The Christmas Gift

by White Knight

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© Copyright 2001 - White Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; cons; X

(This is a true story.  Some of the dialogue maybe romanticized, but the basis is fact.)

My wife has recently been talking to me about how she is worried that I will cheat on her because of all of the travel my new job entails.  At first I shrugged off her worries as ridiculous, mainly because I did not think that I was good enough looking to cause that kind of attention from the female population.  That is to say that I wasn’t going to look for it, so it was going to have to come to me. 

Unfortunately, in the not so distant past I had told my wife of a conversation where a young woman was asking me “if there were any more at home like me?”  Ann said that this was a come-on and I should look out and expect that sort of thing.  I still thought she was crazy.  Recently, however, I have come to understand that she was right.  One lady, married to boot, made it perfectly clear that she wouldn’t mind putting in a little overtime.  Now, because I had previously been warned about it, it didn’t shock me as much as it could have, but the effect was still about the same as what a deer feels when it is staring at a car’s oncoming headlights.  I dodged that bullet, not an expert job, but it worked none the less.  I still do not see the reason why Ann feels I would step out on her.  Besides being a wonderful mother to the children, whom I love and adore, she is also good looking and a great lover.  More than that she fulfills my more unusual sexual desires, albeit not as often as I would like, but this is something that I am not going to get from any one night sexual liaison.

I love bondage.  It’s as simple as that.  There is nothing more exciting to me than a good looking female, appropriately dressed, bound neatly with white nylon rope.  The sight of such a woman lying, standing, sitting or kneeling increases my heart rate and inflames my passions.  For years my wife Ann and I have been working towards a better and more understanding marriage.  It is only recently, that is to say within the last two or three years, that she finally has felt comfortable enough in our relationship to allow bondage to enter into our love life.

Let me regal you with a fantasy of mine that she helped me bring to life....

It was Christmas Eve, the presents had all been assembled and put under the tree and the kids were all asleep in their beds.  We retired to our bedroom at around mid-night.  Ann was first upstairs, as I was still completing the finishing touches on one of my oldest son’s tri-cycle.  When I arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised to find Ann lying on our large four poster bed wearing a red and black satin corset, red seamed stockings, black patent leather high heels and a smile.  Needless to say that everything she was wearing were presents, which I had bestowed upon her at one time or another, so to say that I loved her ensemble would of course be an understatement.

I slid onto the bed besides her and said, ‘You look absolutely stunning, my darling’.  We exchanged a few words; laughs and smiles as my right hand began to caress the smooth satin fabric of her corset.  ‘And just what is it that you would like to do tonight, my dear?’, I asked happily.  She smiled and whispered to me, ‘Anything you want.  I am yours to be anything you want me to be.’

The smile froze on my face.  I was certain that she wasn’t sending out any false messages, but I had to check.  ‘You mean to say that I can... I can tie you up anyway I want tonight’, I asked hesitantly.  She continued to smile as she said, ‘That’s right, baby.  I’ll do whatever you want me to do.’  She paused for a moment and then asked, ‘What did you have in mind?’

Now this was all coming out of left field.  I was stunned, but of course immensely and pleasantly surprised.  My mind went into overdrive calculating all of the possibilities.  I had to weigh my most difficult fantasies against my wife limitations, the limited amount of time (it was mid-night on Xmas eve) and what items were readily available.  My wife’s words echoed in my ears, ‘what did you have in mind’.  Belatedly I responded, ‘I’m not totally sure yet, but I know I’m going to need rope to do it.  I’ll be back in a second, Hon’. 

I went quickly to the door and opened it.  I still couldn’t believe this was happening.  Usually I had to arrange any type of bondage well in advance.  This type of spontaneity, on my wife’s part, still left me with lingering doubt.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw the loveliest sight in the world.  Lying on her side, her head propped up by one of her hands, my wife gave me an inviting smile.  Her curly brunette hair framed her angelic face and hung loosely over her shoulders and onto her chest.  The breast closest to the bed was getting squeezed a little in that position and was popping just a bit out of the corset cup.  Her waist dove inwards to a mere 26 inches (damn good after three kids) and then flared outwards once more over her creamy white thighs.  Black garters held up the lovely red seamed stockings, which graced her shapely legs.  One leg was flexed upwards, bent at the knee, so that she could show off the four inch spike heel on her black patent leather pumps.  (God, what I wouldn’t have done for a camera at that moment.)  Obviously the message had not been garbled or misinterpreted, I hurried downstairs to the shelf over the door leading to the basement.  I quickly retrieved my bag of tricks and ran back to my waiting wife.

Upon my return I locked the door and dropped the contents of my bag on the bed.  ‘What would you like me to do first.... Master?’, she asked suggestively as she licked her lips.  God, this wasn’t going to be easy.  Just her giving herself to me so freely, had made me so excited that I wanted to explode right now, but I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to enjoy this time as much as possible.

