Common Room

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2020 - Zephyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rom; cuffs; college; predicament; discovery; caught; naked; oral; cons; X

Stacie thought it was turning out to be another average Friday night for the two of them, her boyfriend Jeff and herself. They were watching an old series they both liked on TV in his dorm's deserted (on a Friday night) common room. They'd watch some TV, drink imported beer until the shows were over and they both were pretty well buzzed, then retire to his room and screw each other's brains out before they both rolled over and went to sleep.

It was getting tiring in a lot of ways. The cracks were starting to show in their relationship. He was starting to get scarily possessive, complaining about times she was out with girlfriends and doing other things, or times she just didn't want to talk to him. She was hoping it was just a dry spell that they'd pull out of. Besides, she did like the TV series and they had interesting discussions about the implications as the show rolled on and the beers went down.

He was frisky tonight, more than normal, but she could deal with that, especially as the booze took effect. She had on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and flip flops She had left everything else in his room to spice things up. He'd brought a blanket and she was under it on one of the sofas; he was beside her but not under the blanket, hands under her pushed-up shirt groping her every so often. It was nice to be wanted, to be the object of someone's desire, to know that all this was a big tease before she took him somewhere really private and took care of his problem. It could be worse.

The common room was off to the side of an 8-room double-quad, one of which was Jeff's. Normally one or two of the other occupants would walk by over the two or three hours she and Jeff were in there, maybe even look in, but continue on their way in or out without interrupting them. At best glancing in, but never stopping. They could hear the outer doors open, so with the knowledge of their environment and the safety that gave, they were pretty uninhibited, even more so with the alcohol.

They'd been watching for about an hour and a half, drinking the whole time, and she was buzzed. Jeff had gotten her out of the shirt, which wasn't a problem since she was under the blanket, but he pulled a new trick this time -- handcuffs.

She should have been more worried, but for that to happen she needed to be less drunk. She wasn't, so she giggled and turned away from him so he could cuff her hands behind her back. It was ok, the sofa they were sitting on was made in such a way that she could still lean back and not hurt her wrists. And now that he has me cuffed, she thought, he's going after my breasts with a vengeance. She sighed inside, a contented little sigh that promised the payoff of some good sex for all this later on in the night.

After playing with her chest for a while, his hands suddenly dropped to her waist and began unsnapping her shorts. She was more than a little drunk, hands cuffed behind her, and even though no one else was around, reluctant to move that much because it might affect the blanket covering her chest. She fought only a little as her shorts came down and then off. By the time Jeff accomplished that the blanket was all the way on the floor. A little wary, but realizing she needed to be good, she sat back down and crossed her legs Indian-style, and Jeff tucked the blanket around her and down behind her shoulders. As long as she leaned back into the sofa, the blanket wouldn't slip off and she'd be fine. She wasn't super happy, but she was drunk, and she decided she could do this, too.

There was a risk, though. There was a really bad rape in one of the other dorms last semester and the college had gone positively Cro-Magnon about it. The dorms were already separated male and female, but you couldn’t have a guest of the opposite sex in your room or the quad at all after 9 PM. As long as nobody complained, nobody cared and those rules were mostly ignored. But they had been enforced a few times and people had been kicked out of the dorms and out of the college. Stacie had a little worry, what she and Jeff were doing right here with her in his dorm at 11:30, on top of that naked and handcuffed in the common room, could easily get them both kicked out if somehow it blew up on them. But nobody cared, nobody even did more than notice the two of them as they passed by, so no problem.

