by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; cheat; punish; leather; latex; corset; bond; chast; enslave; chain; gag; catsuit; electro; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

It was three weeks ago since he had found Lisa in bed with another man. Mark and Lisa had been married 8 years when it happened, they both thought the other was happy and that there were no issues between them. When he finally decided to speak with her about it Lisa begged him for another chance, she did love him but she had always had secret yearnings that she had been afraid to share with him. Mark loved Lisa whole heartedly and would have done anything for her to keep her happy, but this he hadn’t expected. They talked for hours and Mark finally got the idea that her lover had done things for her and to her that he had never done, he was even more furious about Lisa’s affair when he found out the things she wanted was things he shared her interest in but would never bring up to her. She swore she would do anything to prove her love to him all he had to do was ask.

During the next few days Mark thought about it and came up with an idea. Arriving home he showed Lisa a picture he had found on the internet of a woman wearing a chastity belt, this belt had shields covering her pussy and ass, the thigh belts were thick and chained together. The top was the best part, having two steel domes that would cover her breasts completely and held on the wearer’s body by two wide steel straps that wrapped around the upper back to the top of the domes with another running from the bottom of the domes around the lower back. Both straps were connected to a wide steel collar by heavy chains, more chains also connected the bra straps to the chastity belt.

The manufacturer said the design forced the wearer to keep her body stiffly erect and in perfect posture. In the picture the model was also wearing a very severe corset so when Lisa saw the picture she assumed he meant the whole set and she got very excited about the fact that he was starting to show interest in her fascination with fetish attire and even bondage with the chastity belt. Marks proposal was to prove she loved him she would wear the belt for one year, once locked into it would not be removed for any reason and she would service him whenever he wanted with her mouth. She wanted to say yes right away but he added, "I will not have the keys, they will be sent away to a place that will hold the package until the delivery date one year after it’s sent to them". She had already thought she could convince him to free her early but if he wasn’t going to have the key than she wasn’t so sure now.

Lisa told him how much she loved him and would agree to this if he promised he would never bring up the subject again after the year passed. Mark agreed and gave Lisa the company’s info and told her she would have to order it and pay for it with herself. The next morning she was on the phone giving the people her measurements and asking them where she could get the corset in the picture. The representative checked with someone and came back and told her where she could get the corset but told her she would need to be able to lace down smaller than the belt to be able to wear it. At least down to 16 inches so the belt would fit over it with the dimensions she had given.

She thought about it and had already been told it would be several weeks until the belt would be ready and thought she could get to the size by then. Agreeing she paid for the belt and quickly found a shop in town that sold corsets and went to visit them. What Lisa didn’t know was Mark had called the chastity belt company before she had been told to and had them call him when she ordered the belt. When Mark was told about the corset question he asked if he could change the order and gave them new instructions on how to build her new belt. Arriving home he found Lisa walking around the house in only her new corset and high heeled pumps. She excitedly told him about ordering the belt and decided to get used to the compression by getting the corset. Mark was aroused by her purchase and turned her around to see the back, it was still open by three inches and had not been properly laced. Mark said, "If you want to wear this then you will have to wear it correctly", and began pulling on the laces.

Lisa had already been having problems breathing before but when Mark said ok, now it’s properly laced, and tied the laces behind her back she was gasping for air. The corset was a 17 inch waist and her normal waist was 23 inches, she had planned to work her way down to 17 slowly over the next few weeks but she was now pulled tightly in to it and when Mark said now let’s eat dinner she knew she was in it for the duration of the night. As she adjusted her breathing she was thinking I just need to make it through the night and when he leaves for work tomorrow I’ll loosen it. Mark was enjoying watching her heaving chest and the way the corset forced her to walk and especially liked the way it made her sit. With his cock bulging he ate dinner across from his beautiful wife who was constantly shifting her compressed body trying to find a comfortable position. While they ate, Lisa told him where she had gotten the corset and was thinking about getting another one.

When they finished Mark said lets go shopping for one now, knowing the shop she had gone to didn’t close until midnight. She was surprised and delighted that he wanted to go and quickly rushed to the bedroom to get dressed, he walked in behind her and picked out a really light summer dress and handed it to her, "Wear this" she took it and got a slip to put under the very thin material when he said, "Just this" as he handed her the dress again. She wasn’t sure about the thin dress but she got aroused by the thought of wearing it and nothing else so she slipped it over her head, "Shoes?" she asked. "Wear what you have on" She looked at the pumps and thought they didn’t really go with the dress but if that’s what he wants ok. They went to the car and she wiggled her way into the seat, the corset forcing her to lean the seat back just so she could catch her breath, soon they were at the small fetish shop. When they entered the bright lights made her very self-conscious of the dress being that anyone could see right through it but just followed him around as he looked at different items.

She was getting very turned on as she watched him inspect several interesting items before putting them back and walking on. She stopped and was eyeing a pair of ballet boots wondering if someone could actually walk in them when he came up and said try these on and handed her a pair of six inch high heels. She smiled and slid them on her feet and wrapped the straps around her ankles, the tight corset making bending very difficult but she soon had them on, standing in them she wiggled a bit then he said, "Walk around and see how they feel." She wobbled a little at first but soon had gotten used to the extreme height of them and the severe pressure the high arch put on her toes.

He came up behind her and fiddled with her ankle straps a moment then told her to go to the dressing room and take the dress off. She obeyed and was impressed that he could command her so well and was starting to think that maybe getting caught was the best thing. He opened the curtain and showed her a corset that looked very severe, it was made of leather and looked like it would cover her from armpits to her knees and said, "What do you think?" She stared at it and said, "If that’s what you would like for me to wear, I think it’s amazing!" He turned around and hung the corset outside the room and handed her two leather dresses and two latex dresses, all of them were very long and one of each had long sleeves with attached gloves, "Try these on, I’ll help with the laces when you are ready." He walked back out of the room and left her to get dressed.

