The Christmas Package

by Masato

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© Copyright 2002 - Masato - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; slave; packaged; toys; cons; X


This was a special time of year for the lovely earth girl.  Not since she had been kidnapped to Gor many years ago had she celebrated the earth holiday called Christmas.  Her master was sent to earth by the priest kings on a mission and had consented to bring her with him.

The girl was given the name nikko by her master when she was ko`lared by him.  Nikko has red hair that falls to her shoulders and a smile in her eyes that comes from within.  To pass the nights on Gor, Nikko had told her master of the wonderful customs and festivities that are celebrated on earth at this time of year.  From the different food and drink, decorations, songs and of course the presents.  Nikko had spent hours and hours describing in great detail all of this to her beloved master.

Nikko's master was on a scouting mission to find the best girls that earth had to offer in the way of beauty, intelligence and poise.  These girls would be then marked for abduction to Gor and be put into slavery, exactly as had been done with nikko.

To this end, the master of nikko had arranged to be at a gathering of beautiful earth girls.  This was an earth celebration called a Christmas party.  The party was to be hosted by an agent of Gor posing as the owner of a modeling agency.  She had taken the earth name Patty and as with all Gorean women was striking in her beauty.  Patty not only is exceedingly beautiful, she has charm and excellent business sense and has gathered the best of the best for her little gathering.

Patty had arranged for Master and nikko to stay at a penthouse suite while they were on earth.  The suite was on the top floor of the office building that Patty ran her agency out of.  The party was to take place in a large room that was especially set up for entertaining large crowds.  Nikko smiled as she saw her master walk into the large bedroom where she had been told to wait.

Nikkos master was a powerfully built man with large strong hands.  She loved the way his eyes twinkled when he had mischief in his heart. He was extremely confident of himself and commanded respect from all he touched.  Master spoke with his eyes and body more than he did with words, but when words were spoken there was no mistaking the meaning. 

With purpose Master strode over to his kajira and took her into his powerful arms.  Nikko quivered like an excited puppy as master kissed her silky neck over and over.  The love, respect and affection between this master and his kajira were legendary throughout all of Gor.  Admired by many and despised by some for the closeness that these lovers shared, this masters concern was only for his jewel he called the kajira nikko.

Steping back from the kajira, master begins to undo the silk blouse of nikko.  Button by button the blouse slowly opens to reveal the large firm breasts of the slave girl.  She knows to move her shoulders to assist her lover and master in removing this garment of earth.  Pulling nikko close to him, master unzips her skirt and it falls to the ground.  Nikko can hardly suppress a giggle as her master falls to his knees and starts to remove her nylons with his teeth.  Hot breath warms her thighs as master works slowly and methodically down nikkos legs to her feet. A quick pull and the nylons are off. 

While on his knees, master cups nikkos buttocks in his hands and draws her close to him.  Suddenly and with the tenacity of a hungry wolf with a meaty bosk bone, master tears off the panties of his surprised and rather gleeful kajira.  With the flourish of a bullfighter master whips off nikkos bra and lets out the earthly yell, “OLE!”  There she stands, a perfect kajira and perfectly naked.

Nikkos eyes catch fire as master commands her to fetch his sack.  This kajira has never been disappointed at not only the contents of this wonderful sack, but the skill in which master uses the implements of erotic punishment.  Hurriedly she obeys and places the sack at his feet her heart pounding with excitement.

A wicked smile comes across masters’ face as he opens the sack and empties the contents on the floor.  Nikkos hand instinctively finds her moist mound as she surveys all the delicious items spread before her.

A black corset that laces up in the back is handed to nikko by her master and without a moment’s hesitation the kajira steps into it.  The only language spoken between master and kajira is an unspoken one. Nikko turns her back to master so that he may tighten the corset around her body.  Master pulls tight and the corset presses into nikko making her form a perfect hourglass shape.  Her breast are pushed up and out over the cups of the corset.  The cups are half cups so that hard nipples present themselves over the top of the corset.

Next master takes two of the finest black silk stockings that the kajira has ever seen and places them into her hands.  The sensation of the silk is incredibly erotic.  Nikko cannot but help to place the smooth silk against her cheeks to feel its softness.  Pointing a toe towards master as a signal to caress her legs with this wonderment, master proceeds to pull the stocking over a tiny foot and up a well-formed sensual leg.  This is repeated on the other leg and the tops are fastened to the bottom of the corset.