My pants bulged and I worked to control my breathing as I said, ‘I would like to start with something simple first.  A position that really shows off those great heels of yours.  Come on over here (to my side of the bed)’.  Her bright smile led the way as she slid over towards me.  She placed her legs together, knees bent, so that while she was sitting she could keep the pumps flat against the bed.  I didn’t prompt her to do this.  She knew from experience how much I loved the effect that the pumps had on her gams and she was doing her best to give me a great view of them.  ‘Is this O.K.’, she asked with a mischievous smile. I ran my fingers carressingly down one of her nylon sheathed legs, smiled back and responded softly, ‘Perfect.  Just perfect’. 

I reached behind me and sorted through the numerous pieces of soft white nylon rope.  The pieces were all the same, white nylon with both ends sealed with silver duct tape, but of differing lengths.  Six foot sections were used for wrists, eight foot lengths for ankles and below the knee, twelve foot for above the knees and around the thighs and finally a set of longer all purpose pieces. 

The rope I selected was eight feet long.  I folded the rope in half, forming twin four-foot lengths and used this to encircle her proffered ankles.  I formed an ‘eye’ at the bent middle of the rope and fed both of the taped ends into it.  Pulling on the ends, I tightened the twin circles of rope that had now been formed about Ann’s shapely ankles.  I slid the circle clockwise about her ankles so that the eye where the two parts of the ropes joined was moved behind her legs.  In this way the even strands of restraining ropes were not marred, but seemed to form perfect coils about her gams.  I was able to wrap the rope three full times about her ankles, before I needed to tie off the rope.  Sliding the ends between her ankles I encircled the bindings, pulling them tighter in the process.

The six separate strands became almost as one.  I worked carefully and watched as the ropes dug shallow furrows into the red nylon surrounding her luscious flesh.  I tied the bindings off behind her ankles and looked up from my work.  She was intently watching my every move around her raised knees.  The corner of one lip was trapped between her teeth and I wondered if she were biting her lip due to some type of discomfort. 

‘Are you OK?’, I asked her quickly.  Ann looked up into my eyes and her mouth formed a lovely smile.  ‘Perfect.  Just perfect.... Master’, she purred.  I knew that what she was doing was very difficult for her.  Bondage, by itself, was difficult for her to accept, as she is a very independent and strong willed woman.  This was not her fantasy, but mine.  To top it off calling me ‘master’ was above and beyond the call of duty.  After over seven years of marriage she knew exactly what urged me on and tonight she seemed determined to push every one of my ‘hot buttons’.  All the love that I could possibly have for a woman flowed out of me towards to her. 

I stood leaned over and gave her a long, deep kiss.  Our tongues frolicked together in their joyful embrace.  Ending our kiss, I gave her one last soft touch of my lips to hers and then backed away.  I watched as, with her eyes still closed, her mouth had opened to except my expected further ministrations.  Reluctantly, her eyes opened and her mouth closed as she realized that my warm mouth was no longer there.

Realizing that the clock was running, I decided against a binding just below the knees and picked up the twelve-foot cord.  I bound her legs, just above the knee in the same way that I had her ankles.  The white rope dug even deeper furrows here, in the softer flesh of her lower thighs.  I admired my handy-work and ran my hands up and down her bound appendages.  I paid particular attention to the flesh nearest the ropes, caressing those areas the most.  I wanted to send the strongest message possible that I appreciated her efforts and LOVED the look of her restrained gams.  Ann’s eyes closed and she moaned softly, eating up my tender touches.  With her legs so tightly tied together, I could barely touch her most excitable parts.  But, her own excitement became evident as even my teasing caresses to Ann’s inner thighs made her shift her legs and pull against her inescapable bonds.

I asked her to sit with her legs hanging off the bed so that I could get more easily to her wrists.  With a final moan, she obediently shimmied to the edge of the bed.  I placed a short step stool under her feet so that they didn’t have to dangle in the air off the side of the bed.   This isn’t to say that my wife is short, no she’s a healthy 5 feet 5 inches, just that we have a very high 4-poster bed. 

I place the steep stool beneath her feet for three reasons; 1) otherwise, it was uncomfortable for Ann, 2) her spectacular heels might fall off and 3) this made for one remarkable view.  I turned the light on so I could really admire the picture my wife presented to me.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in red satin corset and now sporting her white nylon bindings she looked impossibly beautiful.  There was something incredibly sexy about the way that her bright red nylons flowed into the shinny black patent leather of her pumps.  The way that both feet dove prettily into the steep slope of the highly arched shoes and the way this seemed to enhance the shape of her calves.

