by MasterKGray

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21. Conclusion

Chloe awoke alone the next morning, Ben was not in bed and her collar had been unlocked from its chain. Disappointed she trudged into the bathroom to relieve herself and get a shower. She didn’t see any notes from her Master on the mirror so she leisurely took a long hot shower. Chloe got out and dried off before walking into the closet and her makeup dressing area. There was no note there either. She sat and stared at her reflection for a few minutes and couldn’t seem to break out of this eerie feeling that something was wrong. She brushed and dried her hair, adding the makeup, even though it didn’t appear to be needed. She always wanted to look her best for her Master.

Chloe heard a loud bang that sounded like gunfire, then another and then several shots fired. As she sat cowering in the closet one of the security guards rushed in calling for her.

“Chloe, are you in here?” Tyrone asked, he was the head of Ben’s security team.

“Yes Master, I’m in here, is it safe?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, we got them, but I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

“What is it, what’s the matter? Did I just hear gunshots?”

“Yes, somehow these guys breached security, we think they slipped through while we were sending the van with Alexis in it. Ben’s has been shot, the other two guys are dead, but my men rushed Ben to the hospital, it was quicker than calling for an ambulance or 911.”

“Oh god, NO, I knew it, I could just feel that something bad was going to happen!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I’m not a ma’am, I’m a slave Master Tyrone, please. Is he going to be alright?”

“I honestly don’t know.”

“Oh God, please let him be alright,” Chloe cried and broke down sobbing, rushing into Tyrone’s arms and burying her face in his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist. Tyrone held her loosely, uncomfortable with the situation. He had lusted after Chloe since he took this job, but the pay was fantastic and he could sit and jerk off watching the cameras or replaying videos. He tried to steer his erection away from her. “He’s got to be alright, he just has to be.”

“They shot him in the chest and the abdomen, he was bleeding pretty badly, I just don’t know.”

“Will you take me to him, Master Tyrone?”

“Why do you keep calling me Master?”

“Because all men are my Masters, I’m just a slave.”

“I can take you to the hospital, I don’t know if they’ll let you see him, but you have to put some clothes on first,” Tyrone acquiesced.

“Yes Master Tyrone, let me get dressed and we’ll go see him,” Chloe said, grabbing a pair of her yoga pants and a t-shirt, donning them quickly, then slipping on a pair of her jogging shoes. She stuffed her cell phone in the pocket of her yoga pants and followed Tyrone out through the living room. Kira was crying and sobbing into James’ shoulder as he held her on the couch. James' eyes had tears in them. They both looked up when Chloe walked in.

“Oh Chloe, I’m so sorry,” Kira cried and slipped out of James’ arms, rushing to Chloe to give her a comforting hug. Chloe accepted, hugging Kira tightly, then opened her eyes and looked over Kira’s shoulder at the man lying on the floor. It was Tom! Chloe’s anger flared and she pushed Kira away storming straight for Tom’s now dead body. She kicked it viciously before Tyrone grabbed her around the waist and pulled her away. Chloe kicked and screamed, angry at Tom for trying to kidnap her a second time. At least he was dead and wouldn’t be able to try it again, but Ben may be fatally wounded and die also. This man had almost caused her to not get together with Ben, then kidnapped her and forced her to act in porn videos. Now he had returned and presumably tried to kidnap her again, shooting Ben and possibly killing him, ruining her perfect life.

“Come on, let’s go,” Tyrone said carrying her out the door to the black SUV waiting by the curb. Tyrone deposited her in the passenger seat and went around to the driver’s seat. He started up the vehicle and then looked at Chloe who was staring straight ahead out the windshield. “Put on your seatbelt,” Tyrone ordered and Chloe mechanically obeyed. Tyrone drove them to the hospital in silence.

When they arrived at the hospital Chloe was crying again so Tyrone came around and helped her out of the vehicle. Chloe clutched his arm as they walked into the hospital. Tyrone told her to sit and wait for him to find out about Ben. Unknowingly doing the best thing he could have done, and Chloe obeyed like the perfect submissive slave she was. Tyrone was gone for almost half an hour before he reappeared.

“He’s in surgery, they don’t know how much longer, but they’ll send the doctor out to see us when they’re done,” Tyrone said leading Chloe down the hall to a small room with some comfortable chairs and a couple of vending machines. “Are you hungry, do you want something to drink?”

“I’m not hungry Master, but I could use something to drink, water will be fine,” Chloe responded and Tyrone put a bill in the machine, handing her the water. Chloe took it and drank nearly half before stopping, almost bursting into tears again.

“Are you alright, Chloe?” Tyrone asked a concerned look on his face.

“No Master, I’m not alright, my Master has been shot and may die! What will I do then? Who will be my Master then?” Chloe responded, this time bursting into tears, sobbing and climbing onto Tyrone’s lap, her tears getting his shirt wet. Fortunately a nurse’s aide looked in and came back in with a box of tissue and a blanket in case they were cold and needed to cover over.

“Thank you, Miss,” Tyrone said, still holding Chloe as she cried out her anguish.

“He just has to be alright, he’s my Master and I love him so much, please, oh please be alright,” Chloe cried. Tyrone didn’t know what to do and just held her in his arms, covering her over with the blanket and she dozed off for a bit.

“Oh Master,” Chloe moaned as she hugged Tyrone, thinking he was Ben in her half-awake state.

“Um Chloe, I’m not Ben, he’s still in surgery.”

“Oh, sorry Master, I was hoping it was all a nightmare.”

“Sorry Chloe, it’s all too real.”

“I know Master,” Chloe said as just then a doctor came into the room.

“Are you Chloe?” The Doctor asked, still dressed in his surgical gown.

“Yes, is my Master going to be alright?” Chloe asked and the Doctor frowned slightly.

