The Collar

by Techster

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The Collar
 By the Techster

When you have a family where the parents are a pair of engineers who enjoy self- bondage and bondage experiments you know that creativity is the rule of the game. Of course we have never let our children discover our kinks. Last weekend our youngest son, a college student was going out of town so the parents could play.

I love watching my wife in the nude and starting a bondage game for the weekend would be fun. She is no slinky sex goddess. She has a bit of a tummy, but her perky breasts that don't sag, even without a bra and the lean muscles of her back and legs are a major turn-on for me. When you've been playing this game for 30+ years, as we have, coming up with something new is more of a challenge than actually escaping from the bondage. It was time for a new bondage device. The focal point of this scene would be a locking metal collar that would prevent the wearer- captive from looking left or right as well as down. I hope this doesn't get too technical for you. Please remember both my wife, Techie, and myself, Techster, are so nicknamed because we are engineers.

The collar started as a strip of 1/4 inch thick Aluminum 48 inches long and a 3/4 inch aluminum rod 6 inches long. I first cut two strips 10 inches long and using a piece of large metal pipe and the hydraulic press I generated two identical pieces that when assembled formed a 14 inch circle with 3/4 inch tabs on each end. Next I cut a piece of the aluminum stock 12 inches long and bent 4 inches of one end of it at a 45 degree angle. This was then Heli-arc welded to one of the semi circular pieces. This piece was to be a stop, so the captive wearing the collar could not tilt their head back too far. This would be the back half of this device. The two pieces were held together with a pair of clamps and drilled for locks.

Next a 3 inch plate of the Aluminum was welded to the "front" piece to prevent the wearer from tilting their head forward. At the lower edge of this plate was welded a rounded piece of Aluminum with a 1-inch hole in it. This is for the attachment of a leash, chain, or lock. Using my hand I had measured the width of my wife's chin and face. I welded 2 pieces 6 inches long on their edges to act as both blinders to limit her vision and prevent her from moving her head from side to side. Using a sanding belt I rounded and smoothed the top of the long head restraint pieces so they would do their job, not risk cutting or hurting her. These were located 1 1/2 inches off center and angled 15 degrees apart so they would fit both her chin and face.

Now for the tricky part; the adjustable hinged plate that would control the angle of her head. A quick pass on the metal cutting saw and a pass on a sanding belt to smooth it gave me a 2-inch long plate that was to be used to support her chin. I drilled a 1/4-inch hole in the centre of 3/4-inch Aluminum rod and then cut five 1/2-inch long pieces off. These would act as the pivot point of the hinge. Two pieces were welded to the plate, the remaining three pieces were first assembled with the pivot rod in place and then welded to the front part of the collar.

Now all I needed was a positive- tamper proof way of adjusting her head tilt. Then I spotted some long Allen screws in the work area. Quickly I cut off a 1/2-inch long piece of the aluminum rod and tapped a hole for 3/8 (US) coarse thread. This piece was supported when it was welded to a 1-inch long piece of the rod that was welded to the front of the collar between the chin stops. To make certain it was restrictive and not cut or chafe her tender skin I glued a covering of natural lamb's wool.

Time to try the toy.

I arrived home first armed with my wife's favorite Chinese food and had a lovely table set for her on the back porch.
She took one look and said, "I'll just bet you have a new bondage surprise for me!"
"Yes, I do, but after dinner."
"I want it now!" she insisted, "If I am to restrained I want to be fed and attended to by you. I want to be your bondage pet."
"Ok, undress and we'll get started." I agreed.
Techie quickly threw her clothing to the floor and stood naked before me. " Well?"
"Close your eyes and I'll put your new uniform on." I chuckled.

She stood silently as I locked the collar around her neck, then adjusted the chin plate so her head was tilted back against the stop and she could not open her mouth. Next I took two modified belts strapped them around her upper thighs and her wrists and secured everything with a pair of small padlocks. Lastly another belt went around her back and held her arms at the elbows. This would prevent her from bending over.

"Comfy?" I asked as I reached down and massaged her breasts and mons.
She mumbled but could not talk. I took a small Allen wrench out and eased the head-chin restraint.
"Wow! This thing is amazing. With my head locked back I'm a perfect display toy. I can't see what's a ahead of me so I dare not walk. I cannot talk so I cannot protest. Well I hope you enjoy your new toy. Let's eat."