Again, without my asking, she had anticipated my next request and held her wrists crossed behind her.  A smile lit her face as she saw that I had noticed her attempt to please me.  My pants bulged once more, to the point that I hurt.  Oh yes, she was pleasing me. 

Without a word I set to work tying her wrists together.  I once again performed my figure eight binding with the perpendicular coils to tighten the horizontal ones.  She was now securely bound and totally under my control.  I could do anything I wanted to the beautiful lady and she had forfeited all possible recourse.  Ann had given me complete dominance over her... you could say it was my Christmas gift.

In all honesty this could be a very dangerous position to put yourself in if you are not truly certain of the other persons intentions and desires.  But, as I had said before we had been working up to this point for many years and Ann knew that I wasn’t out to hurt her.  My desires don’t run to the sadistic, but rather to the art of what I have heard referred to as ‘love bondage’.  This is bondage as almost a form of art.

Of course she was helpless, vulnerable and undeniably beautiful... I couldn’t help, but take a little bit of advantage of her.  I had her slide back up onto the bed, with just that intention in mind.  One problem though, quickly surfaced.  Her legs were becoming tired of holding their upraised position so the spiked heels off her shoes were digging dangerously into our fluffy comforter.  Being afraid that they might rip the fabric, I reluctantly removed her splendid pumps. 

From her lingerie drawer, I removed my second favorite type of footwear... black leather slippers.  I held each slipper as she slid her toes and feet into sumptuous confines of the soft leather.   Ann crinkled and flexed her arches in the slippers, giving me a dazzling show of the interplay of her bright red nylons and matte black leather slippers as they melded to encase her feet.  I knew that she was only working out the kinks in her feet caused by the arched soles of her pumps, but I loved it just the same.   Because her body was so tightly bound there really wasn’t all that much movement that she was allowed and this was one of those very few areas that she could move freely.  Just think of it, only a few inches above her flexing feet Ann was bound tightly with white nylon cord.  She could hardly move her legs at all, with this one exception.  That made this little by-product of this bondage scenario remarkably erotic.

Now, it was time for a little sexual teasing.    I kissed her long and hard as my hands caressed her imprisoned legs.  The soft nylon felt wonderful under my massaging fingertips.  The taut ropes gave me a thrill of power as I ran my hands over and around them.  My fingers explored her soft inner thighs, sliding between her tightly pressed legs.  Ann moaned softly as I barely stroked her vagina.  Even through her black satin panties, graced with little red hearts, I could feel the wetness that revealed her arousal.  I let the digits of my right hand dance a merry gig upon my poor bound lovers aching sex.  Despite her position, she still found a way to arch her body towards my animated rubbing.  She moaned once again and a hissing ‘yesssss’ escaped her lips. 

Realizing that she was getting much too close to orgasm, I decided that it was time to move on.  I slid my hand up to her belly and caressed her tender flesh through the taut red satin of her corset.  With her eyes still closed in ecstasy, she pleaded, ‘More, please more....’  When her plea’s went unanswered she tried again, ‘Master, pleeeeeaaaase more’.  That was enough to crack my silence, but not my resolve.  ‘Later, darling.  Later.’  She shrugged her shoulders and pulled at the bonds on her wrists.  ‘Ohhhh... ohhhh’, she moaned in frustration.  She knew perfectly well that this was my modus operandi, but that knowledge didn’t help her at all when she wanted to climax so badly. 

‘All good things come to those that wait’; I reassured her.  O.K. it was a stupid thing to say and for my efforts I received an appropriate cold stare.  It was time to repair some damage here.  With her arms bound behind her, her chest was totally vulnerable.  Reaching forward with both hands I worked each of her breasts out of their black satin half-cups.  With thumbs and fore fingers I rotated each of her nipples backwards and forwards, until they became rock hard.  Then I set my lips and mouth to working on one, while I continued my hand manipulation of the other.  It didn’t take long to get my lovely wife moaning once more, often punctuated with words like ‘Oh, God, yes’.  I can’t think of anything more rewarding (sexually speaking, from the giving end).  I moved my lips up over her chest, around her arched throat and finally found an ear lobe.  I played with that little piece of flesh, like a puppy with a new toy.  Ann loved this and I knew it.  I also knew that this would excite her, but not bring her to orgasm, for that we needed a change in position.

‘Honey’, I said quietly.  ‘I would like to tie you standing up, over by the door’.  It took a moment for my request to penetrate the sexual fog of her highly stimulated body.  Ann first nodded her head, and said softly, ‘OK’.  All without opening her eyes.  As she shimmed over to the edge of the bed and hung her legs over the side, she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to get to the door under her own steam.  ‘I’m going to need a little help here... master’, she said softly.  She loves to leave that little gap in her speech between the sentence and calling me master.  I think it’s her way of retaining a certain amount of control, but in all honesty I find it really sexy.