“We removed the two bullets, but one punctured his lung and the other hit his spleen and liver, he’s lost a lot of blood. It took us quite a while to inflate his lung and I’m not sure if he’ll make it or not, the next twenty four hours are key. He’s in ICU room 312 but I don’t want him to have any visitors right now. Maybe in a couple of hours you can go in and see him for a minute or two, but I doubt that he’ll be conscious. If you’d like you can go back home and come back in three or four hours, by then I will probably have a better idea of his condition,” the Doctor said.

“No, we’re staying right here, please Doctor, please let me see him as soon as possible,” Chloe begged.

“Alright, relax here and I’ll see if I can get someone to bring you some lunch,” the Doctor said as he left the room. Soon the nurse’s aide from earlier came back in the room with a couple of sandwiches and some chips. She had a grim look on her face and didn’t say a word, just dropped off the food and left. Her silence left Chloe even more concerned that Ben would not survive and Chloe barely ate any of her sandwich, picking at the chips on the plate.

For the next three hours Chloe sat in a chair by herself and cried, Tyrone had left to take care of some security business for a few minutes and then returned but Chloe did not return to his lap. She wished James and Kira were there, then texted James and asked him if he and Kira could come and sit with her. James agreed but they did not arrive for another two hours, Chloe was beginning to think they weren’t coming.

“Oh Chloe, I’m so sorry,” Kira came into the room, crying and hugging Chloe, comforting her.

“It’s awful, and I don’t even know what happened,” Chloe said, realizing she hadn’t even asked Tyrone, though he hadn’t volunteered much information.

“We don’t know what happened either. We were in the kitchen and Kira had just finished making breakfast when the shots were fired. We stayed there until Tyrone came and told us they had killed the two men, then we went to see what happened. One of the other security guys was patching Ben’s wounds to slow the bleeding as much as possible, while Tyrone came looking for you.” James explained.

“Would you tell us what happened, Master Tyrone?” Chloe asked.

“We had just sent off the van with Alexis inside and Ben went back into the living room as I went into the security booth and the shots were fired. I ran into the room to find Ben on the floor and the two men heading for the hallway, I shot one of them in the back and the other guy turned to fire back and I got him right in the heart he went down immediately, clutching his chest as blood spurted out. The other guy, the one you kicked, he turned back towards me and raised his gun and I shot him again, not quite as good a shot so I shot him again and he went down, bleeding all over the place. I kicked the gun out of his hand and picked it up, then made sure the other guy was dead. By the time I got back, the guy you kicked was dead,” Tyrone revealed the tragic event.

“Who were they?” Kira asked.

“Tom and a new lackey, they were trying to kidnap me again,” Chloe spat out viciously.

“Oh my god, that was Tom who kidnapped you before?” Kira queried.

“Yes,” Chloe replied angrily.

“No wonder you kicked him, I was wondering what that was all about, now I understand,” Kira said.

“I’m glad he’s dead, he can’t come and try to kidnap me again, but I might have lost my Master as well,” Chloe bemoaned and tears formed in her eyes again. Just then the Doctor came in.

“He’s stable for now but still unconscious, you may go in and see him one or two at a time,” The Doctor said. Chloe was sure he had told her his name, but she didn’t remember and followed him down the hall, Tyrone following along behind. Chloe entered the room to see Ben attached to several machines. There was a screen that gave all of his vital signs and Chloe stared at the screen for a moment before looking at Ben sorrowfully. Ben’s eyes suddenly opened and he pulled the ventilator out of his mouth.

“I love you Chloe, I don’t think I’m going to make it, but you made me happier than I’ve ever been, thank you,” Ben croaked out weakly and then put the ventilator back in and closed his eyes. Suddenly the machine started beeping and his heartbeat stopped. Tyrone ran down the hall after the Doctor and he was back in the room in just about a minute. He called a nurse in and they brought in a defibrillator and tried to restart his heart. They attempted several times as Chloe stared wide-eyed in horror. Chloe backed against the wall and broke out hysterically crying as she slid down the wall, her legs giving out.

The Doctor noted the time and pronounced Ben dead, it was all a blur to Chloe. This couldn’t be happening, her wonderful Master was dead! What would she do now? She couldn’t go back to her regular life and she certainly didn’t want to interfere in James and Kira’s happiness. She cried loudly, huge sobs wracking her body as she sat on the floor. Chloe’s grief continued to overwhelm her as she watched them pull the sheet up over Ben’s head.

Tyrone lifted her off the floor and helped her into the chair in the room. The nurses continued to work, disconnecting Ben’s body from all of the devices. As they were about to roll the bed out of the room Chloe jumped out of the chair and threw herself onto Ben’s lifeless carcass. She sobbed and cried for a minute or two so the nurses stepped back and let her express her grief. Chloe pulled down the sheet and kissed Ben on the lips for the last time, then covered him back over.

“I love you, Ben Davidson, my true Master and true love, goodbye,” Chloe said and then climbed off of the bed and allowed Tyrone to lead her out of the room, back to the lounge where they had waited earlier. James and Kira looked hopeful until they saw Chloe had been crying.

“My Master is dead,” Chloe burst out crying again and rushed to Kira’s waiting arms. The two slaves hugged and cried, while James and Tyrone looked sadly at each other and felt lost. What should they do now? Eventually the crying stopped and they dried their tears. They slowly walked out of the hospital, Chloe and Kira arm in arm. James headed for his truck while Tyrone headed for the SUV.

“Come on Kira,” James called out to Kira who was still entwined with Chloe and walking toward the SUV.

“Master, please, she needs me right now,” Kira said.

“But she’s riding with Tyrone,” James said and Kira rolled her eyes.

“Men,” she said under her breath to Chloe. “No Master, she needs someone to comfort her, not drive her,” Kira explained.

“You may ride with James if you’d like, Chloe,” Tyrone said, trying to be helpful.