She wiggled her way into the first leather dress, this one fit her tight from her ankles to her neck, it forced her thighs tightly together and only allowed small steps, she could not get the zipper to close so she called for him and as he squeezed her slightly he was able to pull the zipper up to the collar. He told her to walk around the room and watched her move carefully in her heels shuffling in circles taking tiny steps, the dress fit her like a second skin and stretched and creaked with each movement, Lisa could see by his erection he liked what he saw as her told her "ok next one" and left the room. She peeled the leather from her body hoping he would buy it for her and started squeezing herself into the latex dress with the gloves.

He walked in as she was fighting the thick latex trying to get her arms through the sleeves and into the gloves, he helped her by pulling the dress up and soon she could feel the latex getting tighter as he pulled the short zipper up the high neck. This dress pulled on her whole body much tighter than the leather one did and the high neck pulled in tightly around her throat. She could feel the collar restricting her blood flow and flexed her neck as far as she could several times until she stopped hearing her heart beat in her ears. Even though the dress was tighter she could take bigger steps because of the stretch it had but still was forced to only a few inches at a time. He watched her walk around in the tight latex and said ok, that’s enough for tonight and turned and walked out. She looked for the dress she had worn in before starting to try and get out of the latex but could not find it, she reached back for the zipper and with her latex covered hands could not manipulate it and finally called for Mark. He came back in and asked what’s the problem and she smiled and said, "I can’t get the zipper down" holding up her gloved hands, he turned her away from him and she heard a click and he said, "Come on lets go" and walked out.

Shocked she stood for a moment before turning to see her back and found he had locked the zipper to its post and she could not unzip the dress. She shuffled her way to the front counter looking around to see if anyone could see her before saying, " I can’t wear this out, someone will see me." "It’s either that or go naked!" Mark said as he gathered up their purchases and walked to the door. She was standing in six inch heels with a corset that had been laced extremely tight and on top of those she had a transparent red latex dress on that limited her steps to just a few inches and showed her encased body being pulled in all over and also showed that she was wearing no other clothes other than the corset underneath.

She blushed at the salesman behind the counter as Mark walked out the front door, she hurried as best she could to catch up to Mark moving her steeply arched feet very quickly. As she struggled to catch up to him she wished they had parked closer to the store as she was beginning to get hot from her exertions as well as from the hot summer night air and could feel the sweat beginning to run down her body inside the quickly fogging latex. She was getting mad at Mark because he wouldn’t slow down for her and said "If you don’t want to be seen with me like this why did you make me wear it out?" He responded by saying, "Hurry up, someone in your position does not have the right to ask someone in my position to accommodate them." Suddenly she felt warm all over as she knew he was taking his dominant role very seriously, she walked quicker but stayed behind him like a good sub should do.

He placed the bags into the trunk and when he was finished she stood near the driver’s door and opened it for him, never looking up at him as she closed the door and moving as quickly as she could to her side and getting in, he watched her wriggle in front of the car and his cock grew again from seeing her body sliding under the tight latex as she moved. As they drove home she asked if he liked her new clothes, he said, "They don’t make me unhappy, we will see if you can do the same." Arriving home he told her to get the bags from the trunk and went inside. She fought the latex and the corset bending over to reach the items in the trunk and was out of breath when she stood up straight again. She wiggled her way into the house and found him already in bed as she put away the bags and forgetting the lock tried to unzip the dress. Finding it still locked on she went and sat down really enjoying the slippery latex moving on her body as she tried to remove the painful shoes finding locks on them as well, that’s what he was doing she thought, 'Well I guess I’m wearing it all to bed', as she lay down next to him and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he woke her up and she could see he was already dressed for work, "You need to get up so we can get you cleaned up and dressed for the day." She put her feet on the floor and forced herself to get up, he unlocked the dress and shoes and helped her out of the clingy latex. She darted off to the bathroom and took care of business and came back out and breathed heavily as the corset was released.

"Go and shower and shave your body, do it quickly you don’t want to make me late." She obeyed and thirty minutes later she was clean shaven and waiting for him to dress her. He had the long corset waiting for her and wrapped it around her body and began tightening the laces. After the third pass she was breathless and gasping for air. As he put on some shoes she hadn’t seen him pick out he said, "One more pass and I think you will be good for today." She felt the steep angle of the shoes making her stand on her toes as he forced her feet into them and once again buckled and locked them on. Moaning as he tightened the corset more, crushing her chest and forcing her thighs tightly together, he said, "Any more noise and you will be wearing a gag until I get home as well!" She quickly realized he was being serious and since she did not want to add to her restrictions yet so she quieted down and let him finish.

After giving her a few minutes to adjust to her body corset he slid a dress under her feet and began working it up her body, Lisa thought it was the leather dress she had tried on but as he forced her hands into the long sleeves and into the gloves she knew it was different. As she was inspecting the gloves she found out that the fingers were sewn together keeping her fingers held tightly together with only her thumbs free. While she had been looking at the gloves he was working on the lacing on the back of the heavy leather dress. She could feel her feet being pulled closely together as her calves and thighs were crushed together, as he worked up her body she could feel the leather being pulled extremely tight across her chest and the strict high collar being pulled tightly around her neck. She gasped as her pulled the collar tight then began fiddling with something on her back and she could hear the clicks of small locks as he placed then at different locations down her back.

The collar was too tight but she did not want to make him mad again and have to wear a gag all day so she just tried to flex her head and neck finding out that the tight leather would not let her move them at all. She still was thinking she would remove everything once he left so she did not fight him at all when he placed a steel collar over the leather and matching wrist cuffs on each wrist locking each with a small key. As he was leaving the room he said, "There is a list of things for you to have completed by the time I get home, do not forget about the web meeting you have for work today, I will be watching to make sure you attend." She was stunned and just stood for a moment before hearing the front door close and lock. Trying to take a step she found that if she wiggled her hips she could move a few inches at a time but that was it, the effort it took for her just to move a few feet made her head swim and she felt like she was going to pass out.

