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King vs. Pawn.

Peter is it? That what your driver license says.

Sorry about the tazer. I have your accomplice. As you can see, she failed. But more about her later. Unfortunately I cannot let you go. Nor do I have any information about your level of involvement in all of this.

But I will.

You're in my private dungeon. My testing area for all sorts of ways to extract information. That is what I do. I won't bore you with details. But I am paid to do nasty things to bad people to protect god and country.

I hate to say this but in a way I am delighted to see if some of my more inventive ways will work on you. Killing you is not in my nature. But if you die. Well so be it.

I saw you follow me. No doubt you were the back up and pick up for June. Lovely girl. It would have been better if you where in a cab or less conspicuous car. A Corvette in black. Mostly people buy the red. A car like that is meant to be seen. I know every vehicle in my neighborhood and yours stood out like a sore thumb.

I put on a simple disguise and lured you out with the pretext of talking about your car. Personalized license plates. Please. That told me you were very proud to own it and would take the opportunity to yammer away showing what a big dick you where.

I have your car stored away. If you must know. Not that you will ever drive it again.

I found the rifle and shotgun. Packed Bags. And the .45 in glove box. Trip for two for Maui. Very nice.

My overall plans for you are to find out what you know. Please try to resist. Giving up too soon may be worse for you. I needed a valid test subject. Fate is a fickle mistress is she not. I was wondering if my contact would furnish me one. Then I would have to fly out to meet my new volunteer when lo and behold. I have been given one right here. Much more convenient don’t you think.

Once I am satisfied with the information and it is collaborated with your female accomplice. We'll discuss your future. If you have one.

Right now I have to go back home and meet my wife. I am sure she will be back from her trip in New York anytime time soon hoping to find my dead body. So while you are chained hand and foot. Naked as a jaybird. Just think what I can do to you. Oh if you need to shit. The leash will just let you reach the drain. So at least be cooperative in that respect. Me having to clean up after you will not endure you any favor.

Water is in the other corner dripping away. Sorry no food.

Not that you can eat with the gag I have secured on you. The ball gag has a little hole to funnel water in and muzzle you. Not that anyone can hear you.

I find the preparation is the key. A few days without eating. The constant dripping of the water. Placing the subject in chains and being made naked. Plus the room will change temperature randomly. From to a chilling sixty degrees to a near unbearable one ten. The lights will flash on off. You will be blasted with sound or deafening silence. Time has no meaning here.

These motivators as I call them will put you in a more susceptible mood. They help me in small way you may not be able to see.

In a way this will test you too. You may find hidden things about yourself you did not know. Weaknesses and strengths. What layers will I find and you discover?

That is the most amazing part. I will not kill you but often my subject wish I would. My telling you I will not kill you removes my one ace. It gives them hope. But that is an illusion. Knowing I will not kill them means they have a chance at life. Once they give that up they are left with no where to run. They do not want to live and cannot die.

Rather a interesting quandary is it not. Like not able to reach heaven but trying to keep from falling into hell. In limbo of the soul I call it.

I wonder which way you will fall. Will you cling to false hope. Or plead for death. What about sex? Turn you into some male whore. The possibilities are endless as my patience.

Goodnight Peter.

King vs. Bishop.

Wake up June. It is June. No matter. Its been a few days and we have not chatted since then.

I know you have been tied up as of late. Sorry about the pun.

You have not ate and only had water to drink. Your chain leash and handcuff along with leg irons have kept you restrained in my private workspace. Sorry about the ball gag. But let me do the talking for a while.

Now we are going to have some long talks you and I. I will know everything about you. Then we can decide what to do with you.

Now I enjoyed our little game. The most fun night I had in years. You made a few critical mistakes.

First. I am suspecting your plan was to seduce me. I would take you home. My home. Where you would then use your gun to force me to access my study. Have me open the safe. Then kill me.

But you like playing cat and mouse. You like the thrill. The high it gives you. The feeling of control. I know that feeling well. All too well.

