The Check Up

by Gincrack

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© Copyright 2013 - Gincrack - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; chair; drug; bond; strip; gag; tease; toys; climax; cons/nc; X

Suzzanne pulled into the parking space and stopped the car, she checked the clock, it was 5, 40 pm, five minutes before her appointment. As always Suzzanne had left booking her dental check up until the last minute and she had been pleased when the receptionist said she had the last appointment of the afternoon left. She would have her check up and then home and finish that bottle of wine!

Putting her handbag into the boot Suzzanne pressed the key fob twice and the indicators flashed twice and there was an audible clunk as the car locked, she turned and walked across the car park to wards the brightly lit back door to the dental surgery. As she walked she looked up, the sky was clear and darkening, a few stars were appearing and there was a definite chill in the air. Cars passed the entrance to the car park but hers was the only car visible and there was no one about. Opening the heavy door she was met by a wall of warm air and she squinted as the bright light hit her eyes. Suzzanne crossed the waiting room to the reception desk, behind the desk sat a young woman, filing her well manicured nails, and she looked up at Suzzanne and continued to chew her gum. “Hi, Miss Midsummer, I’m here for my quarter to five appointment”.

The woman looked down and tapped on her keyboard, after a few seconds, she answered, “Yes I’ve got you here, last appointment today, take a seat please”. Suzzanne turned, the waiting room was empty, and she walked towards the seat next to the table with the neat piles of magazines. As she sat down the receptionist spoke, “I’m afraid it’s not your normal dentist today, he’s unfortunately went sick suddenly this morning but the locum agency where able to send us a replacement really quickly”.

“That’s OK” Suzzanne replied “I’m only here for a check up” and she quickly picked up a magazine, she didn’t really want to chat.

Before she could read the front cover a voice called “Suzzanne Midsummer” and she looked up and saw a white smocked dental nurse in the door. As she rose the nurse continued “this way please” and disappeared through the door. Suzzanne followed her down the corridor and saw her disappear through a door at the far end. As Suzzanne entered the surgery she smelt the sharp antiseptic odour and harsh light seemed stronger and brighter than usual, but she dismissed it, she had never been in this treatment room before.

The dentist sat with his back to the door, he was making notes and the nurse gestured Suzzanne towards the dental couch before turning towards the counter top and arranging a group of instruments there. Suzzanne moved to the couch and sat down on it swivelling her legs around and leaning back until she felt the head rest behind her, she wriggled up the chair until she was comfortable crossing her arms across her lap. The dentist was still making notes, she twisted her head briefly, he was sitting behind her right shoulder.

The nurse continued to adjust the instruments and Suzzanne noted with some puzzlement that she was wearing high heeled white platform shoes, Suzzanne would have preferred a pair in black or red and as her eyes moved up her legs she noted how short her white dress was and it was very fitted, in fact it was stretched very tightly across the girl’s rounded bottom and as she moved back and forward along the counter top Suzzanne was sure she saw a flash of stocking top!

Suzzanne continued to watch the nurse work fascinated by her attire, the more she watched the more she realised the girl was dressed almost as a caricature of dental nurse, high hells, stockings, short tight dress, plentiful bust, red lipstick and heavy eye makeup, a small white cap she hadn’t noticed before was pinned above her blond ponytail which swung from side to side as she moved! The room was very brightly lit and the light glinted off the instruments she was handling, the instruments looked different, not like she had seen her dentist use before.

Suddenly she was aware of the dentist behind her, he had turned around and was leaning in over her, adjusting the operating light, it flashed across her eyes and she blinked and as she looked up she could see her mouth open automatically in the reflection in the glass. Suzzanne could smell the dentist’s cologne (nice!) and hear his breathing as his latex gloved hand moved across her face, his index finger traced its way across her top front teeth whilst the other hand held the small examination mirror. She rolled her eyes upwards to catch a glimpse of him but apart from dark hair and grey eyes his face was covered by a paper mask.

His hands and fingers moved briskly around her mouth and he spoke in monosyllables in an accent she didn’t recognise as he examined each of her teeth in turn. Suzanne’s eyes strayed back to the nurse, she had turned and was facing the couch, her manicured finger was touching the corner of her slightly open mouth and her gaze was on Suzanne’s legs. Suzzanne crossed her ankles instinctively and there was a brief sizzling sound as her stockinged legs rubbed together. The nurse gave a slight gasp and turned away realising Suzzanne had seen her.

As quickly as it had begun the dentist removed his fingers and instruments from Suzanne’s mouth and started to speak “You need a filing, I’ll give you a short anaesthetic” and he leant in again this time his left hand moved across Suzanne’s chest and his right hand brought a small clear silicone mask down over her nose. She felt the weight of his arm across her and the mask cover her nose, she wanted to protest but she his sudden movement had startled her and she had taken a deep breath of the gas. Her head began to swim and the dentist’s voice sounded far away, she wanted to stop him but she couldn’t raise her arms and as she glanced down she could see the nurse had moved in and was firmly holding her wrists down. The gas was beginning to take hold now and she was aware of consciousness slipping away, the edges of her vision began to go dark and then close in and she watched as she slipped backwards down a narrowing tunnel into darkness…


Suzzanne was aware of the sound of movement but her world was still dark and then slowly the curtains of unconsciousness began to draw back and Suzzanne was again aware of bright lights above her. Her body felt warm all over. As she slowly opened her eyes she saw the ceiling of the treatment room, it was all over! She tried to move, to raise herself up but she seemed fixed to the couch, her arms and legs would not move and as awareness returned that changed to could not move!