Learning to control her breathing as she walked in her extreme heels she went to her mirror and turned to see the seven locks he had placed through the posts holding the leather flap over the laces of the dress. She sighed knowing she would not be able to release the dress, corset or even her shoes. Slowly making it to the dining room table she sat down completely out of breath, she could only sit for a minute before the tight corset became too uncomfortable and completely cut her air off and made her stand again. She twisted and flexed her body but the corset limited even these moves and she became very frustrated by the restriction it placed on her body and her lack of mobility she had, as she rubbed her mitten hands over her dress trying to push something off succeeding in only frustrating herself more.

Seeing the list the he had left her and a large gag lying next to it. She read his note 'Get these things done or be punished, wear this as much as possible so you can get used to wearing one, enjoy'. She frumped and thought maybe she had created a monster, but did like him controlling her. She read what was to be done and regretted agreeing to do this, the list was more than she normally could do in a day when she could move freely, she didn’t think there was any way she could get it completed.

Lisa decided to get as much done before her meeting and see what happened and set off to do the dusting first. She grasped the duster with her bound fingers and moved slowly around the rooms until she had gotten everything she could reach dusted, her meeting was in 2 hours and she thought maybe she could get the vacuuming done before it started. Finishing up with the vacuum she was very tired and panting hard. She had been on the balls off her feet with her toes supporting her for five hours and even though the corset and dress were getting more comfortable she could still only take small steps and was constantly unable to catch her breath.

She went to the office and tried to sit but was still unable to so she bent her knees and knelt down at the desk, the pain from her knees being crushed harder together was slowly fading as she adjusted her camera so no one could see her dress and began to work while she waited for the meeting to start. Typing was difficult with her fingers sewn together but she managed to type with one finger and made a little progress, during the meeting she noticed his logon and knew he was watching. When her coworkers asked why she seemed so out of breath she said she wasn’t feeling well and they all apologized and signed off. Shortly after the meeting he called and said, "Are you done with the chores yet?" "No, I don’t think I can get them finished in time, this dress and corset is making it very difficult to move around, Sir." Lisa said, adding the sir hopefully getting a sympathy response from him. "Well you better get moving, Oh I will be home a little late so that should help you get them done." Mark said as he listened to her panting in the phone. Mark hung up and Lisa was barely able to make herself stand back up.

She looked at the gag and her moist pussy got wetter as she wrapped the wide strap around her head and pushed the large ball in her mouth stretching it wider than ever before, buckling the strap was difficult but finally she had it tight, she did a few more things on the list before needing to rest and get a drink. While she took her tiny steps to the kitchen she tried to get the gag unbuckled and found without her fingers she could not pull the tang out of the leather strap to release the tension, she tried to pull in tighter so it would come out of the hole but all she managed to do was make the strap even tighter. She whined around the gag as she fought for air and pulled on it for some time before giving up, exhausted from her struggles she returned to the bed room and straightened it up before lying down, grunting when she sat on the bed as the corset forced her backwards. Her exhaustion took over and soon she was sleeping, during her sleep she had dreams about being totally controlled and forever in his servitude and Mark giving her lessons about being the perfect slave.

She woke up horny and trying to get her hands to her aching pussy but could not. Looking at the clock she knew he would normally have been home by now and panicked because she did not have dinner even started nor did she have all of her chores done. She wrestled with the dress and corset to get to her feet and moved to the kitchen and started dinner, while it cooked she was able to complete all but two of her chores and she hoped he wouldn’t notice them. Mark called and said he was on his way home and to have his dinner on the table when he got there, she just mummphed into the phone and he hung up. When he came in he saw her standing next to the table with her eyes down and hands behind her back. He patted her on her leather covered ass and sat down and ate his dinner. Even though her body was exhausted and her jaw hurt badly she did not move during dinner, and just stood looking down trying to keep the drool from dripping onto her dress.

When he finished dinner he got up patting her again and said, "Clean it up" and walked past her into the living room and turned on the TV. She was angry at him but cleaned up the kitchen anyway and then joined him in the living room and stood next to him, while he sat ignoring her.

After an hour she whined and when he looked at her angrily she pointed to her gag whining again, "Did you complete your tasks today?" he asked, she nodded her head yes, "So if I check I will find them all done?" she nodded yes again. Mark got up and stomped around the house with her list in his hand. She was exhausted and starving, not having eaten all day and only having very little to drink so she just stood in the living room as he ranted about her lying to him from another room. Mark went quiet and soon her curiosity got the better of her and she found him in the almost empty guest room bolting a long chain into the floor. She entered the room and her pulled her over to the chain and quickly locked her collar to it. "This is now your cell, you will spend every hour in here until you learn how not to lie to me!" she whined loudly as he turned the collar so the chain hung down her back and roughly pulled her hands up towards her neck and locked them to the chain.

Mark stomped out of the room leaving her standing in the middle of the floor with her chained hands thrashing wildly and whining loudly and slammed the door. Lisa tried to follow but after a few short steps her wrists and neck were pulled backwards almost making her fall. She felt betrayed and angry but more she felt ashamed she had tried to lie about her chores and knew she had hurt him by doing it. Mark went back to the TV and ignored her muffled grunts and whining. She tried to move around the room and find the limits to the chain she was attached to, finding out he had given her just enough slack that if she was very careful she could lie down on the bed. She stood thinking about how she got this way and was trying to decide if she wanted to prove her love to him or not. As she grew more and more tired from standing she decided to lay down, her arms and shoulders were aching from being held in the reverse prayer position and her waist and jaw ached but what hurt the most was her feet, the shoes were holding them so all her weight was on the balls of her feet and her toes and when she would shift her body so her heels were being used to support her she couldn’t hold it very long leaning like that. She scooted her back towards the bed, she had just enough slack so her head could be on the edge of the bed if she was able to swing her feet up onto it.

