The Christmas Tree

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; bodypaint; display; stand; insert; toys; bond; hoods; cons; X

The cabbie leaned on the horn. Not that it did any good. The place was a parking lot.

Shit! Anderson is going to be pissed.

It's not a good idea to piss off your pimp.

Denise paid the guy and bounded out of the car, heading south at a trot.

She caught another cab three blocks down, found the address, went around back, and was guided to a set of stairs. She found him in the library.

"You're late."

"Sorry. Traffic."

She unbuttoned her blouse, shrugged out of it, reached behind to unhook her bra.

"And I thought I said no underwear. It leaves lines."

Denise didn't say anything, just finished removing her clothes. She wasn't all that late. Anderson was just finishing with Tammy and Lisa was waiting her turn. And as for the lines, she'd be covered ... sort of.

The pimp was putting the finishing touches on Tammy, a little burst of paint here and there. Anderson was not only a pimp, he considered himself an artist. Lisa stepped over. Anderson picked up the air brush. He painted her white from head to toe, even her face, which Denise thought odd under the circumstances. When he finished, he traded brushes and painted her tits, one day-glow red, the other orange. The other eight girls stood by, similarly decorated, their bodies covered in white and their tits a rainbow of brilliant color.

"All right, ladies, let's do this."

"This" was a pyramid of sorts with four levels, set against the wall. On each level were posts with U-shaped tubes and two shafts pointing up from them.

Tammy stepped into her green, fuck-me pumps, Anderson bound her wrists behind her back with a length of green, sparkly garland. He wrapped the garland around her elbows, tying them tightly together, arching her back, thrusting out her tits. She climbed to the top tier. Sally and Jess helped her, followed to the next lower level. Sally smeared lube around and inside of her front and rear. She positioned the shafts, while Tammy straddled the tube, eased herself down until the shafts were about half buried. Jess raised the tube. There was some kind of threaded collar. Jess was turning it. The shafts disappeared into the girl.

"A bit more. Yes, keep going. That's good. Make sure the finger is in place."

The shafts were there mostly for support. The rubber finger nestled against Tammy's clit had another purpose.

The girls took a coil of garland and wrapped it around Tammy's neck, knotted it, then wrapped her, working their way down her body. When they were finished, Tammy was a mass of green with only her red and blue tits sticking out.


Denise handed him the white sphere. It looked for all the world like a large ornament, even had the little silver cap on top. As she handed it to him she noticed there was no seam. It looked to be a solid ball. But Anderson grabbed the bottom opening and pulled. It snapped open, the silver cap a hinge. He handed it up to Jess. She girls placed it over Tammy's head and pressed it shut.

"That's good. Okay, let's get busy."

Four girls fixed Sally and Jess into position on the third tier. Anderson called out colors and Denise handed the shiny balls up to the girls.

Each tier was about a foot high, just high enough so you could see one girls tits between the heads of the girls below. Three girls were bound and stepped up onto the second tier, were impaled, bound with garland, and encased.

The four remaining girls occupied the bottom tier. Denise had her wrists and elbows bound, Kelly supported her when she flung a leg over the tube. The shafts slid into her. Even though she was ready for it, the first thrust into her ass bought a gasp. The shafts were raised until she was half standing and half sitting. Kelly fiddled with the rubber finger, nestling it between Denise's pussy lips, right up against her clit. The rope garland was wrapped tightly around her. Anderson decided on a blue ball. He fit it over Denise's head and snapped it shut. Her world went dark.

Time passed. Denise, alone with her thoughts while the last were prepared. Hands, touched her, tugged here, pulled there. Anderson, no doubt. The finger buzzed to life. Denise yelped, the sound of her voice echoing inside the globe. It went off, then came back on briefly.

There was sound - faint sound: voices and the sound of laughter. A hand squeezed her tit, then her other tit, pinched her nipple - hard. Denise gasped. More hands, rough hands, soft hands, fondled and groped her. Then the finger buzzed to life again.

Denise squirmed.

Most whores, truly, are cold, but Anderson's girls were a different breed. She had to get into whatever was happening, even if it wasn't all that much fun. She had to find something, some way to enjoy the sex and it had to be real. Okay, sometimes that wasn't easy, sometimes she'd embellish a bit. But she didn't have to embellish now. She was expected to come and she came. Even a whore reacts to the right stimulation. The buzzing went away.

A few minutes later it was back. She thought she could hear Alison, faintly. Ali squealed when she came. Denise tried to imagine the scene. Ten girls bound in shiny green garland, heads encased, squirming, muffled squeals, tits jiggling with each shuddering spasm.

Later ...

"What's your name?"


"Mm. I hope you're not too tired. I paid a lot of money."


"The, er, entertainment. Ten bucks for ten minutes. It all goes to charity."

So that's why the finger kept going on and off.

"No. No, I'm fine."

Truth was she was pretty much wasted. After three of four orgasms her pussy went into auto mode. Every time the finger buzzed she came. She couldn't help it. There was one long stretch of buzzing and she came, back to back orgasms. She saw stars and damn near fainted.

She sat on the couch, naked, still painted white, her gaily colored tits on display. Most of the other girls were there, dots of color moving about the room.

If he didn't want to pay for some quality time, she'd move on and one of the other girls would take her place, someone more his type. In fact Denise could see Jess veering their way and she seemed to have his attention. Just as she approached Anderson was there. He took Denise's arm.

"Excuse us, won't you. Jess, would you see if our guest needs anything?"


He steered Denise toward the door. He thrust some bills into her hand.

"Here. I want you to get me a Christmas tree. Have 'em deliver it to my place. You have the key. Your stuff is in there," he said pointing at a door. "There's a shower in there and the special soap."


"Oh, and I don't want a boring tree. Find something special, something unique."

Denise could only laugh.


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