The Coincidence 6: Coincidence Again

by Chas Dicks-ins

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Storycodes: FF; F/f; D/s; bond; gag; cuffs; chast; collar; caught; mast; breastplay; fondle; tease; climax; cons; X

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Part Six

Chapter 22: Coincidence Again

A month later, Rebecca found herself once again watching a boring movie, and of course fell asleep. The damsel was only in a prison cell, and was wearing all her clothes, and Rebecca got bored. After the movie ended, Tracy headed to her room, presumably to go to bed. A little bit later, Rebecca groggily looked up, and saw that Tracy had left. Rebecca got up, and headed over to Tracy's room, hoping that this time Tracy would be able to restrain her down in her favorite cell. This particular night, Rebecca was wearing very little- only her chastity belt, collar, new favorite penis gag, leg shackles, and a pair of handcuffs that kept her hands behind her back and attached to the back of her chastity belt.

Rebecca nudged open the door, and froze; there was Tracy, once again naked atop her bed with her eyes closed. This time, only one hand was working, deep inside herself, while the other lay open at the edge of the bed at Tracy's side. Rebecca's loins churned, and her hormones jumped into overdrive, and before she knew what she was doing, she was kneeling next to Tracy's bed, on the side of her free hand.

Rebecca saw the outstretched hand, and realized a perfect opportunity. Rebecca edged forward, and placed her left boob into Tracy's hand.

Tracy was deep in her fantasy, and didn't think much of finding a boob in her hand, imagining it was her slave Rebecca's boob. So, Tracy immediately groped the boob, quickly located the nipple, and squeezed. Rebecca let out a long powerful moan of pleasure, and Tracy's eyes snapped open at the sound. Tracy snatched her hand back, suddenly aware of her surroundings, and of Rebecca kneeling beside her.

Rebecca looked down and whined through her gag, sad that Tracy had stopped massaging her breasts. Tracy frowned, and realized that Rebecca was really enjoying herself. So, reluctantly and slowly, Tracy maneuvered herself so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed facing Rebecca. Rebecca looked down to give Tracy some privacy, as Tracy was wearing no underwear, and Tracy quickly covered her crotch with the sheet from the bed.

Tracy slowly stretched her hands out, and cupped Rebecca's breasts in her hands from below. Rebecca closed her eyes, and moaned a little softly, feeling amazing. Tracy was encouraged by the moan, and continued, sure now that Rebecca wanted this. Tracy spread out her fingers, and slowly massaged Rebecca's chest. Tracy took her time, and worked her way with both hands around her breasts, circling them and groping them in her soft hands. Tracy moved to the nipples, tracing around them carefully with her fingers, making Rebecca emit a high whine as her body went crazy from the electric contact.

After circling for a while, Tracy suddenly pinched Rebecca's left nipple while she grabbed her full right breast, and Rebecca let out a loud low groan, and shivered a little. Tracy went back to circling Rebecca's nipples, and soon pinched both nipples tightly, and Rebecca made a little shout.

Tracy kept working her way with Rebecca's breasts, combining various techniques at the same time with her two hands, until Rebecca was almost constantly moaning in both pain and pleasure.

But, all too soon, Tracy's hands withdrew from Rebecca's breasts, and Rebecca opened her eyes, worried that Tracy was done. But, instead Tracy was standing behind Rebecca, and within moments Rebecca was tossed into Tracy's bed, lying on her back, waiting for Tracy to return.

Tracy kept Rebecca waiting for perhaps a minute, but soon returned. Rebecca saw a mess of leather in Tracy's hands, and Rebecca was soon wearing a tightly laced and locked discipline hood. Rebecca tried to listen for Tracy, but couldn't hear anything through the thick padding. Rebecca lay waiting, her pussy burning hot from the amazing pleasure of the last few minutes, straining to feel Tracy's touch. After about a minute, Rebecca whined a little into her gag, worried that Tracy was not going to resume.