She lifted her head to identify the obstruction and saw to her astonishment she was held on the couch by wide leather straps. A three inch wide strap crossed her chest across her shoulders, another crossed her stomach and held her arms by her sides, individual narrower straps fixed each wrist to the couch, a strap across her hips held her pelvis down and straps at her knees and ankles held her legs spread down either edge of the couch. She struggled and noticed her breast wobble!! Christ! She was naked except for her black hold ups.

She looked across and saw her clothes folded neatly on a chair, her shoes placed underneath. She went to cry out but heard only an incomprehensible sound, she tried again! Everything was happening so fast and as she tried take on board what had happened, what was happening she realised was she was gagged. She looked up into the operating light and saw in the reflection a thick black rubber band covering her lower face and in her mouth she could feel a soft rubber intrusion filling her mouth. As her tongue explored she realised it had a familiar shape!!

Panic gripped her and Suzzanne struggled, tugging and pulling against the restraints that bound her to the couch, but it was clear there was no give or escape. Her breaths came quickly, she was hyperventilating and she fought to regain her composure. Her breathing slowed and she tried to assess her situation. Lifting her head she looked slowly down her body. She had been stripped; her big firm 36D breasts rose and fell with her breathing, her eyes continued down, the strap across her hips prevented her flexing her hips and her legs were spread and she knew that her neatly trimmed pussy would be on display to anyone who cared to look. More straps covered her stockinged legs and her ankles were fastened to the corners of the couch meaning there was no way she could close her legs to protect herself, she wriggled her nylon clad feet back and forth testing the leg and ankle straps!

She twisted her head round to survey the room; she was alone but could hear unintelligible voices from the corridor and sounds of movement. She struggled again pulling at the wrist straps, nobody knew she was here, she had only booked the appointment that morning and she was going home to an empty house, or was she, what did they plan to do with her?

The nurse walked back into the room ignoring the naked form strapped to the couch, Suzzanne protested through the gag but the nurse moved to the end of the room and proceeded to snap on a pair of clear latex gloves, she then moved to a tall cupboard and unlocked and opened one of the doors, Suzzanne could not get a view inside, but she did not have a good feeling about it. The dentist also returned closing the treatment room door, Suzzanne felt the panic rising again and fought to maintain her composure, he stood at the foot of the chair and looked his captive up and down, he still wore his mask and Suzzanne blushed as his grey eyes roamed over her body lingering on her breasts and pussy.

She could she his eyes smile as he gently nodded his head in appreciation and then she felt a spreading warmth between her legs. She was stripped, gagged and strapped to a dentist chair by 2 strangers and she was getting turned on! She protested again from behind the gag, pulling at the straps, the dentist just smiled again and moved next to her head and he reached down and as his hand came into view she saw he was holding a black rubber bulb attached to the gag by a length of black tubing. He squeezed the bulb twice and Suzzanne felt the object in her mouth grow bigger and her eyes widened and she moaned loudly again, two more pumps and Suzanne’s cheeks bulged and she realised it was wise to stop complaining.

Suzzanne glanced back at the nurse; she had moved away from the cupboard and was setting up a video camera and tripod to one side of the bottom of the couch looking up along Suzzanne’s prostrate body. My God! Whatever they had in mind they were going to film it and she tugged uselessly at the straps twisting her wrists and ankles all the time aware and ashamed of the feeling between her spread thighs. Suzzanne watched the nurse aim the camera and set the focus, it was clear her pussy was centre shot.

The dentist reached down and his gloved hand cupped Suzzanne’s breast squeezing it gently but firmly before his rubber covered thumb and forefinger gripped her nipple and he pinched and pulled it before rolling it between his digits. Suzzanne gasped and tried in vain to arch her back in response to the pain and pleasure he caused her. He watched her reactions and continued to play for a few minutes before his hand began to slide down her body. He let his fingers trail over the soft skin of her stomach until his finger reached her soft neatly trimmed patch. She tried to move away but the straps held her firm. His fingers played for a while in her fur before moving down and gently stroking the lips of her sex.

She twisted and turned throwing her head back against the chair and mewling softly into the gag. The Dentist’s focus was clearly between her legs as his fingers slowly parted her sex to expose her soft pink, in a second he would know her secret. Suzzanne was wet and his finger slid easily along her slit and into her pussy, she blushed red and lay perfectly still. Slowly he circled his finger several times before withdrawing it and holding it up to his face. The latex coated finger glistened with Suzzanne’s excitement. He extended his finger towards the nurse and she nodded with approval.