“Thank you,” Chloe smiled up at him and headed to James’ truck. Both she and Kira climbed into the back seat and sat holding each other as James drove them home. As they walked into the house the police were there and they wanted to question each one of them. None of them could explain much because they had only heard, they hadn’t seen anything. The police questioned Tyrone for a while and he gave them a copy of the video.

“Do you want some company?” Kira asked as Chloe stumbled into the master bedroom and flopped down on the bed.

“I don’t think I’m going to be good company,” Chloe responded.

“That’s not what I asked. I’d be happy to sit with you for a while if you don’t want to be alone.”

“I think I have to work this out for myself, though I appreciate the offer Kira, you’re such a good friend.”



“You said it yourself, we’re sisters in bondage.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I did. Thanks sister, but I think I’d rather be alone, but if I need you, I’ll let you know.”

“Alright, I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.”

“Do you want me to help with that?”

“Not unless you really want to, I enjoy cooking and I don’t mind doing it alone.”

“Ok thanks, just call me when it’s ready then, I don’t like cooking.”

“No problem,” Kira said as she left, closing the door behind her.

Chloe cried, yelled, shouted, got angry, then sad again. She flipped on the TV and watched some reruns that she had seen before. She dozed off after a while and then awoke to cry again, as the realization hit her she was in their bed where they could never love or fuck again. Damn Tom, damn him to hell, that fucking bastard. She got off the bed and went to the closet, finding a whip and using it to strike the wall, the bed, the picture of her and Ben, anything to release the anger pent up inside her. She wanted to bring Tom back to life so she could torture him for days to make him pay for ruining her life, she had never been so angry in her life. Finally she stopped and Tyrone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Chloe said, so Tyrone entered.

“Are you alright, Chloe, do you need any help or anything?” Tyrone asked.

“No Master, I’ll clean this up later, I just had to let it out,” Chloe replied looking around at the mess she had made.

“OK, but if you need anything, please let us know,” Tyrone said and left the room.

Chloe collapsed onto the bed and began to cry again, her tears wetting her pillow. After she had cried so much that it was wet, she grabbed Ben’s but the smell of his cologne caused Chloe to weep again, pushing Ben’s pillow away in favor of her own already drenched one. After a few minutes there was another knock at the door and Chloe thought it was Tyrone again.

“I’m fine Tyrone, thank you,” she called out.

“Are you sure?” Kira asked from behind the door.

“Oh, sorry Kira, come in,” Chloe replied and Kira came in and walked to the bed, climbing onto it to sit with Chloe, wrapping her arms around her.

“What am I going to do? I don’t have a Master anymore, I’ve been a slave for too long, I can’t go back to a normal life, or having a boyfriend.”

“I know, it’s alright, we will think of something, maybe we could sell you like we did with Alexis.”

“Oh my god, that’s it!” Chloe exclaimed after she thought about it for a minute.

“Whats it Chloe?”

“Master Amir wanted to purchase me from my true Master but he wouldn’t sell me. I don’t know where all of Ben’s estate will go, I don’t think he had a will and it will surely go to his father and younger sister. That means you and James are out in the cold, as well as me. But if Master James were to sell me to Master Amir, he offered five billion dollars, maybe he’s still willing to pay that. Then you two would be set for life and I would achieve my goal of becoming a true slave. Slavery is legal in his country. I could never be free again, I would be his slave for life. Unngh, that makes me so hot.”

“Oh but Chloe, I would miss you terribly, and wouldn’t you miss us, or at least me?”

“Yes I would miss you, but we would learn to live without each other, we’ve only known each other for a few months.”

“I know, but you’re my best friend in the whole world and besides, we’re twins now.”

“True, but I used to be best friends with Nadia, now I hardly ever see her. Besides, with all of that money, you and Master James could enjoy life together for a very long time.”

“Oh Chloe, losing both you and Master Ben would be even more difficult.”

“But what am I going to do around you and Master James? I would be a third wheel. You love him and he loves you, I like him but I don’t love him.` I could never compete with you.”

“That’s true, my Master would obviously favor me over you.”

“Exactly, so we will have Master James sell me to Master Amir and I will kill two birds with one stone.”

“What do you mean?”

“I will become a real slave and you and Master James can achieve financial security from my sale. It’s a win-win.”

“It feels like a loss to me, I’m losing my best friend.”

“But you and James will most likely struggle financially, it won’t be like it is now, you may even have to go out and work for a while to get him through college.”

“I never thought about that, I guess maybe you’re right, but I’m sure going to miss you,” Kira said and they cried together.

“It will be alright, you’ll see. After a while, you won’t even remember what I look like,” Chloe joked and they laughed together. A knock at the door interrupted their laughter.

“Come in,” Chloe said and James walked in.

“Sounds like someone’s feeling better, I heard you two laughing,” James noted.

“Yes Master James, Kira has been a big help. Do you need her to start dinner?” Chloe asked.

“No, I’ll order something, I was just coming to check on you,” James answered.

“We have a plan, Master,” Kira piped up.

“A plan?” James asked, bewildered.

“Yes Master, you can sell me to Master Amir in whatever middle-eastern country he is from and thereby achieve financial security, plus I’ll be a real slave, which is what I’ve always wanted,” Chloe responded and James' eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

“Really, this is what you want?”

“Yes Master.”

“Alright, I’ll check into it.”

“Thank you Master. Um, did anyone let Ben’s family know?”

“Yes, Tyrone notified the family and checked, there was no will, everything except my truck will go to the family.”

“Just as I suspected, Master, so my plan is the perfect way for us to all be happy.”

“Wow, Chloe, I can’t believe you’re willing to become a real life permanent slave.”

“Yes Master, as I already said, it’s what I’ve always wanted. I want to become a slave, not reversible by my will, to be permanently indentured to someone else and forced to attend their needs, not my own, unnnnggg. Oh god, I almost came just talking about it. I truly thought that I was one when Master Amir purchased me in the slave market that day. I came so hard when the auctioneer yelled ‘sold’, even if it was in another language, I knew it meant I was now just a slave for real.”