I helped her up into a standing position and then bodily carried her six feet or so to the bedroom door.  I quickly untied her wrists from behind her and retied them in front of her.  Then I looped them over a clothes hook on the door.  It wasn’t a truly secure position, but I knew that Ann wasn’t really trying to get free and she looked really good that way.  That is to say with her arms drawn up above her head, framing her lovely face.  I slid her boobs gently back into their respective cups.  Admiring my work of art, I realized that there was something missing.  Her legs looked truly beautiful in their red stockings and tight white ropes, but her black slippers no longer made the grade.  Standing flat-footed in her slippers, I could see that they weren’t half as sexy as when they were pushed deeply into our soft comforter.

Gathering up her pumps I knelt besides her feet and asked her to slide back into her heels.  She gave me a cute, ‘If that’s what will make you happy.... Master’, as she complied.  God, that was a sexy sight.  To watch her slip out of the soft ballet like slippers and then arch her foot to accommodate the pitch of the pumps sole.  Slowly her red nylon sheathed toes snaked downward into the tight confines of the pointy black patent leather.  With a little bit of a shimmy her foot was finally ensconced in the stiff shinny leather.  Her calf once again, was arched as majestically as the sole of her foot to accommodate the truly high heel.  The second shoe was no less exciting then the first.  To make it even more erotic, all of this was happening while her legs were tightly bound together and her arms were suspended above her head.

It was time for a little more teasing, but I had had my fill of working against Ann’s tightly bound legs and decided another change was in order.  I removed the bindings from about her thighs and ankles.   White rings could be clearly seen, even through the sexy red nylons, where each of the strands of rope had bitten into soft tender flesh.  This both excited me and made me worry about my baby’s comfort.  I rubbed her legs near the marks and asked, ‘Did that hurt?’  Ann shook her head and smiled at me, ‘No.... master.  It didn’t hurt.  You should know by now that if it had hurt me, I would have told you’.  Reassured, I smiled back at my lovely bride and said, ‘Do me a favor love and spread you legs.’  As her feet slid about two feet apart she breathed sexily, ‘Your wish is my command.... Master.’  Watching her stocking clad legs negotiate this movement in her sexy high heels and coupled with her incredibly sexy bedroom talk, once again made my pants bulge painfully.

Using the twelve-foot rope, I anchored one side of it to the leg of my bureau.  Then used it to first encircle and bind her left ankle, allowed for the necessary slack between her legs and then bound the right ankle.  I finished by tying the remaining end off to the doorstop mounted in the baseboard.  Now her legs were bound vulnerably open, forming a V, which pointed directly to the object of both of our desires.

She watched me in awed interest as I knelt between her legs.  Ann was scared of being ‘eaten’ and hadn’t totally decided if she really liked it or not.  At the moment she really didn’t have any say in the matter.  (That’s not exactly true, but for all intents and purposes it is.  She could ask me to stop at anytime and I would, but unless it was extremely offensive to her she wouldn’t stop me as she knew that it would blow the whole master / submissive female fantasy.)  I caressed both of her legs as I used my teeth to bite at her panties.  I pulled at them, shaking my head from side to side like a puppy trying to pull a toy out of its master’s hand. 

My nose rubbed up against her vagina and my hands caressed her inner thighs and buttocks.  Her feet shifted slightly, trying unsuccessfully to pull her legs even further apart.  At about the same time her soft moaning / excited words started again.  ‘Yes, yes, yessss... Come on....  Ohhhh yes, comme onnnnn’.  My original intention was to keep her on the edge all evening until I was ready to cum myself, but my resolve failed me as I heard my lovers impassioned plea’s.

With one hand I pulled aside the thin triangle of material covering her heated sex.  Using my fingers I spread her lips and slid my tongue into her warm juicy cavern.  I didn’t have to go far to find that little piece of flesh within her that I have heard referred to as the G-spot.  I worked my tongue like a wild man.  Lapping up against the warm moist bud or pushing the pliable skin from side to side.

It was very hard for me to continue this consistently.  Not because of the taste or due to my appendage getting tired, but because there was so much going on that I wanted to see!   Ann was shifting sexily from foot to foot in her heels at the same time she was straining her hands against her bonds, her fingers even forming into fists.  Her face was becoming more and more flushed and her shallow breathing was making her chest rise and fall in an extremely sexy way.

So there I was trying to maintain a constant licking motion while looking every which way.  I turned my head side ways so that I could watch her feet do their rope restricted dance.  Due to her bindings Ann couldn’t push her sex towards me as much as she would have liked so instead she lifted herself off of her heels to get just that little bit more leeway.  It was an extremely erotic sight to see her arching her already highly arched instep so that she could get just that little bit closer to my warm busy tongue.  The spike heels slowly left the floor; her toes pushed deeper and deeper into the pointed leather as her feet took on the appearance of a ballet dancer.  God, it was difficult to hold myself back and not orgasm right here and now!  I pushed my throbbing member to a more comfortable position within my jeans and turned my view upwards.