Jeff amused himself as the show started back up (another hour of show left, then bed time!), down between her legs. It did feel real good; maybe losing her shorts wasn't so bad. Her mind started wandering to what was going to happen back in his room, the blow job she'd undoubtedly give him to start things off. She'd had lots of practice and few complaints at it, and the guys who got one from her never failed to tell her how incredible she was at it. Oh yes, in her experience most guys were only (or almost only) interested in popping their own cork. Sucking them off lowered the pressure from them to do other things that might lead her to problems, so she'd long ago gotten real good at that. And truth be known, she loved the head trip of watching the guy she was working on whimpering and losing it as she took her time and played with him and drew him out to see how long she could go before either she misjudged and he came, or she drove the guy over the edge and he crammed her head down on his cock until she gave him what at that moment he was dying for. Jeff certainly was a great example of this.

So she settled in and let him have his fun. He had uncontested access to her breasts and could run his hands through her pubic hair and even slip a finger inside her, she was wet enough. He started to finger-fuck her at one point and my, did that feel good...

Then he stopped. He gathered up her shirt and shorts, and despite her very quiet protests, told her he was going to put them in his car and he'd be right back. He left the room, grabbing his car keys out of his pocket. She saw him walk toward the outside door and then heard it open and shut. She was kinda pissed; he could have just taken her clothes to his room, and she wouldn't have been super-displeased. They would have gone back to where her clothes were in an hour or so, so it would have worked out. But with her clothes out in his car, she'd be naked, or at least without the clothes she walked in the common room with, all night. All she would have was her cotton bra and panties, still in his room with the rest of her stuff. Also, the truth was that his finger-fucking her was feeling real good and she was also pissed he stopped.

He came back after a few minutes, her clothes nowhere in sight. She sighed, but he jumped right back into what she was enjoying a few minutes before. After a little bit she was lost in the moment and the feeling again as things were building up inside her.

All of which came to a screaming halt when the outer door opened. Jeff drew back to a proper distance and they both worked to look like nothing was unusual, a couple choosing to spend their time watching TV. She's under a blanket but her sandals are right there at her feet, and nothing amiss. The person they saw was Walt, one of the other residents, as he walked by. He looked in, saw the two of them and the TV, then stopped and after a second came back in. He commented that he hadn't seen that show in years, and sat down on one of the other couches to join the two of them watching the show.

Jeff and Stacie were terrified. Neither could really move, Stacie certainly couldn't, because the blanket would fall off and she would definitely be shown to be at least topless. Jeff couldn't do anything, especially take the handcuffs off, with Walt in the room. Their eyes met, and they silently agreed to just wait this one out. Feeling her almost-orgasm slipping away, Stacie turned with Jeff to start watching the TV show. From the looks of it, there was about 45 minutes left. They could do this, she thought. Just play it cool, outwait Walt.

Truth be told, Stacie wasn't really that interested in that particular episode. Jeff still looked good, and she mourned what his fingers should have been doing instead of sitting in his lap three feet away from her. Yeah, for this she was going to take about two hours sucking on him (she'd put the handcuffs on *him*) to make him suffer like she was suffering now. Damn stupid stunt with the handcuffs, and it was now in danger of causing them some real trouble.

She looked over at Walt, who was oblivious to them, watching the show stretched out on the other sofa. He was off to their side in terms of the TV. Walt could see them both if he looked over, but the TV was in front of him and he was watching the TV. He actually wasn't bad looking, Stacie thought, tall, sandy hair, jeans, and polo shirt showing a bit of muscle through the sleeves and no discernable fat on his gut. Oh, and a large crop of tan hair, a little of which was showing between the shirt and jeans. Hmm, she'd always had a weak spot for blond haired, hairy men since her first at fifteen. And he did have a reasonable bulge in his pants. She wondered idly what he'd taste like, and how he'd react if she started to suck gently on him, and how long it would take to get him to beg...


Ten minutes passed. She looked over at Jeff, who had a wild and desperate look in his eyes. "I gotta go pee." He mouthed silently, agonized. The look she gave him could have killed him and everyone in the line of fire for the next city block. "No way in hell are you leaving me!" she mouthed back. He looked panicked for a second, then just looked miserable.