There are hundreds of feet of colored cotton rope on the floor cut to various lengths.  Nikko smiles as she notes that the rope is of the traditional red and green.  The thought of being wrapped up like a Christmas present has been a fantasy of the kajira for as long as she can remember.  Was this to be her Christmas wish come true?

Instinctively nikko crosses her tiny wrists behind her back and presents them to master, her lover, her protector.  Master is truly a master with the science of bondage.  So good in fact he has elevated it to an art form.  Butterflies attack the insides of the kajiras’ belly as the rope is tightened around her wrists. Looking over her shoulder she can just make out the intricacies of her wrist bondage.  It is remarkably tight, skillfully applied and neat as the pantry that she keeps in her masters’ den back on Gor.

Nikko can feel her nectar start to trickle down the inside of her thigh as master starts the elbow bondage.  Twelve turns of rope are round around the elbows of the kajira, each one pulled up tight drawing nikkos’ elbows together so they are but and inch or two apart.  Twelve turns for the twelve days of Christmas nikko wonders.  Master cinches the elbow ropes securing them so impossibly well.

By the time master has finished with the elbow bounds, nikkos face is flushed with excitement.  Her heart wants to pound its way out of her chest as her darling master kneels down and starts to do his magic on her ankles.  Again twelve wraps of colored rope.  Master is making the bondage very neat and very tight.  His eyes dance as the ankle ropes are completed and another long length of rope is brushed against the knees of his slave.

Nikkos master does this as a tease as he has plans to add something special to this bondage.  Reaching to the nest of toys, master selects a set of ben-wa-balls. These were especially made for nikko as a gift from her master. A craftsman of great skill and cunning has spent considerable time and effort to make these fit not only precisely for nikko but has an interesting feature unique to earth.  Master took great delight in the discovery that these little pleasure balls could be made to vibrate with electricity.  The craftsman has thoughtfully supplied a remote device to activate the balls.

Slowly and with great care master inserts the ben-wa-balls deep inside the slippery cavity of his kajira.  Nikko presses hard up against masters working hands but is frustrated as he pulls back.

Silently master now binds nikkos knees.  Juices are starting to flow like a flooded stream in spring down the legs of the hapless kajira.  Butterflies have turned into a nest of angry hornets in her belly and fire is rolling out her nostrils.  The master of the ropes finishes with the knee bondage and stands up facing his kajira.  Master has a small smile on the side of his mouth as he presses up against this bound package of sexuality.  Nikkos tongue lashes out like an asp in search of her masters’ lips as she feels his hardness against her.  Master pulls away denying the kajira his moist lips and goes to the pile of goodies that lay on the floor.

Small sets of nipple clamps with tiny bells attached are selected from the inventory.  Master gently sucks on one of nikkos nipples to bring it to a full state of erectness.  Slowly his tongue works around and around this delectable and sensitive area until his kajira can stand it no longer… Master breaks away and gently blows on the moist nipple. 

Nikko feels a small jolt fire through her body as her Master tightens the clamp upon her nipple.  Naturally the same treatment is lovingly given to the other nipple, as Master wants a matched set.  The tiny bells tinkle as nikko playfully moves her chest back and forth and she is absolutely delighted at the sound that these tiny golden trinkets make!

Master now places his kajira sitting on the floor with her knees drawn up close to her chest.  A long length of rope is doubled in two and threaded through the ring on the front of her collar.  Nikko is proud to wear her masters’ collar, a permanent symbol of her love and servitude to this man that had the strength and knowledge to tame her. She lifts her chin high as he ties the rope to the collar ring and brings it down to her knees. 

The rope gently brings nikkos bound knees up tight against her chest and Master makes twelve passes though the collar ring and back down to her knees.  Nikko squirms in her ropes as her Master, now showing signs of excitement himself over his art work, finishes off the knee to neck tie. 

Emerald eyes of the Master blaze as he places his kajira on her side and begins the final stages of the bondage.  Yet another length of rope is taken from the pile on the floor and is doubled and looped around the tightly bound ankles of the hapless slave girl.  Ankles are brought up tight against her butt as Rope Master loops the other end of the rope around slender bound wrists and pulls up tight.  Nikko lets out a soft groan as the final knot is tied off.