“I guess we will have to discuss it with Amir, maybe he doesn’t want you anymore.”

“Oh I’m sure he still does, Master. You don’t offer half your fortune for someone you’ll soon forget.”

“Wow, you seem so happy and at peace about this,” Kira noted.

“I am, I will miss Ben terribly, but becoming a real slave will help take the sting out of it,” Chloe expounded.

“Alright, after dinner we will see if we can video chat with Amir,” James said. “Now what do I feel like for dinner?”

“Chinese Master?” Kira asked jokingly.

“Sounds great, I’ll go order,” James said leaving the room while Chloe and Kira hugged.

“Why are you still dressed?” Kira asked.

“I don’t know, I guess I forgot, I was so upset and my Master isn’t here to punish me anymore,” Chloe replied with a smirk.

“That makes sense, I can understand you being totally distraught, and without a Master around you can do what you want I guess,” Kira said and Chloe stripped out of her clothes, throwing them on the floor by her side of the bed.

“There, now I’m naked again.”

“Mmm, Chloe you look so hot.”

“You look just like me.”

“I know, and when I look at myself in the mirror I get so wet. Kiss me Chloe, I love you,” Kira requested and Chloe obliged, passionately exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues, James startling them apart when he opened the door.

“Um, dinner is ordered,” James said and stared at the two slaves, shaking his head and closing the door.

“I need to go to my Master,” Kira said.

“That’s a good idea, Kira,” Chloe agreed as they disentangled themselves and Kira headed out to find James.

Forty minutes later the doorbell rang and then Kira stuck her head in to let Chloe know that dinner had arrived. She plodded down the hall to the kitchen to find James chaining Kira to her chair. Chloe sat down and James chained her to her own chair.

“Thank you Master James,” Chloe said and James just nodded. He understood that Chloe needed some normalcy and stability in her life right now, so chaining her to the chair was a normal routine that would help give her some. The cashew chicken was placed in front of Chloe and she looked up and smiled at James and then dug in. She only ate half and they put the rest away in the fridge for another day.

Amir’s time zone was nine hours ahead of where they lived so they would wait until eleven pm so it would be eight in the morning. They didn’t want to disturb his sleep. At eleven pm they all went into the study and fired up Ben’s laptop, sending a video call out to Amir from Ben. Amir answered within a minute.

“Hello Ben – oh, where is Ben?” Amir asked.

“Hello Master Amir, my Master, Ben, is dead. He was killed by men trying to kidnap me again,” Chloe replied.

“Oh, I am so sorry, was it the same guy who kidnapped you before?” Amir questioned.

“Yes Master Amir. The security team shot and killed him along with his new accomplice, but my Master was not able to recover from his wounds, he died this afternoon,” Chloe responded sadly.

“Again, I am so sorry for your loss. You didn’t need to video call me, you could have just sent a text or a brief phone call would have been enough,” Amir said.

“Yes Master, thank you,” Chloe said and then everyone fell silent.

“Was there something else?” Amir asked after the silent pause.

“Yes Amir, but it’s going to sound a little crazy,” James answered.

“Well, what is it? Out with it young man,” Amir demanded.

“You once offered to purchase Chloe from Ben for five billion dollars, does that offer still stand?” James asked.

“Hmm – yes, yes it does, are you willing to sell her to me?” Amir responded.

“Yes,” James replied.

“And you are in agreement with this, Chloe?” Amir asked.

“I suggested it, Master Amir,” Chloe answered to a surprised look from Amir.

“Why would you suggest such a thing?” Amir asked.

“In your country, slavery is perfectly legal. I have always wanted to be a real slave, it is my greatest wish in the world. If I am sold to you, I can no longer be free, ever. I will forever be your slave, unnggghhh,” Chloe explained and then moaned with arousal, her inner thighs wet with her juices.

“That is true,” Amir agreed and paused for a moment. “Chloe, you and your twin sister leave the room, I have business to discuss with young Master James here and since it involves your sale, I must speak with him in private.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said, grabbing Kira by the hand, pulling her out the door and closing it behind them.

“But I’m not your sister, not really,” Kira protested.

“I know that, but Master Amir is much stricter than my Master Ben was. He does not care, only that I obey, oh god – whew I almost had an orgasm.”

“So why would you agree to being sold to someone like him?”

“Because he will treat me like the slave I am. I loved Ben and he loved me, but it was almost like play, I sometimes topped from the bottom if you know what that means.”

“I’ve heard the expression, but I’m not sure I understand.”

“Sometimes I would have to remind him to do what a Master should, or worse yet, I manipulated him into doing what I wanted. Master Amir will not stand for that and will keep me as a slave should be kept. My wishes will mean nothing, I will obey or be punished. He will mold me into a perfect slave that obeys her Master without question or attempt at manipulation.”

“Wow Chloe, I never thought of you as being manipulative.”

“Well, I did it because my Master sometimes didn’t treat me like a slave but more like a girlfriend or wife. That’s not what I wanted or needed and I goaded him into things sometimes. I even disobeyed on purpose and reminded him he needed to punish me for it, and he never seemed to want to fuck me in the ass.”

“At first my Master was similar and I did some of the same things, until one night when I really got frustrated and started talking back to him, challenging him as my Master. He got angry and took charge and tied me up tight that night. I slept spread eagle on the bed with a big ball gag while he played with my body and fucked me whenever he felt like it. The next morning he turned me over and fucked me up the ass without any lube. It hurt like hell but I came anyway, I was so thrilled that he had become my Master and not my boyfriend. He released me to get a shower and then came into the bathroom and started to apologize. I stopped him and told him that I didn’t want an apology, I wanted what I just got, to be treated like the slave I know I am in my heart. He has been much better ever since and I love it.”

“Oh Kira, I’m so happy for you,” Chloe said as she hugged Kira, kissing her passionately.