Your first mistake was addressing me by my real name. I usually am the wall flower in the corner of the room. I play act a university professor because of the nearby college. I pretend to read and take notes. What I am is studying people. They know me there as Joe. No one knows my real name.

You tried to engage me. I was intrigued since you knew my real name. So I played along. During our conversation you always directed it back towards me. Never giving me a complete answer to my questions.

You where also ignoring anyone who looked at you. You were dressed a little too nice for the bar. I asked if you where at the college. You said no. But you gave me a line that you where waiting for a friend. As we chatted for almost two hours you managed to make the suggestion that we go to my place. Once I agreed. Wanting to see where this would go. You left for the ladies room to call your friend. You left your handbag on the table. I felt it. I could feel the shape of a gun. I did not move or open the bag. You had my curiosity pegged. Cop? Prostitute? Or some perhaps a rival wanting to take me out. Kidnapping or assassin. Oh yes. I was thrilled with the possibilities.

I spotted a black Corvette following us. This was going to be an evening. I suspected the option of a kidnapping was not going to be happening. A back up team in a corvette. Please. Nor could a cop afford such a car. At least one with any common sense.

Then as we entered the house and made yourself comfortable. I poured wine. I doctored yours. Roofies or Rohypnol.

As we drank you pointed to my study and addressed it as such. Only someone who was given a layout of my home would know that. You see my study is accessed by a concealed door. You have to look hard to know where it is from the rest of the wall. Oh the seams of the door are there. You do not see a door knob. So how did you spot it right away? Perhaps my wife gave you the layout.

You then produced the gun. I complied and you wanted me to open my safe. My wife has been in my study only to see me close the wall safe. I kindly reminded her to knock first. You pointed to the very wall where the safe is hidden. Only my wife would know that.

I played for time. When the drug finally hit you. You tried to shoot me. But the drug effects are fast acting.

Now you might not remember me handcuffing you. As a possible professional. You intrigue me in a personal and professional level.

To that end we are going to indulge in my more playful side. You going to be my little bondage doll. Your cooperation is not needed. I am going to place your feet in a very high heeled shoes. A ballet boot. I have your size. You will be standing for some time. The constant ache will only be one source of discomfort. I plan and binding your arm together so tightly your elbows will touch. Its called an arm binder.

A Hobble dress that barely allows you to walk has a hole in the front and back. You see that stand with the lower pole. That is your doll stand. The loop at the bottom holds the heels in place while the pole goes between your legs and is adjusted to make you stand on tip toe. Or you painfully must sit on it.

I will squeeze your waist and chest in a tight corset. Your breathing will be restricted. As well as your Neck movements. You will be given minor nourishment through your gag.

How long can you stand it… Pardon the pun.

We will see


King vs. Knight.

Hello David.

You are still groggy but that will pass. Don’t bother to get up. You're strapped down.

I know you seduced my wife or planted the idea of having me killed. It's been almost a over one year since your first attempt. I let the charade go on. I have had your assassin for the past year. She was very resilient. But in the end she confessed to what I suspected.

You must have thought that your contract killer took the money and run. That was what I wanted you to think.

You must be quite the stud to have wooed my wife. I understand you're also romantically seeing my wife's sister. I know who started this. But that is not going to help you.

You need not worry. I have your life all planned out. I have had a year to set things up.

To begin with. My background and business allows me to have access to people who do things that are... well lets say not normal. To that end I have a contacted a person who owns a ranch that caters to a special clientele.

To be blunt. I made you into a Pony boy.

Lets begin at the top and work our way down shall we. We transplanted flowing blond hair you seemed to have taken pride in. We removed it from the sides of your head and placed it down your back. Leaving you with a nice flowing mane of hair down to the middle of your back.

Then added a tail just above your rectum. Your ass will have nice matching tail. This is also from you head.

You cannot speak. You vocal cords have been cut or altered so you can only cough or whinny. We also did some dental work so a custom bit can be fitted into your mouth.

Your hands will not work right either. The tendons have been cut so you fingers will not move. They have now a natural tendency to curl around something and not let go. Not that will be an issue for later we plan to place false hooves over them. Hoof mitts they are called. Inside is bar that you fingers will grasp and that will be that.