There she lays, a kajira in complete bondage.  Wrists bound so tightly and tied with the most intricate knots imaginable.  Elbows close together and deliciously secure.  Ankles and knees tied in such as way as to suggest permanency. Knees to chest and ankles up in a hogtie position.

Master stands back and admires his creation.  Even he is impressed with the minutiae of the rope work and how stunning it looks on his kajira.  Passion starts to boil up within him as he sees this creature of desire bound at his feet.  The earth dress that nikko has suggested to him was the perfect touch he thought.  But this is Christmas and Master has not yet put the ribbon on this package from the Gods. The rope was for security; the ribbon will be part of the façade.


Patty, the agent of Gor and Mistress of this lair enters the room at this point and glides over to Master.  Resting her arms on one of the muscular shoulders of this man she calls the cunning one, a smile crosses her face as she surveys the handiwork of this Gorean Master.  Poor nikko can only look up at the two and wonder what is to happen next.

The eyes of Master and Mistress meet, the communication between them is instantaneous and they are in agreement on something.  Even nikko in her state of absolute bondage can feel that there is more to come.  Master, with a gracious wave of his arms gives permission for Mistress to proceed.

Within moments nikko finds herself surrounded by rolls and rolls of colorful ribbon of exceptional quality and exquisite texture. Slowly and methodically Mistress covers the bonds of nikko with the ribbon. It is the intention of Mistress to wrap this fabulous morsel in such a way as to hide all traces of the rope so that it appears that ribbon and only ribbon is holding her in place.  A casual observer would guess that she could break free at will, which of course is exactly what Master wants.

 Nikko squirms as Mistress completes her work and takes pleasure at the attention that the fingers of this goddess from Gor are paying to her.  Small liberties are taken by mistress as is her right and some may even say, duty. For it takes many earth years to train a kajira to feel her sexuality and every opportunity that presents itself to continue with that training must be acted upon. 

After an eternity of Mistress wrapping, tying, tapping and tickling the poor kajira named nikko, Master hands the tormentor of nikko a red Santa sack.  Between the two bound and wrapped nikko is placed into the sack and the top is knotted around her neck. Finally the job is complete and the slave can sit in her bondage and savor its delights.  As a last test, Master takes the remote for the ben-wa-balls and presses the on button.

A squeal of passionate delight comes from deep inside of nikko as the tiny balls start to vibrate.  It is with great difficulty indeed that the words “ppplleeessseee stoppppppp mmmaaassssteeerrr” come to her lips. Satisfied with the results Master makes a note to enlist the talents of the craftsman in future.

Patty informs Master that it is time for the party to begin as her guests have arrived and the caterer is ready to start serving.  Quickly Master changes into formal dinner attire and even our bound little kajira who has seen her master many times in various forms of dress and undress is impressed by the figure he cuts.  With a great heave Master picks up the Santa sack with nikko inside of it and proceeds to the ballroom.

Mistress Patty has kept the party on the smallish side for a specific reason this year.  Twenty of her most outstanding female models were invited to attend based on their over all beauty of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.  Indeed, she has chosen well and Master and Mistress were sure to have favor with the Priest Kings of Gor.

The ballroom is brightly decorated with all the trappings of the season.  A large professionally decorated Christmas tree dominates the room and mounds of gifts are piled underneath the boughs of the great tree.  Food prepared by the finest chefs is abundant. Delicacies from afar, the finest drink, exquisite tableware placed upon the finest of linens all comes together to make this gathering an exclusive event indeed.

Master stands at the entrance of the ballroom and drinks in this entire splendor with his eyes, eyes that have turned to hazel in color and dance like the twinkling lights on the tree. One by one the models look toward the entrance where Master and Mistress are standing and the room gradually falls into silence.  Twenty pairs of inquisitive eyes follow Master as he walks towards the tree and gently places his Santa bag with the gift-wrapped kajira inside amongst the gifts.  Mistress follows behind and places an elves hat on nikko, gives her a gentle kiss on the side of her mouth, stands up and follows Master into the midst of the celebration.