He asked again about five minutes later. "No!" she mouthed back. "You got me into this, you keep me safe!" But five minutes after that, with a look that said he was about to explode, he stood up, kissed her on the forehead, said he would be right back, and left heading for his room. Walt, enjoying the tv show, barely noticed.

She was going to kill Jeff, that was for sure. She sure hoped he enjoyed what they had been doing before Walt walked in, because that was all that was happening tonight. As long as nothing went wrong, she could forgive him, given long enough, and after he had groveled his apologies and acted them out about a million times. As long as she didn't move, neither would the blanket, and she'd be fine until Jeff got back. At which point they'd finish watching the show. Walt would leave, and then she'd kill Jeff. Down girl, she thought, too much alcohol. Yet nope, she would not ever be wearing handcuffs outside his dorm room ever again.

And then it caught her without warning, she sneezed. She jerked forward without being able to see it coming or stop herself. She sneezed loudly, so of course Walt looked back. In time to see the blanket drop down to her waist, and her breasts fall into view. And then the full problem became obvious as they stared at each other. Her arms were now shown to be behind her back, and she wasn't doing anything reasonable with them, like pulling the blanket back up. From the position of her arms, which wasn't obvious when under the blanket, it became quickly obvious that beyond being topless (and now surely opening the possibility in his mind of completely naked, why not?) her hands were tied behind her.

"It's not what you think," she stammered. He wildly looked at her, and she could see him staring at her chest. She couldn't do anything about it. He stood up and stood over her, so he could see the glint of the handcuffs behind her.

"Well, that explains why you aren't covering back up," Walt said. Stacie could have just died. The blanket was far enough down that when he looked down her back, he doubtlessly noticed no pants or shorts or even panties. So she could mark off whether he thought she's naked or just topless. He knew now.

"Walt, you can't tell anybody. I'd get kicked out of school." He looked down at her, she noticed he wasn't looking at her face. Then he reached for the blanket and pulled it off her. She tried to hold it between her knees, which wasn't even noticeable to the problem of pulling it off of her. She was now fully naked in front of a complete stranger, hands cuffed behind her. Not only was Jeff dead, they'd never find all the body parts. She’d detach and distribute them along the way. Walt didn't answer her, too busy looking.

To her complete surprise, Walt tucked the blanket back over her shoulders approximately where it was before, covering her back up. She was speechless. God, she'd expected just the opposite, at least him continuing to drink her in, a quick fondling grope, maybe even pulling out a cell phone and taking pictures or something.

"Walt, if I gave you the best blowjob in your life, would you promise me to never speak of this to anyone?"

He stopped and looked at her. "I don't know..."

"Please!" She begged. "They'll kick Jeff out of his dorm room and me out of school. Plus, the fact that I might as well move to a different country if this gets out." She stopped for a second and smiled what she hoped was a seductive smile. "Besides, it looks pretty interesting to me from here."

It was true, Walt's jeans were tight enough to show an outline before. They were much tighter now and showing a clear outline. He wasn’t small. Stacie licked her lips, trying to make it look natural.

"What'll Jeff say?" Walt asked.

"Let me handle Jeff," Stacie assured. "I'll remind him of what's at stake and how badly he screwed up to put us here. Now get over here and let me at you!"

Walt smiled, then walked over and closed the door. As he came back. Stacie could do nothing but look expectantly as Walt slowly unzipped and did pull out an impressive-looking cock. Ok, Stacie thought, it's not so bad. She leaned forward, the blanket slipping off her shoulders again, and engulfed him with her mouth.

Oh damn! Walt thought, trying hard not to groan. She sure was right. It might or might not be the best blow job he'd ever had, but he'd definitely not have a mind clear enough to decide until it was over, she was that good. And damn, to top it off she couldn't use her hands. He wondered how good it would have felt if her hand were free. Not that it didn't feel extraordinary now. Yep, she was real good at this. No wonder why Jeff was so hot for her. And yep, he was well on his own way. He wondered if she swallowed...

