Cheated Scarf Wife

by Cai

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© Copyright 2020 - Cai - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf; bond; scarf; blindfold; gag; nc; X

This is my story. It is somewhat of a true story. The truth being we have bought many expensive brand scarves over the years and often dressed up her with and tied her up with it. She was often gagged and blindfolded with a bandana and she cheated on me with a really old guy. The rest of the story is made up.

My wife didn't know what bondage was let alone scarf bondage. She was handcuffed maybe once in her whole life but it was with me where she was often tied, gagged, and blindfolded with scarves. She was my wife, also known as scarf gal. My wife always told me that she would never let another man tie her up if we break up, as she was not into the whole being tied up and gagged and didn't like scarves at all.

Like all marriages, it has its ups and downs but my wife had changed the last few months. She was never a good liar but I could never catch her, till one day where a friend finally told me about her affair. I went to the location given, a condo, just after lunch. It was a penthouse on the top floor and I knocked on the door and was surprised to see an old man from the sub-continent. He was old enough to be my father. I thought I had the wrong room. I apologized and turned to walk away when suddenly I was knocked on the head.

I woke up to find myself tied to a chair naked, with ropes and gagged with what felt like a towel on the rooftop. The old man and my wife were sitting opposite of me on the sofa near the pool. She was naked except for the high heels and the Chanel scarf around her neck, worn cowgirl style. The Chanel scarf was my favorite, as she bought it for my birthday one year. She was ball gagged and her hands tied in front with ropes. The old man was naked as well. He was not very tall, but fat and had a hairy cock surrounded by grey hair. My wife was stroking his cock with her tied hands while he puffed on a giant cigar.

I was disgusted that my wife would cheat on me, let alone with an old man from the sub-continent. The man told me how he loves to tie, gag, blindfold, and fuck my wife. It was like the best week of his life. He wanted to fuck my wife a decade ago but she choose me over the old guy. But now, she comes back running to him and he enjoys groping and kissing every part of her body and how she loves his cock and how she yearn for it. He went back inside and came back with a box which I recognized. It was my box full of scarves and bandanas that I have collected and used on my wife over the years. He smirked as blindfolded my wife with a red Hermes scarf.

She slowly got on top of him and started to ride him, cowgirl style going back and forward. The rhythm got faster and faster and her moan and grunt got louder and louder through her ball gag and the old guy finally came inside her and bear hugged her and finally relaxed his whole body after the intense climax. He rubbed his cock all over her face and used the Chanel scarf around her neck to clean his cock.

The old man removed her blindfold and embraced my wife and cuddled her as he continued to puff on his cigar. As he groped my wife, he tells me how degrading it must be for me to see my wife all tied up and fucked by a really old man. He said he knows all about my scarf bondage games with my wife and how he is going to enjoy fucking my scarf bitch while I am forced to watch it all weekend long. 


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