Within moments the party is once again lively with excited chatter and mistress smiles contently at not only the attention that Master is receiving from the harem from heaven, but at the awkward position that nikko finds herself in. Poor thing must be squirming in that bag all bound up as she is and with those little balls of sweet torture high up inside of her just waiting to do their magic.  Nikko sees a look of wickedness in the face of Mistress, which sends a shiver down her spine and awakens the butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

Nikko, the kajira in bondage can only sit and watch as the party progresses.  Her red lips pout as she observes Master working the crowd and not her.  This and the fact that not a soul seems to be paying any attention to her what so ever is becoming an annoying source of frustration for the tied slave.  Mustering up all her strength, nikko struggles vainly against her tremendous bondage.  Fingers searching for that elusive knot, that one loose end or crossed rope that would give her some slim hope of escape, alas is not to be found.  Master is truly a master of the rope and he has out done himself this time.

The evening is full of laughter and happiness as Master makes his way from future kajira to future kajira, taking mental notes on each, his mind racing with devious thoughts.  Plans of abduction are being played in his mind, but that is a tale for another day.

Mistress glides over to Master and whispers softly to him, her hot breath tickling his ear.  An amused smile crosses the faces of both and Master nods in agreement. With a loud clap of his hands Master commands the attention of every one in the room.  All conversation ceases, all eyes are upon him, especially those of the kajira nikko. 

The room erupts in gleeful shouts and giggles as Master announces it is time to gather round the tree to receive and open gifts.  A large chair has been provided for Master and he sits in it like a king holding court, Mistress standing at his side.  The mistress Patty stands for a reason for it is she that is keeping a stern eye on the girls.

One by one the models sit on Masters lap while he hands them a special gift and each time he does mistress turns on the ben-wa-balls with the remote.  Mistress gets a great deal of satisfaction in seeing nikko squirm each time the balls are set off and keeps them going for the entire time that a model is on Masters lap.  It is not long before nikko sees the pattern and cringes as her Master takes a moment or two longer on certain girls than he has too.  Nikko knows full well it is these girls who will feel the masters’ ropes before the evening is out.

It is not long before the girls have finished unwrapping there presents.  Chatter fills the room as the gifts from master and mistress are compared and the odd exchange occurs.  As good a communicator as he is, master still has not mastered the art of mind reading and can be forgiven for making the odd error in judgment.  Master looks out into the room and just…smiles.


The time has come to turn all attention to the kajira in the Santa sack.  Poor nikko has been bound up in a strict ball tie for quite some time and is starting to feel more than a little sorry for herself.  Mistress Patty and her damn remote are not helping matters any either.  Alas, nikko is in quite a state and to say she is fit to be tied would an understatement were it not such a ridicules thing to say being in the bondage that she is.

An evil little smile crosses masters’ lips as he looks over in nikkos direction, then over to mistress Patty, the girls and then back to nikko.  This is the signal for mistress to take over this little party.  Since she first laid eyes on nikko many earth years ago, mistress has had a bit of a lust on for this little piece of ecstasy.  This was the chance she was been waiting for and by the Gods Patty was going to take full advantage of it.

Like a sleek black panther after a juicy morsel of much needed nourishment, mistress Patty glides towards her prey.  A prey so inviting and yet so helpless that saliva from the big cat is forming within her mouth. 

Nikko can feel her face turn bright red from the heat that is erupting from deep inside of her, for she has had designs on mistress herself and instinctively knows what is coming.  The room yet again falls silent as Patty positions herself next to the Santa sack.  Slender fingers tease the blood red cheeks of nikko with gentle strokes, slowly working down to the cord that binds the top of the sack to nikkos neck.  Mistress takes the knot between her thumb and forefinger and ever sooooooo slowly pulls it undone.

Gently and very deliberately mistress removes the sack from nikko.  Gasps of astonishment seem to fill the air as the contents of the sack are finally revealed to the assembled guests.  There before every soul in the room is the most exquisitely wrapped, beautifully presented and sexily dressed human being that anybody has ever had the privilege of laying eyes upon.  Truly, truly the work of a craftsman in the highest order.

Impulsively nikko struggles as the realization of her situation dawns on her.  The struggles have gone unnoticed by no one.  More than one look of surprise is plain in the faces of the models as the wonder why this little balled up package cannot seem to escape.  After all is it not just ribbon that is holding her in place?

