Color Me Exhausted

by Lizsubintampa

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Paul moved back to Tampa from the west coast about two months ago so when he called to ask if I wanted to go to the movies and dinner I happily said yes. I hadn’t seen him in over a year so I was looking forward to our date. He is one of the very few people I trust enough to tie me up and I always have a very good time when I see him.

He picked me up on Friday at 5:00 PM and we went to an early movie (started at 5:30 PM) before going to dinner at a wonderful Spanish restaurant in Tampa. Dinner conversation aside I couldn’t stop thinking of being tied up by him and I fidgeted quite a bit while we talked and ate (his rubbing my thigh and roaming upwards toward my puss didn’t help me to sit still either) and by the time we left for his apartment downtown I was more than a little excited and wanted nothing more than to enjoy being tied up and making love with him.

During the drive to his place (only about 15 minutes from the restaurant) my open legs very warmly greeted his probing fingers as they pushed against my jeans and at one of only two lights we had to stop for I returned the favor by reaching over and rubbing my hand on his cock. While the car is moving I would not do anything like that but at a red light, why not?

Once in the parking garage we got out of the car and held hands while going to the elevators and in the elevator I took the opportunity to reach up, kiss him, and do a little grind. The elevators have security cameras so there is just so much you can do in them without someone calling 911.

The view from his apartment is beautiful. Standing by one of the windows I could see the downtown area lit up as well as the lights from the cars moving along the roads and highways, it was such a pretty sight and made me feel so relaxed I could have stood there for quite a while but when he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me I stopped thinking about the view and thought only of my now screaming nipples as his hands massaged my breasts while he held me tight.

Slowly (too slowly for me) he took my blouse and bra off and teased my already ridiculously hard nipples until I moaned, bit my lip and tried to turn so I would be facing him. However, before I could turn he took hold of my hands, pulled them behind me, and tied them together with a piece of rope.

Apparently while I was enjoying the view he had been busy gathering some “toys” to, as he said, make me more comfortable. He’s such a wonderful caring person.

Now he turned me to face him and taking me in his arms again he kissed me, nibbled my ear lobes and neck, moved his hand up and down my back and oh so gently moved one hand to the zipper of my pants and pushed them and my panties down my thighs until they stopped at about knee level.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of a bondage predicament but with my hands tied behind my back and my legs sort of hobbled by my pants I wasn’t going to be running away very quickly (that is if I wanted to run which of course I did not).

Taking hold of my arm he led me (hobbling) to one of the dining table chairs and after having me sit he bent over, pulled off my sneakers, jeans and panties and while looking into my eyes placed his hands on my breasts and told me to just relax and enjoy. Of course I followed his instructions to the letter by wriggling, shaking my breasts, gritting my teeth and telling him I am as relaxed as I’m going to be.

Blushing from being so turned on I could only watch and every once in a while ask what he was doing while he tied my ankles to the back legs of the chair and wrapped rope around my tummy and above my breasts tying me to the back of the chair. The last bit of rope he used was wrapped around my wrists and also tied to the rungs on the back of the chair so I couldn’t move them and to test the effectiveness of the tie he began playing with my puss and nipples which only made me squirm and plead with him for more. Laughing, he told me to be patient and while saying that he put his fingers deep into my puss while I wriggled and squirmed and begged for more while trying to hump his hand yelling things like, “yes, yes”, “don’t stop”, “please don’t stop”, I am such a great conversationalist.

Leaving me for a few minutes I sat there splayed on the chair with my (tiny) breasts heaving and my puss not able to even rub against the chair’s seat I called out to him to “please finish me off” but of course anything I said or did was useless. I was stuck, frustrated and getting a bit exhausted.

When he did come back to the room I saw three things. First, he had a gag in his hand, second, he was naked, and third, his hard on was swaying majestically with each step he took and, oh yes, a fourth thing I saw was a big smile on his face that probably matched my own.

Standing behind me he started touching and twisting my nipples while also pulling me tighter against the back of the chair limiting some of my wriggling. A final twist made me scream bloody murder but despite the pain my puss reacted as though it was being penetrated. Hard to properly describe how I felt but that is fairly close.

He told me I was making too much noise, the neighbors might complain, he kept his fingers on my left nipple and while twisting some more he put a sort of leather ball type gag in my open mouth and then, letting go of my nipple, buckled the gag so tight I could feel the straps digging into the corners of my mouth and cheeks.

Reaching over me again he put his hands on my breasts but this time he did not take my nipples and twist them, instead he simply massaged my breasts and it felt so good I tried to tell him, by mumbling into my gag, not to stop and to please make me cum.

