Closet Encounters

by Nancy Slave

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© Copyright 2001 - Nancy Slave - Used by permission

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Closet Encounters
By Nancy Slave

I am in the process of adding a master bathroom onto my house.  It is one of those giant rooms with a freestanding bathtub complete with a spray faucet.  There are giant mirrors on the walls and over the double sinks which allow a full view of everything from everywhere in the room.  I hired Jeff to do this work for me partly because of his talents and partly because he was the sexiest man I have seen in a long time.  He was 6'3" tall with strong broad shoulders.  His deep blue eyes and brown hair matched those of the men in my fantasies.  I sat and watched him work on my bathroom for weeks.  The days sped by with hours of lively conversations.

Today he is putting on some of the last finish work.  I don't want to let him go so easily.  As I hand him the final check, he asked, "Would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?"  I look deep into his eyes in order to spot any indication that he might be suitable for my kind of games.  I pause for a moment to think about his question and then reply, "I have promised my friend Amy that I will take her out to dinner."  He counters with, "She can come along, I would do anything for you."  "Anything?" I ask while raising my eyebrow and adding a wink of my eye.  I look at his body and notice the bulge growing in his jeans.  He drops to his knees before me and repeats, "Yes Anything. Please."  "I will have to get you prepared for dinner then.  Stand up, remove all of your clothes and from now on refer to me as Mistress! Got it? "  As he quickly removes his work clothes with shaky hands, he simply replies with "Yes Mistress."

I turn and walk down the hall and pick up some handcuffs with a chain between them and a length of cord.  I strip off my clothes as I walk back to him.  "Put your hands out," I order.  As his hands come out, I lock the handcuffs onto his wrists.  I then kneel down in front of him and wrap the cord around the base of his cock and separate his balls with still four feet of cord for use as a leash.  I take him by this leash and lead him off to the master bathroom and into the large bathtub.

I start by circling the bathtub, examining his strong sexy body that he has given to me to use as I wish.  I breathe deeply to cool my own passions.  "OK Let's get started My Pet".  I bring out some shaving cream, a razor and scissors.  "Lean your head back onto the tub with your hands and cuffs tucked behind your neck.  Now stretch your body out nice and long," I order.  "Raise your hips...Goood Boy," as I slide a stool under his ass and stretch his legs out to reach over the edges of the tub.  His balls and inner thighs are completely exposed to me.  I step into the tub and sit down on his chest facing his feet.  I untie his cock and hang the cord over the edge of the tub.  My fingers start to bunch up and cut off the thick hair on his balls and at the base of his shaft.  The preparation will be complete once all of his pubic hair has been trimmed and I have removed as much of the hair from the tub as I can.

"Are you ready for this my Pet?" I ask and hear a crackling "Yes Mistress" from him in reply.

Satisfied with his answer, I spread shaving cream over his entire pubic area and then begin the gentle scraping of the razor against his skin.  I use my hands and fingers to lift and stretch his balls as I shave.  I move in so close at times that he can feel my breath on that sensitive skin.  "MMMmmm You smell so very good my Pet."  I work slowly with the razor in order to tease him.  My hands expertly manipulating his cock and balls to expose every last hair.  I stroke his cock with the shaving cream as a lubricant to keep it erect and the skin taught.  My pussy is excited and juices are coating his chest.  His pre-cum drips from the tip and gets worked into the lather. 

Finally, I finish and rinse him off with the spray.  I lick my tongue over his freshly shaved balls and savor the taste of his skin.  I run my tongue along the underside of his shaft from his balls all the way to the tip to end in a suckling kiss at the tip.  My tongue swirls around that little hole to gather his pre cum.  I leave him in that awkward position with his hips thrust upward on the stool and his legs spread wide.  I stand between his legs and turn on the shower spray to wash my own body and direct the spray over him and the bathtub to rinse everything clean.