I fed her for a while and then decided I could make dinner more interesting. I went to our under the bed toy box and came back with a single egg type vibrator. I had her stand and spread her legs. Then I lubed it and slid into her vaginal opening. I had her sit and belted her knees together so she could not expel it. For safety's sake I put a very large restraint belt around her waist and the chair so she could not slide out and fall. One could just detect a slight hum as the vibrator was turned up all the way. I resumed feeding her. I could see her twitching and moving as her sex was stimulated from within. 

As we finished dinner she started breathing hard. I silenced her with the adjustable chin stop as I cleaned up after dinner. In the dimmed light she glistened with perspiration as her muscles struggled in vain. Finally I switched off the vibrator and released the chin restraint. She looked at me with a broad smile. Her first remark was, "You better hope these bonds are secure, if I get loose during the night I'm going to rape you and rape you and rape you! It is no fair being this horny and having no chance of relief! Please take me Please."
"We'll continue this discussion in the bedroom" I said as tightened her chin restraint and led her to our bedroom.

Once back in our room I advised her, "Bathroom time. You better take care of things now." 
The belt between her elbows was loosened so she could sit. After she was finished I wiped her private parts dry and tightened the belt on her elbows just lightly. I placed her on her back our bed. I then tied her legs to the corner posts inserted the vibrator in her (set on low this time), gave her a kiss, turned out the light and after thoroughly caressing her clitoris I covered her with a sheet and blanket went to sleep. I was awakened several times during the night by her stirring.

When I awoke she was just lying there. I uncovered her and the sheets around her sex were wet. I relaxed the chin restraint and asked," How are you?"
"Hornier than ever. If you don't give me an orgasm very soon I could be dangerous!"
"Looks like I have no choice." I said as I rolled over, released her ankles from the bed posts and tied them up to her wrist restraint straps. This way her knees were bent. I was as horny as she was. I entered her and moved in and out very slowly in order to prolong the effect. Techie shivered and screamed, her legs tried to kick but the ropes tied to her arms in order prevent this. Again she attempted to thrash and her hands clenched. I enjoyed the feeling as her sex seemed to spasm as I moved slowly. Finally I sped up and we experienced an earth-shaking orgasm.When I stopped she passed out. We both went back to sleep.

At 10 AM her movements awakened me. I rolled over to see her smiling. "Morning Love! That was great! I feel all wet may I please have a shower?"
"Of course." I agreed as I freed her legs and assisted her standing. I washed her from head to foot. After I finished washing her I began to shower myself. She knelt tilted her head and with a mouthful of water washed my now limp cock. After I finished I dried her off. I had her sit in a chair as I announced, "Today you are going to be the best looking pet in this house."
She sat as I blow-dried and styled her waist length brunette hair. It was an ancient looking braided style befitting a "trophy slave." I touched her ear and breasts with her perfume. Techie stood proudly showing her perfect breasts, no sag, great for a lady over 50. I was turned on by her well-muscled back.

I fed her breakfast and enjoyed watching "my pet" as she sat there, her smooth skin shimmering in the morning sun. 
 When we were finished I put the dishes in the dishwasher and clipped a leash on her collar. I led her out into the living room and looked for somewhere to have her stand. It was at that time I spotted the eyebolts in the doorframe that were used to hang a privacy curtain when we had guests on out sofa-bed. The eyes were just slightly higher that her neck. I used two double ended snap hooks to clip the collar to one of them.  Then I put a pair of clothes pins on her nipples and tied these with a piece of string to the eyebolt.

The visitors.

As luck would have it Chuck, one of our kinkier neighbors, picked that moment for a visit. After the knock on the door I peered through the viewing port and said, "Relax, Hon, it's only Chuck and his wife, Margie." 
Techie started to protest about being displayed. I simply adjusted the chin stop and silenced her. "You are looking very pretty and will enjoy being on display." 
Chuck and his wife entered when they had entered the living room they saw Techie and agreed," Your display is beautiful."
Margie asked, "She looks so soft warm and smooth; may I touch her?"
"Of course, she cannot protest. Enjoy!" I advised.

Margie used the opportunity to torment Techie she stroked her hair and then caressed her whole body, pinch her nipples and then tease her clit. Techie wiggled and mumbled but I knew she really enjoyed being the centre of attention. Chuck was inquiring about my assistance with their personal dungeon project that hey were working on in their basement. "What stain can I use to give the dungeon furniture we are building, a torture rack, St Andrew's cross and stocks a dark sinister look?"
"Easy," I replied, "Use red Mahogany stain. It will leave the wood with a dark brown sinister look. I think you'll like it."
Margie spotted a bottle of spf 40 suntan lotion and started using it on Techie's back and legs. "Here this will make the legs go easier." I said as I passed her a short spreader bar. "Please don't put any on her butt."
She buckled the spreader bar between Techie's ankles and rubbed in the lotion.
We all stood and admired the beautiful glow of our captive.