As a favor. We did enhance your male feature. Oh yes you are quite the stud now. In fact any erection may be painful. But let's let nature take its course on that one.

As an added note. We injected you with a super hormone. It alters the libido in a way you will find out. It make Viagra look like a Flintstone chewable.

We surgically altered your feet. You have prosthetic hooves now. Complete with shoes. Nice shiny black ones. Your heels will never touch the ground again. After awhile you will not be able to think like a human at all.

Once at the ranch. A collar will be fitted to you to keep you inbound to the property. Much like those invisible dog fences.

You will spend your days doing what ever a horse does. Whatever your trainers or master want you to do. You life will become a routine. Pulling carts. Stallion fights. Racing. Powering the farm on a treadmill or walker. Whatever it is they want you to do. You will do it. Or be whipped. Your stud service will be a reward for good behavior.

Now I have been thinking of a horse name for you. Lets see...

You have such bright blue eyes. I think Brighteyes will do. Yes. Brighteyes it is. Tomorrow you will carted off to your new life.

As for your old one? Well a person answering your description was seen on a plane going to Rio. You and Marissa and my wife. All of whom conspired to defraud me. Had charted an airplane on the spur of the moment. Sadly it was lost on radar over the gulf.

So David. I expect you to live a long and fruitful life as a stud. I will receive reports from time to time how you are doing.

Enjoy your new life David. I know I will.


King vs. Rook.

Evening Marissa. Please do not get up. You cannot anyway.

One year ago my wife. Your sister sent an assassin to kill me and make it look like a burglary gone wrong. You also set her up with a lover. Some one you have been seeing for the past eighteen month. David is it? I am willing he was one side of the trap. You where the other.

You where the snake in my Garden of Eden.

You made David seduce my wife. Then he would slowly worm his poison into her. Poison provided by you.

Then you provided the assassin. I checked. You defend her in a trial. You got her off on a technicality.

Setting my wife to take the fall if anything went wrong or blackmail her if you needed too.

However your plan went south. I got your hired killer and for the past year she has enjoyed my company. Oh the things I learned from her. She is now my servant. My girl Friday as it where.

But lets move on.

The time and money on you are well worth it. I stewed for months on how my revenge is going to be placed on you.

I have near limitless resources and access to things you could barely comprehend. Killing you was just not satisfying enough.

So once I hit on the idea you where a snake. It all came together.

I have all you hair removed. It will not grow back. I surgically modified your face and tattooed the scales that cover your head and face. I removed all your teeth. Sorry. No fangs. You will be eating baby food from a dispenser. Your neck has a collar which seals and locks you in the suit I had made for you. At the base of your neck and spine are connected to a centipede like device. This exoskeleton will insure you crawl on you belly. It also connects you to a snake tail prosthetic. It is a part of your exoskeleton, You're almost triple your body length. Your are a brightly colored constrictor python. I took away your venom. But I did surgically modify your tongue. It now is a split tail forked tongue. I hope you like it.

Your arms also are scaled colored. I had your fingernails removed. I took away your weapons, your voice is gone. No vocal cords. You might manage a hiss. But that is about all.

I have a special glass cage for you made. I hope you like it. Very southwest. Little sand and a rock to warm yourself on when you need to.

You will slither on your belly for hours on end. Your tail will make you move. Like an itch you can not scratch. You will have to move about. Oh you might be able to rise up and balance on your coils. You will be able to shit and pee as normal. But you will never walk again. You have a access to the little water pool that is also your toilet. You'll want to use it because no one is coming in the cage to clean it.

Now that I have made you the snake that you are. I want to remind you that your mother will be under my care. So please keep that in mind. I know she likes me. The loss of her daughters may be a crushing burden. I will make sure that I was a loving son in law and not speak of the foul treachery that has become her two daughters legacy.

So have a good life. I know I will.


King vs. Queen.

“Hello darling. Do not try to speak. You cannot any way.”