“I’m going to miss you Chloe, you’ve taught me so much, I hope you’ll be happy with Master Amir.”

“I think I will, Kira,” Chloe said just as James came out of the study grinning.

“Chloe, you have been sold. We have set up a Swiss bank account that I can access that will not be subject to taxes. I can withdraw from it whenever I want and he is going to help me set up other investments overseas where the government can’t touch the money. You will be picked up tomorrow and transported to Amir. He said that you are not allowed to orgasm until he commands or allows it,” James stated.

“Uh oh, Master,” Chloe moaned, “I just came.”

“I will inform Amir tomorrow when we talk after you have been picked up. Since he is your Master now, I am sure he will want to be the one to discipline you,” James responded.

“Yes Master,” Chloe gulped, she knew Amir would not be a forgiving Master like Ben.

“Go to bed, Chloe, you will need to be ready to leave by seven am tomorrow, so set an alarm,” James ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said.

“You will need to pack your makeup and hairbrush, everything else will be provided by Amir,” James informed her.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and then hugged him and Kira. “Goodbye, I’ll never forget you, I love you both.”

“Goodbye Chloe, I love you too,” Kira said tearfully.

“So long Chloe, we owe all of this to you, thank you,” James said and Chloe rushed into the master bedroom and plopped down on the bed, crying again. She was leaving her life behind, the wonderful life with her now dead Master and the friendship she had formed with Kira, along with her fondness for Master James. She was torn, as she anticipated her slavery to Master Amir, but also somewhat regretted suggesting her own sale. Yet what would be her place here? She couldn’t stay with James and Kira, it would interfere with their relationship and she didn’t want that. Would she have been able to find a Master here in the United States? She doubted that and laid there for an hour just wrestling these thoughts in her mind. Finally she got up and went to pack up the few things she had been commanded to bring. She put it into a small bag, and what she brought seemed so meager when she didn’t even fill the bag half full.

Chloe walked around in the closet looking at her outfits and then running her fingers across the corset and thigh high leather boots, fondly remembering when Ben had ordered her to put them on and then paraded her around the house, causing even Kira to gasp in arousal at the sight of her in the outfit. She sat on the stool in front of the makeup mirror and brushed out her hair, then applied the makeup, even though it wasn’t needed. She plodded into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed, still in a state of confusion and wondering why she was feeling so down, then remembering that she had just lost her Master and was about to lose her best friend. Chloe found her phone and texted Don to let him know her Master had been killed and that she herself was sold and going to be with her new Master overseas. She wanted to be sure Nadia knew what had happened. Don texted her back quickly, saying he was sorry and that he would let Nadia know.

Eventually Chloe fell asleep, not even covered over and still naked. She awoke at three am and realized she hadn’t even set an alarm. She finally figured out how to turn on Ben’s alarm clock and then covered over and after she warmed up a bit fell back to sleep, dreaming of Ben holding her like he did when they slept.

The alarm clock was loud and annoying but Chloe turned it off and headed into the bathroom, relieving herself and then climbing in the shower. She showered quickly and efficiently not wanting to waste time or be late to be picked up by her new Master or his men. She got out and dried off, toweling her hair, then heading into the closet to brush and blow dry her hair. She didn’t reapply the makeup, because she had put it on last night it looked fresh, even though it was washed off, the tattooing effect had refreshed it. Chloe pursed her lips into a kiss and then kissed her hand, blowing a kiss at the mirror.

“I love you Master, wherever you are,” Chloe suddenly blurted out loud and started to cry. She dabbed her tears and grabbed her bag, going out to find Kira in the kitchen with breakfast on the table. Chloe ate a little but was still visibly upset at the last several hours of her life. They ate in silence, neither wanting to upset the other.

The doorbell rang exactly at seven am and James let the two men into the house. Chloe knelt before them in presentation and they quickly locked wide steel cuffs on her wrists with a short chain between them locking her wrists behind her back. They added elbow cuffs with the same short chain and then added ankle cuffs with a longer chain before throwing a middle-eastern looking poncho over her head and the garment settled around her body, nearly touching the floor. The men then attached a chain leash to her collar and pulled, indicating she should stand and led her out of the house to a waiting SUV without a word spoken. Kira sobbed as Chloe walked out the door and a few tears fell down Chloe’s face as she exited the house, knowing she would never set foot on American soil again. The SUV raced down the street and out onto the highway. They drove for two hours before turning off to the small airport where Amir had brought her when she thought she had been sold to him the first time.

Chloe was ushered from the SUV into the airport and down the terminal, into the waiting private jet. Chloe recognized it as the same one she had flown here in just a few months ago. How her life had changed in one day was crazy, but she kept a brave face and followed obediently on her leash into the back area where she was ordered to sit and the seat belt wrapped around her waist. She waited quietly as the jet engines warmed up and then they took off, flying presumably to Amir’s home somewhere in the middle-eastern desert. Chloe suddenly realized she didn’t even know what country or if she would have to learn the language. She supposed that was a possibility but hadn’t given it much thought until just now. Of course, her grief and the whirlwind of her being sold the same evening that her Master had died contributed to her scattered thoughts.

After a few hours she was offered some food which she accepted and ate, drinking water and sitting quietly. They released her and allowed her to use the toilet, with nary a word being spoken. She wondered if any of the men spoke English. They re-cuffed her and put her back in her seat with the seat belt around her waist and Chloe was once again trapped until they decided to release her. It seemed odd that they had allowed her to remain covered in the poncho, but she did not complain, it was warmer with her skin covered the men had the air conditioning on pretty high, so Chloe would have been quite cold by the time they arrived. After a time she fell asleep, bored and exhausted by the events of yesterday. She probably would have slept more but her tortured thoughts kept her awake for a while.