"I think Techie needs to work on her tan." I exclaimed as I released the nipple clips and attached a leash.
"Margie, would you please lead Techie out to the privacy paddock? Chuck will you please help me with her tanning bed?" I handed Margie a raincoat. "Please cover her until we get to the privacy paddock."
I carried a blanket, four short pieces of rope and four ankle leather ankle-wrist cuffs out to the paddock and unlocked the gate. When I got into the paddock I removed a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood from our storage shed. Chuck and I placed it on top of a pair of sawhorses. 

"Now this is how we build a solar powered tanning bed." I explained as Chuck and I set the sheet of plywood on the sawhorses. About 3 feet down from one edge was an oval hole with a nylon strap attached on either side. There were eyebolts on every corner. I took the blanket and spread it out on the top of the wood. Like the wood it too had an oval hole in it. 
"OK, Chuck this requires two people. We are going to pick Techie up, turn her and set her face down on the wood. Her face will go into the hole."

We lifted Techie up, rotated her 90 degrees, sidestepped down and placed her in the surface. I secured the strap across the back of her head. Next I attached the cuffs to her ankles and wrists. Next I took 2 of the pieces of rope and tied her ankles out to the lower eyebolts. Margie released Techie's wrists from the thigh straps and tied them out to the upper eyebolts.
With Techie secured and working on her tan I went to the storage shed and returned with some narrow black electrical tape and a pair of scissors. I cut pieces of tape and stuck them to Techie's smooth butt so they would prevent the sun's rays from tanning that area.
"What is that for?" Margie asked.
"That will be my brand. It contains the initials of my name, the first letter is reversed." I explained.
 Then Margie interjected, "Won't she be bored just lying there?"
 "No, first I'll get a CD player from the shed, put the earphones on her head and play her favorite Kenny G tunes, then there is this I pulled two long thin vibrators from our secret toy box in  the shed. I slid one in her vagina, then removed it quickly before inserting it in her butt. "That was to lube it!" I explained.

Lastly I inserted the other in her vagina and switched them both on. "Now I can guarantee she will NOT be bored." As I spread the suntan lotion over her smooth butt and back. We all stood back and watched our glistening captive struggle in the bright morning sun. "A good tan base will take about 30 minutes, then we roll her over and do the other side."

In about 30 minutes we returned, switched off the vibrators and rolled her over, resecured her bonds and spread spf 40 suntan lotion over her entire body. I glued a 50 cent piece to each nipple with superglue and laid a narrow strip of black electrical tap over her clit. "That is to prevent those areas from getting burned." I explained as I covered her eyes with a damp towel.
We switched on the vibrators and sat under an umbrella drinking iced teas and talking about Chuck and Margie's plan for their dungeon as we watched our captive tan and struggle. 

In about an hour we released her and I removed the collar and the vibrators.
 "How do you feel?" I asked.
 "Hornier than ever!" Techie exclaimed as she reached out and grabbed me by the balls.
 "Hey!" Margie said loudly, " It's my turn. That collar looks like fun. May I be Chuck's slave for a day?"
 I reached into my pocket for the key and unlocked the collar and passed the key, the allen wrench used to adjust the chin restraint and the collar to Chuck. He promptly locked it around her neck, adjusted the chin restraint, attached the leash and led her home. "This will be the only time I have the last word!" he laughed. "How much do you want for it?"
 "Two hundred-fifty dollars." I remarked jokingly.
 "Cash OK?" Chuck queried as he opened his wallet and passed me the money.

 Techie still had a firm grip on my balls and just a slight squeeze convinced me that I should share this windfall with her. "Here's your half for your work as test subject." I said as I handed $125. 
 "By the way that tan is going to look great." I remarked as Chuck and Margie left the paddock. 
 Techie removed the coins on her nipples with a light twist. She handed me the coins saying, Save these, You'll need them, "We're going to add some colour to that white ass of yours."
 "Well its time to work on your tan. Shed those clothes she ordered as she slid her left hand into my underwear and gripped my bare balls.
 "Now it's my turn to have some fun!" Techie chuckled gleefully knowing I was about to be her "toy" for a day.


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