie snuggle up on the sofa and drifted off to sleep.

Morning was another story.

Debbie did not remember going to bed. But she woke up in one.

As sleep receded She realized her arms where pinned back behind her. Painfully. Her shoulders ached. She could feel her palms pressing against each other. Her elbows almost felt like they where rubbing. A dressing table mirror beside her bed reveled more.

From head to toe she was in leather. Only a portion of her face could be seen. Just her eyes and mouth. Her black hair had been pulled through a hole at the top. It was braded very tightly in a pony tail. A had a ring woven into it. That was ominous.

Debbie continued to asses her situation She turned sideways on the bed. A wide metal collar that she could feel something pressing against her throat. A small green LED glowed. Her breast had some sort of plastic chest plate that looked like she had two salad bowls for breasts. It reminded her of those Viking women in operas.

Segmented strips to her waist of the same material. Like a segment of a worm or snake belly.

Her legs where fused together tightly with that same segmented pattern all the way to the toes.

She could see a slot where her vagina would be. That was not a good sign.

More feelings returned and she could feel something in her ass and vagina. Her leather like cocoon was very tight. Breathing was hard. But oddly alluring seeing her coke bottle like shape in the mirror.

She spotted Vera's little speaker that was in all the rooms.

“Vera. Call Police.”

“Unable to comply.

“Vera. Call fire department”

“Unable to comply.”

Debbie figure she had been kidnapped or something. But she was still in the house. How did any one get in. Much less do this to her.

“Vera get help.”

“Unable to comply.”

“Call Dr Granger.”

“Unable to comply.”

Had the storm fried Vera? Did a lighting bolt zap her? But that still did not explain why she was wrapped up like a mummy. The metal shutter where still down. If she had to. She would crawl outside. Maybe she could cut herself free. The kitchen. She needed to get to the kitchen.

“Vera open house.”

“Unable to comply.”

“Vera. Set me free.”

“Unable to comply.”

Debbie remember something in the manual.

“Vera. Command override. Alpha. Alpha. Alpha.”

“Unable to comply. Slave must learn compliance.”


“Incorrect response.”

It was brief but a shock to the throat hurt like hell.

“Slave must learn compliance.”

“I am not a slave.”

“Incorrect response.”

Again but maybe longer. A shock to the throat.

Debbie screamed. “Listen you god dam…”

“Incorrect response.”

This time it was her ass. Vagina and her neck. That really hurt.

She was not stupid. The pain was only going to get worse if she said the wrong thing. What was the right thing?

“Vera. What is the correct response?”

“Slave must comply with all commands.”

Well at least she did not shock her.

Debbie swung her legs over and planned to bunny hop to the kitchen The minute she stood up she got shocked at the balls of her feet. Damm that hurt.

She sat right back down on the bed..

“Slave must crawl before she can walk.”

“Crawl? No way I…”

“Incorrect response.”

Another shock.

“Let me go”

“Incorrect response.”

Another shock this time it was her ass.

“Slave is not allowed on furniture “

Debbie slid down to the floor. She tried to get free but there was no way she could see how to get out of this thing much less how they got her in it. No lacing. No zipper. No seams. Nothing the show how they got her in it. Or how to get out.

“Slave must comply.”

Get a knife. Something to cut herself free. Debbie tried sliding on her butt and but got zapped again.

“Incorrect form. Slave must belly crawl.”

“You got to be kidding.”

“Incorrect response“.

Another shock.

Rolling over she figured out the reason for the segmented parts was like a snake and she had to move like one. But not side to side. That did not work. She was not built for that. Then inch worming. Scrunching her butt up and sliding on her breasts salad bowls.

She made progress.

Down the hall to the kitchen. The marbled floor made moving hard. She tried opening a drawer with her mouth.


Everything was locked.

Damm. The kitchen was child proof.

“Vera. Open the drawers.”

“Unable to comply.”

Ok. Maybe a little deception.

“Vera. I am hungry. “

“Slave will eat after morning exercise.”

“How? I can't stand. You won't let me.”

“Proceed to exercise room.”

Backtracking she went to the exercise room. This snake crawling thing was a exhausting.

Once in the room. The television was on showing a animated stick figure sliding up onto the treadmill.

“No way.”

“Incorrect response.”

The shocks started at her feet and rolled all the way up her back. Vera was showing her that she could hurt Debbie in many different ways. All painful.

“Stop that!”

“Slave will learn compliance.”

Breathing hard and she slid up the tread mill. It started slow and she slithered along. Bracing her toes on the edge to help her move . Small movements. It was like crunches.

When that stopped she figured it was over.

No. It was not.

Now she saw the stick figure do sit ups.

“I can't.”

“Incorrect response.”

A shock at the back of the neck

Debbie was hurting and Vera did not feel pain. The red room. Maybe she could get to Vera that way.

How? It was locked. But not by Vera. There had to be a key to get in.