Finished with our long bath and our bodies freshly shaved, I dry him off at the edge of the bathtub.  His eyes are watching every move of my body.  I can see him focusing on my breasts as they sway with my movements, almost mesmerized by them.
"Jeff are you ready for some more?" I ask with a wicked gleam in my eye along with the smile across my face.
"Yessssss Mistress" he replies in a breathy voice.  I can see a shiver of anticipation run through his body.  I lurch forward and grab his cock in my hands.  He feels a pressure around the base as I snap the first black leather strap of the cock ring closed.  Next he feels my hands on his balls as I wrap and then securely fasten a second strap around them.  I secure the rest of the straps that travel up the entire length of his shaft.  I lick my tongue over the head of his cock, letting my tongue flick over those tender nubs near the tip just before placing it inside the harness.  It is a black leather gates of hell harness with a thick hood on the top that keeps the wearer under my complete control.  It has been modified with a D ring at the tip so that it can be used as a leash or a restraint.

With a quick slap to his ass, I lead him over to a closet near the foot of my bed and open the louvered doors directing him inside.  It may be a little strange to have a chair nestled between a few pieces of clothes, but he takes a seat inside the closet.  "Raise your hands over your head and spread your thighs wide." I order.  I attach the handcuffs to the rod with rope and lock the D-ring of the harness to the chair that will keep him here.  Sitting back onto my knees, I show him the key to the lock  as it hangs from a simple chain around my neck.  The chain is long enough so that the key rests between my breasts.  I close the doors and leave him there.  His eyes will adjust to the light quickly and learn that the closet isn't that dark since the louvers are very wide.  In fact, he can see everything that is going on in my bedroom.  I leave the bedroom, with a final warning for him to be quiet while I wait for Amy.

At first he probably can just hear the soft giggles of two women and the sound of feet heading through the house to the bedroom.  Then he will see me along with Amy enter the bedroom.  I am still naked, yet the other woman is dressed.  I drop to my knees in front of her and rub my hands up and down her thighs.  I pull her dress up to her waist and exposing her garter belt and stockings.  Even Jeff could see that she has not worn any panties.  I bury my face into her mound, pausing only long enough to take a deep breath of her scent.  I move up to kiss her stomach and lift up onto my feet to pull her dress off her body.  My mouth finds her breasts, teasing her with circles of my tongue around her nipples.  I wait for her nipples to become fully erect before I nibble on them and suck her entire breast into my mouth.  My hands work all over her body to caress every inch of her soft skin.

I move further upwards with my lips to kiss her passionately, while I gently push her backwards onto my bed.  I kneel down before her legs as they eagerly wrap over my shoulders.  I make sure that he can see her pussy and watch my tongue as I slowly lap along her mound.  Each time my tongue presses a little harder until her outer labia part and expose her swollen clit.  I suck her clit into my lips and flick over it with my tongue.  I moan softly while enjoying the sweetness of her honey.  I lap my tongue in an attempt to collect all of her juices.  I am completely focused on bringing her pleasure.  I slide one of my fingers into her tight pussy.  I can feel the muscles stretching around it, while my tongue endlessly teases her clit.  I curl my finger inside her and stroke that spot that drives her wild.  Her moans of pleasure grow louder.  I can feel that she is ready to climax as I work her g-spot, suck hard on her clit, and flick it with my tongue.  My face is soaked by her passions as she climaxes.  All of this within his full view and I don't think he can keep his eyes off of it.  I straddle over Amy's body, leaning forward to press my breasts and lips to hers.
She asks "What is this key for my love? "

I giggle as I reply  "It a secret present for you.  When you find what the key unlocks, you can play with it!"  I suck my index finger between my lips and add, "I think you are more than ready for this."
Amy jumps up from the bed and immediately snags the key from around my neck.  "Will you tell me when I am getting warm?"
"Oh baby, you are hot! (giggle) Oh all right I will tell you because you are too sweet."
First she checks the nightstand drawers on each side of the bed.
"Cold" from there she looks back at me with a gleam in her eye trying to determine where it could be from my own expressions.  She heads off towards my bathroom.
"Even colder Sweetums."  Upon hearing my words, she spins around and walks toward the door following a path that goes between the foot of the bed, where I am still perched, and the closet where he anxiously waits.
"Warmer, Warmer" and as she stands in front of me, I holler out "Hot HOT!"  She stops on a dime and turns to face me.  I smile wickedly at her and lick my lips, but lift my finger and wag it at her, while shaking my head.  At that moment, she remembers the closet and spins to open the doors.