Chloe awoke when the plane began its descent to land. The pressure in her ears woke her and she swallowed to relieve them. Finally the plane touched down smoothly and taxied to the terminal. She wondered if Amir would be there or if she would not see him until they reached his home. When the plane stopped the men came and unbuckled her seatbelt, tugging on her chain leash and Chloe stood to follow them off the plane. They led her outside in the oppressive heat to the waiting SUV and placed Chloe in the back seat, wrapping the seat belt around her before both climbed in the front seat and drove off down a bumpy dirt road. They drove for over half an hour, before they turned and pulled up in front of a large mansion near the edge of a town. Chloe was led into the mansion to the rear area before her poncho was removed and the men opened the doors into a large room.

In the room were many other beautiful women in various states of dress, some naked, some with gauzy clothing that really didn’t hide the woman’s charms but rather invited the ripping away of such faux coverings to access the beauty beneath. The men then spoke to one of the women, obviously the leader or head of the other slaves, in Arabic or something similar. The woman and two other women came and grabbed Chloe leading her further into the room, her bonds not removed. The lead woman unlocked Chloe and ordered her to do something but she had no idea what was said. A white woman with long dark hair came over and spoke.

“She ordered you to lie down on the table here, they will remove all of your hair,” the beautiful young woman said with a French accent.

“That’s not necessary, I had a special treatment and can never grow hair below my eyes ever again,” Chloe explained. The woman relayed this back to the Mistress.

“She doesn’t care, she wants to make sure, Master’s orders, they cannot be disobeyed or she will be punished,” the woman translated.

“What’s your name?” Chloe asked.

“My name is Zina, but my birth name is Simone, I am from France,” she replied. “I was kidnapped from my home over three years ago. I was sold to my Master shortly after and I have learned to be a good slave.”

“My name’s Chloe, but I don’t know if Master Amir will rename me or not,” Chloe said as she laid back on the table and two women began to examine her body for hair. A buxom young blonde woman walked over.

“Hi Chloe, I’m Cynthia, my Master did not rename me, I am from the United States also. I was kidnapped two years ago and brought here. It took me a while to adjust, and I have the marks to prove it, but if you obey and behave, it’s not too bad, but I wish I was back home,” Cynthia said.

“Hi Cynthia, nice to meet you,” Chloe said. “I guess I should explain. Unlike you two, oh – uh,” Chloe moaned as the women examined her tight pussy, “I am here willingly, I am a natural submissive and slave, I have wanted this for the last several years. I found my true love and Master only a few months ago and we were very happy together, unnggghh, until my Master’s former friend tried to kidnap me for the second time. He is dead, but my Master also died from his wounds. When I was kidnapped the first time, Master Amir helped my Master get me back and offered him a large sum of money to buy me. My Master was in love with me and naturally refused, but now that my Master is dead, my secondary Master sold me to him,” Chloe told the two women her story.

“Y – You want to be here?” Zina asked hesitantly.

“Yes,” Chloe replied.

“Why?” Zina asked as Chloe sighed.

“She just told you, she’s one of those sick freaks who gets off on all of this slave shit,” Cynthia spat out.

“Oh my, that is rather unusual. Maybe I am more like her than you,” Zina said.

“What, you enjoy being told what to do, when to do it, forced to have sex with whomever the Master decides?” Cynthia asked incredulously.

“Wi, I mean yes. It is very exciting to be found so desirable, is it not?” Zina asked.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t have to fake your orgasms,” Cynthia said.

“No, I do not fake orgasms, they are very real, I enjoy sex very much,” Zina responded.

“I used to when I had a loving boyfriend, but this bondage and slavery thing pisses me off,” Cynthia said growing louder and angrier.

“Shh, quiet down, you don’t want to be whipped again, do you?” Zina asked.

“Dammit, and here they bring in another American girl and I thought I might have a real friend, but you – ,“ Cynthia cut herself off mid-sentence as Amir walked in. All of the slave girls knelt and Chloe slipped off the table to kneel in front of Amir.

“Aaahh, Chloe you look as beautiful as ever,” Amir said in English and Cynthia looked up angrily.

“You didn’t even know I could speak your language, did you Cynthia?” Amira asked.

“No,” Cynthia responded.

“Master,” Chloe whispered toward her.

“M – Master,” Cynthia stammered.

“Too late, my pretty girl, you need another whipping to remind you of your place,” Amir said and then spoke to the Mistress who quickly grabbed Cynthia and drug her off to be whipped while she cried and protested, begging for Amir to have it stopped, but he did not relent.

“So how are you Chloe?” Amir asked as if carrying on a conversation with a friend.

“I am fine but sad Master,” Chloe replied.

“Quite understandable, Ben was a remarkable young man, I know he was too in love with you to be a good Master, but he tried,” Amir noted.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said.

“Were you clean-shaven when you arrived?” Amir asked.

“I will always be free of hair, my Master had me injected with a special treatment, I can never grow hair below my eyes ever again, Master,” Chloe replied.

“Interesting,” Amir said. “Have you been a good slave?”

“No Master, I came when Master James told me I was sold, please punish me Master,” Chloe said and she heard Zina gasp.

“Do you find that surprising Zina?” Amir asked.

“Yes Master, I cannot understand why she would request to be punished,” Zina replied.

“Chloe asked to be punished because she is a good slave, but not a perfect one. In a few months she will be and will become the Mistress of this harem. In the few hours I spent with her I knew that she was the slave I had been searching for all my life. One who places the desires of her Master above everything else, that is what makes a good slave. I will expect you to learn from her, just as she will be learning our language from you,” Amir explained.

“Yes Master,” Zina said, bowing her head then sneaking a quick glance at Chloe.

“Do you like her?” Amir questioned.

“Yes Master, I like her very much, I believe we will become good friends,” Zina answered.

“I think so too, teach her well and she will teach you how to bring out that inner slave I know is hiding inside you Simone,” Amir said, causing Zina to gasp, he had never called her by her real name.

“Are you giving me back my name, Master?” Zina asked.