Despite the gargled mumbling he understood perfectly (from my body language alone) what I was trying to say but instead of continuing he stopped, stepped around in front of me, knelt down and began teasing my clit.

“Rockets red glare” is not even close to define the effect that had on me and as I struggled more and more, coming closer and closer to my orgasm, I began lifting my ass up trying to push myself on his magic fingers but when he suddenly pulled his hand away, leaving me screaming and groaning and rocking uselessly in the chair, he (again) laughed and said something like, “not yet”, leaving me once again to stew in my predicament without any ability for relief. I needed to cum, I needed my nipples touched, I needed my puss touched, I needed my clit touched, I needed to cum!

I’m not really sure how long he kept doing this to me, what I do know is that by the time he untied me from the chair my legs, arms and practically my whole body ached from both my trying to move against the ropes and my exhaustion from not being allowed to cum. When he picked me up from the chair, my hands still tied behind my back, he helped me onto my knees by the couch, sat down, unbuckled and pulled the gag out of my mouth, took hold of my hair, and pulled me so that my mouth was on his cock while I, (very) hungrily, began to suck and lick as he pulled my head up and down (almost) choking me. I wasn’t allowed to stop and when he began moving my face faster and faster I knew he was going to cum and I wanted it so much I greedily sucked harder until I tasted him and although I tried to swallow as much as I could there was quite a bit that dribbled past my lips on to my chin, chest and most likely the floor. When he was finally satisfied he got up from the couch, took me by my hair, had me stand, and dragged me to the kitchen while leaning over trying to keep up with him where he grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned my face, breasts, tummy and thighs.

Keeping me bent over he then took me to his bedroom where he pushed me on the bed. Taking hold of my ankles he moved me to the center of the bed and tied them in a spread eagle leaving me laying on my wrists and arms. Helping me to sit up he untied my wrists and then tied them to the bed’s corners so that the spread eagle was complete. Then, lying next to me, he reached over and took my face in his hand, kissed me, and started to tease my nipples and puss again. I was even trying to talk to him while he was kissing me, trying to beg him for more.

But he did stop, and told me that he was too tired to do anything else and he was going to go to sleep and that I should try to get some rest too. Rest? What rest? I didn’t want rest!

I wanted to be “f _ _ _ ed”!!!!

Telling me not to make any noise or I’d be sleeping with a gag he got up from the bed, turned out the lights, and left the bedroom with me squirming, nipples aching, puss dripping, crying and calling out all sorts of pleasantries to make him come back.

I know I fell asleep at some point but I was not “a happy camper”. I loved what he did to me, I loved how he teased and tortured me, I loved having him in my mouth and making him cum, I loved everything he did to me, I even loved the aches and pains I had from being tied in the chair and on the bed, I also hated him for leaving like that, aching from my need to cum, I needed to cum, and I could do nothing about it. I hated him, it was that simple. I thought of a thousand ways to hurt him, I thought of a thousand reasons why I loved what he was doing to me!

Sunrise began and its light came into the bedroom and as I looked at my nipples and open legs and started feeling myself get horny again I smiled and wondered when he was going to come back to the room and play with me again. I also needed to “potty” and that little problem started to get to be a big problem as the sun rose higher and my need to go to the bathroom became much stronger than my need to cum.

Finally he came back, got onto the bed, leaned over, kissed me, and untied me. It felt wonderful to finally be able to move my arms and legs freely again. I quickly began to get off the bed to go to the bathroom but before I could leave he grabbed my wrists, pulled them behind my back, tied them together, slapped my ass, and told me not to be too long.

Walking as fast as I could I did as I was told and despite having my wrists tied behind my back I sat down and tinkled (thank goodness that’s all I had to do). How do you wipe yourself with your hands tied behind you? You don’t. And why is it that Paul is not the only one that sometimes makes me go to the potty with my hands tied?

I called him to the bathroom and asked if he would untie me so I could clean myself. However, instead of untying me he quite calmly took a wash cloth by the sink and after having me stand with my legs open he gently washed my puss and while I appreciated the care he was giving me I didn’t appreciate the fact that his touching me once again made me a very horny unsatisfied slut because when he finished cleaning me he stood, smiled, put his arms around me, kissed me, took hold of my arm, told me to behave and took me to the kitchen where there were two bowls of cereal waiting. One on the table, one on the floor. Of course, being the genius that I am, I knew which was mine and as he ate his while sitting at the table I slurped at mine while kneeling on the floor and made quite a mess which, after being given a dish towel that he shoved into my mouth (with lots of it hanging outside my mouth) I cleaned by moving my head back and forth.