From a pocket in her robe, mistress pulls out a ring gag.  Mistress chose this type of gag for a particular reason, which will become apparent in short order.  Nikko knows to open her mouth wide to accept the gag; she has no other option really.  Both the kajira in strict bondage and mistress Patty let out a grunt as the gag is fastened tightly around nikkos slender neck.  Nikko throws her head back in what could be mistaken in pain but in reality is raw pleasure as mistress activates the tiny love makers lodged deep inside of the slave girl.

Before mistress begins her work on nikko, master has kindly invited all present to come up and inspect this tightly wrapped Christmas present.  Well, this is exactly what the models had been waiting for and immediately swarm around nikko.  Tears of 160 proof joy flow from nikkos eyes as a dozen or more pairs of eager hands explore her.  She hardly notices the pool of love honey that has formed around her.  So warm and moist, the sweet scent of her own juices fill her nostrils and triggers the animal that lies deep inside her heart. 

Fingers discover the ropes under the carefully placed ribbon; the tiny golden bells are rung time and time again.  Soft moist lips caress the silky skin of the kajira until not an inch has been left untouched.  Nikko screams through her gag as her feet are lifted up and tickled.  Seeing that this causes a sever reaction only increases the intensity at which she is tormented.  Oh poor little slave girl, what a time she is having, desperately needing release, wanting to erupt more that she ever thought imaginable, but alas is not permitted to do so.

Patty can now feel an animal’s lust swelling up from a depth so deep inside of her being that even she is startled.  Brushing aside the models mistress Patty now commands nikkos undivided attention.  With a swoosh the robes of the mistress on a mission cover the bound kajira.  From the look of rapture on Patties face there is no uncertainty as to what act of love making that nikko is performing on mistress.  My oh my this looks like it is going to be a very long night for this little one, yes indeed.

Several minutes elapse before Patty dismounts.  Breathing heavily mistress kneels beside nikko and kisses her on the side of her mouth.  Mistresses’ hot breath is on nikko as she reaches into the pocket of her robe and takes out a small vial.  Pulling back slightly, mistress looks at nikko with the intense eyes of a cat ready to devour its prey; she opens the vial.  The kajira catches the distinct fragrance of peppermint, her mind races with the possibilities. (Ut oh).  It is at this instant the nikko realizes way Master has jokingly called mistress Patty, Mistress Peppermint Patty.

Skilled hands find the moist mound of nikko and spread apart her lips.  A forefinger, with a touch of peppermint on it has little difficulty in finding the kajira nikkos clit. Master has been told by those that know better than he, that this will create a very interesting sensation indeed. And especially on one that has no means to rescue herself from this torment.  At this moment the ben-wa-balls are activated, but just for a brief moment.

Mistress catches the look from Master that tells her that this is supposed to be a punishment for nikko and the hour is growing late.  However Mistress Patty has one more trick up her sleeve, a jar of liquid bee nectar to be exact.  Nikkos eyes widen at the site of mistress opening up the jar.  Seductively Patty dips a long finger into the honey and lets it drip onto nikkos very erect nipples.  The honey adds a glistening effect to the bells as well as the rocket shaped nipples.  What a sight this hapless kajira is!

Standing up, mistress places her boot on nikko and pushes her over onto her side.  Kajira in bondage finds it impossible to move and inch in either direction. Totally, completely and utterly helpless. 

 There is one more treat in store for the little kajira.  Seems that the craftsman is a master of his craft and has added a special feature to the remote.  Patty cannot help but smile widely as she sets the remote to turn the balls of delicate delight on and off by timer.  The timer is random so the balls will be active from one to five minutes at a time.  To complete the frustration there is not set interval either.  Vibrations at unpredictable times and for lord knows how long.  Should prove to be an interesting evening for the trussed turkey on the floor.

Being artistic by nature, Mistress replaces the ring gag with a colorful ball gag.  This is a Christmas gag and is made of red and white-stripped rubber and it fits very nicely indeed into nikko mouth.  A silk blindfold is tied tightly around the girls’ eyes and completely shuts out all light.

 Nikko knows full well she is to be left ball-tied and gagged under the tree until morning.  Much to her chagrin a raffle is being held to determine who will get to unwrap her in the morning.  Who will get her and what shall be done with her or worse to her?  Ahhh that should make a juicy tale!

Goodnight sweet nikko, Merry Christmas and have fun under the tree tonight!


Master Masato.


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