Coach in a Bind

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; capture; bond; gag; discovered; M/f; oral; mast; sex; nc/cons; X

Donna pulled and fought as hard as she could, but still nothing budged.  She was running out of time, and the thought of being seen in her current state was giving her fits of panic, and what could happen after made her down right frightened.

Donna Guttenberg, or as the girls called her Coach G, was only 30 and had a body that was toned and flexible enough that she could still keep up with the girls cheerleading squad she coached, able to still do all the stunts, jumps and flips today like she did when she was in high school and collage.  The teacher of math was very pretty, with big blue eyes, full breast, small waist and lean legs topped by a fantastic ass.  Last year, she was voted the prettiest teacher in the school for good reason.  Unofficially, the boys thoughts she was the sexist too.

Less than an hour ago, everything seemed normal as they got ready to start the afternoon practice.  The girls of the cheerleading squad seemed fine and in good spirits despite the action of the prior days. Donna was very pleased that her girls were taking the abrupt change in the squad in stride and with much maturity after loosing some of their best.

But appearances can be deceiving and today it was.  At first, everything seemed as normal as she talked to the squad in the gymnasium where they usually held practices.  While the girls seemed a bit distracted and jumpy, nothing seemed out of place.  But when she turned her back for a moment to draw on the whiteboard, the girls suddenly pounced on her.  Before she knew it, Donna was seized and taken down to the floor, held down while in a flash she was bound at the wrists and ankles with tightly tied ropes.  Meanwhile, a scarf was shoved into her mouth before another was tied around her head to keep her quiet.

The girls literally carried her into the boy’s locker room and laid her face up on a bench.  Several held her down while others worked to tie her down to the wooden plank, with her hands above her head and her legs together, further roped at the knees.  More ropes were wrapped around her body and the board to trap her firmly against it.  Ropes were wound around her ankles, thighs, waist, chest and arms, making sure the cheer coach would not escape.  Ropes were even tied around her feet to keep her modest 3” heels tied on and feet together.  Long ropes ran the length of the board, pulling her hands and feet in opposite directions to tightly stretch her out to add to her helplessness.  The previously applied gag kept her demands and protests for release well muted.

For several minutes, the girls looked down at her and made little teasing comments.  To say they were upset that their coach kicked 3 girls off the squad, including their captain, was an understatement.  But what choice did Donna have?  Not only were the 3 girls caught drinking, and very drunk when discovered, but were supplying beer and other drinks to underage kids.  After the police busted up the party, the 3 cheerleaders were exposed to be the party hosts.  Even though charges were reduced to misdemeanors and hefty fines issued, Donna had no choice but to kick the girls from the squad for violating the school’s good conduct policy for extra curricular activates.  Donna hated to do it, even as their parents pleaded and demanded their kids not be removed.  All 3 were seniors, team leaders, really nice girls and a pleasure to have on the squad, which made it that much harder.  She told the team yesterday her hands were tied and she had no choice but to dole out the harsh punishment, never thinking the team would use her own words to get back at her.

“Now her hands ARE literally tied!” one of the girls teased as the looked down on their coach, making the girls laugh, echoing her words from yesterday’s team meeting.

“Just trying to show you what it really feels like to be short handed.” Another said, provoking more giggles.

“You put us in a bind. We’re just returning the favor.” A third added.

“Sounds like a game, ‘Put Coach in a Bind!’” another added, making all the girls laugh.

Donna grunted and grumbled as best she could, demanding the girls untie her immediately, but the girls did nothing but poke fun at her and even tug at the ropes.  They laughed and teased further, telling her it was her punishment.  But the frightening part was when they told her why they selected the boy’s locker room to imprison her.

“The football team is practicing outside.” One of the girls, Nicole, said to her as she knelt next to her bound coach.  The new captain of the squad was taking her roll seriously, apparently the mastermind behind and choreographer of the surprise attack. “They usually finish about 5.  What a surprise you will make when they come in.  Imagine what they will do with you.” She said as she unbuttoned the top of her dress, exposing her satin bra, which was soon pulled up to expose her full breasts.  The girls made sure open the bottom of her dress as well, letting it fall open to display her panties to whoever saw.

Finally, after a few more comments, tugs and teases, the girls began to filter out, pointing to the clock that read 4, only an hour before the boys would return and see the gift, as the girls were calling her now, left laid out for them to find.