Despite her situation Suzzanne was very aroused, her pussy felt warm and slick and her nipples where proud. Without a change of expression the Dentist moved to the instrument attachments and pulled over a jointed arm so that it was positioned over Suzzanne’s spread thighs. The nurse now returned to the cupboard and returned holding a chrome object around 8 inches long with the diameter of coke bottle, the sides of the device were made up of deep vertical ridges and the top was rounded and blunt. Suzzanne knew instantly what is was and pulled against her restraints, now she realised why they were so tight. The Nurse handed the device to the dentist who attached it with a loud click to the end of the jointed arm; the device pointing obscenely towards Suzanne’s spread wet sex.

The nurse now came alongside the bound woman and bent forward to attach a device to each of her pink nipples. The devices like little chrome domes had a clip inside that locked tightly over the nipples pulling the dome down against the skin. Suzzanne wriggled but could not prevent the clips from biting her nipples and she let out a little moan.

The dentist now manipulated the arm until the device was now pointing up between Suzzanne’s thigh and he gently edged it forward until the blunt tip touched her glistening pussy, he waited a second and gradually began to push the device into her. Suzzanne lifted her head and could see the shiny object that was pushing against her, she tried to say no and she shook her head, but he was focused on his task and ignored her plaintive moans. Slowly the blunt tip parted her pink sex and then easily slid into her filling her pussy. Suzzanne was fully aware as it stretched her and she could feel the deep ridges as it slid in to the hilt and she jumped as it hit the top of her vault. The dentist now tightened up the joint to firmly fix the arm and device in place and she could see the look in his eye as he admired his handy work the thick chrome object surrounded by her stretched pink lips.

Now they both stepped back and the nurse moved behind the camera and Suzzanne saw the little record recording light flick on and she felt a surge of warmth. Next the dentist adjusted a dial on the control console and pressed a small button. Suzzanne jumped as the nipple devices began to emit small electric shocks to her breasts feeling like small pricking bites. She started to struggle tugging at the wrist straps and the dentist leant forward and gave 2 quick pumps on the gag and upped the shocks through her nipples, she stopped moving trying to resist the conflicting sensation she was feeling.

Returning to his console the dentist adjusted several controls before pressing another button and suddenly Suzzanne felt a reaction from the device filling her pussy. It didn’t vibrate but she was aware of waves of sensations penetrating deeply into her pussy, thighs, buttocks and stomach. She instinctively tried to flex her hips and to thrust against the device but she was too tightly restrained. I was a very strange feeling but immensely pleasurable and she felt her response building, rolling her head back and squeezing her eyes shut going with the waves of pleasure then she remembered what was happening and tried to resist, grunting into the gag and trying the push the device out. The dentist moved a dial and the intensity of the sensations increased and her resistance crumbled and instead of struggling her body began to move gently and slowly writhing in the straps as she made low mewing sounds through the gag. All the time the camera recorded her pleasure and knowing this only heightened her arousal.

Slowly the waves of pleasure build until her mind was spinning as the first orgasm swept over her , Suzzanne twisted and turned grunting and mewling until after a minute or so it subsided and she lay loosely in the straps all resistance gone.

Deliberately the Dentist twisted the dial up a notch and Suzanne’s eyes snapped open and looked pleadingly at him. Her pussy was now very sensitive and her sex was pink and engorged around the device, her clitoris poking from between the folds but the stimulation continued the deep penetrating waves of pleasure and the sharp biting nipple shocks. Quickly Suzzanne felt her next orgasm building; sweat now glistened on her top lip and between her breasts. She looked at the nurse who continued to stand impassively behind the camera. What was it with these two she thought, I’m bound and naked, helpless too their will and being forced to come and they show no signs of anything!!

Then the next orgasm crashed over her and she strained upwards against the straps and would have screamed if not for the inflated latex filling her mouth, instead she produced a long guttural moan before slumping back into the couch spent.

Again he re adjusted the control and as Suzzanne felt the change she tried to say no shaking her head but she got no response from her tormentors. So that was their plan they were going to orgasm her to death and film her demise. This time as the sensation coursed through her body the pleasure was mixed with discomfort as her over stimulated sex complained. Beads of sweat no formed on her skin and the couch between her thighs demonstrated a growing puddle as her juices trickled down between her buttocks.

Suzzanne’s third orgasm came quickly now and was as painful as pleasurable, her body squirming and twisting, her eyes rolling back in her head, she moaned low and long into the gag clenching her fists and holding her breath until it passed. Her eyes where glazed now , her awareness of what was going on around her diminished, she lifted her head and met the eyes of the dentist his hand hovering over the console ready to move to the next level before her head flopped back and rolled to the side.

Suzzanne was cold and it was dark. As her senses returned she realised she was sitting slumped in the driver seat of her car in the car park. Cars rumbled by in the road and she quickly looked towards the surgery now in total darkness. The clock said 9.36. What had just happened?


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