Close Ties

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2005 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MM/f; bond; toys; cons/reluct; X

She had known Alan since school days and they were like brother and sister. He was not spectacularly handsome, but had a boyish charm. He was clean shaven, tall and fastidiously neat. He shared her interest in music. He was just younger than her. She had many friends, mostly boys, but none quite like Alan. Alan never looked to her for romance, he did not seem to notice her femininity, he was just Alan. He was there when she passed her driving test. He came to her 18th birthday party. When she broke up with John, there was Alan. When she played in the band, there was Alan supporting her. They had played bridge together and as a pair they were pretty formidable. They had even gone on holiday together once. They had drifted apart. She had met her soul mate and they had hit it off almost immediately. Alan came to her wedding, of course, but she lost touch with him for a long time. Then suddenly he reappeared. She saw him now and then, but she was married now. She had little need of a brother, though she still valued his friendship, he even seemed to get on well with David.

Her marriage was everything she had dreamed of. Her mother had told her that one day she would meet the right man, and would know it. David had been that man. She met him at a dance. She had not had a serious boyfriend for a while and the one she was with at the time was very boring. David had swept her off her feet, both literally and figuratively speaking. He seemed inappropriate, being a little smaller than her. He had tried to look smart but somehow it had not quite come off. The shirt was stuffed unceremoniously into his trousers. The belt produced an effect similar to a sack of potatoes, and the shoes were slightly scuffed at the toes. He wore a white corded jacket that must have been nearly as old as he was. He did seem very confident, although it was probably bluster. Despite all this it was David she finished the evening with.

David was different again. Most of the boys she had known had wanted just one thing, and she had resisted that. She may not have the greatest body in the world but it was hers to give to whom she pleased. So she had played around a bit, but had always stopped short of full intercourse. With David she had had to make the first move. He seemed a little reluctant at first, being concerned about her dignity, and was adamant that she would remain a virgin until marriage. They explored each others bodies finding the parts that aroused, those that tickled and those that were to be avoided. David surprised her. He may have been inexperienced but he was not naive, nor was he inept. He touched her as no one ever had. He could be very gentle, but also very strong and his strength frightened her slightly. She knew that if he held her tightly she could not resist, then again, most of the time she did not want to resist. Their romance had been swift and within eight months they were husband and wife.

She had thought she knew all there was to know about sex. It was stimulation, it was pleasurable, but once you had an orgasm it stopped. David introduced her to multiple orgasms. He stimulated her beyond where she could reach herself, and she had to beg him to stop. He also introduced her to vibrators. It was not that she had never heard of them, of course she had, but she had never seen the need. David wanted her to have as much pleasure as possible. He realised that his touch was sometimes overpowering so he encouraged her to use the vibrator. Sometimes he used it on her, but mostly she used it herself.

Full sex was a let down. On their wedding night he had entered her for the first time. It hurt. He came very quickly. She got nothing from it. They persevered for a few weeks but it did not improve. Fortunately their marriage did not rely on sex. They were very happy together. They were very intimate, but the best orgasms were achieved separately not together.

David introduced her to one more activity, one which she knew very little about, and had no interest in at all so she thought. David liked bondage. When they were courting he had tied her to the bed once. It was a disaster. She tensed up. She felt silly. When he touched her it was almost painful. David immediately untied her. He did not like pain and he certainly did not want to hurt her. The subject was dropped.

As their marriage progressed they experimented with different sexual activities. They watched blue movies. David bought some magazines, but they were for him. He occasionally read stories from them to her and one or two sparked a little interest, but it was a rare occasion. The magazines stayed in a bottom drawer. David used them for his own pleasure and she tolerated it. They talked abut fantasies. She had not really thought about it. David wanted bondage. Several times they tried. She tied him up, but it did not work . He tied her up, but her only pleasure was in giving him what he wanted. It seemed that bondage was just a fantasy; like intercourse, reality did not live up to expectations. The trouble was she was not just uninterested, it actually turned her off, but life is strange.

After many years of abstention they had full sex, and it was good. More than that, it was very good. They found that there was a point in her stimulation whereby intercourse became pleasurable. Once or twice she even had what she could only describe as a different type of orgasm. Whatever it was, it felt good. Then came the biggest surprise of all.

She was enduring another bondage session when David did something different. Instead of tying her up and trying to stimulate her with vibrator or kiss or touch, he tied her to a chair, and did not touch her at all. He dressed all in black, an outfit guaranteed to attract her attention, and started to strip. Underneath were more black clothes. She lost count of how many layers he removed. Each time the combination seemed to look right: a black coat, a jacket, several shirts even two pairs of trousers. He used one of the ties as a gag and tantalised her. She fought the ropes, she strained to reach him. By the time he had finished she was desperate for his touch.

After that she saw bondage in a new light. She consented more readily, and even had an orgasm while still tied up. She allowed him to purchase some corded rope specifically for the purpose. Soft and pliable, with no wispy fibres and experimented with him in ways to tie her comfortably, if comfortably is the right word. She also worked out how to tie him. He had specific ideas about how to be tied but she added a few touches of her own. She understood what he had been trying to do when tying her and transposed it onto him. A rope around the upper arms prevented him getting purchase to free his hands. A rope across the chest could be made to rub against his all too sensitive nipples. Wrapping a rope around the base of his penis produced a firm response which only she could relieve. She also found a point just below his anus that produced an unbelievable reaction. He came once without her even touching his cock. He obviously gained a great deal of pleasure from these activities, much more than her, but it kept him happy. They did still have conventional sex. In fact, she was much happier being stroked and caressed and eased into orgasm. She also liked to feel him inside her sometimes, and bondage tended to prevent this happening.