She slowly sat down bending as far forward as she could without falling over, when she was fully seated Lisa pushed her encased body as far onto the bed as she could, then in one motion she leaned back and swung her feet onto the bed and rolled onto her side. Gasping for air she opened her eyes to find herself lying on the bed, the chain pulling her hands and neck keeping her from rolling the rest of the way over onto her stomach. The feeling of not being on her feet was so wonderful to her she laid still and let the collar continue to choke her until she felt like she was going to pass out and slowly wiggled her hips under her until she was on her back, all her weight smashing her bent arms beneath her. Lisa could feel the edge of the bed was very close and tried to scoot herself further onto the bed but the chain stopped her and she decide to stay where she was.

She had no idea of the time but knew it was late and since he had gone to bed hours ago she let her tired body fall asleep. Mark stood in the doorway and watched her sleeping before waking her and dragging her to her feet. She was still dazed and groggy when he said, "WAKE UP" "I will give you ten minutes to decide if you want to continue to prove to me that you can go a day without lying to me or if you want it to be the end of us!" with that he turned and walked out the door.

She stood on her sore feet flexing her numb hands and arms trying to figure out what she should do, she loved him and was really starting to like his dominant side but she didn’t know if she could continue like this or not. Mark walked in and said, "Stay or go?" Lisa looked at him desperately wanting to tell him how much she loved him but only mumbles could be heard coming from her gagged mouth. He said, "Hold up one hand for stay and both for go do it now!" Lisa lowered her eyes and slowly turned her back to him and held up one hand. This was kind of how her mornings and nights would continue for the next three weeks, each day given the option to stay or go and each day choosing quicker and quicker to stay.

Mark said, "Good girl" as he released her hands from the chain and unlocked the collar around her neck, she felt so relieved when he called her a good girl that she knew she wanted to continue to please him. Mark began unlocking and then unlacing the leather dress and soon she could feel the leather pull from her sweat covered skin. Marked unlocked the shoes and began to unlace the corset and Lisa was soon feeling new pains as her rib cage expanded fully for the first time in 48 hours.


Lisa stood still as he removed the corset completely and told her she could remove the gag, but all her numb hands and arms could do was flail indiscriminately around her head and neck until she gave up whining again about her helpless feelings. He unbuckled the gag and pried the large ball from between her teeth, Lisa groaned with pain as she attempted to close her mouth but could not. Mark said, "You have thirty minutes to use the bathroom and clean yourself up, I will fix you a lite meal and then dress you for today and we will see if you can complete your tasks today." Lisa moved to the bathroom and quickly took care of her needs and cleaned herself up, she was very weak but knew he wanted her pretty to start the day so she applied some make up and walking on her toes she went to the kitchen for breakfast. Mark had fixed her a small bowl of oatmeal and a large glass of a mixture he said would replace her lost fluids. Lisa ate the oatmeal quickly with her hands since she hadn’t been given any silverware and then drank the foul tasting drink down in one long drink.

Feeling better she sat rubbing her jaw as he said, "Are you ready to be dressed?" she nodded her head and stood up to go to the bedroom. Walking into the room she could see another corset and a latex dress on the bed and almost turned around but still wanted to prove her love and repair the damage she did by cheating on him so she went near the bed and stood ready for him to dress her. Mark started by sliding black thigh high boots up her legs, these forced her feet into the steep angle she was becoming accustomed to and he then laced them up tightly from her aching pussy to her thin ankles.

She wobbled a little as he wrapped the new corset around her, this one fit snuggly under her arms and was held there by the shoulder straps as he went behind her and started on the laces. Mark pulled the laces snug and she could feel the corset sitting just over her hips as he began pulling all the slack from the corset. After making several passes on the laces Mark stopped and adjusted the shoulder straps pulling them tightly, pulling the corset even higher over her breasts and making her feel like she was being stuffed downwards into it. Mark returned to the lacing and soon she was gasping for air as this corset pulled her waist in and compressed her chest more than the one from yesterday did.

After tying off the laces Mark put a wide leather belt around her waist and fed a strap between her legs pulling it tightly causing it to dig into her pussy and spread her ass cheeks wide. Lisa grunted as he pulled the second time and had to grab his shoulder to keep from falling. This was the first time she had touched him since she had been caught and she relished the single touch. Mark locked the leather chastity belt closed once he felt it was tight enough and began to wrap the thigh cuffs tightly around each thigh right above her knees and attached the leather straps to hold them up and locked them on, these straps would hold her knees very close together and cause her to take very small steps.

Lisa stepped into the dress he had rolled up at her feet, this was the latex dress she had tried on and she knew she would be able to move much better in it than the leather and would have no problems finishing the chores left over from yesterday in it. She had felt the tightness of the thigh belts as he had put them on but really had no idea how much they were going to restrict her movements during the day.

Mark worked the thick latex up her body and soon had it pulled tightly over her and zipped it up locking the zipper when he was finished. She was adjusting her breathing still when he zipped up the dress and she thought he was finished until he wrapped something around her neck and lower face and began pulling the laces tight. She could feel the collar tightening around her neck then noticed the covering over her mouth getting tighter and could feel the leather tightening above and below her ears.

The neck corset he had purchased went over her ears covering her nose and had two small holes to breathe through, then covered her mouth completely and followed her jaw down to her neck and stopped in a large padded circle sitting on her shoulders. Mark continued to tighten the laces until he could see her face bulging slightly over the top of the leather and could hear her whining slightly as she gasped through the tiny holes over her nose. Once Mark finished the lacing he wrapped the steel collar on top of it having to squeeze it tightly on top of the leather and locked it, covering the laces and making it impossible to remove either collar. Lisa was beginning to panic from the much tighter collar causing her to feel like she was being strangled and was groping at them with her latex covered hands as he locked the steel wrist cuffs on her ignoring her pleading eyes and muffled grunting.