In reality, the girls had no intention of leaving her in her helpless state for the boys to find.  They only wanted their teacher to worry for a while, but not let anything really happen.  They posted a watch and would wait for the practice to show signs of winding down before freeing their humbled and punished coach from her confinement, telling her that they will release her if she promised not to retaliate on them or disband the squad entirely, and hope she found some humor in what they would later call a simple prank.

The squad returned to the gym and started practicing their cheer routines, figuring they had about an hour to let Donna ponder her situation.  They traded off who would stand guard by the door and watch the football practice for showing signs of ending.  They hoped for at least a 5 minute warning, enough time to give their ultimatum and free coach G from her confines.  The spotter also carried a sharp box cutter, just in case there was no warning or if Donna needed to be cut free at in moments notice.

Donna struggles echoed in the empty room.  She squealed and struggle even harder as the room fell silent, fearing what might transpire if the boys found her like this, exposed to they leering eyes.  Even if all they did was look at her, she would be humiliated and be forced to endure the looks and comments from them for years.

This was the first time Donna had ever been tied up in her life.  A boyfriend once suggested it as part of foreplay one evening, but thought him a pervert and refused. She didn’t understand why one person would allow it, especially during sex.  What was the attraction?  Could it really be a turn on to see a woman tied down and gagged?

She started to fear what else they could do when they filed in.  With her boobs bare and her body helpless to resist, the boys could paw at her as they pleased.  She doubted any would take advantage of her, go any further than cop a feel or two, but who knew.  Her imagination ran wild, envisioning a group of boys standing in a circle masturbating over her, helplessly trapped in the ropes as they splattered their sperm all over her.

As Donna struggled against the cords alone in the locker room, she was only grateful for two things.  One was that she was still alone and not yet discovered by anyone, and second the girls hadn’t taken pictures of her in her current state to further blackmail her with, a missed opportunity on their part to prevent her wrath later.

The clock ticked loudly, mocking Donna as time marched on closer to the top of the hour. The reading half past 4 now, she had made absolutely no progress at freeing herself.  Nicole had instructed the girls well as they tied her down, stretching her body out to prevent too much wiggling while lashing her down tightly to the wooded bench to keep her from squirming.  The gag was effect too, preventing her cries of help from escaping the echoing locker room. 

Donna was becoming panicked that she was soon to be discovered by over 40 sweaty boys, and their male coaches, who would get a clear view of her naked breasts and more than a peak at her panties.  She wasn’t sure who would be worse, the boys or the men.  Neither was a pleasant thought.

Unknown to any of the females involved, one of the male coaches from the football team was already in the building.  Clint had left the practice field and entered through another door unspotted.  Unseen by the lookout, he entered the locker room by way of the coaches office after dropping off a missing clipboard.  Cutting back through the locker room, he heard the muffled grunts of a female and investigated.

Donna hardly heard his sneakers crossing the bare floor until it was too late to be silent.  She froze as Clint rounded the row of lockers and spotted Donna in all her bound glory.  Their eyes meet, Donna in a look of panic and Clint in a look of surprised amusement. 

What a sight it was that greeted Clint.  Like most of the male teachers in the school, he enjoyed the sight of Donna walking down the hallway, especially when walling away in a short skirt, clingy dress or tight fitting pants.  Clint wondered what she looked like under her clothes, but being a fellow teacher, never spoke of it.  Though he had lightly flirted with Donna on a few occasions, he considered her off limits, an associate rather than a potential conquest.

To unexpectedly see her laid out, exposed and tied down instantly made kinky thoughts race through his head.  Clint had more than once tied up pretty ladies, only in the privacy of his or her home, for an evening of fun and orgasmic games.  To turn a corner and see one on display in this unusual setting made his adventurous side spring to life, along with his penis.

“What is all this?” he said with a grin as he stepped closer.  Donna by now was squirming again, and looked very attractive doing so.  “Never in a million years would I expect to find you here, Miss Guttenberg, let alone in such a memorable state.”

Donna grumbled as best she could to get him to free her, but Clint seemed inclined to enjoy the situation for a few moments longer and not rush to any quick action.  In fact he wasn’t, for he knew the team would remain on the field for several more minutes, giving him plenty of time to take in and enjoy the scenery.