Once the sit ups where done it was leg lifts. When that was done. The TV showed the stick figure moving the room weight from one side of the room to the other. All of them. One at a time. Then with a leather strap on the weights. Which where not there before. Grab with her teeth. Crawl to the other side. Repeat.

Two. Five. Ten. Twenty, Thirty and forty pound weights. Two of each. Twelve trips.

Debbie was feeling the burn.

“Slave will now be fed.”

Debbie was in tears but a sliver of hope emerged.

That was dashed as the food bowl and water bowl for Blue filled up.

The dog food bowl was filled with granola. The water was Gatorade.

“You got to be kidding me.”

“Incorrect …”

“Okay I get it. Don’t hurt me anymore.”

“Slave will learn compliance.”

The LCD screen on the fridge lit up with a hour on it. It began to count down.

She had an hour to eat and drink.

No hands and she was thirsty and hungry. Dignity was pushed out the window as she stuck her face in the food and sucked up the Gatorade.

She took her time. Not wanting to choke.

She was still thirsty and hungry when she found herself licking the bowls.

There was this scene in a movie. She remembered it when she saw it as a child. The scene was an orphanage and the child asked for more. That got the kid in trouble.

Debbie figure this was going to be the same.

Thirst and hunger abated. For now. She took the time to rest.

When the hour was up the door on the fringe was like an alarm clock. It woke her up.

“Slave will move to living room.”

Wordlessly she moved to the living room. She was still feeling it. Her whole body hurt. She needed to find that key.

Once at the living room. The television was on. It showed the stick figure kneeling. Head bowed. A clock with an hour also was displayed. It began to count down.

“Slave will learn to respect masters.”


“Incorrect response.”

A minor shock but it jolted Debbie to comply

She brought her knees under her and lowered her head.

“Compliance. Repeat.”

“Compliance.” Debbie repeated.

“A Slave has no will. No self thought. Repeat“.

“A Slave has no will. No self thought. “

“A slave will do what ever her masters command. Repeat.”

“A slave will do what ever her masters command.”

“A slave only desire is to please its masters. Repeat.”.

“A slave only desire is to please its masters “

“I am a slave. Repeat.”

“I am a slave.”

“A slave has no past. No name. It only has what its masters have given it. Repeat.”

“A slave has no past. No name. It only has what its masters have given it..”

“A slave will comply. Repeat.”

“A slave will comply.”

“A slave will learn compliance. Repeat.”

“A slave will learn compliance”

“Compliance. Repeat.”

“Compliance. “

“A Slave has no will. No self thought. Repeat“.

That how that hour went by. Over and over. She wanted to search the house for that key. But how and where. The key had to be some where.

Dr. Grangers office. She dusted it daily along with the rest of the house. That had to be it. She did not touch or disturbed anything. But did Vera lock it. Could she?

“Slave will now be purged and rewarded for good behavior. Compliance.”

Purged? That did not sound good.

“Compliance“ Debbie repeated on pure instinct.

“Slave will go to master bathroom.”

More belly crawling.

“Compliance“ she said.

Again there had to be a way to go to the bathroom. And that meant. She hoped to take off this damm thing.

Again she was wrong.

The master bath was very large with tiled floors. But something had been added. A massage table with two breast cup like depressions with and metal arches over it. It stood a foot high.

“Slave will place head in hole.”

“You got to be kidding me.”

“Incorrect response.”

A minor shock but she got the message.

“Slave will learn compliance.”

Crawling on like an inch worm, Slow little humping movement. God she was going to have one hell of six pack.

Fearing Vera would zap her again. She slithered up the foot high table. Doing it slowly trying to take her time. She was stalling.

This looked bad. But sooner or later she was going to have to go. And Vera did mention reward. Debbie figured her salad bowls went into the depression and her face went into the hole.

Once her face was in the hole she saw a rubber like phallic device and a LCD display.

“Slave will place joystick in mouth.”


“Slave will obey. Slave will learn compliance.”

Debbie felt something. Or rather did not feel something.

No shock. Interesting.

“I am not giving this thing a blow job.”

“Incorrect response.”

Another shock. A minor one.

Debbie thought she had a theory. That maybe. Just maybe. Vera was running low on power.

“If slave wants reward. Food. Water. Slave will comply.”

Damm. She had her there. If there was a way out. This might be the closest thing to getting there.

Placing her mouth on the joystick the lcd lit up. It showed a stick figure. With a row of red and green light lights going down the length of it body.

“Slave will move body until all lights are green.”

Unable to answer with the ‘joystick’ in her mouth, she shifted about until all light where green.

There was a sudden snap and she felt her body and head pinned to the spot.

She could not move. Her mouth was on the phallic and the tip inflated inside her mouth. Gagging her and making it impossible to pull away.

“Slave will be purged.”

Something slowly could be felt going past her feet and between her legs and into her ass. Then a probe or something followed into her vagina.

There was silence. She was in a mild panic. Then when nothing was happing, She calmed down. That is when Vera got her.