Before leaving for work Mark stepped back to admire his handy work and thought she was missing something, as he stood there watching her fight for air and pant through the small holes he liked the way the corset forced her into a perfect posture and made her breasts heave with each small gasp she took straining the latex covering them. Through the latex he could see the wide gap the leather from the chastity belt forced open between her legs knowing that it would stimulate now her but eventually cause her pain, he admired the dramatic way her waist was pulled in and how you could see nothing moving under it but knew she was struggling for air inside its tight embrace. "One last thing before I go," Mark said as he took a short chain and connected her wrists together in front of her and said, "Your list of chores is on the table, finish them all or be punished again" and left the room.

Lisa couldn’t believe she was restricted more now than yesterday as she was still trying to control her breathing and tried to take a step. Mummph could be heard as she found just how limited her steps would be and felt the thigh straps pull on her legs. The tight boots also kept her from easily bending her legs and made moving even more difficult. Continuously gasping for air she finally made it to the table and picked up her list and found it was the same as yesterday with a few things added. Lisa almost cried as she read the list and knew she would have even more troubles completing it with what she wore today than yesterday. On the bottom of her note it read, 'I was so proud of you sticking it out and trying again I hope you can complete these today so you can be rewarded'. Upon reading this she was determined to complete her tasks and make him proud of her and give him the pleasure of rewarding her. She started working moving as quickly as she could and by noon had completed the majority of the list and was very tired.

Even with her finding out that if she walked with her knees instead of her hips she could move much better and faster and that she could also bend much easier if she bent at her hips instead of her waist. So performing some of her duties were easier, the hood/neck corset caused more issues by making it impossible to look down so she had to bend at the waist to see anything lower than her eye line and her hands being chained together also made holding herself up and doing anything with her other hand difficult, the sweat caused by the latex and her exertions made the dress slip over her skin arousing her. She was tired and sat down in a recliner and leaned back to catch her breath, she was running her latex encased hands over her body enjoying the feeling of the tight corset and could even feel the belt through the latex making her more horny. She continued to rub herself and get more aroused as she tried to pull on the belt and stimulate herself more and gasping for breath more and more. She finally had to stop before she passed out and lay back and tried to calm herself and slow her breathing.

She woke up and rolled around until she figured out where she was and what was happening and forced herself to her feet, she found a clock and realized she had slept most of the afternoon and had less than two hours to finish her chores and fix dinner, looking at her list she had little hope of finishing it but knew she had to try. She prepped dinner and moved to the next item on her list and continued to rush around until dinner needed her attention and she stopped having only one thing left on her list. Arriving home he found dinner on the table and a note from Lisa say, "I’m sorry." He ate dinner and went to her cell and found her standing near the middle of the room with the chain locked to her collar and tears in her eyes.

Walking in he wiped the tears away and said, "You know you have to be punished right?" she grunted and lowered her eyes. Mark turned her towards the bed and unchained one wrist and locked them close together behind her back. Mark eased her onto the bed and pulled her as far as the chain would allow onto the bed. He left the room and returned with a set of ankle cuffs and several locks. After locking her ankles together he pulled the chain holding her hands together back and locked it to the ankle chain forcing her into a strict hogtie. Mark began running his hands all over her latex encased body and could feel her gasping for air, she could feel him rubbing her and was extremely turned on by it and her arousal peaked causing her to pant even harder through her nose. The tight position had her back slightly arched and the thigh high boots were pinching her knees but she was thoroughly enjoying herself when he stopped and left the room. She pulled at the chains holding her and grunted loudly as her frustration level rose and she was struggling to try and get herself off.

Mark awoke her early and said he had to go to work and needed to get her ready. He had already released her hogtie and the chain connecting her wrists, she was still wearing the rest of the previous days apparel when he kissed her gagged mouth and said good bye. She wanted to get something to eat but she knew she could not get anything past her gag. She screamed while she was tugging at her gag and collar. After a few minutes she calmed down and made her way to the kitchen and found her list on the table along with a plate of bacon and eggs and the keys to her restraints. She grabbed the keys and went to the bathroom mirror and released the steel collar then fought the laces to the hood until she felt it easing the tension on her face and neck.

Once she peeled the neck corset was off she found the key to the lock on the dress, fighting the lock she finally got it out of its hasp and slowly worked the zipper down until she could begin the process of peeling the sticky latex off her sweat covered body. She fought the dress for thirty minutes before she was free of it and it lay heaped in the sink on top of her wrist cuffs, she tried to find the key to the belt but it was not on the ring and she figured she was stuck with it. She dried her body and went back to the kitchen to eat her breakfast, wearing only her corset, chastity belt and thigh boots. As she ate she read her list it had one thing on it and that was the only thing she hadn’t finished yesterday and a note to that said, 'Take the rest of the day off. I’m very proud of you'. She smiled as she ate her meal, she spent the rest of the afternoon getting caught up on work she hadn’t done in the last two days and finished her list. She also cleaned and hung up her dress and collar and cleaned up all her other restraints and put them neatly away. She found the other leather dress and laid it on the bed along with a tall posture collar and the head harness gag he had purchased and went to get dinner started.

Once dinner was cooking she went and put on the tight leather dress and locked the wrist cuffs over the sleeves, once she got it zipped up she locked the posture collar on and shoved the gag deep into her mouth and pulled all the straps tight locking each. She took the key ring and went back to the kitchen and had dinner on the table and was waiting for him when he got home. He smiled at her when he saw her attire and touched her face as he sat down to eat. When he was finished she took tiny wincing steps to him and handed him the keys and lowed her eyes and backed away.