The way that Ann’s body was arched I could get a great view of everything above her waist.  Her chest was rising and falling, threatening to make her breasts fall out of their restraining cups.  Despite it being winter the room was warm and a few drops of perspiration had formed just above her cleavage.  Her closed eyes, flushed face and quickened breathing promised that an orgasm was nearing.  I re-doubled my efforts, plunging in as deeply as possible while continuing to watch my mate near the ultimate sexual pleasure. 

‘Oh God, yes’, she moaned softly over and over.  Whenever I tired and slowed my ministrations just a bit, pleas were quickly forth coming.  ‘Please... please, more.... Yes, right there’, she would cry breathlessly.  Every once and a while the lovely lady would add the word ‘master’ to her moans or pleas.  This of course sent me into double over time to try to satisfy her. 

Her fists clenched and unclenched in their white bonds above her head.  A quick thought passed through my mind. I hoped that her circulation wasn’t being cut off.  I pushed the worry aside, as I knew that this wasn’t going to go on for much longer. 

Ann’s body pulsated towards my hungry mouth.  The need upon her was now much greater than any worries or discomfort caused by her situation.  She leaned her head backwards and moaned, ‘Yesssss... Yesssssss... Ohhhhhh, God, Yessssssssss’.  Her mouth opened in a silent cry as what must have been a massive orgasm flowed over and through her.  I began to slow my efforts as I was tired and her juices were drowning me.  ‘Noooo.... Don’t stop.... Please keep going.... Please, master, please’. 

How could I refuse a beautiful damsel in distress?  I plunged back in and supplemented my tiring tongue with my flying fingers.  ‘Yesssssss, that feels so goooodddd’, she moaned in ecstasy as the wave of the orgasm cascaded over her.  Slowly her moans of ‘yessss...  yessss’ grew lesser and lesser until finally her entire body shook and the raging tempest within her, turned into a tranquil pool. 

Ann’s face glowed and a sated Cheshire cat grin filled her face.  With her eyes closed she rested her head against one of her upraised arms.  The fingers of her hands were no longer clenched into fists, but now hung loosely under the bindings on her wrists.  Her heels were now back solidly on the floor and leaning backwards she rested her back upon the white painted wood of the bedroom door.  She looked totally exhausted.  Happy, but totally exhausted.

‘Honey’, I asked quietly.  ‘How are you doing?’  Her lovely smile widened as she replied tiredly in her best sexy voice, ‘Perfect.  Just perfect.’ 

‘There’s still more to come... all pun’s intended’, I said in my normal comical fashion.  ‘Good, Lord, what I have to do to put up with you’, she chided me lightly.  This complaint was directed at my poor humor, of course, not her present or future situation(s).  Ann reinforced this truth by adding, ‘Just let me HANG around here for a few more minutes to catch my breath and then I’ll be ready for round two... master.’  Her sarcastic reference to her suspension and the addition of the ‘master’ comment, left me with no doubts that she was indeed AOK.

While she rested I removed the bindings about her ankles.  Her eyes finally opened and she again watched me intently as I undid the ropes from about her wrists.  Ann shook her hands and rubbed her wrists.  Then she almost knocked me over as threw her arms around me and gave me a huge kiss.  The kiss quickly deepened and my hands slid up and down her nubile body.  Both of her hands went to my buttocks pushing my member up against her body.  I am much taller than her and had to crouch a little to press against her sex.  One of the lady’s hands snaked around me and grabbed my still hard manhood right through the thick denim.  She rubbed me just right, bring my over stimulated body nearly to orgasm.  I had to gently push her away, so that I didn’t waste my all-important seed within my pants!

‘Not so quickly, darling’, I told her through my own labored breathing.  ‘I still have a few more things planned before we get to the CLIMAX of the event.’  Just a note, you may notice that I call my lover darling and not slave.  In a fantasy like this you would think that I would always refer to the lovely lady as slave.  But, truth be told I have never liked the term.  We have a partnership going here, she does everything that she can to please me and I do everything that I can to please her, so the word slave just doesn’t fit.  I do however, love it when she calls me master!

‘Haarrrummpphhh’, she complained, as she blew from the corner of her mouth at a stray piece of curled hair.  ‘Where would you like me next, oh exalted one’, Ann said with lilt to her voice and a mini curtsey.  I intelligently ignored her light sarcasm and replied, ‘Back onto the bed, my dear.  I want to tie you to the bed this time.’  Despite her seeming impertinence she hopped onto the bed and shimmed into its middle.  She lay her head down upon a double layer of pillows, arranging her hair in the process.  Without prompting she stretched her arms and legs towards the appropriate corners of the bed.

