The Cheerleader Ponygirl

by Ponygirl Sarah

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© Copyright 2008 - Ponygirl Sarah - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; kidnap; bond; leather; ponygirl; reluct; X

Sarah was just a cute little High school cheerleader when she stumbled onto Sir Jeff’s website about ponygirls.  She was from a small farming town in the south, and being the curious girl, she started searching for more information.

She spent many nights combing the internet for information, stories, pictures, and other useful information.  She found out all about the training and stable lives of ponygirls, and as she learned more, she wanted to experience it for herself.

Finally, as summer vacation was starting, she decided to be bold, and sat down on her computer, and wrote a letter to be posted on some websites dealing with ponygirls.  She sent it out, along with her address and phone number, hoping to come across someone who could give her some experience as a ponygirl.  Little did she know what was going to happen to her.

Day 1- Capture

Sarah awoke and decided she was going to go work out on her cheerleading routines.  She showered and dressed in her blue and white uniform, then left her apartment.  She walked down the road towards the school, intending on using the woods to make her trip shorter.

As she entered the woods, 2 men jumped out from behind some trees, and quickly grabbed her, forcing her to the ground and quickly tying her hands behind her back, and stuffing a rubber ball gag into her mouth.

Sarah felt herself lifted and tossed into the back of a van.  The men took off down the road, while Sarah lay on the floor, trying to escape her bonds.  One of the men came back to her struggling form, and started removing her cheerleader uniform.  He started with her sneakers and socks, and then he removed her skirt and blue cheer panties.  Once her lower half was nude, he tied her legs together, and then he untied her arms, to remove her top and bra.  Sarah tried to resist, but the man spanked her ass till she was unable to prevent herself from being stripped.  When he was done stripping her, he hogtied Sarah for the remainder of the trip.

Chapter 2- Arrival and dressing out

The van stopped after what seemed like a week on the road.  Sarah was taken out of the van and taken to a large building.  Sarah recognized it as a barn. She was placed on a table, where she was tied now, with her arms and legs spread.  The men came in with some paper and tape measures, and Sarah found herself being measured all over.

Soon, she saw one of the men coming back from a room, carrying many items of leather.  She felt her ankle being untied, and a boot was slid up her foot, and secured.  The men did the other foot, then took her off the table, and secured her arms above her head.  Sarah felt a leather harness encircle her body, and watched as the men fastened the straps around her body.  The straps went over her shoulders, in a v pattern, connecting to a strap that went under her breasts.  There was a second belt around her waist, and a strap dangling behind her.  Her breasts were slightly raised by the tit strap.

Sarah wondered what the other strap was for, but soon figured it out, as one of the men bent her over, while the other went behind her.  She felt the man behind her spread something on her rosebud, then a building pressure till something slid inside her.  She squealed from behind her ball gagged mouth, but the men ignored her.  The men straitened her up, then fastened the strap between her legs, pulling it tight into her pussy.

Sarah then had her arms lowered, and placed behind her back, into a single sleeve mitt.  Her ball gag was removed, but before she could protest, a metal bit was placed in her mouth, and a leather bridle was fastened around her head.  Two reigns were fastened to the ends of the bit, and Sarah was led out of the barn, to a robotic walking machine.

Sarah struggled, but without her arms and the strange boots on her, and the tugging on the reigns, Sarah had no choice but to follow the men to the machine.

Chapter 3 - Sarah becomes Morning Beauty

Sarah was taken to the machine, and connected to one of the arms.  Her bridle made an effective gag, as the only noises she could make were that of a pony.  The men went to a control box, and entered in the time, and then the machine started.  The men told Sarah to keep her knees coming up, or she would feel a crop, and sure enough, she felt the crop strikes, till she was lifting her knees high.  She was kept on the machine all night and the next day, before being taken back into the barn.

Sarah was led into a stall, but before she entered, the men showed her the door, on which was a nameplate reading “Morning Beauty, age 18, F”.  Sarah looked at it dumbly, till one of the men said that was her new name.  She blinked, and then shivered in fright.  She didn’t want to be a pony forever.  But the men pushed her into the stall, and then locked the door.  Sarah paced the stall, looking for anything to help her escape, but without any luck.

Her training continued for almost a month, before the ranch owner came to see her.

The man was about 6’2, and looked to be in excellent physical shape.  Sarah looked at him through a small barred window in her stall, and was surprised when he came into her stall, and removed her bit.

“Please let me go, Sir”.  Sarah said, in a weak voice.  The man looked at her, and smiled.

“Morning Beauty, you are my ponygirl.  I will do with you what I want.  However, I also know that you are on the local High School cheerleading squad.  And I happen to like watching all of you girls doing your cheers.  I am willing to allow you to retun to your school in the fall, to continue to cheerlead, provided you promise to follow some rules I will give you.  Are you interested?”

Sarah blinked at the man, then quickly nodded her head yes.

“Good girl.  Well here are the rules should you want to go out and back to school.  First off, know this; I am friends with the local police sheriff, and the school principle.  They both come out to my farm to watch the ponies put through their paces.  They report to me about any problems that arise, and would have no problem returning you to me if you decide to tell anyone of this.  Now, as for you returning to school for the fall, I am willing to let you return to the school, provided you can convince two of your cheerleading friends to come visit my farm.  They are going to become ponies, like you.  During the summer, they will join you in this barn, and go through the same training you do.  And before you ask, part of your release is that you must return here during your breaks.  Failure to do so will result in you being kept here for the remainder of your life.”

Sarah listened to the man speak, and after listening to the offer, she decided to take it.  After all, she knew she could trick two of the girls to come with her.  It wasn’t that hard for a senior to bring two of the younger girls to a party.  And what a surprise it would be for them. 


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