“So you thought you would have me killed. A burglary no less. Shot while defending our home. But your assassins are under my control and so are you. Oh your lover. David. He is gone missing. As is your sister. Marissa. Did you know David and Marissa was the key to this whole plot. Oh they set you up. Quite nicely. Ready for you to take the fall if this plan went south.

I admire your balls in this scheme. For the last year I have been setting up my revenge and investigating all the little details. One by one I took your pieces from the board. I can play the long endgame and this is my checkmate.

I never would have thought of this from you. In our last three years of marriage. Murder by Proxy was the one thing I did not think you would do. Catchy title that is. I may have to write a book on it.

It was one year ago to this date you came home expecting me to be shot in my study. You were surprised to see me alive and well. I played dumb. You covered your surprise well. Then played the faithful wife until you could sort out what went wrong. Plan your next move. So while you covered your tracks I slowly did my homework.

You wanted everything I had. The money. The house. But our prenuptial agreement was the one thing that stood in your way. However if I died. You would get everything.

I never spoke much about my work and I allowed you to go on your girls night out every Friday while I conduct my own field trips.

You know I travel a great deal. I work for people that have no names. I am a psychologist and Medical doctor. I specialize in what makes people tick. I have a degree in genetics and robotics. I am a self made man. You were a simple art student that caught my eye and pleased me in every aspect of our lives.

You know of my foray into watering holes to observe people. Many times you watched me and how I was only faithful to you. I would dress down and have a book. The wallflower in the room. I know how to blend in.

My only caveat was for you to stay out of my study. The work I do is very sensitive. I told you I was a consultant and inventor. That is true.

Now on to how your life will be. As the drugs wear off. You will slowly come to feel that you cannot nor will ever walk. Your legs are fused together. At the base of your neck and spine are implants. There is a exoskeleton like a centipede going down the from your neck to your feet. The legs of the skeleton wrap around you allowing your movement to become like that of a dolphin for I made you into a mermaid. You have a nice dolphin tail too.

The covering of your skin of your suit is stronger than Kevlar and reacts with oxygen. It pulls oxygen through it allowing your real skin to breath, I had it colored like a goldfish. I noticed you like them.

You cannot rip or tear the suit off. The edges are surgically sealed plus the decorative bands at your wrist and neck ensure a good seal. There are other little surprises. But I will let you find those out as time goes on.

Now you may have seen the movie Abyss. The fluid they kept the mouse and in the final scene the diver. It has many names. It is called Liquid Emersion Diving.

If you can look to your right. You will see your new home. A very large fish tank complete with a little castle. You cannot speak because I had your vocal cord removed and you will be under water, so to speak. So talking is not an option any way.

Oh your disappearance will be easily explained. I hired a double of you to fly to a country with no extradition. You took a large sum of money you stole from me. Sadly the plane you chartered crashed.

But alas your poor mother will be devastated. I will support her out of the goodness of my heart. So keep that in mind as you swim about.

In such a oxygen rich environment. You will not age nor will any wrinkles appear because of the near zero-g environment. You will be fed and can excrete like normal. The tank will twice daily open its jets to full volume and clean the tank and you must swim against the current like a flume. I will have a fit and trim little fish.

I know you cannot run away. The tank will be sealed. You have no legs to speak of.

I hope you will be happy in your new life. I know I will.


Its been two years. My how the time has sped by.

Peter and June. You have both exceeded my expectations.

First Peter. I have received glowing reports upon your completion of your small arms training and that you have your pilots license for nearly all fixed wing aircraft and rotary. Combat driving school was also a success.

June. Your instructors in hand to hand say they will recover with only minor injuries to their pride. Your training in small and large arms as well as my methods have made you a valuable asset.

Now to work. Peter and June. You are now man and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt. I sure you will want to celebrate your honeymoon in a very intimate way. For I know I have coaxed out of you your more ‘kinky side’.

June is my girl Friday. Maid. Cook. And keeps my appointment in order.

Peter is my butler, pilot and driver. You both serve me well and are devotedly loyal to me.

Once a week you will go to our secret dungeon beneath this house. There you will care for our two guest. You know what to do.

Now as to work. I just received a email from a friend in Iraq…


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