“My, my, you sure make a pretty damsel in distress, the prettiest I ever seen in fact.  Now let me guess.  A disgruntled cheerleading squad?” he asked and Donna nodded.  “Thought so.  But this takes hazing to a whole new level.”  He grinned.  “Though I must say, your girls did a first class job on the bondage work.  Makes me envious of them.”

It was apparent Donna was not happy that he was spending precious minutes eyeing her and her bondage up.  She looked quite mad at the moment and was trying to tell him something, so he decided to pull the gag form her mouth and let her say her say.

“Thank heavens that you came when you did.” She said as the cloth was pulled from her mouth.  “Now get me untied before the boys come in and see me like this.”

“Not so fast there.” Clint said.  His mind was racing how he could turn this happy chance to his advantage.  He came up with a plan fast.  “We have time yet.  First tell me exactly how and why you got like this.”

“Are you kidding?  Untie me before someone catches me like this!”

“Looks like someone already has.”  He grinned.  “Besides, I kind of like this.  Now, first you tell me what happened and how you came to be bound and gagged half naked in the boy’s locker room.  I’ll decide when to untie you, if I do.”

Since she had no choice but to play along, Donna quickly told her story of why her girls turned on her, how they got the drop on her, how she came to be bound and gagged and the threat of the football team’s impending return.

“Well, that was interesting.” Clint replied when Donna finished.  “Quite a tale you’ve told, but without a proper ending.”

“The ending would be for you to please untie me before anyone catches us?” she pleaded, hoping she had satisfied his curiosity.  “The boys could be here any minute.”

“Alright, since you’ve been a good sport, I will, but on one condition.”


He leaned in close to her face.  “That after you confront your girls, who are still practicing in the gym and will be more than surprised that you’ve escaped on you own, you reward me for rescuing you from the complete and total embarrassment they planned for you, and let me tie you up again, for my own personal enjoyment.”

“You’ll untie me so you can tie me up again later?”

“That’s my deal.”

Donna sighed and thought for a moment.  What choice did she have?  At least there would be some damage control, and she still wanted to get back at the squad. She’d work on getting out of the bondage part of the deal with him later.  “Ok, ok, I agree.”


“Yes, yes, I promise, I promise!  Now please untie me!”

Clint was true to his word, first untying her hands so she could cover herself up while he worked on the rest of her body ensnaring cords till all the ropes were off and Donna was free.

“What are you going to tell your girls?” he asked as Donna stood up, rubbing her wrists.

“I’m not sure yet.” She said, already seething in anger at her squad.  “I can’t decide if I want to kick them off the team, call their parents, expel ‘em, or do all three.”

“Can I make a suggestion, one that will make them squirm as much as they did to you?”

“You know, you have a very devious mind.” She said looking at her fellow teacher, but letting a grin come across her face.

“I do, but you don’t even know the half of it, yet.” He added with a sly grin of his own.  Donna got the meaning of his reply, remembering the under duress promise she made to him.  She would have a hard time getting out of the agreement.

“Well, let’s hear it.  I sure want, no, I need to get back at those girls, especially Nicole.  I’m sure she, and maybe 1 or 2 others came up with this plot.  I’d like to do something special on them, maybe get even a little.”

“Precisely.  Why get mad, when you can get even?  And I have an idea that would do just that.” He said as he started to explain his idea.  Donna realized Clint was devious, but in a rottenly delicious way.


Without their coach’s disciplined leadership to run the practice, the cheerleaders were talking more than working.  They were slightly surprised when their lookout came stumbling into the gym, and shocked when their coach followed.  There were several gasps, especially Nicole being the most shocked, not believing coach G had escaped her expertly applied ropes.

“Coach G!”  How did you….” Nicole stammered.

The girl who was standing guard was shaking her head, indicating she didn’t untie the teacher nor let anyone get past her that could have assisted in her escape.  It was a mystery to her as much as the others

“Get free?” Donna replied cutting her off.   “Oh please, escaped from that sloppy mess of rope work you did on me?  Anyone could have.”

For a moment no one said a word as Donna, with her hands on her hips, stared each one of her captors down.

“Of course you know this was only a joke.” One said.

“Yeah, it was only a game.  We were about to set you free in a few minutes.” Another replied.

