A Christmas Wish

by tied2thebed

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© Copyright 2002 - tied2thebed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; leather; hood; toys; cons; X

Well, that was that. Christmas day had come and gone, all the presents had been handed out and opened, the turkey leftovers were in the fridge, the kids had all had a super day, only 364 days to go till the next one, and yes, today is Boxing Day. Peace and quiet, a nice lay in, just the two of us here today, at last some time for us to spend some time together, a kiss, a cuddle, lots of chat, a film on the television, not forgetting all the treats still in the fridge!

The day passed without event, apart from the phone calls to say thanks for a great day yesterday, and how they had all enjoyed themselves. It was about 4 ‘o’ clock when she came back downstairs from the bathroom wrapped in her dressing gown and rubbing her hair dry and said to me, “I’ve poured your bath for you, up you go and make sure you wash all your important little places. I want you nice and clean for me later”. So I finished off another two chocolates from the box on the table and made my way upstairs to find the bath full of bubbles. And so followed what was to be a nice soak in the bath for the next half an hour. As I lay there I could hear the hair drier whirling away and then T pottering around in the bedrooms. 

Tea time passed and went as we watched television as we ate, next came out the cognac, an expensive present to ourselves and we settled down cuddled together on the sofa. I knew something special was in store when T lifted up a cushion on the sofa and handed me the leather cuffs I wear when she “tells me off”. “You had better put these on so I can keep you under control.  I don’t want you hands doing anything naughty tonight”. So under her watchful eyes I put on the leather cuffs first on my wrists and then on my ankles. “You better get yourself a top up cognac and have a cigar because you wont be having anymore for a while and then a visit to the toilet might be advisable” she said with a wicked look in her eyes. T carried on watching her favorite soap on the television whilst I smoked my cigar and finished my cognac. I duly took myself off to the bathroom as instructed. 

When I returned to the lounge T had gone upstairs and I could hear her coming back down the stairs. When she came through the door, what a sight to behold. She was wearing her favourite red corset but she had abandoned the robe and stood there wearing matching briefs, the sheerest stockings and black high heel shoes. As she stood in the doorway I noticed she was holding her hands behind her back. She appeared to be holding a parcel behind her back.

“If you want your Boxing Day present I want you kneeling on the floor facing away from the sofa.” She said with that wicked grin again. So, down I went onto my knees, while she came and sat on the sofa behind me. “Close your eyes darling and no peeping.” I closed my eyes and felt her pulling my wrists behind my back and heard the clasp on the cuffs go click, my hands were now stuck behind my back! The next thing I heard was a rustling and ripping of wrapping paper and no sooner had this stopped I suddenly felt the cool touch of leather on my face, not just over my eyes like my normal blindfold, this leather was covering my whole face and around and over my head, my heart raced.  T was putting a hood on me! 

Next she started to pull on the laces and tie off the hood at the back. As she was doing this I opened my eyes only to be greeted with blackness, the hood was covering my eyes and it had an opening at the mouth and nose as I could breathe normally. “You had better go careful with me, I’m almost coming already” I said to which T replied, “Don’t worry you’re not coming anywhere tonight, I’m just going to tease you a little.”

Thoughts flashed through my mind, what did she mean by that?  T then rechecked her lacing pulling it all a bit tighter. Five minutes later and here I was tied hands and feet to the four corners of the bed in the spare bedroom. T unclipped the blindfold off the hood and sat on the bed beside me. God did she look hot, if only I could get my hands on her body and bury my head between her thighs I thought. “You’re wearing your boxing day present, “she said, “now I’m going to open mine, well its really a shared present, you get to wear it... BUT. I get to use it!” 

My mind was working overtime now as she reached under the bed and pulled out another package and started to rip the paper off of it. “Don’t worry, you’ll love it, it’s your new gag and anyway the old ones seen its best days,” She pulled the last bit of paper away and held the new gag up so I could see it. It was similar to the old one, leather and rubber but this one had a rubber penis sticking out from the front of it. We had played at bondage many times but this time T was taking things a little further.

Well need I say more, in the gag went and was buckled, the blindfold went back on and the next thing that happened was that T fastened a wide collar around my neck so I couldn’t move my head from side to side. What was going to happen now I asked myself, but nothing did, silence, I just laid there pondering my fate, then I heard the sound of buzzing in the next room, I knew that sound, it was the electric massager and I could guess what use it was being put to, after what seemed like ages it stopped and then the bed moved and I felt T place a leg either side of my head. I began to panic, I know I always asked her to sit on my face, but this was unfair, I couldn’t move and couldn’t have any say in what was happening.   How I longed to bury my face there now, but I could do nothing, the gag moved in my mouth and then I felt a pressure on my face, T was starting to ride the gag in my mouth. She moved very slowly at first but soon she was pumping up and down on her new toy taking its full length, as I could tell as she pushed down hard on my face on each stroke. 

How long this lasted I couldn’t tell but when she got off her new toy my gagged mouth was more than pleased to have a rest. But all I now wanted to do was to make love to her but then I remembered what she had said to me earlier… you’re not coming anywhere tonight!

After T had lifted herself off my face she commented on how much my Willy had dribbled and that I must be feeling rather excited. That was an understatement. She traced a fingernail along its length and then said, “I think there’s a lot more dribble left in this big sausage” I was expecting her to grab me hard and make me explode. That was what I needed by now. And then she added, “remember I said you’re not coming anywhere tonight, well you’re not but you ARE going to dribble loads for me.”  She got off the bed and then tied a cord around the base of my balls and then clipped a vibrating ring around them. “Have fun” she said and then turned the vibrator on. “Its got new batteries in so it should keep you nice and hard for a little while, I’ll come back in a bit to check you’ve dribbled loads for me, I love you.”

With that I heard her leave the room and shortly after the buzzing noise started in the other bedroom again!

By now I had lost all track of time. I was on the point of eruption. All I wanted to do was come but this was denied to me. The buzzing on my balls was keeping me very stiff and making me dribble lots. To torment me further T made several visits to check on me. When she did she either pinched my nipples or ran a fingernail around my balls.

This was lovely, but when would it stop? I suppose that’s up to T.

By tied2the bed 


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