Satisfied, he took the towel out of my mouth and helped me squiggle on my knees under the table so I could give him another “blow job” and, doing as told, I eagerly bent to the task and despite the fact that my nipples were still hard and hurting and my puss was again yelling for relief I did not stop until he came and, after holding me on his cock until all was either swallowed or dribbling down my chin etc., he let me go, helped me crawl on my knees from under the table, and used the (now dirty) wash cloth to clean me.

Helping me to my feet he took my arm and brought me back to the window and told me to “stay” which of course I did as I shifted from one foot to the other trying to rub my thighs together so I could finally orgasm! Unfortunately he didn’t leave me long enough and when he came back he took hold of my arm and once again brought me to the dining room chair (I thought he was going to tie me to it again) where he had me lean over its back, told me to stay still, and after a few seconds of anxiously waiting for “now what”? I felt him put his cold (lubed) fingers in my a _ _ hole and after making me dance to the beat of his moving fingers he pulled them out and the next thing I felt was the tip of an anal plug that slowly began to be pushed inside me.

I am not a fan of anal plugs or anal sex, he knows that (as do my other partners) but while in the role of his “slave” or “slut” or whatever you wish to call it I try my best to please my partner and, since this is not outside my limits I couldn’t tell him to stop unless he was hurting me.

By the time he finally pushed the beast all the way in I knew it was one of the largest I had ever had invade me back there. It wasn’t coming out easily and I could feel it completely fill me and knew there was no way while moving that I wouldn’t feel its presence. When he told me to turn and sit on the chair I did so rather gingerly and grunted as I sat and felt it push deeper inside me. I was not comfortable.

Stepping away for only a few seconds Paul came back and handed me my clothes telling me to get dressed. Putting on my bra and shirt was not a problem but leaning over to put my panties, jeans and sneakers on was. With each bend to reach down the plug moved and I know I started to blush from both the exertion and the feelings it was giving me. As I said, I’m not a fan of anal sex but I do admit that it does turn me on and my nipples, now pressing against my bra, and my puss’ reaction to the “foreplay” clearly made me very excited and quite horny.

Smiling, Paul took my hands and helped me stand, took me in his arms and kissed me while all the time he had one of his hands on my ass pushing against the plug. Such a sweet guy!

Taking my hand we walked to the door of the apartment but before going any further he stopped and told me he almost forgot something. Now I know Paul doesn’t “forget” things so despite my curiosity I knew enough to keep quiet when he undid my jeans and pulled them and my panties down my thighs while telling me to put my hands on the table. Now what? I thought. But just as my shaking arms and ass were adjusting to the position he put an egg in my puss. I watched him put it in and knew it was a vibrator that he had used on me in the past and despite my misgivings about having both it and that thing in my ass at the same time I stoically stood still until he pulled up my panties and jeans and told me that we were ready to go out.

Moaning and grunting I said something very apropos, “Yes Sir”, and, being the good little slut, I carefully waddled after him with my puss and ass stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

We drove to the bay and after parking the car (I was not comfortable sitting on the plug) he helped me out of the car and taking my hand we took a walk along the water front. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and there were a lot of people there. Families, couples, kids laughing and running and me, almost bending over 90 degrees when Paul turned the egg on the first time. I was expecting it, I knew he would, yet I was not prepared and it sliced through me like a bolt of lightning and as I bent and crunched my ass cheeks the plug made it that much worse for me. I knew I could do nothing to stop it and as quickly as I could I tried to stand straight and pretend all was right with the world. But it wasn’t. I needed to cum, I needed Paul to “F” me, and at the very least I needed to masturbate but I was stuck, in public, without a chance in the world of any of that happening!

Holding my hand we walked for about an hour with that damn vibrator going off at different times for different lengths of time. All I could do was try to keep my grunts and groans as quiet as possible while knowing I could do nothing to ease the pain in my ass and my needing to orgasm. Like a couple of my other partners Paul can be a bastard and often is.

Finally getting back to the car I hesitantly sat while feeling both the plugs move inside me. I tried to touch my puss and breasts but Paul slapped my hands and told me to “sit on them”. Embarrassed and overloaded with sexual need I was tempted to defy him but in the end I did as told and put my hands under my cheeks and, again, said “Yes Sir”. All the time staring daggers at him!