After finishing his dinner he got up and went to the bedroom and left her standing in the dining room. She waited for a while before heading into her cell and locked the chain to her collar and waited for him. He found her in a few minutes and removed the chain from her neck and led her into their bedroom and began to undress her leaving her gag until last. She felt him removing the belt from between her legs and moaned as he pulled it gently from her swollen lips. Still gagged she was led into the bathroom and lowered into the hot bath water he had prepared for her. He started to remove the gag but she stopped him with her hand and he understood, just as with the keys she was telling him she was submitting to him completely and she was his to do with as he pleased.

He washed her body and scrubbed her hair around the gag straps and finally left her sleeping in the tub. He went and prepared her a large dinner and brought it in to the bathroom and gently removed the gag and woke her up. Warming the water before leaving her alone to soak and eat her dinner he went to the bedroom and got ready for bed. Two hours later she emerged from the tub, well fed and relaxed, she dried herself and went into the bedroom where he was waiting in bed for her, she went to his bedside and knelt down near him and quietly asked if she had pleased sir and if so would he allow her to please him again. He agreed and she slid under the covers giving him a blow job that made his toes curl. Once finished she slid back out from under the covers and once again knelt beside him as he regained his composure and asked if he would redress his servant properly, and if he felt up to it he could restrain her and use her as he felt he needed to until sir was satisfied.

Mark smiled as he ran his fingers through her red hair and told her to pick an outfit and he would redress her. She went to the closet, as he lay in bed watching her decide he thought her training is going better than expected maybe I will keep her. Lisa returned with the most severe corset they had purchased and her new knee high ballet boots. The full body cat suit she had ordered made to fit and had it built with feet, mittens, and a full face hood that only had small holes for her to breathe through, she had worn it once and the restricted air flow scared her and she had not worn it again. She also carried the chastity belt and said, "for when sir is done with me he can lock me away properly and return me to my cell". Mark wrapped the corset around her waist and soon had her gasping for air as he pulled the heavy leather tighter and tighter. As he was letting her adjust he pulled the cat suit up her legs making sure her feet were fully into the latex socks and continued up her legs until he reached her waist.

Mark again pulled the laces until he could pull no more and let her sit as he laced the ballet boots on her feet and slipped a lock into the hasp covering the laces of each boot. Making her stand again he held her until she got used to her new shoes then tightened the corset until it was fully closed. Lisa was gasping for air and already starting to feel light headed from the ultra-tight corset, she didn’t know that this corset was designed to pull her down to 16 inches over the corset and compress her chest severely, the cups that were built in the busk would not only keep her breasts from pushing out of the top but actually tightened their grip on the bases of her breasts as the corset was tightened and squeezing them even further into the cups rubbing them constantly against the rough lining.

The cups also had terminals so an e-stim unit could be attached and the entire cup was a conductor that let the electricity be concentrated on the nipples. Mark pulled the suit up her narrow waist and over her chest before reaching back in an attaching the wires for the e-stim unit. Once hooked up he pulled the sleeves onto her arms and forced her hands into the mittens locking her steel wrist cuffs over the latex and making it impossible for her to remove it. Working the latex up to her neck she bowed her head so he could pull the hood over her face and held her breath while he straightened out the hood and lined up the holes under her nose. Once the hood was in place Mark closed the zipper sealing Lisa in her black rubbery prison, Mark took the hood/neck corset and wrapped it around her neck and laced it tight.

Lisa was trying to breathe and began to panic as she felt the leather tighten around her neck. Mark stepped back and let her thrash and pull with her mitten hands at the mask until she calmed down the he returned and finished lacing the hood. Lisa was becoming lost in her world, she knew only one thing and that was could she get enough air with each breath. Mark began rubbing her latex encased body and soon had it shining like black glass, she moaned from all the attention and when he was done she tried to reach out for him but found nothing, he had returned to the closet and was now locking her matching ankle cuffs around her leather covered ankles. As with the ankle cuffs the steel collar had to be squeezed closed around her throat making her thrash and panic again.

He watched her paw at the latex and leather before tiring herself out and standing still gasping for air causing the latex around her face to expand and contract with each breath. Once calm he moved her to the bed and stretched her arms high over her head and tied them to the headboard. She lay there moaning inside her latex as he admired her tiny waist and noticed in this corset you could not see her chest heaving like you could in the others, this one held her firmly from her pubic bone to the lower neck and covered her completely making her look like she wasn’t breathing at all and keeping her stomach and chest in a perfect straight line with each other.

Mark tied a rope to her left leg cuff and doubled it back to the foot board, doing the same with her right foot before taking the loose ends from both and pulling hard, the looping had given him a lot of leverage and soon she was feeling like he was going to tear her in half. Mark tied off the ropes and began stroking her body touching her everywhere at once it seemed to her. She was moaning again as he hooked up the e-stim and turned it on low, Lisa could feel a buzzing in her tits but didn’t know what he was doing until he gradually turned up the power until she was squealing into the hood. Mark set the unit at that level and changed the program to increase and decrease the intensity and duration randomly and let her experience that for a few minutes.

Watching Lisa from a nearby chair as her struggles and moaning increased as the intensity increased he was in awe watching her flex her body and her pointed toes as her mask moved in and out until it was more in than out and she slowly panicked and ran out of air. Mark checked her breathing and waited for her to recover before unzipping her dripping pussy and slowly at first began to fuck her. Lisa had returned from semi unconsciousness as she felt him opening the zipper and slide his cock into her, she had waited weeks for this and soon was gasping and pulling on the ropes as she neared orgasm. When her moaning got to the right pitch he quickly pulled out leaving her thrashing and desperate for a climax. Mark watched her for a while as she slowly calmed down before beginning to lick her latex covered body working his way to her swollen pussy.