As the doors are flung open, he lifts his head to look into her eyes.  He has spread his thighs and exposed the lock to her so that all is understood.  She jumps back a little stunned from her discovery.  Her face is blushed a crimson red.  The two of them remain frozen and staring into each other's eyes.  I stand up and wrap my arms around her from behind, hungrily kissing her lips while my hands cup her breasts.  I whisper into her ear "Go ahead and open him up.  I think you will really enjoy his many talents."  He remains motionless in the chair.  His cock looks painfully swollen inside its well-designed cage.  She drops to her knees and quickly works to undo the lock.  Her hands delicately remove each strap.  She leans forward to kiss and suckle the freshly exposed skin.  The process is finished with her engulfing his entire cock into her lips and tossing the cage to the back of the closet.  She pulls back and forth against the suction of her lips until his cock slips from her lips.  His shaft does not waiver from its straight out position.  I simply watch the two of them explore each other.  She stands back up and takes him under her charge.  Not a word is said between the three of us.

She unties his hands and pulls him from the chair and down onto the bed on his back.  She secures his hands to the headboard before straddling over his face.  His talented tongue starts to lap almost immediately.  Before long I see her hands press into his chest and her hips buck and grind against his face.  Her movements grow in intensity.  I move forward and straddle over his cock, impaling myself on him in order to satisfy the burning desires the display has caused.  I shift my hips to find that perfect spot, where his cock rubs against my inner walls.  I don't think Amy notices.  Her face is contorted with passion.  I lean forward and suck her breasts into my mouth, pinching on her nipples while I ride his cock.  She has reached the point of no return.  Her breaths come in big gasps.  Every muscle in her body is clenched and his tongue continues to circle and flick over her magic button.  I wrap my arms around her body and hold her steady as she looses all control.  She writhes and screams with the waves of her orgasm.  Her sweet juices coat his face and chin and nose.  I can hear the soft sucking noises from his lips as he drinks her sweet nectar.

I quickly dismount from his well-trained cock.  Amy regains her body while still shuddering in the aftershocks of her orgasm.  She wants a cock inside her now and I intend to let her have just that.  I pull her from over him, and position her on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed.  He stands up behind her and slowly guides his cock into her hungry pussy while she pushes back against him.  She grunts as his cock stretches her tight inner muscles.  I crawl under her body to deliver wet sloppy kisses along her stomach and over her mound.  My tongue stretches out and licks her clit, causing her to wriggle.  He starts to drive in and out of her in slow deliberate strokes.  The entire length of his cock slides in and then pulls back out.  The same motions are repeated over and over again -never increasing in speed or intensity.  My tongue laps over her swollen pussy lips and his cock and balls that allows me to taste all of the delights available.  The combination of his steady strokes and the flicks of my tongue drive her into yet another frenzy.  I reach between his legs and start to slap his ass to increase his rhythm.  I can feel her sweet juices spray over my face with each deep stroke.  I can also feel his cock swell inside her. "Cum for me, please, I want to taste the mixture" I say while burying my face into their crotches.  His balls are slapping against my nose while her pussy is rubbing my chin.  I hear him grunt just as he thrusts his cock deep into her.  She lets out a long hard scream as I feel both of their bodies explode over me.  His balls pump into her, and her pussy hungrily milks every last drop.  I suck hard to taste that wonderful elixir.  I see his cock ooze from inside her just before the three of us collapse onto the bed in a tangle and drift off into sleep.