“You feel good, baby. So, so good. Keep going!” he muttered as he caressed her hair with his hands. Stacie had to force herself not to stop. Damn! Appreciation. It had been so long since she’d gotten any of that from Jeff, she’d forgotten how good it felt to hear. He was still caressing her hair, giving her back some of the pleasure she was giving him. She decided she was going to do her very best.

The door opened and Jeff came in, and stopped dead in the doorway at what he saw. “What in the hell is going on?”

Walt tensed up in case Jeff decided to attack him. It’d be a fight for sure, but Walt felt he’d probably win, especially since Jeff had been drinking. Walt tensed up and pulled away, ready, but Stacie was already on the attack.

“Oh, there you are,” she shot back at Jeff, her voice dripping with sarcasm and anger, “Nice of you to finally come back. Now turn your ass back around and go wait in your room for me to get done.

“What’s going on? I begged you not to leave me and you left me anyways, that’s what going on. I sneezed and the blanket fell down and since you cuffed my hands behind me, there I sat, chest hanging out, and you nowhere around to protect me.

“Well, if this gets out,” she rattled the handcuffs, “they’ll kick us both out. I haven’t sat in classes for two and a half fucking years just to let you screw it up because you couldn’t cross your legs. I’m buying both of us the diplomas we are working for. I’m buying his silence. And you will go right back into your room and wait for me while I finish and then I’ll come in and do you. After that we can talk. Got it?”

To Walt, Jeff looked like he had just been backhanded, which in some ways he had. Stacie seemed like such a nice, sweet girl. Sure, she had a killer figure, and he knew now even more of a killer tongue, but Jeff looked like she’d never talked to him that way before. Maybe she hadn’t. Walt wondered how much of it was the beers she had been drinking, but decided it didn’t matter.

Jeff looked stricken, conflicted. “Go. Right now,” Stacie ordered. Jeff suddenly blinked and withdrew, the door closing behind him.

It took a few seconds for either of them to speak. Finally, it was Walt. “Think he’s coming back?”

Stacie snorted. “No. He’s drunk but not that drunk and even then, he’s not stupid. He knows if he got into a fight with you he’d probably lose because he’s been drinking and we’d both get kicked out for sure. They’d come to break up the fight and here I’d still be, naked with my hands cuffed behind my back. No, he’s waiting in his room like a good boy. But I haven’t kept my promise so you don’t have to keep yours yet. Get back over here; we weren’t done.”

Walt would have given her his word if she had wanted to call it a night, but damn, she wasn’t and it was feeling so good. It had been a while for him; doing yourself while you were between girlfriends was ok but nothing like the real thing. And what he was getting from Stacie was like velvet.

“You sure?” he had to ask. Honor demanded it. If she backed out, he was going to scream.

“Get. Over. Here.” She emphasized each word. “Now!”

He didn’t need any more urging. He locked the door to the common room and then came back to her. She again engulfed his cock with her mouth, effortlessly licking up and down, taking him deep, even past her throat without gagging when she went all the way down to his balls. His eyes rolled as she worked him over. He was holding her head and shoulders, rubbing her hair, telling her through his groans how good it felt. And damn, this was just strictly her mouth. He wondered again how much better it might feel when she could use her hands too.

Soon it was time. “I’m about to cum,” he gasped out. Instead of pulling out Stacie kept right on working. When he tensed up to start spurting, she did something that blew his mind. She wrapped her lips around him as he started to spasm and sucked as hard as she could, drawing the semen out of him even while he was spurting. It spiked the feelings so much he sagged and had to grab her shoulders.

She smiled through that, didn’t see that coming, did you? Guys always went wild when she did that. She sucked down and swallowed every drop; she didn’t release his cock until it was almost soft in her mouth. With big puppy-dog eyes she looked up at Walt as she finally drew back, a strand of his cum stretching from his cock to her lips then finally breaking and falling onto her chin as she pulled away.