What a beautiful sight Ann made lying their spread eagle upon the bed.  Her red satin corset with its black side panels and cups seemed to shine against the light blue background of the comforter.  Her straight legs pointed directly towards each of the corner posts, oh so sexy in their red nylon rapping’s and taut black garters.  The only incongruity was her patent leather pumps.  Just as the slippers looked out of place when she was standing, her pumps now looked wrong lying upon the bed.  I vowed to correct this marring of such a perfect picture as soon as possible.

Sitting down besides her I began to wrap rope around her proffered wrist.  ‘Actually, my dear, I would like to start with your legs bound together.  Similar to the way that I had you bound before,’ I told her softly.  Ann looked at me quizzically for a moment, shrugged her shoulders and quickly obliged me by drawing her legs together.  I did my best to make sure that her circulation wasn’t impeded, but at the same time saw to it that her wrist was tightly secured to the bedpost.  Climbing over her (rather than walking around the bed) and giving her a quick kiss in the process, I likewise bound her left wrist.

‘I’d like to try something a little different tonight, honey’; I said softly looking into her deep brown eyes.  I could see her features harden, saying without words... ‘Haven’t I given you enough already?’  I plowed on regardless knowing that I had to ask so that I could create another of my artful pictures.  ‘I would like to blindfold you....’; I paused for a second as she shrugged at this request.  ‘And gag you’, I finished my statement quickly.  We had talked about gags before, but Ann had never consented to wear one.  This time she didn’t refuse me, but asked, ‘Can I see it first before I decide?’  I reached into the bag; I had purposefully not dumped out everything, and removed a homemade ball gag.  The ball was bright yellow and had formerly been one of the children’s toys.  I had drilled a hole through the center and added a thin black silk belt (formerly used in a discarded nightgown set) to be used as the bindings.  I waited the long moments while she looked over at the proposed mouth filling item. 

Ann’s face softened and she looked at me and not the gag.  ‘You really love this, don’t you?’, she asked me quietly.  Returning her loving gaze I answered truthfully, ‘Yes, very much.’  She sighed and continued, ‘I’m not thrilled about it, but I’ll give it a try’. 

I gave her a big kiss and grabbed up the would be blindfold first.  This was a black satin night mask, which I had purchased at Victoria’s Secret only weeks before.  I had been dying to try it out on my sexy wife, but the opportunity hadn’t previously presented itself.  Placing the soft black material over her eyes I slid the elasticized band behind her head and let it settle into place.  The mask was shaped to the contours of her face and thoroughly covered her eyes in a aviator glasses type fashion.  ‘Can you see anything’, I asked the restrained damsel.  She smiled and replied saucily, ‘Not a thing.  But I am thinking of a couple of things that I would like to see!’

‘Keep those good vibes flowing, baby’, I told her as I reached for the gag.  ‘I am going to gag you now, honey.  Are you ready?’  I held the ball loosely by its silk straps in my hand.  This was the point of no return.  I was ready to put the gag away at her least sign of hesitation.  I found myself holding my breath awaiting her answer, praying that she would say yes.  I had the picture that I wanted to create in my mind and this one item was the cherry that would top my proverbial sundae. 

‘I’m as ready as I’ll ever be’, Ann replied.  I took a deep breath and sighed contentedly.

‘OK baby, open wide’, I said softly placing the rubber ball lightly against her mouth.  Red lips parted and white teeth gleamed as I worked the ball into her open cavern.   The ball was just a bit too large and refused to go past her teeth.  Placing one hand behind her head I used the other hands fingers to push gently against the yellow rubber.  Her mouth opened wider and wider to my soft, but steady pressure.  With a satisfying pop the ball jerked behind her teeth and slid into her mouth.  Raising her head once more I tied the silk bindings behind her neck sealing the ball into position.

To me the scene that I had created was an unbelievably beautiful work of art.  It literally took my breath away.  The shinny black blindfold covering her eyes and framing her nose.  Her curly brunette hair resting loosely upon the raised white pillow.   The yellow ball surrounded by receptive red lips.  The black silk straps pulling prettily at the corners of her mouth and her cheeks with those lovely inverted dimples.  (Which made it look like she was trying to suck the ball into her mouth.)  I kissed her lips and cheeks nearest the gag and whispered thankful words to my bound and beautiful lover.

I went back to work binding her legs back together again.  You might wonder why I am doing this.  Didn’t I just have the lady in a similar position?  The reason is two fold.  First, my lovely wife had already been satisfied.  Before I came I wanted to make sure that she was right back on the edge herself and that of course required more foreplay.  Second, as I said before I had certain pictures that I wanted to create set into my mind and this would be one of them.