He still liked to tie her though, and they had developed a position which she could sustain for a good length of time. Now she was tied in that manner. She wore what they termed the 'harness', a long length of rope that looped behind her neck and ran down between her legs and up her back then returned zig-zagging across her body over and under her breasts and criss-crossing her stomach. Her hands were behind her head with a tether joining the harness behind her. She was sat on the bed with her feet tied flat against each other, not crossed but sole to sole forcing her legs wide, another tether ran back to her harness just above her bottom. This left her wide open for any attention David might wish to give to her vaginal area. The result was that she could hardly move and was very exposed. She was gagged. He liked a gag, but normally it was for show rather than effect. This time he had packed it slightly bigger so it filled her mouth more. She also wore a blindfold. She could not speak, she could not see. She could not move. It was just as well that she trusted him. Then the unthinkable happened: the door bell rang.

She started to say ignore it, but all she could produce was a few unintelligible grunts. She tried to push the gag out, but she could not. She shook her head, which was the sign to be released, but for once he ignored her. What could he be thinking? Surely he was not going to answer it? She felt the bed move. He had got up. She heard his footsteps. He was going to answer the door! She fought her bonds. There was no escape.

She heard the door open and muffled voices. A few moments later the door closed. She breathed a little easier. She heard steps on the stairs. It was not clear. She then heard David's voice.

"I'm sorry if you wanted to see her, she's tied up at the moment."

That produced two conflicting reactions. First anger. She hated his flippant remarks like 'She's inconvenienced' when someone phoned while she was on the loo. It was so coarse, so unnecessary, and not a little transparent. Why volunteer such information? Just say that she's not available! The anger was quickly surpassed by fear. Someone was in the house. How could he let someone in the house? She squirmed even more frantically. Then a thought crossed her mind: what if the comment was for her benefit? Surely not. She tried to dismiss it but had to change her mind as she heard the door open.

"She's in here."

Her world collapsed. Who was with David? She could not see, she could not speak, hell, she could not even move.

"Would you like to touch?" Continued David, "She's completely secure."

"Are you sure?" That voice. She knew that voice. It was Alan. Surely not Alan.

The touch was tentative, nervous. She jumped inwardly but still could not move. He touched her breast.

"You did tell her I was coming didn't you?" she heard Alan say.

She shook her head and shouted "No!" But only succeeded in producing another grunt.

"Actually no." David confided, "It's a surprise."

"Surprise!" she squealed unintelligibly. "How could he?" And what about Alan? "How could he?"

The touches became more confident. Despite herself she was reacting. She could not tell who was touching her. She tried to remember whether David's fingertips were smooth or course in an attempt to work out whose hand was where. It was impossible to tell. There were four hands moving fast over her body and she could not decide which one was which. The blindfold was making her disorientated so she could not even tell which side of her they were. The sensations were adding to her confusion not allowing her to concentrate on any one hand.

"Perhaps you would like to see her reach orgasm?"

She screamed into the gag. "No way! I would never..........." she stopped as she realised that they could not understand. It was hopeless.

A hand touched her between her legs, and found moisture there. A finger entered her and went straight to her clitoris. That must be David, it was too accurate. Touches came from everywhere. With both of them working independently there was no way she could keep track of who or where. Her body was letting her down by reacting to all this stimulation. Her legs were not straight, so she could not relax into it. Her mind was a whirl, she was out of control. They seemed determined. She fought herself, and she fought the ropes that held her. Inexorably the tension built up inside. Despite everything, Alan, the ropes, the gag, she was going to reach orgasm and nothing would stop it.

David recognised the motions and doubled his efforts. The gag would be necessary, both for when she came, and the aftermath. The release was spectacular. she was let down gradually on her clitoris. Her legs were untied to allow her to relax but her upper body left still bound, as were her hands.

She heard Alan excuse himself and disappear downstairs and the outside door slammed. The blindfold came off first. She looked around wildly not knowing what to expect. She attempted to speak and as she did not seem aggressive he removed the gag.

“Where is he? she said breathlessly.

“Where's Who? he asked innocently, his eyes opening wide.

“Alan of course.” she spat out.

“He's not here.” he said with that look of butter would not melt in his mouth.

“But he was here.” she stated emphatically

"Did you see him?” he challenged

“How could I you - blindfolded me!” There was a touch of anger in her voice now.

“Well he's not here now. Maybe you imagined it.” he suggested

She struggled, unable to decide whether she had been deceived, or whether Alan had really been there. There had been too many hands, she decided. Alan must have been there, but who cared now?

“You frightened him off.” he admitted.

She smiled and that surprised him.

“Serves him right the kinky bugger.” she sniggered.

“Are you up for another?” he asked lecherously

“You bet," she responded enthusiastically, "and you'd better make it good.”


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