“No, you are still Zina, but I knew you were a slave the moment I saw you, even before you were sold to me,” Amir replied.

“Yes Master,” Zina said with awe in her eyes as she looked at Amir and then at Chloe before bowing her head and adjusting her posture to match Chloe’s. Amir chuckled and then lifted her chin with his fingers to look into her eyes.

“Listen to Chloe, she will teach you how to become the slave you’ve always yearned to be,” Amir ordered.

“Yes Master,” Zina breathed huskily, her arousal obvious on her face and in her body language and with a wave of his hand Amir dismissed the slaves.

“Come with me Chloe,” Amir commanded and Chloe obeyed, following behind him as they left the slave quarters and went into the main house. She followed him into his chambers and he closed the door, locking it, they would not be disturbed. Chloe knelt in presentation; her breaths were heavy, almost panting in anticipation and need, her naked breasts heaving, her thighs slick with her arousal.

“Which do you prefer, slave, to be fucked or punished first?” Amir asked.

“Whatever you wish, Master,” Chloe responded.

“Very good, slave, I had thought you might prefer to be fucked before being punished, but I see that I was right about you,” Amir said as he grabbed her wrists and pulled Chloe to her feet before wrapping leather suspension cuffs around her wrists, then stringing her up by them so she was on her toes. Amir pulled out a whip and gave Chloe ten strokes without ceremony or count and Chloe tried not to cry out, but cried out softly on the last three before breaking down in tears. Amir ignored them and released her, not even bothering with her burning ass as he forced her down on the bed and began stuffing his cock into her well lubricated channel. Chloe moaned with both pain and arousal as he slammed home inside her. After a few strokes she was crying out in her need.

“Yes Master, oh please, fuck me harder Master, YES! Oh yes!” Chloe cried and then nearly shrieked as she orgasmed the entire situation coming home to her. She was now a real slave, she was being fucked by her Master and he had made her cum, relieving her pent up pain, sorrow, stress and fear. She was home where she belonged in bondage to a true Master who would mold her into the perfect slave. As they came down from their coitus and Amir slipped out of her, Chloe dropped to her knees and cleaned his cock of their combined juices, licking and sucking him clean, bringing him back to full hardness. She took him fully into her throat, swallowing him to the hilt, her nose in his pubic hair, his balls on her chin and Amir came again, straight down her throat as she growled.

“Ah my beautiful slave, you are going to be the death of me,” Amir moaned as he sunk onto the bed. Chloe gently licked and sucked him clean, making Amir hard again, his large dick at nearly full staff again. He rested as Chloe ministered to his now pulsing phallus, fully ready to take her again. “Aaaah, you fiendishly skilled woman, I can’t wait until you teach my other slaves how to be the slave you are. Come, up on the bed, on your hands and knees, I will take your final hole and make you mine forever.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said breathily as she quickly assumed the ordered position. Ben had never liked taking her in the ass, but Chloe enjoyed it because in her mind it so eloquently bespoke her position as just a slave, a thing to be used for the Master’s pleasure. Amir knelt behind her and then stood on the floor, pulling Chloe to the edge of the bed so he could fuck her again. He stuffed his throbbing cock into her sopping pussy and then pulled out smearing her juices on her ass. He thrust in again, drawing more of their combined moisture to lubricate her tightest hole. First he speared her somewhat gently as Chloe relaxed and opened her anus to him, but then he suddenly thrust in deeply, almost to the hilt, pulling back enough to plunge in fully causing Chloe to cry out in both pain and pleasure of equal measure. Amir grabbed her big tits and using them as handles thrust into her with all his might, chasing his third orgasm. Chloe cried out in pain but it was mixing with the pleasure and she built to an incredible climax as Amir continued rutting into her. She came again a second time as Amir sprayed her guts with his seed and Chloe collapsed onto the bed, Amir on top of her making it hard to breathe, but she was content, her need satiated.

Amir slipped out of her as his cock shrunk but Chloe did not turn to clean him as she had earlier. Amir laid there beside her on his back and regained his breath and strength while Chloe did the same. When he had recovered and looked down at his shrunken cock Amir looked at it as if puzzled and Chloe turned, wondering what was troubling him.

“Why did you not clean off my cock after I fucked your ass, slave?” Amir asked gently, not angry.

“I once offered to do it for Master Ben, but he would not let me, saying it was unsanitary and could make me sick or even die. I did it once, catching him off guard and then was sick all morning, I have not done it since. Do you wish for me to clean my shit from your cock, Master?”

“I have only one slave who does that for me, and she has been sick often, perhaps that is the reason.”

“It is possible, Master.”

“Chloe, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of fucking. I do not like your name, and if you are to be my first slave, the women will not accept you with your current name. I name you Jamila and make you my first slave. The other slaves will hate you for it, but fear me enough to leave you alone. You must learn the language and I will have Zina teach you. I suspect it will be a good experience for both of you. I believe you are just the woman to bring out the slave I know is hiding inside her. Cindy is another story, she hates it when I call her that and continues to insist I call her Cynthia, even after I whipped her myself. I believe you can finally crack her shell and get her to accept her place as my slave. No, she will never be a willing slave like yourself, but she will learn to please me as I command.”

“Thank you Master, I hope I am able to live up to your expectations.”

“I’m sure that you will, Jamila.”

“What does it mean, Master?”

“Jamila means beautiful woman, slave.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Why are you thanking me?”

“Thank you for giving me such a wonderful name, Master.”

“How could I give the most beautiful woman I have ever seen anything but a complimentary name.”

“Yes Master, could I ever fall out of favor and become a lower slave?”

“Of course, that is always a possibility, a slave should always strive to please her Master and make him want to keep her as first slave.”

“Of course, Master. When may I start training your slaves?”

“In the morning, now use the toilet and clean yourself up, then come to bed my Jamila, I may want to fuck you again,” Amir ordered and Jamila (formerly Chloe) scurried to do his bidding. She returned to the bed to find her Master had washed his cock and put on a pair of boxers, reclining on the bed smiling broadly at her.