The first step was replacing her pumps with her slippers.  I don’t think that I will ever tire of watching her switch from highly arched pumps into the soft ballet-like slippers.  Especially when she is wearing stockings!  God, the view of red stocking clad toes sliding into the leather slippers and then her playfully flexing them upon her feet was enough to send my heart racing.

‘I am going to slide off your panties now, darling’, I told her softly as my fingers found their ways to the elasticized top of the soft material.  ‘I don’t think that I can hold out much longer’, I continued as she raised her hips off the bed helpfully. ‘So I’d like to get this little item out of the way, now rather than later’.  Ann had intelligently worn the panties over her garters.  This meant that I did not have to remove each of the stocking straps, before I could relieve her of her covering.

In the past Ann had worn varying forms of stockings and heels (or slippers) to please my peculiar tastes.  This was certainly not an every night occurrence, but she had come to learn this trick at some point along the way.  Bondage or no, with my lovely wife dressed in such finery we both know that there should be as little impediments as possible between my manhood and her womanhood.  Let’s just say that things tend to develop rapidly under such circumstances!

Her panties gone, I now went back to tying her legs.  The same as before, I bound her at the ankles and above the knee.  This time I added a new twist.  Using another piece of rope I bound her ankles tightly to the foot of the bed.  In this way the lovely ladies body formed a large letter ‘Y’ upon the light blue comforter. 

Ann’s Arms were spread toward their respective post.  Her blindfolded and gagged face rested prettily upon a white frilly pillow.   The red satin corset tightly covered her shapely torso. Curly pubic hair sprouted from between her milky white hips. Those curvaceous legs shimmered in red seamed stocking, were bound so tightly with shinny white nylon rope that they seemed to form one mermaid like appendage.  The black leather slippers molded themselves to her red sheathed feet adding just a touch of soft femininity.  And finally the white cord tied between her dark slippers, which securely restrained her to the foot of the bed. 

I asked her to test her bonds, to see how much she could move in them and Ann complied admirably.  Her fingers wrapped around the ropes that held each wrist and when she had a good grip she pulled on them hard.  I could see the ropes tighten, as her muscles strained and her face redden with the effort.  Determining that this was useless, she went into a rocking motion shifting from side to side and pulling at one wrists binding at a time.  Despite some creaking from the bed this also prove fruitless.  Moving to her legs, she pulled against the rope binding her to the footboard.  She was able to raise her knees maybe six inches off the bed, before what little give there was in the rope was played out. 

My gorgeous lover writhing in her bonds was extremely erotic to me.  I stripped to shorts and T-shirt because true to my word, I knew that I would not be able to hold out much longer.  Mounting the bed I began to kiss her wrists near the ropes.  Ann’s struggles soon subsided as my soft kiss moved down her arm and around her neck.  I revealed in the sweet smell of the light fragrance that she was wearing.  Her earlobes once again became the source of my attentions.  Excited moans like ‘Mmmmmpppphhh’ began to filter through her gag.  My fingers played with her nipples causing her to shift her legs from side to side despite their tight bindings.  Her chest became my mouths playground as my roaming hands searched out other areas of interest.  I couldn’t help but caressing the ropes binding her knees and then slowly worked my way up towards her waiting entrance.

Every once in a while I would raise my head to look down the length of my bound lover to watch as she shifted her legs or feet.  Or upward to see her re-seat the gag more comfortably in her mouth.  I became inflamed by the sight and determined to bring this beautiful wife of mine to the same fevered pitch.  Redoubling my efforts I kissed and caressed her body from lips to ankles.  Her soft nylons became damp under my hungry lips as I worked over her shapely legs.  My hands were never far behind, but more and more often found their way to that honey pot between her legs.

Mounting on top of her I rubbed my member against the area of nearest her vagina.  She was so tightly bound that I couldn’t get closer than the top of her mound, but the fever was on me and just rubbing against her tender flesh was fabulous.  ‘aaakkkeee eeee’, Ann shouted through her gag.  ‘aaaakkkeee  eeeeee’, she repeated even more loudly.  It wasn’t hard to understand what she wanted and I was currently barely able to contain myself.  It was now or never.

If I had had a knife I would have cut her out off her tight leg bindings, but probably fortunately for both of us I did not.  (In my state I may have inadvertently cut her and ruined the whole thing!)  My fingers undid the knots quicker than I thought possible.  My rod, which I had released from my shorts (they were history), was throbbing in anticipation.  Without direction it would jump upward by itself, seemingly like it had a mind of its own.  Her ankles were quickly freed and then finally her knees were loose.  I leaped onto the bed between her obligingly spread legs and proceeded to rub myself against her moist opening.  Leaning forward I pulled the bow I had used to bind the ball gag into her mouth.  I pulled out the ball to receive Ann’s urgent command, ‘Now.... I want you in me NOW!’