During the drive to my house he would pinch my nipples and touch my puss and turn the damn egg on and off. Wriggling so I could try to orgasm did nothing but frustrate me more and more and I didn’t even realize we had arrived at my place until he pulled into the driveway and turned the egg off. Taking my seat belt off he told me to get out of the car and after grabbing a small bag from the back seat walked me to my front door and watched my shaking hands try to get the key in the lock. Laughing, he took my arm, pulled me into my house, locked the door behind us, then, in my living room, had me kneel.

He put his bag on the coffee table and took out a roll of black tape (he left the empty package on the table after he was done with it so I learned it was electrical tape) and taking one hand at a time had me make a fist and wrapped my hands so that they were useless to do much more than flail around (or punch him in the face). Next he took a ring gag from the bag, told me to “open wide” and after adjusting it so that it was behind my teeth he buckled it pretty tight (it wasn’t going to come out), opening his fly he took his cock out, grabbed my hair, and pulled me on his cock. He started by moving it slowly and would speed up before slowing down again. He did this several times until he finally held me tight against his crotch, he came and it felt like he exploded in my mouth, I could not breathe, I tried to pull away but couldn’t, I felt as though I would choke to death, and when he finally took it out of my mouth I gasped for air and felt his cum dripping down my chin, neck and most likely my chest. Still trying to control my breathing I nearly jumped out of my skin when he turned the egg back on and suddenly I was moving and grinding and wriggling as fast as I could and when I finally had my orgasm and he let go of my hair I collapsed onto my side still struggling and weeping while so many more “orgasms” flowed through me. I hurt but felt so wonderful!

When he turned the remote off I was both happy and sad. Happy because I don’t think I could take much more and sad because I wanted more. Kneeling down he picked me up so I was sitting on my ass (that damn plug making me feel like I was going to split in half) and then kissed my forehead, stood up, and had me watch him put the remote control on top of the curio cabinet in the corner (I need a step stool to reach the top) then, after taking hold of my hair again, kissed my cheek and told me to have a wonderful weekend (I had told him before meeting him that I was going to my sister’s house for my nephews birthday party at 4:00 PM) and after turning and waving good-bye he left me!

Still reeling from my orgasms (with yet another one quickly building inside me) I heard the door close when he left but didn’t care. I had other problems on my mind, like I still needed to cum (again) and it was hurting to cum again. I needed to get the egg and plug out of me, I needed to get the frickin’ tape off my hands, I needed to scream while lying on my side while having yet another orgasm that was quickly becoming painful. I had experienced an “over load” in the past but this seemed so much worse, I needed to stop the egg, get the plug out of me and tell my clit to STOP!

While struggling I was still trying to plead with him not to leave me (and he was already gone several minutes) but all that came out of my mouth was garbled frustration, more drool and his cum.

The damn egg was still on, I was exhausted, I was in pain, I wanted it to stop, I had had enough!

Needing to turn it off and get them out of me I had to get the tape off my hands and that was, to say the least, a chore. I tried wetting the tape with my tongue and rubbing it on the edge of the coffee table but that was totally useless (does “jism” act as a glue?).

Finally, getting my brain to work, I got up and half waddled and half ran to the kitchen and after coaxing one of the drawers open managed to work a steak knife out and after carefully holding it between my balled hands put it between my thighs and started to carefully cut the tape without cutting myself. Took several tries and almost an hour but eventually I got my hands free, took that awful gag out of my mouth and worked my jaw so the pain wasn’t too bad and then grabbed my step stool and went back to the living room so I could get the remote.

I know! I could have just pulled my jeans down and taken the egg out but let’s face it, at that moment I wasn’t thinking very clearly and with the egg still going and my “needs” building up again I only thought of turning it off, not taking it out. Brilliant, no?

The worst part was still to come (no pun intended) because when I started to take the anal plug out I discovered just how big it was (at least for me) and the pain I felt when the large part finally got past my sphincter was extremely intense and caused me to scream but despite the pain, which went away almost immediately, it also increased my need to cum again and I masturbated. One hand touching my clit, one hand twisting my nipple. The pain just put me over the edge and I didn’t want to do anything other than masturbate!

Finally I was able to compose myself and get undressed so I could take the shower that I badly needed and when I was finally ready to go to my sister’s house and picked up my purse by the front door I found a note from Paul telling me he loved seeing me and asked if I would like to go with to dinner next week. I gave it a lot of thought, maybe a second or two, called his cell and left a message telling him that I’d love to and by the time I got into my car I got a text message back from him telling me he would pick me up Saturday afternoon and to bring the “toys” with me.

I wish I were a better writer, able to tell my stories better, and while I will try to do better I can’t promise that I will, so please bear with me and thank you for reading my story.


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