“A joke, of course.  And why I should believe you?  Why should I believe you weren’t going to leave me to all those boys to do who knows what to me?  Good thing I got free on my own and didn’t rely on any of you to come to your senses and put a stop to it.”

“So what happens now?” Nicole asked nervously after a long moment of silence.

“I guess that for me to decide now, isn’t it?  First, tell me who came up with this lame idea?”

The girls all fingered Nicole, along with two other girls, Anne and Gabby, who helped come up with and execute the whole thing.  This was no surprise to Donna.

“I thought so.  Well, here’s the deal, girls.  I’m going to think about what should be done with this entire squad tonight.  I’ll tell you what I’ve decide tomorrow at practice.  As for you three,” she said, referencing the ring leaders, “I want to see you special after practice tomorrow, if we do have a practice or even a squad after this.  Your punishment will be on top of what the rest of the squad gets, since you came up with this little plot and deserve all the credit, and the repercussions.”

Donna let her words settle in, enjoying the looks of anxiety and panic on the girls faces as they pondered their fate while giving Nicole and the other two evil looks for coming up with this plan.  Donna dismissed the squad a few moments later and watched them filter out, felling quite satisfied she had gotten the upper hand in the strange game.  A moment after they left, Clint joined her in the gym.

“Well?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“Just as it said you would.  They’re all so worried about what I’m going to do, I doubt any of them will get much sleep tonight.  Nicole was particularly worried, I think.  It sure felt good to turn the tables on them.”

“And what is their fate?” he asked.

“I’m not sure yet.  I mean, I want to believe this was just a joke that went too far and they were going to wise up or come back and release me before your boys came in.  In the end, no real harm was done, except for you getting a good look at my boobs.”  She added. “So, on the one hand, I want to come down hard on them all and discipline the entire squad, yet I also don’t want to overreact and go too far.  I do like your idea though, so I may just do that.”

“Good.” Clint replied, the sly grin not leaving his face.  “Well then, since the girls are gone, and football practice is over for the day, it’s time for you to keep your promise and fulfill your end of the bargain to your rescuer.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that.” She said as he took her hand and headed into the girls locker room. “So you’re really going to subject me to this again?” 

“Yes, I am.”

“You really are a deviant.  What are you going to do with me?” Donna asked, getting a bit worried.  Already the ropes used on her moments earlier were lying on a bench in the empty girl’s locker room.  She had a good idea what was coming.

“Exactly what was done to you before, just with one small exception.”


“That you remove your dress first.” He said with a grin.

Donna gulped, guessing he had more in mind than seeing her tied up. “What then?”

Clint smiled.  “I take it you’ve never were tied up before.”

“Not before today.  It’s something I don’t get.”

Clint liked the idea that we was about to give the teacher a new lesson.  “Then let me show you want can happen when you are.  You just might come to like it.”

While Donna wasn’t crazy about the idea of having sex in the school locker room, let alone while tied up and with someone she only knew professionally.  But Clint assured her that he would go no further than she said he could and to trust him that she would enjoy it.

Deciding to take his dare, she removed her dress and was soon tied to the bench once more, just as she was earlier, this time only wearing her matched satin underwear and heels.  He placed a folded towel under her head for a pillow, which was a welcome addition.  But if anything, he tied her down even tighter and more restrictive than the girls did, and did it with surprisingly speed and efficiency.  It only took a few moments, and she could hardly move after he was done, though Clint left the gag off so she could at least talk with him.  Donne realized that Clint was no stranger to all this bondage stuff.

“So what makes this so appealing to you?” she asked as he looked down at her in her sexy body covered in lingerie and ropes.  She wiggled as much as the cords allowed, which was not much at all, to see if she could escape his efforts on her own.

“What’s not to love?” he replied, making Donna do a double take. “I mean, a beautiful woman has given me a wonderful gift, letting me have complete control to pleasure the both of us.”

What he didn’t say was how he loved the sight of the attractive, barely dress woman tied down and struggling.  He liked the power it gave him, giving him total access to her body, doing what he pleased with her and using her for his own enjoyment.  It turned him on like nothing else could, and he could spend hours playing with his captive, with the goal of making her blissfully satisfied while he took his pleasures on her. A woman never complained or could honestly say that he wasn’t an extraordinary and attentive lover once the ropes were applied, and most came back to enjoy additional sessions.