She was already on her way to another attempt at an orgasm when he turned the stim unit back on and stopped licking her, Lisa was going insane from being denied another orgasm and thrashed again wildly until passing out again. Mark lowered the stim but left it on pulsating until he saw her stir again. He completed this cycle three more times before he put his dick in again and was ready to satisfy himself. He told her that if she could cum before he did to go ahead but if he finished before her then she would be denied her orgasm. He started slowly and as he picked up speed and was thrusting hard he turned the stim unit to high and fucked her even harder.

Lisa was screaming as the shocks continuously made her body convulse and would not let her climax and as she felt him release inside of her she knew she would not be allowed to cum tonight. When Mark finished he left her with the pulsations while he cleaned himself then her wet pussy and closed the zipper. Lisa could feel him wrapping the belt around her and the strap getting pulled tight between her legs.

Mark untied her and helped her to stand. She tried to get him in the mood again by rubbing her body on his and stroking his cock when she could find it but he lead her into her cell and she could feel the weight of the chain when he locked it to her collar. He turned it backwards again and raised her hands locking them high up her back to the chain. Before leaving he also chained her ankles together leaving her only a few inches between them and kissed her and said, "You were wonderful tonight sleep tight", and left the room. Awaking the next afternoon Lisa tried to get up from the bed but found she couldn’t move her body, she tried to roll over and was unable to even flex her latex covered body an inch. Lisa noticed she couldn’t open her eyes either and began to thrash in her panic. During her slumber Mark had spent a few hours watching her sleep and slowly added restraints to her until she was completely immobile.

When Mark started it was to keep Lisa from rolling off the bed as she slept, but then it got to be a game to see how much he could do before she woke up. Lisa was awake now and could feel her arms being held firmly against her back still in their reverse prayer position but they hurt much worse now and she could not move them at all. After Mark had secured her ankles and wrists to the headboards he ratcheted the straps down until they were bowstring tight, pulling her arms up until her hands were at the back of her thick collar. He watched her for a while then added leather straps around her ankles, above and below her knees and two more around her thighs pulling them until Lisa’s latex covered skin bulged from around them.

As Mark watched her body try to fight the bonds as he added them he thought how anyone could sleep through that, not understanding the amount of pure exhaustion her efforts to please him had caused her. After adding a leather full face hood and buckling it tightly to her head he got her body corset and wrapped it around her, carefully sliding it under her and lacing tightly, even though he had to put it on backwards, to be able to lace it, he had wrapped it over all her restraints and pulled the laces very tight locking her arms in place and keeping her from being able to move any part of her body.

Chastity or Not

Lisa lay struggling trying to breathe through two layers of leather and one of latex as she tried to figure out what had happened, Mark had gone back to bed after watching her for several more hours and was sleeping soundly dreaming of her. Mid-afternoon Mark awoke and went to the bathroom and showered and shaved then made his way to her cell. Lisa was still struggling to breathe but had accepted her bondage and knew he would release her sometime, soon she hoped because her arms were hurting badly now and she needed to go to the bathroom. Mark started taking pictures and could tell by her moans she was awake and released the tight straps and picked up her rigid body. Lisa squealed as she felt herself being moved but really enjoyed her bondage now that she knew he was there and continued to moan and whine as she felt him stand her against the bed post.

Mark took some more pictures and started stroking her bound body and really enjoyed feeling her trying to move underneath her thick bindings. Stroking her he could feel her breathing in short gasps and under the latex covering her hands he could feel he fingers wiggling and searching for release. Mark asked her if she wanted to be released Lisa moaned as loudly as she could, being unable to move her head. Teasing her Mark said, "I’m sorry I couldn’t tell what you are saying" "So you want to stay bound?" Lisa stayed quiet, "You want to be released?" Lisa moaned louder this time. Mark chuckled and began to unlace the corset. Lisa could feel the tension easing and sighed as she felt the body corset being removed completely. Mark unlocked her arms from the chain holding them high up her back and gently lowered each as Lisa groaned as they were being stretched out.

Mark removed the remaining straps and unlaced the leather hood and pulled it from her head. Lisa was now standing in her toe boots and corset under her latex cat suit with her half hood/neck corset still wrapped tightly around her head and neck keeping her silent. Mark stood looking at her, Lisa was flexing her hands and panting through the small holes in her latex mask. Mark knew the final step to making her his complete slave had come, she had surpassed his expectations and completed all his challenges over the past weeks and had become a very obedient slave and seemed to crave her bindings, he had gotten the new chastity suit the day before and knew that once it was installed she wouldn’t be available for sex or be able to be touched for at least a year and after the year of denial and strict bondage was over she would never be the same girl again.

Marks dilemma was he didn’t know for sure if he wanted to keep her a totally dependent slave whose only goal was to be bound and please him or if he wanted to follow through with his plan of once she was locked into the chastity suit he would force her to leave and she would have to make it on her own unable to remove the suit and unable to carry on any kind of normal life, it was pay back for her betrayal but these past weeks he had come to enjoy her becoming a total submissive, his submissive. Mark left her still chained in place and went to think about what he was going to do, he opened the crate the suit had come in and inspected it again. This suit had been made to go from below her chin to right above her knees, it was polished steel and would literally cover her entire body in steel making any separate movement of her head and torso impossible and encasing her legs above her knees entirely in steel, the thigh coverings were attached to each other by hydraulic struts that only allowed just enough separation to accommodate them moving apart when she would sit, but hold them tightly together the rest of the time.

The torso and thigh coverings were attached by a groove that would allow the thighs to turn in the groove just far enough to allow the wearer to sit, as the thighs and torso flexed to 90 degrees the thighs would separate about three inches at the knees before the struts would stop them and hold them firmly. The suit was made to be opened in the back, tilting the hinged back panel away from the front, opening the back completely and making closing it simple since only slight pressure would be needed to get the latches to catch, the wearer would slip her body into the front two thirds and wiggle down into the "shorts" until the back panel could be tilted forward and once it was pushed closed she would be encased in steel.