Suddenly Rebecca felt Tracy straddling her body, and Tracy's mouth attacked Rebecca's right nipple. Tracy's left hand grabbed Rebecca's left breast, and squeezed and massaged it all over. Rebecca gasped in pleasure, as Tracy's mouth brought sensations to her nipple more intense than she had ever felt before.

Tracy's tongue started quickly circling Rebecca's nipple, occasionally flicking it up or down with her tongue. Then, Tracy clamped down a little tighter with her jaw, and with her tongue flicked Rebecca's nipple up and down again and again as fast as she could with her tongue. Rebecca moaned passionately into her gag and arched her back at the sensation, thrusting her steel-covered crotch into Tracy's.

Tracy returned to circling Rebecca's nipple with her tongue, and then bit down on the nipple, making Rebecca shout in agony and pleasure, and thrust into Tracy again. Tracy then switched nipples and hands, and speed up, switching between pain and pleasure with both her hand and mouth quickly. Rebecca was in heaven, and soon was moaning and groaning constantly, and had built up a rhythm of thrusting into Tracy.

The two held up their pace for several minutes, occasionally switching breasts. Tracy suddenly let out a moan together with Rebecca, and Tracy bit and pinched both Rebecca's nipples at once. Rebecca screamed from the pain, and after ten seconds, Tracy let go, and slumped down on top of Rebecca, spent. As Tracy had been only using one hand, her other had been busy deep inside herself, and with each thrust Rebecca brought Tracy closer and closer to an orgasm, until Tracy couldn't wait any longer.

Both Tracy and Rebecca were deep in ecstasy from all the stimulation, but Tracy was spent completely. Tracy rolled off of Rebecca onto her back, and fell asleep almost immediately. Rebecca adjusted herself as best as she could while tied up and lost in her discipline hood, and settled herself so that her head was resting on Tracy's chest just below her ample breasts, at least what Rebecca guessed were her breasts. Rebecca fell asleep peacefully, satisfied deep within herself. The two slept soundly, never stirring from their spots.

Chapter 23: Not a Lesbian

Tracy woke up first in the morning, and looked down to see Rebecca comfortably sleeping with her head on Tracy's chest. Tracy smiled, remembering their steamy encounter the night before, and wondered how she would get up without disturbing Rebecca. Tracy shifted her weight a little, testing how light of a sleeper Rebecca was. As soon as Tracy moved an inch, Rebecca lifted her head a little, and looked around, trying to see something despite the discipline hood.

Tracy smiled at Rebecca's vain attempts, patted her on the head, and playfully squeezed her nipple lightly. Rebecca smiled under the hood, happy with how things had turned out so well the night before. Tracy pushed Rebecca's head off of her chest, and went off to the bathroom to shower and prepare for the day.

After Tracy left, Rebecca froze, suddenly realizing how absolutely disoriented she was. She had no idea if she was near the edge of the bed, or if she was by the wall, so Rebecca laid back and waited for Tracy to return and help her get up.

When Tracy got out of the shower, she saw Rebecca lying back in the bed, and realized Rebecca's helpless situation. Tracy crept over to the bed, and quietly reached out her hand over Rebecca's breast. Tracy suddenly grabbed Rebecca's nipple in a pinch, and Rebecca yelped in surprise. Tracy jumped into bed straddling Rebecca, and set about unlacing the discipline hood. Soon, Tracy had removed the discipline hood and the penis gag, which Rebecca as usual sucked dry as Tracy removed it.

Rebecca smiled up at Tracy, finally satisfied after 6 long months without any intimate contact. Tracy looked down, finally satisfied after Rebecca helped her have such an enormous orgasm the night before. Tracy lowered her torso down so she was face to face with Rebecca, and kissed Rebecca on the lips.

Rebecca, startled, at first did nothing, but then Tracy's tongue entered Rebecca's mouth and found her own, and Rebecca closed her mouth and turned her head away. Tracy, confused and rejected, sat up.

"I'm not a lesbian." Rebecca said.