“You find me beautiful?  Even like this?”

Clint knelt down next to Donna.  “Very.” Was all he said as his hand started to roam over her naked skin.  Soon he was touching her everywhere, even over her still covered areas, saying little as he caressed and explored her very feminine tied down figure.  Donna was more than surprised when she found herself responding to his touches, even craving it as he went on.  A charge of electricity shot into her when his kissed her, deep and long like lovers do in the mist of hot, passionate sex.  She moaned long and strong as his hands toyed with her nipples though the soft material. 

As time went by, her bra went up and her panties down.  She groaned when he sucked and played with her breasts and went into erotic withering when his fingers explored between her legs.  When he straddled her tied legs and used his mouth on her sex, licking at her love button while fondling her nipples, the slow building climax swelled and exploded, sending waves of amazing erotic pleasures into her helpless body. Her cries of ecstasy echoed in the empty room as the monstrous orgasm rampaged through her, making every part of her quiver with delight.  It had been a long while since a man gave her anything even remotely close to this orgasm, and this one was breathtaking in its strength and length.  She would have flung off the bench has she not been tied down to it.

After the orgasm subsided Donna, though still sprawled out and tied down, relaxed on the bench, catching her breath and enjoying the afterglow of her climax.  Clint sat on a bench across the aisle, a pleased smile on his face at seeing how much she seemed to enjoy her first in bondage climax, and hoping she would be wanting more.

“Do you always to that to the helpless women under your control?” she asked.

“For starters.” He replied.  “Usually I try and make them go more than once.  I want my lady to enjoy her time in my ropes.”

“So you’re a generous deviant.” She replied, thinking how good it would be if she could come like that again.  “And what do you get out of this?”

“The satisfaction of knowing you’re satisfied.” He replied.

“That’s a complete line of bull.” She said, almost laughing at the absurd reply, knowing that it was a lie.

“OK, you got me there.  But tied as you are, there’s only a couple things I can do, and those are mostly selfish.” He replied as he stepped closer to the bound coach.

“After what you just did, you’re allowed to be a little selfish, so why don’t you just show me what those would be?”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He said as he began stripped off his clothing.

Once naked, he straddled her body once more and began to play with her breasts.  Moments later, his cock was sliding between her boobs, tit fucking the helpless teacher as he pressed her fleshy mounds against his manhood.  Stretched out as she was, Donna could hardly peer down to see the head of his cock popping in and out from between her breasts, but it was enough to get her aroused again.  His playing with her nipples just made it more enjoyable.

Before long, she was building up to another climax.  Clint knew she would and attacked her clit once more, making her come again in a flash.  Though not as strong as the first, it was still better than most she had, especially by her own hand.

His cock returned to her cleavage and resumed pumping.  As she recovered and felt his rod slithering between her knockers once more, she had a new desire and told Clint what she wanted.  He was more than happy to comply with her generous request.

He straddled her face and feed his cock into her hungry mouth.  He slowly slid it back and forth, sometimes burying his whole rod deep into her warm mouth, other times just pulsating his cock head between her lips as Donna sucked and licked at the sensitive tip of his tool.  Considering this was her first time in bondage, Donna was doing a spectacular job of servicing his rod.  He moaned as he orally screwed the bound coach, hoping she was getting hooked on his kinky take on sex.

After several amazing minutes of oral stimulation, Clint was close to blowing his shot.  As much as he wanted to finish this way, he wasn’t sure Donna, in her current fettered state, was prepared to take on the challenge of swallowing his load.  So he pulled out and after a few quick pumps of his hand, his orgasm exploded, his cock blowing sperm onto her chest and belly, moaning to his own climax.  Though not the best of finishes, it was enough to satisfy his raging libido, at least for now. 

With his orgasm concluded and knowing they had pushed their luck way too far, Clint moved away and dressed.  Using a towel, he wiped his seed from her body and reluctantly began to untie his partner.  Once free, Donna pulled her lingerie back into place before rising off the bench.  She left her dress aside for a moment, wrapping her arms around his neck as she rubbed her body suggestively up against his, her heels helping to make up for the difference in their heights.

“Is that all, or do you have more games you’d like to play out with me?”

“There’s plenty more where those came from.   Maybe I’m not such a deviant?”