The torso would force her waist down to 16 inches, compressing her ribs in considerably and forcing them to reshape themselves over the year she would be encased. Her breasts could be pulled into the breast cups by a small vacuum fittings on the outer nipples of the suit into much larger cups, if the vacuum was left on them constantly when the suit was removed her breasts would have grown by at least a cup size , also the more vacuum applied the more uncomfortable it would become. The steel flowed up from her tiny waist over the enlarged breasts to swallow her neck, not only compressing it but stretching it almost an inch before wrapping up the back of her head and stopping just under her chin. The tension this would cause when she closed her mouth would become uncomfortable and make her want to wear a gag constantly to ease the pain, so the designers said.

To enter the suit she would slide her body down into the "shorts" and thigh coverings easing the rather large plugs into her that would allow evacuation of her bodily functions and along with the built in stimulator pads mounted throughout the suit that could be used for punishment, the manufacturer warned that after extended time in the suit the wearers normally would start to enjoy the punishment and could be made to orgasm if "punished" long enough. The suit would make her look like a sexy cyborg her stomach had abs formed into the steel along with nipples on top her pert breast and even had the shape of her pussy and a very nicely shaped ass formed into the steel covering her body and nothing could be released without the key.

Because of its design it had 200 small latches that followed the edges of the openings that could only be opened by turning the key in the correct sequence to make the internal linkages release the latches. The company even offered arm sleeves with gloves and lower legs coverings that would hold her feet in steel ballet boots if he wanted to make her a complete robot he could even have a piece made to fit her head. He decided he would call to get her key tomorrow and then decide how long to leave her in the suit. Lisa was left alone standing in her latex cocoon and walked around the room as far as the chain would let her and thought to herself being his slave could be fun, 'I wouldn’t have to worry about anything but pleasing him and he seems to be a fair master and he is good in bed when he wants to be, I think I’ll let him enslave me completely and just give in to him'.

Lisa awoke the next morning to Mark removing her hood and unzipping the latex and saying, "I’m late you will need to take care of yourself today and do your chores completely this time", he smiled and kissed her and left her cell. She got up and undressed down to her corset and boots and after visiting the bathroom she ate and started her chores. Mark called the company holding the key and asked for it to be sent to him, they reminded him that there was no refund and that he would need to send a picture of the empty suit with a newspaper with today’s date set in front of it and they would promptly send the key, he agreed and said he would call tomorrow after he e-mailed the picture. Lisa had completed all her tasks and was cleaning up her clothes and as she was putting them away she found the new suit in the closet.

Not knowing it was her chastity belt, since it looked so much different than what she had ordered she began inspecting it and soon figured out how to get it on. 'Mark must have gotten this for me to wear so I’ll wear it for him tonight', and she pulled the steel out and laid it on the bed. She took her time cleaning herself after removing her corset and noticed the laser hair removal had worked and she had nothing to shave from her neck down so she oiled up her body and put some lube on the probes in the suit and began to wiggle into it. The oil helped a great deal and soon she had her body pressed into the front of the suit, she reached down and closed the thigh coverings and then rolled onto her back and while she twisted and flexed her body she heard the latches snap closed, the corset was tight but what really got her attention was how her rib cage felt like it was in a vise and how hard her neck was being squeezed and felt like it was being stretched away from her body.

Lisa panicked from all the compression on her body and tried to find the release but knew that he had the key and slowly calmed down and began exploring her new skin. She really liked how it made her feel like she had rock hard abs and large perky tits, she felt around the back and could not feel any lines in the steel that had closed trapping her in. Sitting up was a new experience and as she forced herself into a sitting position she watched her legs be forced open as the thigh covers slid in their tracks twisting and forcing her legs slightly open. Forcing herself to her pointed toes she waddled her way to the mirror and looked at her new steel body, she turned around in front of the mirror and could see no lines or openings and marveled at the craftsmanship of the new suit, even as her lower body and neck ached from being smashed and stretched inside this steel can she couldn’t help but get wet from the thought of being locked in it until Mark got home.

Lisa didn’t like not being able to turn her head and the position it was held in made it hard to keep her mouth closed and she quickly learned her limits as far as bending over finding out that just being able to bend at the hips and only as far as a sitting position. She could not reach her feet at all and couldn’t even fold them to reach them because the thigh coverings held them straight. She walked around the house getting used to her confinement even doing some work before the distraction of the suit made her go back to the mirror and stare at her new body for a while before getting dinner ready.

Mark stopped on his way home and bought a newspaper so he could prove no one was in the suit and get the keys released to him thinking to himself he would have a lot more fun being able to access his slave whenever he wanted than not being able to at all. Lisa had managed to get into the long leather dress and was wearing her hood/neck corset trying to cover the new suit and surprise him when he got home. She was waiting by the door and took his hand and led him to the table and sat him down before putting his dinner on the table and standing next to him while he ate. Lisa brought him a beer and sat it down near the TV and rubbed his shoulders as he watched TV and drank several more beers. Mark had gotten horny watching his servant wiggle around in her leather dress and decided it was time for some more sex and took her hand and led her into the bed room. She held up her finger telling him to wait a minute as she went into the bathroom and got undressed.

He was waiting in the bed with several surprises under the covers for her when she came out and slid under the covers crawling from the foot of the bed up him until reaching his throbbing cock and she stopped there taking him fully into her mouth and quickly had him panting as he came she sucked him dry the eased up next to him and asked, "Did I please you sir?" He smiled and kissed her as he wrapped his arms around her body, suddenly he stiffened then jumped out of the bed pulling the covers off her. Lisa was lying as seductively as possible in her new steel skin as he stared in disbelief, "I love my new suit" Lisa said rubbing her body, "I feel like I could wear it forever."

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