“I can’t believe I have you. I’m sorry for your loss Jamila, but I am so thrilled that you are here now with me.”

“Thank you Master, will you go easy on me because I am your favorite?”

“No, definitely not, you must be an example to my other slaves, you may be treated more harshly, but if I read you correctly, you will thoroughly enjoy it.”

“Yes Master, my former Master was sometimes too kind to a slave and needed to be reminded that he was the Master.”

“Aaah, it was as I thought, Ben enjoyed having you and loved you too much, he didn’t realize he was not doing himself or you any favors by being kind. A woman like you desires a strong hand, you will receive that here, I assure you.”

“Thank you Master,” Jamila said as she snuggled down next to Amir, kissing his jaw and his powerful chest.

“Oh, does my slave love her Master?”

“If you so desire it I will love you Master.”

“But it will be a pretend love.”

“No Master, I never pretend, I am very fond of you already, I could easily love you.”

“If I ordered you to love me, you would?”

“Yes Master, love is a decision you make in your heart. I could decide to love you and it would be so.”

“You are amazing, Jamila!”

“So my first Master told me Master.”

“Go to sleep my Jamila,” Amir commanded as he pulled the light blanket over their entwined bodies and Jamila was asleep in less than a minute. Amir marveled at the incredibly beautiful slave girl now sleeping on his chest, she was not only beautiful but so submissive and nearly a perfect slave, it would be easy to mold her to his will, she would willingly do it herself to please him, he need but say the word. He almost woke her to take her again but thought better of it and fell asleep to the rhythm of her steady breathing.


Six months later Jamila had learned the language and how to please Amir in ways he never dreamed possible. Being a very perceptive slave, she read even his bodily signals to the point where she can make him cum in a matter of minutes, or even less if they have not had sex in a few hours. Jamila is the Mistress of all the slaves and has taught Zina (formerly Simone) to become the slave Amir knew she could be. She is almost as good as Jamila and has risen to second slave behind her.

Amir is pleased and has called them into his office for a Zoom call. They are both naked, kneeling with their permanent collars around their necks. The other slaves are jealous of them and have learned a great deal from Jamila. The Zoom call opened and Master Amir greeted the young man on the screen, Jamila recognized him and his slave immediately.

“Hello James, how are your investments coming along?” Amir asked.

“Very well Amir, I have almost doubled the money you paid me for Chloe, I see she is in the room with you, may my slave speak with her?” James requested.

“Of course, but please understand she will not respond to that name any longer, she has been renamed Jamila,” Amir replied.

“Hi Chloe,” Kira smiled, coming closer to the camera.

“My name is Jamila, as my Master has seen fit to call me,” she responded and Kira gasped. Around Jamila’s neck she saw the new collar with her new name on it, along with Master Amir’s name. It was bejeweled with sapphires that matched her eyes and red stones that matched her flaming hair. Her septum, nipples and clit were pierced, and her tongue pierced as well. “How have you been Kira?”

“I am wonderful, Master has been amazing and strong, just like a good Master should be. He forces me to orgasm over and over, it is incredible,” Kira replied. “How are you doing?”

“I am doing well, I am Master’s first slave and I love him. I am in charge of the rest of the slaves, teaching them and keeping them in line. My Master is pleased with the performance of my duties,” Jamila responded with a smile. “Would you like to see my new brand?”

“Yes – oh my, it is beautiful,” Kira gasped appreciatively upon seeing the brand, it was a lovely mark of Master Amir’s initials in Arabic.

“Yes, my Master placed it upon me my first week here,” Jamila explained. “I think I had best go, I do not wish to anger my Master by monopolizing his call.”

“Alright, um, Jamila, we just wanted to make sure that you were alright and happy with your choice,” Kira said.

“I am very happy as my Master’s slave, he is a better Master than I deserve, but I have been fortunate to be his first slave. I am glad to see that Master James has become such a dominant Master and that you are happy. Thank you for checking up on me,” Jamila said.

“Are you satisfied James?” Amir asked.

“Yes Amir, thank you, it seems that Chloe, um, I mean Jamila is very happy,” James replied.

“I assure you she is. She should be since she is my favorite,” Amir said with a chuckle. “Do you wish to invest in my business, James? I am sure I could increase your profits.”

“Not right now, maybe later, I seem to be on a roll right now and have a great tip on some American oil and natural gas,” James replied. “Goodbye Amir, and thanks again.”

“Anytime my friend,” Amir said, ending the call.

“Thank you Master, I appreciate your kindness,” Jamila said.

“I did not do it for you, I did it for James,” Amir stated.

“Yes Master,” Jamila acknowledged.

“Are you ready for use, slave?” Amir asked.

“Oh yes, Master, please use your slave in whatever way you see fit,” Jamila replied as her pussy glistened with her juices.

“I see you do not lie, slave, that is good for you, I do not tolerate lying slaves,” Amir said.

“Oh no, Master, I would never lie to you, I am indeed ready to receive your manhood in whichever hole you desire,” Jamila said.

“Yes, I see that. Zina you are dismissed,” Amir said.

“Oh please Master, let me stay and help Jamila please you,” Zina begged.

“Not tonight, though I am pleased that you wish to stay, you have become the slave I knew you could be,” Amir said with a wave of his hand.

“Yes, thank you Master,” Zina said as she slipped from the room.

Amir cuffed Jamila to the bed and fucked her in every hole, forcing several orgasms from her as she cried out in ecstasy. Amir never gagged her, he wanted the other slaves to be jealous of her and her incredible passion. When they finally exhausted themselves they laid down together on the bed, Jamila’s arms still bound behind her as she rubbed her nipples against Amir’s chest.

“Oh Master, please keep me like this always,” Jamila pleaded.

“Always, my Jamila, always,” Amir agreed.

The End


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