Check Please

by Painter

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© Copyright 2007 - Painter - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sbm; bond; susp; cbt; blackmail; cons/reluct; X

I had been stuck in a loveless marriage for about 10 years. Loveless is too nice of a description. We pretty much hated each other and only stayed together for the kids.

My wife and I had developed a strange relationship that involved us making a lot of deals with each other. We bartered for everything. Me cutting the lawn was worth two home cooked dinners. Me washing the dinner dishes was worth one load of my laundry being washed, dried and folded. Me painting a room would get me a blowjob. This evolved out of necessity. Especially the sex part.  Everyone needs sexual release and we did not want each other cheating around town. Again not out of love but because we did not want to look like fools when people found out. Everyone thought we had a great marriage and we wanted to keep up the illusion.

At some point I had separated our finances thinking that a divorce was imminent. And, while divorce was always looming, we never got one.

The separation of the finances changed our barter structure. I earned a lot more money than she did and now I could throw cash into some of the deals. I didn’t want to be an asshole and lord the money over her but at some point I wanted a little respect and recognition for paying for everything.

One night I took a chance and offered her $60 for sex. I did not feel like going through the whole negotiating process of what household chores I would need to do. I expected her to tell me to fuck off but she didn’t. She actually liked the idea. Although I paid for everything, she liked the idea of having some extra cash. Her only stipulation was that she could watch TV during sex and I could not touch her breasts. Deal. I should have been more insulted at her conditions but I was way past that.

Our sex life went on like this for about a year when I decided to take another chance. She had never liked the idea of bondage, even early in the relationship when we got along. I brought the subject up again but this time with a cash incentive.

I explained my idea (fantasy) to her. I wanted to be tied up naked in the hot attic and be whipped or spanked. For this, I would give her $50. All she would have to do is abuse me for about 20 minutes and then unlock my handcuffs. I would set up everything, including tying myself up. She agreed! Maybe she wasn’t all bad. No. She really was a hateful bitch. I was just able to use her desire for cash to offset her resentment of me.

I was very exited and got everything ready up in the attic. We had a large new house so the attic was very large and clean and mostly empty. I attached a short chain with handcuffs to a rafter. I also bolted some 2x4’s across the top of the rafters to reinforce the rafter with the chain. The cuffs were high enough that I would have to stand on my toes when I was cuffed. Then I ran two ropes from either of the attic that would be tied to my ankles to hold my legs apart. The anticipation was driving me wild.

I waited for a nice warm day, about 80 degrees. I waited until about 10AM. The wife was home that day and the kids were gone. They wouldn’t get off the school bus until almost 4PM. I took a long shower and then informed her it was time. I pulled down the attic stairway and we went up. I was only wearing a towel around my waist. The attic was already about 90 degrees.

I tied off one of my ankles. Then she helped me snap on the cuffs. I was stretched pretty tight. When she spread my legs and tied off the other ankle, I wasn’t going anywhere. That’s what I love about hand cuffs. I can get out of ropes fairly easily. Not many people are good at tying knots. Handcuffs are different. Your not getting out until you are released.

Now it struck me, I was a totally helpless prisoner of a woman who hates me. She pulled off the towel. Some how I felt more than just naked. My legs were pulled apart and my privates were on display. I started to say that I wasn’t ready and that she should put the towel back and listen to all of my instructions on how the scene should work. She just gave me sneer, shook her head and left the attic. This made me nervous.

She came back up after a while. As I started to tell her she was doing it all wrong, she pulled a piece of duct tape off the roll and taped my mouth shut. Now I was really nervous but also very turned on.

She went to work on me. She spanked me a little. Then she put some oil on me and played with my nipples. Then she ticked the underneath of my balls. This was becoming fun. She played with my body for about a half hour before she release me. As soon as I was free, I ran into my room and jerked off in about 10 seconds.

It had worked out better then planned. How often do bondage adventures really turn out that good? I was walking on clouds for about a week. None of the usual self loathing that comes after bondage.  

I asked here to do it again. She said no. I was devastated. I had to up the ante.

I proposed a new deal. I would give her $50 to get started. Then, after I was tied up she could do what ever she wanted to me to get me to agree to give her more money. Up to $500. It had taken me some time to come up with this idea. I even had a book of special checks printed up that were only valid up to $500. She agreed and we had another session. It was fun again but when I asked her to spank me harder, she refused saying my ass was already red and this was creeping her out. I agreed to a hundred before she let me out. I went up to a hundred just to keep here interest.

We had several more sessions. They were all fun but human nature is what it is. I wanted even more. I wanted to try out some real pain to go with my naked helplessness. And, I got what I wanted.

The next session, she shocked me by bringing her best friend. I was humiliated. Here I was, bound and on display when her friend Kelly came up into the attic. I started to protest when Kelly walked up and taped my mouth shut. Then she told my wife to have fun at the mall and not worry about the money. She was going to get $500 dollars out of this pig.

Now Kelly was a real man hater. Not a lesbian but she had been though a nasty divorce and then fucked over by several men. I was not in a good spot. I was imagining all of her revenge being taken out me. And I was right.

Here I was naked and helpless, stretched out tightly. How do you plead for mercy with just your eyes? Even if I could have it would not have mattered. The next piece of duct tape went across my eyes. The next thing I felt was my penis being held up and my balls being repeatedly slapped. Not gently. Then the caning started. My fault. I should not have stored the tomato stakes in the attic. I’m not sure how long she caned me for. I never lost consciousness but I used so many mind trick to fight the pain that I was very disoriented. I couldn’t understand what she was doing. Even I wanted to agree to pay $500, my mouth was taped.

Eventually she untaped my mouth. I assumed that she was going to get me agree to the extra money and let me down. Wrong. She wanted to hear me scream during the next torture. She pulled out a jar of Icy Hot which is like Ben Gay but much, much stronger and with warnings about sensitive skin. She put on a rubber medical glove and proceeded to coat my balls and ass crack with the stuff. I screamed and screamed uncontrollably. Wailing, begging for mercy, and sobbing.

After a while, she took the tape off my eyes. To my horror, there had been a video camera capturing everything. I also noticed a chair and magazines. She had been relaxing with magazines while I was screaming and sobbing. She took the tape out of the recorder and left with it. I assume she put it in her car. Then she came back with a large bucked of water. I was scared but I had managed to calm down. She asked me if the $500 amount was OK. I agreed. I would have agreed to anything.

What happened next was totally unexpected. She took a wash cloth out of the bucket and started cleaning off my privates. When she had finished, she put her hand on my erection. I had been rock hard though the whole ordeal. She started licking my balls and then proceeded to give me the most intense, mind blowing blow job. Then she released me a said that she’d see me next time. Yeah right! I would never agree to this again.

Two weeks had past and I had done a lot of thinking. I was not sure how I felt about the last session. I felt stupid and humiliated but I would always get aroused when I thought about it. I had finally decided that I would never do it again. It was just too risky.

That’s when the email from Kelly came.  She informed me that the next session would be at her house in two nights. She had included a snippet of the video tape along with the standard threat if I did not show. She makes me come over now about once every two weeks. She now has some really high end bondage equipment. When I’m strapped or cuffed to one  of her expensive pieces, I always feel foolish that I’ve paid for it.