He managed to sink onto the sofa beside her. He just sat there panting with his eyes closed while Stacie quietly waited. Finally, he gave a sigh and opened his eyes. “Oh, you’ve earned it. I will never tell a soul what I’ve seen tonight.”

Stacie smiled. “Thank you. If you could, could you help me get into Jeff’s room?” She rattled her hands still cuffed behind her. “I might have a problem getting in the door, and I think it’s time to do the same for him now.”

“Sure.” He wrapped the blanket around her. But Jeff’s door was locked and five minutes of knocking changed nothing. Walt ducked outside for a second, returned fast. “His car is gone. How much did he have to drink?”

“Not that much.” Stacie confirmed. “He’ll be fine if he doesn’t get stopped for something else. But shit, my bra and panties and backpack are in there. Including my purse and dorm room card. What’s worse, when he took off my t-shirt and shorts in the common room, he said he was going to put them in his car and went out the door with them. I’m screwed.”

They both knew it was a problem. Sure, the dorm’s STA would be on site tomorrow at 8 AM. Everyone knew Stacie was Jeff’s girlfriend so the STA would let her into the room to get her backpack. Until then, Stacie thought, she could probably sleep in the common room. Naked and back-cuffed with only a blanket to cover her. Yeah, right. She might stay there, but she didn’t expect she’d sleep much.

“If Jeff’s not back, tomorrow morning I could go walk over to your dorm and get your STA to let me in your room and bring you back some clothes.”

Stacie looked over at him and found a genuine smile on her face. “Thank you, that would be wonderful. But what do I do until Jeff gets back? If he gets back.” She was worried about him driving but there was nothing she could do for him but hope. “I can’t walk back to my dorm in just a blanket, and even then, what? I’m still locked out of my own room, too, naked and wearing handcuffs. I’d hate it but I guess I could sleep in the common room here…” There was another option but she wasn’t willing to ask it.

“You could stay in my room until he gets back,” Walt named it for her.

“Could I?” It was easy for Stacie to sound hopeful. She had spent twenty minutes with his cock in her mouth, the whole time wishing it was in another part of her. Maybe it was still possible. She wouldn’t take any crap from Jeff about it after he drove away with her like this.

He walked over to his door and opened it then ushered her in. It was neat, had baseball stuff on the walls and from the looks of things he was an engineering major. He closed the door and she let the blanket fall. He’d already seen everything, no point in modesty now. She rattled the handcuffs again. “Maybe there’s something you can do about these.”

“Come over here, let me see them.” They were the standard toy fuzzy handcuffs, white fabric around them, the type that had the tabs on the side one could push down on to release them without a key but the tabs had been filed down. Which meant the release mechanism was likely still there.

He pulled out his jack knife. “Hold still for a second.” He inserted the knife tip into the side of the cuff enough to push the remnants of the tab far enough to open the cuff. Stacie opened it and slipped her wrist out. Now knowing what to do a few seconds later the other cuff was equally off her wrist.

“Thank you!” Stacie exclaimed as she rubbed her wrists.

Walt just smiled at her as he settled into his overstuffed chair. “The bed’s all yours. Sweet dreams.”

Huh? Stacie thought. This was no time for Walt to go all gentleman on her, dammit. She had accepted his offer for refuge in his room willing and fully expecting a thorough screwing to be part of how she said thank you. In fact, that had been one of the reasons she had accepted. “Your bed is big enough. Don’t you dare!”

She walked over to him and with his assistance stood him up. She pulled his polo over his head, then sent his shorts and underwear to the floor. She climbed into the bed, folding back his side nearest him and patting the bed sheet. He climbed in but still seemed a little unsure. His cock was hard again and even if he wasn’t, Stacie was sure. She pulled him on top of her and began to slowly, deeply kiss him. He needed no further convincing after that.


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