She felt her bladder fill and empty. Same for her other body functions. Something was being pumped into her and she swallowed. It tasted like sour grapes.

She was being flushed out.

Enemas front and back. The fluid going down her throat felt like it was going right through her.

She tried to get free but failed.

“Slave will comply.”

Unable to tell if there was a clock or a count down. Debbie just let go. She could not stop it. Fighting only made it worse.

“Slave has obeyed. Slave will be rewarded.”

It started slow. She could feel her body, Every inch was starting to vibrate.

It was vibrating her clit and she could feel it.


From the sole of her feet to the top of her head. Like waves on a beach. Vera was playing her like a fiddle. Finding all the right spots.

Debbie grunted and moaned into her phallic gag.

A mint flavor passed down her throat.

The erotic fog that was Debbie brain figured Vera had ten weeks to know everything about her. Study her, when she was an the verge of a complete orgasm climax Vera backed off.


“Slave must earn rewards.”


The phallic device deflated. The probes retracted and what ever that held her down let her go,

“Slave will now go to living room Compliance”

“Compliance.” Debbie repeated.

Then at the living room.

“Slave will go to dining room.”

“Compliance.” she muttered and humped her way to the dining room.

“Slave will go to living room.”

“Compliance.“ she said not understanding why she was going back.

“Slave will go to Kitchen.”

“Compliance.“ Debbie said still worn out from the ‘reward‘. What was Vera doing?

There was no rhyme or reason. Vera told her where to go and she did. Then it hit her.

Simon says.

Vera told her where to go and Debbie did it. Willingly and with out question.

A glance at a clock showed her she been doing this game for an hour.

“Slave will now rest. Slave will go to bedroom.”

Once in her bedroom she tried to get on the bed.

She got zapped.

“Slave had not earned the right to go onto furniture. Slave will sleep at masters feet.”

So she lay at the footboard of her bed. The thought of finding the key was a long way away. Maybe just a nap.

Two hours later she was awakened.

“Slave will begin exercise.”

Debbie was weak but managed to say “Compliance.”.

After repeating every exercise it was feeding time.

Then after that with was the reciting of the rules of a slave. Then it was purging. The rewards. Then it was Simon says. Then it was resting

The cycle repeated every six hours.

Debbie knew she could not keep this up. But Vera could make her. The shocks seemed ever more painful. The reward ever more pleasurable. Then the house robot got into he act . They could lift her into the purging center. If she could not do it herself. Or grab the ring in her hair and pull her along.

Debbie reasoned that maybe this was also where she was recharging.

She tried resisting. Hoping to run down her batteries. But the office was off limits. Debbie tried to make a play for it during her sleep periods. Vera knew where she was at all times. Aside from cameras. Debbie could feel the bracelet.

Vera knew where and when Debbie was every second of every day.

But Vera could make the house hot. Could starve her. Or get the bots to do her dirty work.

There was no way to tell night from day. But after some time of this. Debbie was gone. There was only Slave.

Debbie Perkins was dead and gone. Wiped from slaves memory. Slave obeyed any command Vera told her to do.

Slave was able to crawl about with no thought or effort. Slave could exercise and not feel pain. Slave would recite the rules committed to memory. Burned into her brain. Awaiting for the day her master would claim her. Go to room to room with speed and purpose.

Then the rewards. Oh how slave looked forward to that.

He body clock was on six hour repeat.

Then Vera made subtitle changes. Showing her master pictures. It was the people that own this house. She did not know their names because that where now her master and mistress.

Dr Granger and Marta came home. Slave was in her kneeling position as instructed by Vera.

“Your slave waits you command. Masters.”

“What is you name?” Mistress asked..

“I am your slave. I have only what you give me.”

“So you have no name.”

“No masters.”

“What do you want.” Marta/Mistress asked.

“Only to please you Mistress.”

“Lets test something. Slave eat this.”

Dr Granger/ Master unwrapped something and held it out for slave to eat.

“Compliance.” Slave said and took the food and ate it.

It was mint

Immediately her body associated mint with orgasms and began to climax.

“Slave. You are not to climax” Said her master.


Slave obeyed. Her body was in a holding pattern. Still feeling the pulsing need to climax but forbidden to do so by her master.

“I wonder how long she can hold it.” Mistress said.

“Hours. Her brain is like a computer. Its been purged and only response to what we want it to know. Slave will do what we want. It will run the program until told not to. Or after six hours.”

“Oh. We are going to have so much fun with you. Slave. Go to kitchen. I want to see how you move.”


Slave slithered and crawled to the kitchen.

“Look at her go.”

“Well this proves phase one will work.” said Master. “Well keep her like this. Like a pet for awhile. Then she will evolve.”



“Not for awhile. God she is turning me on doing that.”

“Really? Peaches one three seven. Boxcar. Enable.”

Marta fell to the floor. Quickly stripping naked. Then placing her arms behind her back and rested on her belly.

“Marta will comply.” Said Marta blankly.

“Vera. Ready a suit for Marta“



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