“Maybe I’m discovering I'm one too.” She said as she kissed him deeply for several minutes. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tightly against him.  Never in a million years did Clint think he’d be making out with a woman dressed in lingerie and heels in a school locker room, especially after playing bondage games and having oral sex.  Though the action had been both amazing and thrilling, and the make out session hot and sexy, it left both Clint and Donna craving more of the kinky games, and Donna was the first to say so.

“Care to continue this in private.” She asked.

“I sure would.” He replied.

A moment later, Donna was back in her dress and they were heading off to his apartment.  A short time later, Donna was tied spread eagle to his bed naked except for her heels, withering in uncontrolled lust as Clint work his magic on her restrained body.  She climaxed twice more and sucked his hard rod for a while before he slid his condom covered cock into her hot love tunnel and screwed her madly.  It was the most amazing and eye opening night of her life.


The girls of the cheerleading squad, dressed in their uniforms as they did each Friday before a game, squirmed in their seat during classes and worried all day long.  Finally at practice, they heard their fate from the smug looking coach G.

Taking everything into account, Donna went lenient on her squad, giving the whole team detentions each day for the following week.  However, Nicole, Anne and Gabby, being the ring leaders, were suspended from that night’s game but still required to attend.  For the first half of the game, the remainder of the squad, now cut in half from the prior weeks game, did their best to do their routines, working the home crowd to spur their team on to victory.

But the real punishment was going on in the girl’s locker room.  There the three suspended girls would remain for the first half.  Dressed in their uniforms, they were tied tightly to the benches.  Gabby and Anne were head to head, both tightly hogtied and lashed down to the bench to prevent them from rolling off as they struggled.  Nicole was tied across from them, in full view of one another, stretched out just like Donna was twice the day before, very tightly tied down and totally helpless. All three were gagged with strips of white tape and had their sweaters pulled up over their chests, exposing their bras while their short skirts fell away to display their legs and panties.

They squirmed hard and fought hard against the ropes, their eyes looking at one another hoping to find assistance, but found their bondage inescapable.  Nicole, no stranger to being tied and gagged, especially wondered where coach G had learned her bondage.  At half time, the rest of the squad got a good look at their helpless teammates before Donna allowed them to be released.  The three leaders sat in the stands for the second half, serving the remainder of their suspension.  Everyone was satisfied and considered the incident closed, never to be spoken about again, though Nicole considered talking to her couch in private to exchange stories.

The game was a close contest and despite a lack for cheer leadership from the handicapped squad, the team still pulled out a victory.  While everyone reveled in the hard fought victory that evening, a pair of coaches decided to postpone their celebrations till the following day and conduct so in private and in a very unique way.

Clint arrived at Donna’s apartment early in the afternoon, carrying a large sports bag that contained all the equipment he needed for the day.  The short wait he had sitting alone in the living room was one well worth it.

Donna was quite pleased that her white and gold collage cheerleader uniform still fit so well.  She dressed it up to a more adult look with white high heeled pumps that elongated her toned legs, giving her an amazing fantasy appeal that totally surprised Clint and completely relished as she modeled her costume for him.  Tying up a cheerleader would be a happy first for Clint.

A short time later, Donna was contentedly struggling in a well applied hogtie, her tied wrists connected with a short segment of rope to her bound ankles as she wormed on the couch, softly moaning into the firm white rubber ball that kept her bright red lips parted and her words muted.  It was the first of many binds Donna would be placed in for entire afternoon and well into the evening as they had planned on.

Clint sat near by, fingering a pair of handcuffs and watching the sexy teacher turned fantasy cheerleader gleefully testing her current bondage position, deciding if he would keep her current state for the full hour he promised.  He thought about how he would tie for the next, perhaps with her arms pinned behind her back and her ankles tied to her thighs, forcing her legs to remain wide open and her privates vulnerable to his roving hands and mouth before he replace that white ball with his already throbbing cock.  So many possibilities he had, it was hard to decide which one to start with.

By end of the night, Donna knew first hand how coaches still love to play, just channeling their energies into far more adult games.  She was developing the desire to play these adult games till they satisfy all their fantasies, which were quickly becoming many.  And when they did, she’d ask to do them all over again, including an expanded session in the locker room, just to relive that first time once more.


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