Tracy, completely confused, asked "But last night...?"

Rebecca replied "Sure, I loved last night. You did wonders with my body that even Richard couldn't possibly have done. But I still like men, and I want to date men, not women. Look, I'll prove it." Rebecca looked to her right, where the penis gag was standing upright right next to her face. Rebecca wrapped her lips around the head of the fake black penis, closed her eyes, and slowly moved back and forth down the shaft, trying to imitate what she had found out in the last few months was called a blowjob. Rebecca kept going, and started to speed up, and then started moaning, as she imagined herself pleasuring her owner after a long day of hard work and got lost in her fantasy world.

Tracy, hurt and frustrated, said "Fine. Let me help you then." Tracy shoved the gag all the way into Rebecca's mouth, and strapped the gag on two holes tighter than she normally did. Tracy got up off of the bed and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her, leaving Rebecca tied up and gagged on the bed to suck on her penis gag.

Tracy stomped around the house, and made herself some breakfast to eat. After she finished eating, Tracy sat in the kitchen, fuming. After yelling at Rebecca in her head for nearly an hour, blaming her for leading Tracy on and for being a tease, Tracy realized that really she only had herself to blame. Rebecca always said she was straight, and last night never said she wanted to be Tracy's slave or anything. Rebecca was probably just missing the physical aspect of having a master.

So, after maybe an hour and a half, Tracy slowly made her way back to the bedroom to apologize to Rebecca. Tracy opened the door, and saw Rebecca kneeling in front of the door, looking down in a submissive way. Tracy kneeled down next to Rebecca and unbuckled the gag, and then hugged Rebecca tightly. The penis gag fell out of Rebecca's mouth a few moments later, and Rebecca turned and gave Tracy a quick peck on the lips.

Tracy turned her head away, and said "I'm sorry... It was unfair of me to be mad at you. I understand that you have physical needs, and that they don't necessarily mean anything emotionally. I'm incredibly sorry to have been so rude..."

The two were silent for a time, thinking.

Rebecca then leaned over, and kissed Tracy on the lips. Tracy was caught completely by surprise, but soon joined in, meeting Rebecca's tongue in the middle, enjoying Rebecca's sweet taste. The two finally separated, and Rebecca adjusted herself so that she was kneeling in front of Tracy.

Rebecca cleared her throat to speak, and looked down submissively and blushed. "Listen... I know I'm not a lesbian... and that I would love to have a master take control of my body and care for me and make me feel just like you made me feel last night. But, I can also see how much you care about me in your eyes and in every time you've rescued me over the past half year. And I've loved every moment that you tied me up and kept me restrained in your house, and last night was possibly the best night of my life. I'm not a lesbian, and I'm generally not attracted to women, but I'm... attracted... to you, and you... drive me wild..." Rebecca was now blushing a deep red, embarrassed to be admitting her feelings for Tracy.

Rebecca continued, "So.... Will you be my... mistress, and, uh, take me as your slave?" Rebecca was looking up at Tracy, nervously biting her lip, horny, nervous, shy, and embarrassed all at the same time.

Tracy simply stared, slack-jawed, as her dream for the last half year came true. Kneeling in front of her was the same unbelievably hot redhead that Tracy had found in the BDSM shop trussed up like a perfect slave. Now, Rebecca was only wearing her slave collar and chastity belt, and was tied up with just a pair of handcuffs and leg irons. Rebecca was the perfect slave; naturally submissive, in love with bondage and BDSM, willing, and smoking hot. And to Rebecca, aside from her gender, Tracy was the perfect owner. She was caring yet stern, experienced, good with her rope, able to play Rebecca's body like a piano, and not bad to look at to boot.

Tracy smiled devilishly, and replied "Well if you want to be my slave, I'll be happy to oblige." Tracy reached out and grabbed the ring of Rebecca's collar, pulled Rebecca over towards herself, and passionately kissed Rebecca, thrusting her tongue deep into Rebecca's throat.


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