With her wrists still bound to the headboard and her sight still retarded by the black satin, I plunged into her lower lips.  Always the first plunge is the tightest and today was no exception.  Regardless of all of her lubrication it was still like entering a nubile young girl for the first time.  But no novice had my wife’s moves.  Her hips pressed upwards to my each and every thrust.  Her hands tightened into fists behind the white nylon as she strained her muscles to even further tighten her lower mouths hold upon me.  Inner walls squeezed me with a warm pulsating action all their own.  Each long stroke was like a trip into heaven. 

‘Yessss.... oooohhhh, yessss.... that’s sssssoooo gooooddddd’, she moaned as I continued to drive in and out of her.  Quickly shifting positions she bent herself almost double pulling her legs back against her body.  Again working to tighten her grip on my manhood.  I moaned gratefully and looked up to see her legs bent at the knees before me and her slipper clad feet waving about on either side of my body.  I plunged and she squeezed, making my outward strokes feel like I was trying to break a strong vacuum like suction.

Abandoning all finesse I began to piston in and out of her warm love canal faster and faster.  Snatches of pictures flashed behind my closed eyes. Nylon sheathed ankles bound with tight neat white coils of rope.  Toes sliding into her pumps and arching to accommodate the wonderfully high heel.  Cupping her breasts and playing with them until her nipples hardened into little buttons.  Luscious stretched lips surrounding the bright yellow rubber of the ball gag.  That exquisite red satin corset tightening at the waist and flaring towards her hips.  Lips opened invitingly waiting for my hungry kisses.  White nylon rope tightly binding red nylon stocking clad legs tightly together.

Trying to keep just one picture in my mind, I thought of her red nylons flexing within her black soft leather slippers.  Ann’s ankles bound only inches above by artfully set white strands of rope.  The little bows at the throat of the slippers and the joining of her toes to her feet that I could see through the sheer red fabric.  My lover inflamed by her own passion, shifting her feet and pulling against her inescapable bonds....

‘Oh God’, I moaned and shuddered as my eruption finally overcame me.  It came upon with such power that I almost couldn’t believe it.  Relief from finally allowing myself to climax melded with the warm delicious feelings of being within my wife.  Stroke after stroke spurted more of my thick milky juices into my wife.  Even as the flow of my seed began to ebb I continued to piston in an out of Ann’s wondrous interior.  It just felt so good!  My strokes became slower and slower as the almost painful hardness of my member softened, signaling my sexual finale.  Finally, breathing heavily, I stopped.  Propping myself using my arms and stomach muscles, I remained inside the yummy confines of my lovers lower mouth.  It was my turn to grin like a Cheshire cat as I took a few long seconds to collect myself and enjoy the moment.

Ann’s tired legs dropped to either side of me.   Her own breathing was slowly returning to normal.  (That was sort of too bad in a way, because her chest looked awfully good rising and falling to her labored breathing.)  I kissed her on the lips as I stretched to remove the bindings from her wrists.  Her blindfold dropped to the pillow shortly afterwards. 

These were soft slow tender kisses, not the hard wild ones of earlier.  In their own way these mating of our lips were the sweetest.  They seemed to put the seal of approval on all of the love that we felt for each other and of which we had just shared a portion of together. 

In some literary gem they use the words ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’ and in my own way I know what they meant.  I hated parting our joined bodies.  Partially because it felt so good and also because, to me, it meant an ending to the evenings festivities.   Soon Ann would strip out of her sexy garments and just like Cinderella stepping from her glass shoe, the fantasy would be over.

I hugged her tight and thanked God silently for bringing us together.  ‘Thank you very much for my first Christmas present of the day (it was well after mid-night),’ I breathed softly into her ear.  We were spooning so I had a good view of her happily glowing face.  With her eyes closed in exhaustion, she smiled and said lazily, ‘Your welcome’.  Then she continued more strongly, ‘Did you enjoy wrapping and unwrapping your present?’  I laughed at her play on words and caressed one of her breasts as I replied, ‘It was... Perfect.  Just perfect’. 

For once Ann actually laughed at one of my jokes.  We roused ourselves long enough to go get cleaned up and don more comfortable sleeping garments.  My baby nestled herself into my chest and her breathing quickly settled to a steady rhythmic pulse.  Usually I found it difficult to fall asleep with her perched upon me, but tonight I just smiled and encircled her sleeping form in one long arm.  A wonderful restful sleep soon stole me from the wakeful world. 

Now I’m not a betting man and I of course couldn’t see my face, but I would bet a dime to a dollar that that smile stayed on my face all night long!


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